Vintage Curio Cabinets

Curio cabinets add charm to your home, and a wonderful space to display your chachkies or collectables, And these vintage curio cabinets do not disappoint. In square and rounded designs, and all stained to a perfect hue, you will love having one of these keeping your favorite items safe and showcased. Take a long stroll through this collection and see what we have to offer.

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Antique oak curio china display cabinet 1855 1899

Antique oak curio china display cabinet 1855 1899
Antique design for an old-fashioned curio display cabinet made out of dark oak wood with a set of five shelves hidden behind glass doors with a lock and a key, so the cabinet can be kept safe and private anywhere.

Antique Vintage Miniature Bow Front Curio Display Cabinet

Antique Vintage Miniature Bow Front Curio Display Cabinet
Semi-circular, miniature vintage case. It has desktop, frame and shelves made of dark, mahogany wood. Doors are covered with glass. It can be used to storage frippery - this cabinet will play its role perfectly in office or living room.

Going greige tips for choosing this all around neutral

Going greige tips for choosing this all around neutral
A fashionable idea to accommodate your kitchen with a touch of contemporary elegance and practicality. The set is made of wood, and hand-painted to look more classy, offering many storage space and multiple drawers, so you could properly organize all your necessities.

Antique Themed Cabinet

Antique Themed Cabinet
It is an antiqued themed cabinet that has got a durable construction and is crafted from premium quality materials. It looks absolutely beautiful and is a perfect addition to your stylish home.

Vintage curio cabinets

This extraordinary Victorian-style cabinet is an exceptionally stylish piece of furniture for a stylish interior. Beautifully glazed doors, various shelves, and subtle decorations are all captivating details.

Antique curio cabinets

Mysterious, magical potions, blends of exotic spices and grandma's preserves - they will find their place in an old wooden alchemist's antique curio cabinet. Lockable on two sides, whose door is covered with delicate mesh.

Antique glass curio cabinet

Living room displays are a great place to store decorations and souvenirs. The vintage curio cabinet presented here epitomizes the natural charm of poplar and oak wood, finished with lacquering varnish. It has a semi-oval and glass front.

Our advice Buying Guide

Displaying your favorite items in a vintage curio cabinet is a classy way to show off your ornaments. Generally made from hardwood with glass panels allowing items to be displayed easily, these cabinets are ideal for traditional homes or contemporary houses which are looking for antique or vintage furniture. Let's look at some of the various styles which are for sale, and which ones might be suitable for your home.

What are the different designs of vintage curio cabinets?

The most popular designs of vintage curio displays include:

Decorative glass panels

Plain glass panels look suitable in homes which already have a lot of furniture, but if you are buying a vintage curio cabinet as a feature piece for your home, decorative glass panels could prove to be a beautiful addition. There are swirls which are either hand painted or molded from wood or metal onto the panels. This often mirrors the swirls and curves which are positioned along the bottom of the curio cabinet.

Mounted wall curio cabinet

A vintage curio cabinet doesn't have to take up a lot of space in your home. If you only have a few items that you would like to display, consider a mounted wall curio cabinet. These can be found with a vintage style too, but the ability to fix it to your wall means you can save space in the home as well as showing off a slightly different style of cabinet.

Curio cabinet without glass

Not everyone likes the glass panels on their vintage curio cabinets, but thankfully there are other options and styles to consider. The vintage cabinets without glass panels are equally as good at displaying your favorite items, and you don't have to suffer the glare from the reflective glass surface. Often in a shabby chic design with weathered wood paint in white or grey, this timeless style often has floral curtains on either side or some small hand painted decorative flowers along the edges.

Circular curio cabinet

If you don't want straight edges or a rectangular shaped cabinet in your home, why not consider the circular curio cabinets? These are in a cylinder shape and boast a softer look than the straighter and more defined cabinet. You can position this style of cabinet in the center of a room too, rather than being confined to positioning it against the wall. Some variations of this curio cabinet will rotate on a handy mechanism, making it ideal if you need a cabinet for a shop or stall. Inside the home though, you can still make use of a rotating cylinder curio cabinet, particularly if you have many different items to display.

Curio cabinets with drawers

While most of them have shelving, there are vintage curio cabinets available either exclusively with drawers or with shelves alongside some drawers. The ideal choice for those who want a variety of storage types, and perhaps have books, magazines and other paperwork which could be stowed away in the drawers and kept out of sight. Brass handles match the brass legs of the cabinet for consistency.


Antique curio cabinet 2

Antique styled, vintage cabinet with four strong legs and a durable wooden construction in brown color. This cabinet includes glass walls and doors that play protective and display roles. The whole cabinet is functional and decorative in many types of indoors.

Brand New 28" x 14" x 76"H Vintage Look Cherry Wood Finish Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinet with mirrored back and glass doors. Frame is made of wood. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. Elegant design for each home according to taste.

L1000 jpg 1978


Antique curio cabinets 16

This antique curio cabinet, in its intended purpose is a wardrobe for exposing Chinese porcelain. Its oak, arched form comes from Asia, has a glassed-in site. To emphasize its tradition features carved figures of lion heads.

Antique cabinets

This multilevel cabinet features plenty of various drawers and stashes, providing large space for storing different stuff. Its solid, wooden construction stands for prestige and sustainability.

Antique glass cabinet antique curio china cabinet

Antique Glass Cabinet Antique curio china cabinet

Antique wall curio cabinet

A vintage take on a corner curio cabinet made out of cherry wood with an elegant, dark brown tint which gives the piece a classy appearance. The shelf has 5 glass shelves on the inside and a mirrored back wall, which makes the piece seem even more spacious.

Vintage curio cabinets 1

This vintage curio display cabinet is, probably, as beautiful as the collectibles you want to place in it. The frame is crafted of wood, with charming carvings and flute legs, and surrounded by clear glass panels. The inside holds 2 adjustable shelves, also made of clear glass.

Parker House Furniture Grand Manor Granada Collector's Cabinet

This incredibly stylish cabinet is a combination of class and design. Interesting decorative motifs on glass doors, solid wood construction and functional drawers and glass shelves create an extraordinary whole.

Antique curio cabinet 1900 1950 photo 1 1

Antique Curio Cabinet 1900-1950 photo 1

Small oak curio cabinet

Curio cabinet in Vintage style. Frame is made of high quality wood and covered with clear glass. Includes 3 shelves for display dinnerware, decorations and more. Stylish addition for each room.

Collectibles general antiques antique curio

Collectibles-General (Antiques) / Antique Curio

Vintage curio

China Cabinet. Like The lines/ Queen Ann legs. Prefer the wood to be stained instead of white paint.

Antique curio cabinets 14

Curio cabinet with antique finish. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with glass. It consists of 5 shelves arranged vertically. Perfect for storing tableware or display decorations.

Vintage walnut queen anne curio display cabinet b34 photo

Vintage Walnut Queen Anne Curio Display Cabinet B34 photo

Oak wood glass vintage curio cabinet china closet

Oak Wood Glass Vintage Curio Cabinet China Closet

Antique curio cabinets

An authentic vintage china cabinet with a weathered white finish. It has 2 curved front legs, a full rear support, a white back, 3 shelves, glazed curved side panels and a hinged front door. Side panels are screened with ribboned flowery curtains.

So i decided im going to have have one room

So i decided I'm going to have have one room in my house dedicated to awesomely weird shit. antiques, books, etc. Think Hogwart's Room of requirement / A. McQueen's cabinet of curiosities kinda thing. yay!

Could dress up the interior of my cabinets like this

Could dress up the interior of my cabinets like this. So pretty, changes everything.

Antique curio cabinets for sale

The French vintage design of this enchanting curio cabinet makes the living room or bedroom a whole new dimension. Beautiful color in the shade of blue, glass door and slender legs create a unique whole.

Corner curio cabinets

Designed by IKEA, this curio cabinet features heavy frames made from a sturdier material and only the actual shelf space made from glass. It creates a great display for your glass or dinnerware collection.

Black kitchen buffet

Small, traditional kitchen design with a large buffet made of wood finished in white color. It includes a black top and plenty of cabinets with wooden and glass doors. Neutral white color of this piece of kitchen furniture looks great in any stylization.

Old looking cabinets

This retro-style French Curio Cabinet made of wood and glass is the perfect option if you are looking for something stylish for your room. It provides big amount of storage and brings the unique atmosphere to your interior.

Black Piano Painted Tall Storage Display Cabinet AWK519

Painted black piano finish and cherry red back finish add an elegant touch to the design of this display cabinet. Glass door reveal the collectibles gathered inside. The piece stands on four thick feet for a perfect balance.

Powell Company Parcel 13-Drawer Cabinet

13 drawers of assorted sizes make your personal belongings a bit easier to store and to manage. Heavily distressed finish combined with multicolour drawer fronts gives this cabinet a unique vintage flair.

Just reduced vintage hanging wall curio cabinet

Just reduced!!! Vintage Hanging Wall/Curio Cabinet

Ulti-MATE Storage 3-Door Wall Cabinet in Starfire Pearl

It is a great wall cabinet that is a perfect addition for your hall, bathroom, bedroom, garage and other. It has got 3-doors, starfire pearl finish and solid construction. You will be impressed how cool this cabinet is.

Blue decorative plates

A pretty traditional island crafted of wooden materials. Its rectangular top with terraced edges has a mid brown finish. A body is finished in blue and equipped with open cubbies with metal rails, drawers and door cabinets with metal shell pulls.

Beige cabinets 1

Beige beauty in this charming kitchen makes the cabinets and stone countertops look great. A Beautiful performance in antique styling, functionality, and plenty of storage space makes the kitchen very cozy and practical.

Glass cabinets 12

Kitchen cabinet for storing food, tableware, dinnerware and more. Construction is made of wood. It consists of 4 drawers and cabinet with double glass doors. Functional design for any kitchen.

Charcoal grey cabinets

This beautiful décor of the basin is the simplicity of beauty. White is an excellent way to create comfortable, minimalist and functional solutions that blend perfectly. Big bath, beautiful sink and greatly thought out cabinets.

Antique curio cabinets 2

A fabulous bar cabinet that is characterized by slim, shapely legs and a cool, distressed finish, which gives it a rustic character. It offers a lot of storage space for bottles and other stuff. The inner part of the doors is mirrored.

Antique curio cabinets 2

Lovely etagere. So pretty for your curios. Looking very antique and old school, made from solid oak wood, seems to be a perfect curio cabinet that suits old fashion, classic interiors. I've got a very modern living room but it would suit it as well.

Grey cabinets 4

The gorgeous combination of shades of gray in this stylish kitchen cabinet is a great solution for any interior design. The large lockers will work well for storing different things, and the simple marble countertop adds a whole style.

Vintage Style European Narrow Storage Cabinet For Kitchen Living Room or Bedroom Decor

Grey cabinets 30

This set of grey cabinets correspond perfectly well to the marble countertop and grey-beige backsplash, creating a contemporarily served set of smooth, traditional elegance. Universal and practical, grey will also cover well any potential dirt.

Bar cabinet with wine fridge

This excellent arrangement of the kitchen is a beautiful combination of functional cabinets, drawers and shelves, a large countertop, refrigerator and extremely impressive mirror tiles on the wall. The whole looks modern and stylish.

Accent Cabinet

Accent Cabinet

Hand painted Bird Chest, 3-DRAWER, PEWTER

This 3-tiered chest of drawers enchants with its subtle character, being the result of a gentle hand painting, depicting a tree occupied by birds. It has the following size: 34.75"H x 38.25"W x 18"D.

Grey cabinets 33

Bright kitchen remodel that uses light beige cabinets, bright sand beige counter and diamond tiles backsplash in matching tone. We tend to forget about the simplest colour layouts, which are however the classiest ones!

Antique curio cabinets 1

Cool old fashioned antique window cabinet. It is constructed from old dirty wood, that was painted in beautiful mint green color. It has couple of shalves behing the glass where you can keep your favourite things displayed.

Antique turquoise cabinets

Aesthetic kitchen units of white-finished wooden materials. Drawers have metal C-handles but door cabinets - round knobs. Hanging cabinets feature crown tops, floor units - recessed toe-kicks. They have quartz countertops in beige and brown shades.

Hamilton Linen Storage, 35"Hx17"W, DSTRESED WHITE

This very elegant cabinet is of course a combination of elegance and practicality. Cabinet perfectly sparawdzi in the bathroom, but it will also be practical in the bedroom or dressing room. There is a small, but relatively roomy.