Hanging Curio Display Cabinet

Sometimes having a curio cabinet on the floor is just impractical. A hanging curio cabinet on the other hand if you have the proper place to mount it can be a very interesting way to show off your collectables. These hanging curio cabinets are very well made and quite stylish.

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Glass curio display case wall cabinet 5

Glass curio display case wall cabinet 5
Wooden hanging curio cabinet. It’s great for giving your valued objected objects proper exposure. 4 shelves, as well as the space at the bottom, ensure that you’ll be able to hide a lot of stuff in there!

Vintage wood shadow box knick knack

Vintage wood shadow box knick knack
If you need a storage space for your books, and accent pieces, you should choose this wall hanging decorative curio display cabinet with 36 cubbies. The simple wooden structure will be great with any other.

Vtg Small Wood Glass Curio Cabinet Wall Mount Hang Table Top Display Shelves

Vtg Small Wood Glass Curio Cabinet Wall Mount Hang Table Top Display Shelves
A great choice for not too large interiors that are in the need of spicing them up with some eye-catchy collectibles. Thanks to this curio cabinet with clear glass panels, you will have enough space for displaying your precious treasures.

Vintage wood curio cabinet wall hanging

Vintage wood curio cabinet wall hanging
Decorate your wall with this elegant piece that allows you to display your collectibles in a shapely curio cabinet. The frame is crafted of hardwood and has a glass panel door with a lock. The inside is filled with multiple, small compartments.

Vintage wooden curio shelf wall hanging

Vintage wooden curio shelf wall hanging
A sturdy and attractive curio cabinet that allows you to display your collectibles just as they should be. Boasting of vintage accents, the cabinet is made of wood and offers 49 various, open compertments.

Wall Mount Curio Cabinet

Wall Mount Curio Cabinet
Put cherished family heirlooms on display in the den or your favorite china in the dining room with this essential curio cabinet, featuring a wood-framed design and a light brown finish for warm, earthy appeal.

Vintage wall hanging curio cabinet

Vintage wall hanging curio cabinet
Presented here specimen is a traditional with vintage style cherry finish solid wood glass china hanging curio display cabinet. The semi-circular front is a simple form to expose favorite items or porcelain.

Our advice Buying Guide

When you have plenty of beautiful items that you want to show off, finding the perfect way to do it can be a challenge. Hanging curio display cabinets are some of the most convenient and stylish pieces of furniture to use if you want to put some of your treasures on display. In order to choose the right piece of furniture, here are the things you should think about first.

What are the benefits of a hanging curio display cabinet?

Apart from ornaments or trophies, you can store many other things in the cabinets, including books and kitchen items. The glass design enables you to easily see whatever is being stored, so you'll waste less time looking for something and more time getting on with the important things.

Hanging curio cabinets are actually very useful when used in children's bedrooms. The hanging design means that you can position the cabinet high enough so that your child cannot reach it. However, you can display things in the cabinet such as books, toys, baby items or even your own things that don't fit in another room of the house.

How to pick the right size curio cabinet?

Take the time to think about what you're going to put in the cabinet and how much space you need. While it's impossible to predict everything that may happen in the future and when you may or may not need extra or less space, you should make an educated decision based on what you have at the moment and what your current plans are.

How to make a curio cabinet safe and secure?

Depending on what you intend to put in your curio cabinet, you should consider purchasing one with a lock. Not only does this make it much harder for anybody to take your items in the case of a break-in, but it also stops young children or visitors getting their hands on your precious possessions. This, of course, will depend on what you're putting in there, since some items just aren't valuable enough to warrant being locked away. In any case, it's a good idea to lock all cabinets with fragile items if you have children in the house, even if they aren't particularly valuable in terms of money.

Do curio display cabinets come without glass doors?

You don't need to have glass on the outside of a hanging cabinet – some of the most stylish and beautiful cabinets are exposed rather than being covered with glass doors. If you purchase a cabinet without doors, you should ensure that there is enough space to position your items without risking them falling off. You will also need to hang the cabinet far enough up the wall so that it can't easily be knocked or pushed and damage your items. Choose a suitable part of the wall first before you go out to buy a cabinet since you will need to take measurements in advance.


Shabby french style display cabinet

Shabby french style display cabinet
This curio display cabinet designed by Shabby Haus enchants with its wooden distressed appeal, fitting ideally to any cottage or shabby chic interiors. Hanged in your living room, will add warmth and cosiness.

New Hanging Curio Glass Mirrored Display Collectibles Country Shelf Case Cabinet

New Hanging Curio Glass Mirrored Display Collectibles Country Shelf Case Cabinet
Hanging curio display cabinet is a stylish element of interior design in contemporary design. Beautiful design and solid wood and glass construction create a unique piece of furniture. Perfect for the living room.

3 Drawer Display Cabinet

3 Drawer Display Cabinet
This stylish 3 drawer cabinet is a wonderful design with wood pecans. It is stylish and very effectively presented in any interior. Glass door adds a whole an extraordinary character, and beautifully carved details captivate.

Louie Curio Display Cabinet

Louie Curio Display Cabinet
Elegant traditional glazed display cabinet of fibreboard with a dark brown finish. It features a dashy moulding top, side access touch-latch doors, a storage space in a base. It has 4 adjustable glass shelves, a mirrored back and touch LED lighting.

Hanging curio display cabinet 1

Now, you will have the chance to properly display all your precious collectibles by using this wall-mounted curio cabinet. Crafted of solid wood in an oak finish, the cabinet has clear glass panels on both sides, 1 glass panel door, and 2 wood shelves for your treasures.

Hanging curio display cabinet

Suspended furniture adds functionality and style, and this hanging curio display cabinet is a unique combination of vintage design and functional furniture. Copper finish and mirrored elements create a unique whole.

Display cabinet wall

Perfect for an interior that wants to go with modern style and elegant appeal - this glass cabinet will provide plenty of space and a visible option of organizing your interior's best china or decorative objects.

Wall hung display cabinets

An antique proposition for the fans of vintage or retro design. This wall hanging wood curio glass cabinet constitutes a refined spot to display one's treasured belongings, like ornate vases, dinnerware or commemorative photos.

Flat wall hanging curio cabinet

Flat Wall Hanging Curio Cabinet

Wall Curio Cabinet / Figurine Display Case Wall Mounted, Glass Door, Mirrored Back, CD01B-WH

Turn a simple glass-fronted cabinet into a display area for your beautiful collectibles. The simple white frame, and clear, glass-fronted door, allow focus on the objects rather than the cabinet. Latches keep the door secure, keeping items inside.

Vintage wall hanging curio cabinet shelf door by topsilverantique

Vintage Wall Hanging Curio Cabinet Shelf Door by TopSilverAntique

Hanging display cabinets

Curio cabinet designed for mounting on the wall. Carefully carving frame is made of wood with gold finish. Back is decorated with sophisticated ornament. Elegant accent for each place according to taste.

Country curio cabinets 13

Corner curio cabinet made of wood and glass. Includes 2 cabinets with dobule doors. Perfect for storing tableware, dinnerware and others needed stuff. Traditional form and functional design for each home.

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Wall mount display cases for commercial or residential use 1

Wall Mount Display Cases For Commercial or Residential Use

Acrylic Glass Display Case for Rocks, Minerals & Figurines

Made completely of acrylic glass with no distracting frame or hardware, this modern, sleek acrylic glass cabinets to match any interior. It has overall measures 13.8 x 1 x 9.5 inches.

Hanging curio cabinet glass mirrored display collectibles country shelf case

Hanging Curio Cabinet Glass Mirrored Display Collectibles Country Shelf Case NEW

Hanging china cabinet

In such a curio display cabinet with a semi-circular, elegant glass front, traditionally cut with wood panels - you can display porcelain, homemade souvenirs or books. It is made of strong walnut wood and rests on bent legs.

About wood hanging collectible display shelves rack curio cabinet pine

... about Wood Hanging Collectible Display Shelves Rack Curio Cabinet Pine

LARGE Wall Curio Shadow Box Display Case Cabinet for Disney Vinylmation or Miniature Figurines - Black Finish

Being a great display for your favourite collections, this large wall curio cabinet enchants with its traditional design. Wall Mountable with Metal Brackets on the back, comes with support braces. Features 11 shelves with each in between removable.

Vtg cherry wood wall hanginging table curio cabinet display case


Home amelia whitewash wall curio cabinet

Home > Amelia Whitewash Wall Curio Cabinet

Country curio cabinets

If you like the countryside style of decor, this proposition shall enchant you. Made entirely from salvaged wood, a rustic curio cabinet, that can be perfectly used as a bookcase.

Natural walnut cabinets

You can easily get the neatness and consistency in the arrangement of your kitchen. Just use a similar wood for your cabinets, like for the floor. Here, in both cases, was used a clear shade of a walnut wood.

Antique corner curio cabinet

Created of a repurposed window frame, this wall-mounted curio cabinet boasts of country appearance. Features wooden construction with a white finish, a clear glass panel door with a handle, and wooden shelves.

Wall display cabinet

Charming bookcase made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Suitable for storing books or display decorations. Application in the living room, bedroom, kid's room and others interiors according to taste.

Corner Curio Cabinet

Corner Curio Cabinet

Country curio cabinets 2

If you want a china display that is a bit more original than the regular pieces then this one will do the trick with its all-wood structure and the rustic appeal that it offers due to the natural finish.

French country corner cabinet

Curio cabinet in the French style. Frame is made of wood and covered with clear glass. Base is reinforced with solid supports. Includes 4 wide shelves arranged vertically.

Hanging display case

No better way to display items connected with your passion than with the use of a hanging curio display cabinet. This one here was made from wood and glass, to grant your treasures the exposition they all deserve.

Energy freestyle wall mounted glass door cabinet 1508 73

Energy Freestyle Wall Mounted Glass Door Cabinet, 1508-73

Country curio cabinets

Classic curio cabinet, painted light blue, as if it were prepared to be set in a beach themed coastal country home! Not much ornaments here: only crown top molding and carved base. Single door with clear glass inserts.

Walnut cabinets

A magnificent bathroom arrangement in a modern design. It is characterized by an elegant, wooden cabinet that matches the frame of a large mirror. A marble top beautifully combines with grey tiles on the wall and mosaic on the floor.

Bookshelves for nursery

A good idea for children' or nursery rooms. Wire book baskets constitute a great way to display their books, comics and tales, while at the same time having it at their fingertips.

Hanging display shelves 1

Incredible idea to every fan of DIY! This little shelves are recycled of old slats. They aren't intended to storage frippery, they are destined to decorate your wall. Insert on them frames with photos of your family and friends!

Wall cabinet display

Rosewood Mingei Display Stand (China) | Shopping - Top Rated Media/Bookshelves

Country curio cabinets 3

Wonderful design for an antique, old-fashioned living room with a huge wardrobe with a set of adorable ceramic roosters on top and a simple wooden chair with a red seat next to it. Perfectly fits the vintage style of the room.

Oriental Furnishings Oriental Wall Curio for Nesuki

Cabinet for displaying collection

Shot Glass Display Case Wall Curio Cabinet, Glass Door, Solid Wood SC01B-WA by DisplayGiftsCOM. $54.95. Real Glass front panels, no cheap plastic or Acrylic. Metal brackets on the back for Hanging. Wall mountable or countertop OK. No assembly required, co

Dorsey Putty White French Country Gray Mesh Tall Cabinet

It is a tall cabinet that has got a French country design, mesh grey and white finish and solid wood construction. This cabinet is perfect to display your favorite accent pieces and other.

Pulaski Curio, 25 by 11 by 70-Inch, Medium Brown

Display your collected pieces for all to enjoy with this classic curio cabinet featuring adjustable glass shelves, hinged doors and lighted interior. It integrates easily to your space and does not dim the glow of your collection.

Display wall cabinet

What we know about this hanging curio display cabinet is that it will allow the display of many crystal figures. It is hand-made of golden oak wood, stain nut tree or solid oak. Finished with satin white and added 16-LED lighting, on glass shelves.

Hanging lighted corner curio cabinet ideas roni young

Hanging Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet — Ideas Roni Young ...