White Corner China Cabinet


These will fill that corner well, and the white will blend with the wall. A seamless way to display collectables. We give you this collection of white corner china cabinets. Very sturdy, quite attractive, and with plenty of shelf and door possibilities, you are sure to find the right corner china cabinet for your unused corner space. See collection for all options.

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White corner china cabinet 23

Curved corner cabinet in a French style. It is made of blanched wood and composed of drawer to storage cutlery, closet to crockery and glazed case intended to show off elegant, porcelain tableware or chalices. Must-have in vintage kitchen!

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The corner curio cabinet stands out now that it is

The corner curio cabinet stands out now that it is white. And we ...

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Corner 15


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Home styles corner curio cabinet with light white

Home Styles Corner Curio Cabinet with Light - White

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White corner china cabinet

Corner cabinet for storing tableware, dinnerware and others needed stuff. It is made of wood and fitted with glass doors. Perfect solution for space saving in the living room, dining room and more.

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China cabinet white

If you’re looking for an efficient storage cabinet that doesn’t take much space, take a look at this handy, built-in corner china cabinet with glass doors and a plenty of shelves inside to store and display your cutlery.

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Vintage white shabby chic cottage painted corner hutch china cabinet

Vintage White Shabby Chic Cottage Painted Corner Hutch China Cabinet ...

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Rebekah Cabinet

Rebekah Cabinet

It is a very nice white and extremely practical dresser who ideally suited in the kitchen or dining room. It consists of cabinets with glass doors and drawers. Dresser has a huge practical impact. It can arrange a wide variety of dishes, and thanks to the glass door will be a great present.

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Corner china cabinet 13

White corner china cabinet with fluted columns motive on front and eye-drawing crown molded top. Three shelves are displayed behind translucent glass, so your collectibles are protected from dust. Bottom cabinet delivers more storage space.

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Dining nook white corner cabinet with doors tiny lucite gold

Dining Nook! White Corner Cabinet with doors, tiny lucite/gold bar cart to right. Extension Table against wall on left. Large Mirror over table for length. Rug

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White Corner China Cabinet

Buying Guide

Yes, you can certainly mix dish colors in a white corner china cabinet.

However, you should do so consciously so as not to end up with a messy mismatched display. In fact, we only recommend doing so with two contrasting colors or a maximum of three hues if they all come from the same set and with a themed palette.

For example, you could alternate dishes in contrasting colors, have a different shade in each section, or a slightly less predictable effect by alternating brighter and neutral colors in an asymmetrical way.

Arrange like with like in a white corner china cabinet. You likely don’t have that much room to work with, and you don’t want the overall look to be cluttered and add to the visual busyness in your space. Therefore, keep your design strategy simple and put plates with plates, cups with cups, and crystal with crystal. This will result in a cleaner look.

Plates should got on the bottom of your china cabinet, with opaque serving bowls or mugs on the middle rack, with, finally, any clear crystal on top for a balanced effect.

Best Ideas

Ive started to appreciate the value of a corner cupboard

I've started to appreciate the value of a corner cupboard, you guys - it saves a lot of space and every little bit helps...

China Cabinet II

China Cabinet II

A magnificent cabinet which features two doors, one spot with ten shelves in general, three drawers and three additional doors at the top. They are all made from high-quality woods. The construction's base is solid and sturdy.

This corner white cabinet was a nice find

This corner white cabinet was a nice find.

White corner china cabinet 16

Dining Room ~ Love the chandelier and the light/bright color scheme.

White corner china cabinet 2

A chic traditional corner cupboard of wood finished in white outside and in yellow inside. It has a crown top, a full base, a 2-door cabinet with black metal pendant handles, an open front arched hutch with yellow shelves having curved front edges.

White corner china cabinet 20

My Shabby Streamside Studio: In NY: Sandra Foster and A Twee Catskills Victorian Cabin

Paula Deen Home The Bag Ladys China Cabinet

Paula Deen Home The Bag Ladys China Cabinet

Attractive cottage style unit of wood with an aged white finish. It has a crown top and turned legs. Behind 2 large glazed doors there is an adjustable shelf in an upper part and 6 tiers of drawers in a bottom part. Knobs are small and round.

White corner china cabinet 1

With a nice collection of wood furniture and a suiting corner china cabinet, this dining space goes outrightly rustic. A traditional wooden table houses a handsome set of white jugs with lids, displayed on a large chopping board.

White dining cabinet

Gorgeous Vintage Furniture Shabby Chic by seasidefurnitureshop, $275.00 modify this

White china cabinet for dining room where butcher cart is

white china cabinet for dining room where butcher cart is?

White corner china cabinet 4

Distinguished by sleek finishing and ornamental accents, this China corner cabinet is an elegant proposition for any traditional interiors. Equipped with glazed, as well as closed doors, it offers a convenient storage space, divided between several shelves.

White corner china cabinet 3

White Corner China Cabinet

How to add old house character charm to your newer

How to Add “Old House” Character & Charm to Your Newer Home {Step 6} | Beneath My Heart..........hmm, add a corner built in to the dining room?

White corner china cabinet 15

love the door in the middle and the proportions