White Curio Corner Cabinet


For you corner space, if you have a largely white decorating scheme, we suggest for all your delicate collectables, our white curio corner cabinet. Now that space that is so hard to use can be part of the overall decor, and your fragile chachkies can have a wonderful home to be displayed for all to see. Take a look in this collection and pick one for your home.

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Our Picks

White curio corner cabinet

A beautiful coner cabinet that will give your room a rustic touch. It's made of wood painted in pure white and it features glass doors at the top part. Perfect for storing and displaying your dinnerware.

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White curio cabinet

This white painted glazed corner cabinet is a fantastic example of French classicism at its best. Subtle details, present in the exquisite French carvings. A perfect combination of style and service, works perfectly in living rooms and bedrooms.

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Living Room Corner Display Book Shelf Case Curio Cabinet Storage Rack Furniture

Living Room Corner Display Book Shelf Case Curio Cabinet Storage Rack Furniture

Cleverly designed, this white curio cabinet will smoothly fit into any corner, creating a good spot to display your treasured belongings. White finish creates a universal item, that will match most of the decors.

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White corner ca

White Corner Ca

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White curio corner cabinet 14

This white corner curio cabinet will gently display your favourite belongings. Make use of the 3 storage shelves and show your most cherished photos or souvenirs. Hide your treasuries behind the bottom closed doors.

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Shippinglow prices enjoy free shippinglow prices furnituremaxx solid

Shippinglow prices enjoy free shippinglow prices furnituremaxx solid ...

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American Drew Camden China Cabinet

American Drew Camden China Cabinet

A stunning and unique cabinet for storing china. It will be perfectly displayed here as the most of it features transparent glass on three sides. The rest of the unit is made of solid wood in a white color.

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Pulaski furniture corner curio cabinet 1

This tall, white cabinet has a concave glass front that opens for access. The glass shelves enable tasteful placement of content without casting shadows on the contents. A light can be added at the top for better viewing the contents.

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White curio corner cabinet 3

Well-built curio cabinet featuring a white finished wooden frame and a stunning tempered glass door. The cabinet also comes with unique metal accents and outstanding detailing, especially at the top. You get five tempered glass shelves to display all your stuff.

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Corner cabinet white

This attractive example of white curio cabinet - fits into every corner of our four corners. Ideal in the dining room or living room - to expose your porcelain with the glass front. Timeless, white simplicity.

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White Curio Corner Cabinet

Buying Guide

A White curio corner cabinet can instantly transform an underused space into an aesthetic vignette. One that grabs attention and is equally functional. It’s a win-win!

White will never go out of style and you get to use the corner to show off some of your finest collectibles and family heirlooms. If you are racking your brains trying to navigate through the multitude of configurations that curio cabinets come in, then here’s some help to soothe those frayed nerves.

By the end of this guide, you will be armed with enough information to waltz into a store blindfolded and come out with a white curio corner cabinet that fits perfectly into your house.

The terms curio cabinet and china cabinet are often used interchangeably to describe decorative cabinets. The difference is that curio cabinets have glass sides, because they are designed to showcase their contents from every possible angle.

China cabinets on the other hand double up as a protective storage space for your fine china and usually have enclosed sides. Corner curio cabinets though, may or may not have glass panels/doors. They can be open shelved and really compact allowing them to fit easily into awkward corners.

A curio cabinet can be used as a china cabinet. But a China cabinet does not fit the description of a curio.

  • Think of the corner like an inverted ‘A’ with the two connecting walls and a straight line that will be the face/front side of the curio.
  • Measure both the walls to know the ideal depth for the cabinet that you select.
  • Measure the height from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Ensure that there are no heat vents, thermostats or electrical switches getting blocked.

When you are selecting a rectangular cabinet, you normally have the luxury to select one depending on the size and the volume of the items that you will be storing in it. But you are limited by the availability of space in the corner when it comes to corner curio cabinets.

Curio cabinets are usually found in classic, vintage designs with ornate features like inlays, pediments, crown moldings and pilasters. But that does not mean that you cannot find one that fits into a home with contemporary décor. Modern curio cabinets have clean lines, minimalistic features and uncluttered aesthetics. The use of metallic accents adds character to the white background.

The desirable features will depend on the intended function of the cabinet. Is it purely an aesthetic fixture? Or do you intend to use it to store and protect some cherished valuables? If it's aesthetic, then you can always opt for a curio with open shelves. Open shelving makes it easier to clean and also access the items.

But if you are using it to store heirlooms, then a glass door with a secure lock will keep it protected from dust, fingerprints and prying hands. Look for adjustable shelves with levelers. If you add an item to your collection that doesn’t fit in the shelf space, you can always adjust it.

Traditional and country-styled curios had a mirrored back. But it's maintenance heavy and you can always opt for one without a mirror if need be. Internal LED lighting will bring the curio cabinets to life in the dark.

Best Ideas

Shabby elegance corner cabinet white wood chic new

Shabby elegance corner cabinet white wood chic new

An elegant, small cabinet that will be a nice decoration of an unused corner. It features shapely, low legs and a delicate, etched ornament at the front. A pure white color gives it a charming, rustic look.

White corner curio cabinet

It is worth to use your corners when the space seems to be empty.Furniture in the corner does not occupy space,just like the presented curio curner cabinet, made of natural wood, painted white.Perfectly fits with its texture with the bottom panels on the wall.

Original jpg 87


White corner cabinet

A corner cabinet, ideal for any room with an unused corner. The piece captivates with its simplicity as it comes in a pure white color and it features a simple drawer and shelves with doors. There aren't any decorations, but it has a rustic feel.

White curio cabinets for sale

White corner curio cabinet - with triangle shape corner glass shelves inside that let you keep your favourite items displayed biehind the glass doors. Cool thing to have it in your dining area where you can store plates as well.

White curio corner cabinet 11

quilt storage for a guest bedroom

Built in corner china cabinet in white room corner floor

Built in Corner China Cabinet in white | Room Corner Floor Cabinet, Corner Dining Room Hutch Cabinet, Corner ...

White curio corner cabinet 15

Built in Corner China Cabinet in white | Built in corner cabinets for game room

Black curio corner cabinet

Allendale Corner Floor Cabinet with 1 Door |

Curio corner cabinet

Bathroom whitewashed cabinet - cottage chippy shabby chic french country style :) Beautiful rustic swedish decor Idea. The flowers on the floor as small accent decoration look also subtle but fresh at the same time.

Home styles corner curio cabinet white

Home Styles Corner Curio Cabinet, White

White curio corner cabinet 1

Corner cabinet for each room according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood and fitted with glass doors. Great addition for display decorations in the living room, dining room and more.

Homecharm-Intl HC-003B Corner Display Cabinet With Tempered Glass Doors,White

Comprising 2 centrally located storage shelves and a pair of doors on the bottom, as well as on the top, this display cabinet with tempered glass will help you organize better your space. Its smooth construction allows it to be placed in the corner.

White curio corner cabinet 10

CH Furniture Chateau Glazed Corner Cabinet £1,003.00