Narrow China Cabinet

China cabinets are a lovely and sturdy way to display items of a sentimental and collectable nature. And for your home, if space is an issue, we give you narrow china cabinets for your showcasing pleasure. Now you don't have to give up a lot of space if the items you intend to show won't take up a huge area. Get your narrow china cabinet here.

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Home Styles White Buffet With Natural Wood Top And 2 Glass Door Hutch

Home Styles White Buffet With Natural Wood Top And 2 Glass Door Hutch
The narrow china cabinet for the little kitchen in the bachelor's apartment. It allows to keep your glasses in the open space but still consumes the minimum place. Equipped with a part of the top, so you can also prepare your food there.

Keepsakes Curio China Cabinet

Keepsakes Curio China Cabinet
This Curio China Cabinet in Oak Finish is characterized by a solid wood frame, a mirrored glass back, and 5 glass shelves (4 are adjustable). The cabinet also features 2 functional doors and lighting at the top level.

Shallow cabinet with doors

Tall solid hardwood cabinet with four drawers and multiple shelves exposed behind translucent glass door. The design, inspired by 18th century furniture from France of post-Rococo period, sports many lovable details, such as carved feet and rectangular form.

Narrow china cabinet

Made from salvaged wood, this double door sideboard with hutch will add some traditional charm and elegance to the space. The sideboard measues 47"W x 20"D x 36"H, while the hutch has the size of 50"W x 19"D x 58"H.

Ikea display cabinet

An elegant, narrow cabinet perfect for displaying china as it features glass on three sides. The frame of the unit is in elegant ivory color while the glass is characterized by a subtle mesh decoration.

Narrow hutch

This narrow china cabinet offers a great style and practicality, providing considerable storage space and adding elegance to your living room or bedroom. Glazed upper shelves will create a good spot to present your collections.

Narrow china cabinet

For narrow nooks, this china cabinet does the job perfectly. Let's have a look at details: the cabinet sports traditional design, glass panel doors with shelving inside, and a compact opaque doors cabinet on bottom. Finished vintage white.

Our advice Buying Guide

A narrow china cabinet serves a vital function; it's a means of effectively showcasing your beautiful chinaware and crystals. Also, it protects your precious valuables from dust and elements. If you own chinaware, buying such kind of cabinet is only logical.

Keep in mind that narrow china cabinets come in many different types, style variations, and features. Because of such, choosing the right one for your situation is a bit confusing. This article is going to be a narrow China cabinet buying guide to help you make the shopping task easier and minimize costly mistakes.

What types of doors are there in china cabinets?

Since one of the primary purposes of a narrow china cabinet is to provide protection, it only makes sense that you get one that comes with doors. The doors are either outward opening, sliding or side entry.

  • The outward opening is perhaps the most common variation. This type of door swings outward, and it's typically located in the front area. It allows easy access of the cabinet from the front position.
  • Sliding doors allow access by sliding the doors sideways. The doors typically rest on a groove or track system, which allows easy sliding.
  • Side entry means that the doors are located at the side of the narrow china cabinet. It has the benefit of minimizing visual impediment when viewing from the front. On the downside, accessing and arranging your chinaware from the sides may be a complex task.

What features to look for in narrow china cabinets?

For most shoppers, it's typical to purchase a narrow china cabinet with at least one of the following features:

  • Mirrored Back - As the name suggests, this cabinet comes with a mirror on the back area of the furniture. The mirror's primary purpose is to emphasize the chinaware inside. The mirror also has other added benefits such as adding definition and style to the furniture. For small interiors, the mirror will help in making the room feel larger than it really is. Combined with excellent lighting, the mirrored back will often exuberate a dramatic effect.
  • Interior Lighting – A feature that will help draw the eyes towards and inside the cabinet. Most narrow china cabinets may feature either canister lights, halogen lighting or track lighting.
  • Adjustable Shelves - For most narrow china cabinets, the shelves are made from wood or glass. The adjustable shelves feature has the added benefit of allowing the user to adjust the distance between the shelves. This provides flexibility which is essential if you have chinaware with varying sizes.
  • Locks - Having a lock has the advantage of making your chinaware more secure. In most cases, it's a significant advantage when you have pets and kids in the house.

Keep in mind that a narrow china cabinet with more features is typically better. Of course, you'll have some restrictions, especially when it comes to the budget. The more feature the narrow china cabinet has, the more expensive it becomes.


Narrow china cabinet 2

This is a truly versatile piece - thanks to the rather small size and neutral white finish it can go perfectly in your living room as a china cabinet or even in your bathroom serving as a linen tower.

Classics ltd chrome cabinet black and chrome trimmed narrow cabinet

Classics LTD Chrome Cabinet Black and chrome trimmed narrow cabinet ...

Narrow china cabinet 1

Cool narrow Higland's china cabinet basset. Check out this cool wooden finish. I fell in love with this simple but adorable furniture. I can see it in my dining room filled with my fave china and plates.

Arcano narrow display cabinet the arcano display cabinet proves that

arcano narrow display cabinet the arcano display cabinet proves that ...

China cabinet previous in buffet hutch next in buffet hutch

china cabinet previous in buffet hutch next in buffet hutch

These are 2 martha stewart home depot cabinets

these are 2 Martha Stewart Home Depot cabinets


Narrow china cabinet 14

- maison by ethan allen pièrre curio cabinet Antique black of course!!

Dining room built in china cabinets

Ideal for tiny spaces, this narrow hutch china cabinet constitutes a perfect way to store your linens, tablecloths or clothes. Its elegant burgundy red stain emphasizes the refined character of the construction.

Found on 1470

Found on

Alessandria 14-5/8-inch Wide Linen Cabinet Furniture Solid Wood, Ivory Patina, Floor Mounted, Bathroom Storage Vanity Cabinet, Made in Spain (European Brand)

High cabinet made of wood and fitted with glass doors. It includes 2 cabinets and drawer for storing cosmetics, towels, toiletries and more. Received positive recommendations from customers.

Dining room cabinet

dining room cabinet

Details about tall oak china cabinet hutch mission display your

Details about Tall Oak China Cabinet Hutch Mission Display your ...

Narrow dining room hutch

china cabinet - interesting concept - a girl can dream!

Narrow cabinet 2

Narrow Cabinet

China storage cabinets

love this need to learn how to set up shelves like this. baskets on top like the molding color

Very nice idea for a bookcase china cabinet and i

Very nice idea for a bookcase/china cabinet. and I love the color. This is from Ballard Designs.

Narrow china cabinet

HGTV Home Voyage China Curio Cabinet

Natural history display inspiration for that blue cabinet

natural history display inspiration - for that blue cabinet

China cabinets for small spaces

Another example how light does not travel all the way through to all the shelves

Need a hutch like this for display upstairs fairly narrow

Need a hutch like this for display upstairs. Fairly narrow. Don't need cabinet doors on top. would use it open. And might even want the bottom not to have doors, so it's just all open shelving. Maybe we combine two pieces....a lower set of shelves plus an

Sedona China Cabinet

Sedona China Cabinet

Narrow china cabinet 13

Walnut narrow china display cabinet in the antique queen anne

Walnut, Narrow China Display Cabinet in the antique Queen Anne Style ...

Narrow china cabinet 17

In new home construction and renovations, more and larger windows are being installed in today’s kitchens. Often windows flank the range and extend from countertops to ceiling, as in this Chicago kitchen by Mick De Giulio. French doors that connect the

Narrow china cabinet 4

Bill Litchfield Architect. A home in Atlanta. I rush it was my home in Atlanta! Note the bar set up in the classy. File away for empty nest time ;)

Shallow sideboard cabinet

I want our living space to be just as casual, low maintenance, charming, authentic (with history) and yet as inviting as this kitchen. Do keep revisiting for inspiration!

Small china hutch cabinet


Narrow china cabinets

Wall of cabinets/built-in china cabinet with low-voltage display lighting. Phantom Lighting.

Used china cabinet for sale

This large traditional china cabinet is constructed from natural cut solid pine and finished in a light ivory color. It is constructed of three same parts. Would be ideal for dining room storage. The upper part of this chine cabiner for sale - is glazed.

This piece is a nice representation of mixed medium furniture

This piece is a nice representation of mixed medium furniture. I love the color, height and bead board accent.

Winsome Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer

Tall, decorous storage cabinet with two doors; the top one has a glass insert. Besides, it offers a drawer and an open compartment for storage, which gives lots of organizing option even in a tight corner.

Narrow china cabinet 11

Vintage inspired built in china!

Narrow china cabinet 9

two thoughts - love the wallpaper in the background and could doors like this be made as sliding doors instead of hinged?? good for a narrow area?

Sweet Tea China Cabinet in Linen

Sweet Tea China Cabinet in Linen

Narrow china cabinet 3

Be still my heart! Love the two tones ant the breadboard background on this built in

Narrow china cabinet 5

like: how long this hutch seems, how much room there is under the bottom shelf, and the plate that is actually hung up

Heather China Cabinet

Heather China Cabinet

Tall china cabinets 11

Caroline Neville's breakfast nook, Tom Roberts

Camden China Cabinet

Camden China Cabinet

Amazing built ins

amazing built-ins

Narrow china cabinet 16

I love Fiestaware and I NEED that hutch in my kitchen to show off my Fiestaware!

Need this but shorter and narrow black shabby distressef

Need this but shorter and narrow...Black Shabby Distressef ...