Locking Display Cabinet


There are luxury items that you may want to show off but keep secure at the same time. With a locking display cabinet, you don’t need to worry about your collectibles disappearing on you. These storage solutions can also add a touch of luxury to your interiors. Locking display cabinets come in different sizes, shapes, and mechanisms. Check out the six display cabinets our design experts love.

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Our Picks

Clear Wide Display Stand

Clear Wide Display Stand

If you want to highlight your collection of highly valuable or breakable items, this full glass display cabinet with lock is exactly what you need. The four shelves are covered with 4mm glass so you can show off these items and keep them secure. 

Designer Advice:

Fill up an empty wall with this imposing display cabinet. Each glass shelf can hold a maximum weight of 7.7 lbs, so you can display antique figurines, mineral stones, family heirlooms, first-edition books, and other collectibles you’ve accrued over the years. The two-door cabinet has a wooden top and bottom in black, white, and natural wood finishes. 

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Classic Cherry Wood Display Case

Classic Cherry Wood Display Case

This five-level curio cabinet with lock is perfect for showcasing antiques or expensive figurines. The front door slides for easy access and has a locking mechanism to keep your valuables safe. The cabinet has adjustable levelers for stability.

Designer Advice:

Made with cherry wood with a classic Tuscany cherry finish, this display case is made with wood, glass, and a few metal parts. It’s the ideal display case for your most expensive collectibles. Place it in your living room to invite the admiration of all future guests. It will also suit a traditional office or study.

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Simple Clear Cabinet Acrylic Showcase

Simple Clear Cabinet Acrylic Showcase

Show off your luxury bags and shoes in this display cabinet with lock and key. It’s a hexagonal cabinet with a bottom spinner and removable shelves, providing much-needed flexibility. It’s made of plexiglass and comes with a cam lock and keys. 

Designer Advice:

This display cabinet is designed for retailers, but it also works for residential use, and it’s an excellent choice for your luxury items. You can display your expensive bags and jewelry in one case and spin it around for an idea of what you can wear or bring on a specific day. This cabinet is the perfect living room centerpiece.

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Imposing Wood Trophy Display Case

Imposing Wood Trophy Display Case

Showcase your achievements in this locking curio cabinet. The seven-foot structure has sliding doors with adjustable shelves. Available in oak and maple finish, a unique feature of this cabinet is the lights on top to highlight anything you want to display. 

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Chestnut Bar Cabinet

Chestnut Bar Cabinet

If you have a vast collection of alcohol, feature them in this lockable display cabinet. The four-foot chestnut structure has an interior stemware holder, wine rack, and shelves. All your bottles will be on gorgeous display but not accessible to children. 

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Elegant Wide White Display Stand

Elegant Wide White Display Stand

This lovely locking display cabinet provides ample space to organize the valuables you want to showcase and secure. The 7.5-foot display case exudes glamor with its stark white finish and gold accent that goes right down the middle. 

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Best Ideas

Tempered Glass Curio Cabinet With 8 Halogen Lights, 78 x 40 x 16.5-Inch, Free-Standing, Locking Hinged Doors, Floor Levelers And 4 Green Edge Glass Shelves - Silver, Aluminum

This curio cabinet features a sturdy aluminum frame covered in a silver finish, and 4 glass shelves with green edges. Also includes 8 halogen lights (2 overhead lights and 6 adjustable side lights), 4 floor levelers, and a locking, hinged doors.

Locking curio cabinet

Display case with durable black aluminum and black melamine construction. Its lower area includes two lockable storage compartments and its display area features tempered glass shelves and LED lights.

Tempered Glass Curio Cabinet With 8 Halogen Lights, 78 x 40 x 16.5-Inch, Free-Standing, Locking Hinged Doors, Floor Levelers And 4 Green Edge Glass Shelves - Black, Aluminum

The cabinet made of transparent and tempered glass. The doors are closing. The cabinet has 4 glass shelves and efficient lighting. 2 upper and 6 side halogen lamps. The ideal solution to store.

ColorTime Barlow Curio Cabinet

ColorTime Barlow Curio Cabinet

This made country-style cabinet is a perfect solution for your living room or office. Beautifully made, you can add a unique atmosphere to your interior, exposing at the same time your favorite items.

Display cabinet with lock

Stunning design of the presented glass locking curio cabinet - is a contemporary accent for a trendy interior. Covered with glass all over, connects with metal. Shelves are stable and exposed by glass. Two parts divide the metal panel with cut-out wheels.

Howard Miller 680-473 Ramsdell Curio Cabinet

Classic display unit with a wide brown wooden frame. It has a crowned top, contoured columns with Acanthus leaf caps and a cut-out base. It has a 2-direction sliding glass door, 4 adjustable shelves and built-in lighting with a power receptacle cord.

Glass cabinets with locks

Pulaski Medallion Dark Cherry/Mahogany 2-way Slding Dr Curio - 20485 by Pulaski. $876.99. Etched Glass Door; Two-way Front Sliding Door; Adjustable Glass Shelves; Cam Lock with Key; Triple Reinforced Joints. Pulaski 20485 - Keepsakes Medallion Cherry Two

Locking curio cabinet 8

7797 Rectangular Display Curio - 1 Lock on 2 Front Doors, Stainless Steel Kick Plate $1,216.82

Glass display cabinet with lock

Pulaski Oxford Black Corner Curio Cabinet - 21220 - Lowest price online on all Pulaski Oxford Black Corner Curio Cabinet - 21220. CHEAPER THAN OTHER ONE.

Locking curio cabinet 4

Pulaski Chocolate Cherry Two Way Sliding Door Curio by Pulaski. $989.00. Two-way Front Sliding Door. Beveled Front Glass. Nickel Cam Lock with Key. Triple Reinforced Joints. Adjustable Glass Shelves. Chocolate Cherry Accent Two Way Sliding Door Curio

Locking curio cabinet 11

Curios Cardigan Two Way Sliding Mantel Curio by Pulaski Furniture - Baer's Furniture - Curio Cabinet Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Sarasota, Naples, Ft. Myers, Florida

Howard Miller 680-243 Embassy Curio Cabinet by

Elegant display cabinet made of wood finished in cherry. A top is carved with leaves and a central shell. A beveled door, sides and 4 shelves are made of glass. Shelves are grooved for vertical plates display. It has halogen lighting and levelers.

Locking glass display cabinet

french glazed corner cabinet by out there interiors |

Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinet made in great modern style provides a fresh look for every space where it will be placed. It contains two sides doors with locks. Constructed of temper glass and contains silver and black finishes.

Howard Miller 680-288 Chesterfield II Curio Cabinet

This beautiful curio cabinet features convenient plate grooves in the glass shelves that allow for vertical display of plates, height-adjustable floor levelers under all four corners and halogen light with convenient no-reach touch-Lite light switch.

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Wooden curio cabinet with concealed locking gun storage

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