Mission Curio Cabinets


For a simple curio cabinet that will probably be the sturdiest option you can find, mission curio cabinets are not only well made but designed to last. They have all the perks of the usual curio cabinet with the upside of being made with the best materials and none of the traditional flair. Take a look at our collection and see what we mean.

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Our Picks

Mission curio cabinets 1

The sleek and very solid form of this beautiful mission style curio cabinet is a combination of elegance and functionality. Practical glazed doors beautifully display the content of the assembly, which makes it look perfect.

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Ayca Furniture Bungalow Curio Cabinet

Ayca Furniture Bungalow Curio Cabinet

This piece of furniture is a cabinet that has got glass doors and three glass shelves. It looks very stylish and provides plenty of storage and display space for decorations or other items. This cabinet measures 58" H x 66" W x 18" D.

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Mission curio cabinets

Do you have many beautiful accent pieces? You need to display them in this beautiful tall mission style curio cabinet. It features the glass doors and wooden construction with walnut finish, which fits perfectly to classic living room.

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Roycroft Curio Cabinet

Roycroft Curio Cabinet

This curio cabinet with amber glass panel offers ample of space to have my favourite knicknacks and souvenirs decently displayed. Three glass shelves are easy to wipe from dust. The cabinet is equipped with halogen lighting.

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Mission style curio cabinet

A fine addition for those, who love to be surrounded by vintage pieces of furniture. This antique china cabinet has wood construction with glass panel doors and sides, featuring 3 clear glass shelves inside.

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Mission style corner cabinet

A fine piece of solid wood craftsmanship; this curio cabinet drowns in a cherry finish and elegant appearance. The front and sides are accommodated with clear glass panels, while the inside offers 3 adjustable glass shelves.

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Mission curio cabinets 7

Nobility Mission Curio / China Cabinet

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Mission style china cabinet

A pretty traditional display cabinet crafted of wood with a light brown finish. It has low square legs and a rectangular top with a rear edge. Its sides and 2 sliding doors are glazed and have simple lattice insets. Six shelves are of clear glass.

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Mission curio cabinets 23

The mission (art and crafts) style was a return to uncomplicated design and practicality. However, using more than before natural materials - such as even cherry wood. The mission curio cabinet has a simple cuboid with a single door, with a glass front.

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Curio Cabinet with Queen Anne Style Legs in Oak Finish

Curio Cabinet with Queen Anne Style Legs in Oak Finish

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Mission Curio Cabinets

Buying Guide

A mission curio cabinet goes particularly well in your dining room if you’re planning on showcasing your crockery or similar food-related items, or your living room if you’d rather display decorative elements like pictures, ornaments, or even books and plants.

This isn’t to say that you can’t make it work in your bedroom, studio, or corridor, if you wish. It just depends on what you’re hoping to display and whether that’s something that you’d be happy to look at when you find yourself in that room.

To enhance the look of your mission curio cabinet, you can add lights that illuminate whatever items you store in them. Many people place mission curio cabinets in dining rooms or living rooms to display china, crystal, or collections of knick-knacks. Lighting is the ideal way to showcase your possessions.

However, as most curio cabinets are made of wood, it is crucial to select lighting that produces minimal heat. This protects the cabinet from warping and minimizes the fire risk. Choose warm orange LED strips or CFL spotlight bulbs rather than incandescent varieties.

Install the bulbs in the corners of the curio cabinets for designs with glass interior shelves, and angle them towards the mirrored back to reflect the light more efficiently around the interior.

Best Ideas

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Possible curio cabinet for our bungalow.

Mission curio cabinets 11

Mission Curio Cabinets

Mission curio category curio cabinets

mission curio category curio cabinets

Mission curio cabinets 15

Amish Outlet Store : 2-Door Mission Curio in Oak

Arts crafts style curio cabinet i need something with glass

Arts & crafts style curio cabinet. I need something with glass...

Mission curio cabinets 8

Amish Mission Style Small Console Curio Cabinet

Mission curio cabinets 6

Mission Curio Cabinets

The cornucopia mission curio made from logs harvested by wisconsins

The Cornucopia Mission Curio made from logs harvested by Wisconsin's First Loggers. Stanges Furniture store in Waupaca, WI

Mission curio cabinet 1

Amish Mission Style Single Door Curio Cabinet | Amish Curio Cabinets 3078

Amish made curio cabinets

Curio cabinet mounted on wooden frame and fitted with glass doors. It consists of 5 shelves arranged vertically. Application in the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste.

Amish mission style single door curio cabinet with mullions 2

Amish Mission Style Single Door Curio Cabinet with Mullions

Mission curio cabinets 5

mission style curio cabinet - Woodworking creation by kenmitzjr

Use corner cabinets in different corners of your home corner

use corner cabinets in different corners of your home, corner cabinets

Mission curio cabinets 14

54232 MIssion Oak Bookcase Curio Cabinet LIFETIME ?? #MissionArtsCrafts #LIFETIME