Small Curios Display Cases

If you have small items that you collect and want to display or just have a couple of items but don't need a large carryout case to display them, you will want to look at our small curio display cases. These are very cute and can display your smaller items or your items of diminutive stature and style, and class. And we have many styles to choose from. So take a long look through our collection of small curio display cases and pick yours.

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Display case glass and brass box or

Display case glass and brass box or
Being a kind of eclectic proposition for sophisticated interiors, this glass and brass small curio cabinet is a space designed to present proudly your most favourite belongings.

Vintage glass display box brass mirrored

Vintage glass display box brass mirrored
Excellently finished with small curious display case makes the things look great in it. The gilded edges and closures and nice glass shelves inside create an elegant composition. Ideal living room furniture.

Vintage glass display cabinet large

Vintage glass display cabinet large
This vintage glass display will make the glass looking very classy. Golden frame with glass shelves make the exposition easy to clean a looks very marvelous. Eye catching, will encourage your customers to try and buy.

Mini Miniature Brass Glass Display Case 8 5 Curio Cabinet Vtg Norleans Label

Mini Miniature Brass Glass Display Case 8 5 Curio Cabinet Vtg Norleans Label
Octagonal shape for an old-fashioned display cabinet with a frame made out of brass metal with an antique finish. The walls of the piece are fitted with glass panes, and the front door has an option of putting up a lock.

Keepsakes Corner Curio Cabinet

Keepsakes Corner Curio Cabinet
This Keepsakes Corner Curio Cabinet in Oak Finish is crafted from hardwood solids and veneers for good durability. Includes lighting interior, adjustable glass shelves, mirrored back, and grooved glass door.

Curio Cabinet

Curio Cabinet
If you're a fan of classical and stylish solutions, this amazing cabinet will be more than enjoyable for you. Bring some extraordinary, unique style to your living room and check out this intriguing item!

Wood display curio cabinet with sliding

Wood display curio cabinet with sliding
This small wooden cabinet was designed to show your precious curios. Being an eye-catching way to present small objects and making it an interesting feature on the wall, it offers also considerable storage space with 7 shelves.

Our advice Buying Guide

The great thing about the small curios display cases is that there are so many different designs, you'll definitely find something that you like for your home. From the most modern of designs with rose gold edges and unusual shapes, to traditional wooden curio cases with a glass cover over the front, it's not difficult to find a display case which fits your décor while also suited your tastes perfectly. Here are some of the styles which are available.

What are the most popular designs of small curio display cases?

Traditional wooden curio display case

This may have a glass window covering the shelves, or it may be open which allows for ease of access. Since the cabinets are small, they are ideal for storing small items, but not great for the larger items. Although larger items may fit, they may look squashed and out of place. The small size of this furniture means that there are usually around 6-7 shelves on which to position your small ornaments and other items. The frame around the case is often hardwood with a sturdy base so that it can be positioned without any problems on either a floor or other piece of solid furniture.

Circular Japanese small curio display case

This is a unique style for a curio display case, and it will fit perfectly in a minimalist and modern home. The circular metal frame is supported by a horizontal base, allowing you to position the case somewhere of your choice without having to balance it. Within the circular rounded section of this furniture unit are shelves which alternate. The most popular color for this style is black, which fits the Japanese design well. However, you may see various colors when looking at these items, including white, grey, rose gold and red. While there may be further small details which are attached to the case, such as flowers or spirals, it is most common to see a case which is free of extra embellishments and is focused on a sleek and modern design.

Glass cabinet box case

The traditional style of curio case is long rather than wide, although modern alternatives have now presented a different look to the market. This design is a glass box, rectangular in shape and almost completely glass all the way around. The edges are lined with steel or another metal, or could consist of detailed sterling silver or rose gold. The case is designed to be placed on top of another piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers or medium-sized display unit or table. Everything can be seen quite clearly in the cabinet, and since the glass is surrounding the items, you are able to view them from any angle. It's the ideal curio case for small designs and model plans that you need to show off.


Glass and brass display case

The combination of steel and glass is always a delighting mix, representing well the contemporary design. Sleek and modern, this curio display case will find its adherents among the fans of minimalism.

Small display cases

This small display case is a great choice for anyone who loves small items display. The frame is made from dark wood. Dozen of shelves let you put anything on them. Great idea for small shop business or the little one's room.

Netsuke display case

An elegant Japanese style display stand of rosewood finished in dark brown. Its low base includes 2 drawers (with small knobs) and has low wide feet. Five length-varied rectangularish open shelves are fixed to a circular frame of 2 C-shaped rods.

Small curios display cases 1

This beautiful Victorian duplex is an ideal solution for storing your kids' little treasures. It's charming, rustic design adds warmth and coziness to the decorated interiors.

Small curios display cases 23

Compact curio display cabinet featuring a stunning geometrical shape. It’s made from glass but comes in a gold-coated metal frame for outstanding class and opulence. Should be a great addition to your home office’s desk but can also be mounted on walls.

Vintage curved glass and brass curio display case

vintage curved glass and brass curio display case

Mini glass curio cabinets display cases for the curious minded

Mini Glass Curio Cabinets: Display Cases for the Curious-Minded

Small curios display cases 1

Small Wall Mountable Curio Cabinet Shadow Box, with Glass Door, Mirrored Back, CD06 (White) by, Factory Direct Display Cases,

Small wooden display boxes

Intriguing display cases whose main feature is simplicity. They are made of wooden structure with a glass top. They are just perfect to display valuable objects. You can also place there some decorative candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

Display case small

It's a beautiful passion - collect porcelain souvenirs, for example, travel bells. You can then expose it on such a walnut wooden curios display case, which offers many small square compartments and it can be mounted on the wall.

Small curios display cases 22

artiste, cabinet de curiosités

Small wooden display cases

Miniature Glass Display, Brass Mirrored Glass Curio Box

Brass glass curio display case mini footed tabletop

Brass & Glass Curio Display Case ..... Mini Footed Tabletop ...

Small Wall Curio Cabinet / Miniature Thimble Display Case Shadow Box Frame, with REAL glass door-CHERRY Finish

Small curios display cases 20

Display Case

Small curios display cases 2

The stylish wooden display case. You can present there whatever you want. The willow-green back allows you to show there any accessories in the pastel colors - the jewelry presents great in such a divided space.


Knick knack display case

Knick Knack Display Case

Knick knack display case 2

A unique, yet simple case made of glass and antiqued brass frames. You can use it to display your valuable objects inside of it. You can only use it indoors. Keep it clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.

What a fun way to display your kids beach treasures

What a fun way to display your kids' beach treasures. Pop a photo in the back, their favorite flotsam and jetsam up front, and swap it out as often as you want.

Small curios display cases 2


Small curios display cases 9

Display Days...Custom glass cases are a great way to display small or large collections.

Knick knack display

A small and elegant cabinet that can be used to display your photos or other decorations. It features a glass front and shelves inside. It's made of cherry wood in a gorgeous deep color. It can be easily fixed to a wall.

Collectible Display Case Wall Curio Cabinet Shadow Box, with glass door, CDSC03-CH

Small curios display cases 5

Antique Mahogany Bow Front curio cabinet — Fixed price $65

Printers trays

Printer's trays

Curio cabinet 27

Curio Cabinet

Collectible Display Case Wall Curio Cabinet Shadow Box, with glass door, CDSC03-OA

This beautiful curio cabinet features a square frame crafted from solid wood and covered in an oak finish. Also includes a clear glass door, and a black felt interior background. It can be mounted on a wall.

Brass display case

Wood Curio Case -- Something like this with a glass-front door for storing small lego pieces?

Small curios display cases

ultimate terrarium

Corner wall curio cabinet

Small Wall Curio Cabinet / Miniature Thimble Display Case Shadow

Small curios display cases 4

Vintage Letterpress Drawer / Printers Drawer / Industrial Decor

Small curios display cases 10

イメージ 1 Miniature display case/chair

Knick knack display case 1

Knick Knack Display Case

Small curios display cases 21

Bohemian Homes - joellesoswell

Vintage curved glass and brass curio display case by ionesattic

vintage curved glass and brass curio display case by ionesAttic

Pierre Envelope Leaded Glass Case

Letterbox i had one of these as a kid hung

letterbox - i had one of these as a kid, hung on my wall for all my little "treasures" (it was a wooden guitar pic display case from my parents' store.... wish i still had it!)

Small display case with latch

Small display case with latch.

Small curios display cases 6

Briony Morrow-Cribbs cabinet of curiosities - I just read about art collector Dominique de Menil's cabinet of curiosities. She kept a French lap desk similar to the one above which she filled with doodads (marbles, tokens, crystals, coins, baubles) to enc

Country Tuscan Style Hardwood Wall Curio

This cabinet has been made of solid hardwood and is hand-finished. It can be used to display your collections, trophies or light books. Featuring three glass shelves and glass doors, this piece looks very gentle and distinctive.

Small curios display cases 8

This Shop is called TheHouseOfMouse and they have a lot of hand-made animals posted. They also sell these great curio display boxes, which I love. Since I collect a little of everything I have a lot of these...and always looking for more!

Ayden wall curio cabinet 1

Ayden Wall Curio Cabinet