Wall Mount Curio Cabinet


Just because you need a curio, doesn't mean it has to go on the floor. Not when you have one of these stable and sturdy wall-mounted curio cabinets. They easily mount to any wall and are capable of holding most smaller items. And did we mention that they come in plenty of styles and are quite attractive. Take a look at these options in this collection.

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Our Picks

Antique Chinese Rosewood Wall Mount Curio Cabinet 37 5in H X 23in L X 4 5in D

Antique Chinese Rosewood Wall Mount Curio Cabinet 37 5in H X 23in L X 4 5in D

This rosewood wall mount cabinet made in ancient Chinese style is a unique style and reliable artistry. Beautiful details captivate and bring to the room a unique atmosphere. Nice shelf composition fascinates.

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Curio Wall Cabinet

Curio Wall Cabinet

Perfect for all of your knick-knacks and decorative objects as well as various collective items, this curio wall cabinet ensures plenty of space with its two bigger shelves and three smaller ones, all complimented by the honey oak finish of the wood.

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Wall mount curio cabinet 4

Display favorite accent pieces in this hanging curio cabinet. It has mirrored finish and brass frame. Great for bathroom, drawing room, bedroom and more. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks on your wall.

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Vintage Wooden Curio Cabinet Display Case Wall Mount Glass Door Shelves

Vintage Wooden Curio Cabinet Display Case Wall Mount Glass Door Shelves

Opt for this lovely, vintage and wooden structured curio cabinet that comes with an additional display case and can easily be mounted to the wall to achieve even more convenience and functionality in your household.

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Bathroom Storage And Vanities

Bathroom Storage And Vanities

Every bathroom needs a storage and vanity. We suggest you to choose this wall mount curio cabinet, with the white finish and glass doors and shelves. Great product for cosmetics, bathroom accessories, medicines and more.

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Edmonton Wall Curio Cabinet

Edmonton Wall Curio Cabinet

Meticulously crafted wall curio cabinet with traditional design. Made by skillfull artisans, it has sturdy hardwoods and veneers costruction with elegant cherry finish. Features acanthus leaf molding on the pediment and reeded columns at the side.

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Curio cabinet glass and brass 13 75 inches high table

Curio Cabinet, Glass and Brass, 13.75 Inches High, Table or Wall-Mount. Sold 8/15/2014!

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Jenlea Wall Curio Cabinet

Jenlea Wall Curio Cabinet

A chic antique style wall unit of wood with a 2-tone brown finish. It features a showy split top arch with a pointy finial in the middle and turned corner columns with metal finials. It has 2 glass doors with big pulls, 3 shelves, a mirrored back.

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Antique Chinese Rosewood Wall Mount Curio Cabinet 37 5in H X 23in L X 4 5in D

Antique Chinese Rosewood Wall Mount Curio Cabinet 37 5in H X 23in L X 4 5in D

This beautifully made rosewood Chinese cabinet is a beautiful combination of stylish design and beautiful materials. Glazed cabinet doors beautifully display the interior. The whole is perfectly integrated into the living room.

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Wall curios

Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin. Love the idea of a wall-mounted science/artifact display case.

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Wall Mount Curio Cabinet

Buying Guide

If you've amassed a large collection of items that you think are worth showcasing, a wall mount curio cabinet is just what you need. It's smaller in size compared to the standard curio which takes up floor space, but it's just as versatile apart from being the best solution if you don’t have enough room for a full-sized cabinet.

A wall-mount curio cabinet is a piece of furniture that doesn't fail in catching attention, which is why you need to know exactly how to make the right selection. If you are second guessing yourself, you won't be after you read our buying guide below!

Generally, wall mount curio cabinets are made of metal, glass, wood, or a combination of the three.

  • Wood - It's the most common material used in making the cabinets as it enhances a home's beauty. Moreover, wood is easy to maintain, only requiring occasional polishing and simple dusting to retain its shine. Also, wood comes in different types with mahogany and cherry wood as the most durable options that don't fail in giving off a rich wood tone.
  • Glass - It's also another material that's used exclusively in making curio cabinets. Glass curio cabinets, however, come with wooden or metal framing, but they still are predominantly made of glass. Glass units are suggested for people who are looking for curio cabinet that are easier and simpler to clean. All they need is a bit of dusting.
  • Metal - Metal curio cabinets look modern and contemporary. They're relatively easy to maintain and they're not as heavy compared to glass or wooden curio cabinets.

  • Loop Fabric Backing - This type of backing allows you to attach items to the backin of a curio cabinet using only a hook tape, which is a great alternative to the use of push pins.
  • White Laminate Backing - This backing is incredibly easy to clean. It's also stain resistant, perfect for showcasing photos and artwork.
  • Mirror Backing - It's an excellent option if you'll be displaying artwork as the mirror can reflect every angle of an art piece. The material is great as well if you want viewers to see all sides of your treasured items without touching them.
  • Cork Backing - This is a good option if you'll be posting photos, bulletins, posters, and announcements. Cork si the most affordable backing material.

Wall mount curio cabinets can come with lighting to properly showcase your collectibles. Lights are often added to the top and bottom of the case to ensure the entire cabinet lights up and your collection is clearly visible.

Adjustable shelves are for those who are still unsure of what to display and want flexibility as a feature. They're also handy if you'll be using the cabinet to display items of different sizes (e.g. figurines, family photos, and trophies).

A large wall mount curio cabinet comes with sliding glass doors as they make it easy and safe to open cases. If you want to secure your collection, look for units with lockable sliding glass doors.

Best Ideas

Howard Miller 685-100 Vancouver Curio Cabinet by

Elegant delicate display wall cabinet but it can be placed on mantels or bookcases. Wooden frame has a cherry finish and a decorative arched top. Sides, a hinged door and 4 adjustable shelves are made of glass. A curio has also a glass back.

Wall hanging curio cabinets

Pulaski Furniture Wall Mount or Mantel Curio Cabinet

Montreal Wall Curio Cabinet

Montreal Wall Curio Cabinet

Attractive classic wall-mounted display cabinet. It can be placed on mantels or bookcases. It's made of fibreboard with a golden oak finish. It has 4 adjustable glass shelves, reeded side columns, glass both a door and back, brass-finished hardware.

Hanging curio cabinet 1

A beautiful curio cabinet that can be easily mounted on a wall to display your collectibles just as they should be. The frame is crafted of quality wood, with a clear glass panel door and 4 clear glass shelves hidden behind it.

Curio cabinets wall mounted

The distressed black display cabinet with botanical lining, which looks like the imitation of the window. The black doors frame creates the beautiful contrast with the snow white wall. The set will look amazing.

Wall mounted curio cabinet 2

Vintage style wall-mounted curio cabinet with soft wooden pattern can be used to display lots of things. Made of wood and silver-coloured steel elements is a great complement to your vintage style living room or small private office.

Wall mounted display cabinets

This wall mount curio cabinet will be a stylish display point for your beloved collections. Solid wood, painted white with golden accents (knobs and hinges) is combined here with glass, creating a cool and clean, smooth appeal.

Wall curio cabinet

Enrich your den or office with this splendid curio cabinet that you can mount on a wall. It's crafted of durable wood, and uses 2 glass panel foors with decorative pull-knobs, and 4 adjustable glass shelves.

Wall mounted curio display cabinet

This wall mounted curio cabinet enchants with its classic design and dark wooden finish. It features 6 tiers, creating a considerable storage space. The item measures 25 W x 30 H x 6.5 D.

Glass wall curio cabinet

Being a shabby chic manifest, this glass wall curio cabinet constitutes a lovely piece of furniture, designed to bring functionality and a charming appeal. Embellished by a n enchanting pink roses mosaic.

Small glass display

Made from Solid Beechwood, this small wall mounted curio cabinet constitutes a great display proposition for traditional interiors. Its bright wood and dense graining stands for a classic, natural appeal. It measures 18.5"H X 14.25"W X 3.5"D.

Wall mounted curio cabinet with glass doors

Small square shelves, we love them because they give us a great chance to expose and storage our little decorative items,some souvenirs from the best trips. Wall mount curio cabinet is full of them,made of wood, in white close them with double glass doors.

Double door curio cabinet wall mount

Double Door Curio Cabinet - wall mount

Wall mounted style display dining furniture mirrored curio cabinet 2

Wall Mounted Style Display Dining Furniture Mirrored Curio Cabinet 2 Glass Doors