Glass Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Glass wall-mounted cabinets are a more contemporary way to store things in a medium that allows your items to become part of the decor. They are very sturdy and can add a modern touch to any space. And if you want to display items that are too big or heavy for a standard curio, then these will fit your need perfectly. See collection for more.

Best Products

Tuscan Solid Hardwood Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet

Tuscan Solid Hardwood Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet
Built in a Tuscan country style, this display cabinet provides a sophisticated element which will give your living room or a bedroom a wonderful vibe. The display cabinet has a smooth, streamlined silhouette and a mirrored-back, which reflects the displayed items and makes the cabinet seem even more spacious. It is crafted out of solid hardwood and is fitted with framed glass doors on the front.

Tempered Glass Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet

Tempered Glass Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet
Sophisticated and elegant, this unique wall-mounted curio cabinet will give your house a one of a kind appearance. The curio cabinet is made out of solid hardwood, which ensures longevity, and is finished with cherry wood veneers, giving it a classy look. Inside of the curio cabinet are three shelves made out of tempered glass, which have a high weight capacity and are hard to damage, making them safe to use.

Solid Wood Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet

Solid Wood Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet
A traditional way to display and demonstrate your curiosities and décor elements to the guests, nicely fitting more classic interior arrangements. The display cabinet proves well both for storing your decorative china dinnerware in the dining room, as well for displaying photos and trophies in the living room. The cabinet can also be mounted on a wall, which saves some space and makes it easily accessible.

Old Fashioned Curio Cabinet With LED Lights

Old Fashioned Curio Cabinet With LED Lights
If you are searching for something that looks as if taken straight from an old library to give your house an old-fashioned look, you might be interested in this curio display cabinet made in an antique fashion. The cabinet has a marvelous curvature on its frame, and its tall structure with a lot of shelves provides plenty of space for all of your photographs, souvenirs, medals, and other assorted items.

Wall Monted Curio Cabinet With Mirored Back

Wall Monted Curio Cabinet With Mirored Back
With a lot of open space and prominent visibility, this display cabinet is the perfect choice of furniture if you really want people to notice all of your curiosities and photographs. Sporting a durable structure made out of selected solid woods, the cabinet is sure to last for a long time without requiring replacing or repairing. The cherry wood veneers give the cabinet a sophisticated finish and a universal style.

Glass Door Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet

Glass Door Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet
This one is a truly unique and unusual piece of furniture to display in a living room, as it resembles antique architecture with its distinguished and sophisticated silhouette. This curiosity display cabinet has engravings resembling Corinthian columns, as well as a sloped dome to finish off the extravagant design. All of that is crafted out of solid hardwood to ensure the best possible stability and durability.

Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet With Removable Glass Shelves

Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet With Removable Glass Shelves
Give your living room a classical touch with this traditionally-designed display cabinet, crafted out of solid hardwood, which is not only pleasurable to the eye but also provides the cabinet with toughness and solidity. The cabinet features hand-turned rails and a curved top, as well as subtle engravings and drawings along the frame. There are also two glass shelves on the inside, which fit in with the style of the piece.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you want to free up your office space or shop floor, then you can make good use out of glass wall mounted cabinets. Wall-mounted cabinets made of glass are perfect when you're displaying items as they don't take up valuable floor space.

When choosing between several units, you'll need help so you can pick the best one to purchase. That's where we come in; through our guide, you'll know exactly how to select the glass wall mounted cabinets that are simply perfect for your space. Let's start!

How to determine the right size for glass wall-mounted cabinets?

Since you're choosing wall-mounted units, take measurements of the wall you'll be installing them in. Make sure the cabinets will fit horizontally and vertically into your space.

Decide what you'll be using the cabinets for. Are you planning on displaying your trophies, china figurines, and souvenir dolls? Give some thought to the size of the collection you'll be showcasing and whether you'd want to purchase glass cabinets that are larger than what you're currently in need of to allow for a few additions in the future.

What extra features to look for in glass wall-mounted cabinets?

Decide on the features you'd want your glass wall-mounted cabinets to come with. You may want to consider cabinets with adjustable shelves if you will be showcasing a mix of short and tall items. Also, you'd want glass cabinets with interior lighting if you wish to shed light on your collection. When choosing cabinets with interior lighting, ensure that their placement is close to a power source.

What styles of glass wall-mounted cabinets are there?

  • Traditional glass wall-mounted cabinetry - They are the ones that command attention with lustrous finishes and structural elements. They’re often made of wood with elegant features like broken pediments, carved accents, and inlays. Traditional glass wall-mounted cabinets are crafted out of genuine woods. They'll serve as possessions which you'd pass on to another generation.
  • Transitional glass wall-mounted cabinets - These units have simpler decorative details. They're also less elaborate. Still, they can be added with broken pediments and crown molding just like traditional glass cabinets. Transitional style glass cabinets are sophisticated and elegant and they're typically found in the shade, deep espresso.
  • Contemporary glass cabinets - These units have clean, smooth lines and they use geometric forms. They're often used to give rooms an uncluttered appearance with their minimal decorative elements and relaxed lines.
  • Country style glass wall-mounted cabinets - These ones are our favorite as they can be rustic, enhancing, and charming at the same time. Such glass cabinets retain a distinctive flavor like English Country, Shake, and Mission. They're ideal for people who are seeking a traditional feel without the formal or elaborate ornamentation.

You're now ready to pick the best glass wall-mounted cabinets for your space. What are you waiting for? Head to the marketplace today!


Bora wall mounted glass wood display cabinet shelving

Bora wall mounted glass wood display cabinet shelving
A solid wood construction of glass wall-mounted cabinets is not all - plus the delicate design of these longitudinal glass hanging sites, the tempered glass front and the possibility of adjustment. Simplicity and elegance - in different versions, long or wide.

Rustic weathered grey stained wall

Rustic weathered grey stained wall
Rather simple rustic style wall-mounted wine rack. Its open body is made of wood with a grey-stained finish. It has a decorated back of chromed metal mesh. It has 3 shelves for lying bottles of wine and 2 racks with holes for stemmed wine glasses.

Wall mounted display cabinets with glass doors

A truly enchanting piece of modern furniture. This wall mounted display cabinet will proudly present all your treasuries, from precious vases, through dinnerware on some trophies ending.

Wall mounted glass cabinet

Wall mounted glass cabinet

Varde glass door wall cabinet ikea folding doors dont use

VÄRDE Glass-door wall cabinet IKEA Folding doors don't use much space ...

Glass wall mounted cabinets 26

Glass Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Kitchen wall cupboards with glass doors

Wall-mounted cabinets can be a great solution for enhancing home decor. This one has a white-finished, wooden frame with two glass panel doors for easy usage. Inside, there are 2 adjustable glass shelves, perfect for storing china and glassware.

Glass cupboard designs

An attractive modern wall-mounted display cabinet with a rectangular body. It has black angle corner posts, a rectangular white top with inbuilt lighting, a flat bottom. Walls, 3 adjustable shelves and a door are of clear glass.

Wall mounted glass cabinet height 1000 mm 2 sliding doors

Wall mounted glass cabinet - height 1000 mm, 2 sliding doors

5ft wall mounted display case w 4 top lights mirror

5ft. Wall Mounted Display Case w/4 Top Lights & Mirror Back, Locking ...

Cabinet with glass doors wall mounted tempered glass cabinet

Cabinet With Glass Doors ~ Wall Mounted | Tempered Glass Cabinet ...

Wall mounted glass cabinet 1

Wall mounted glass cabinet

Kitchen wall units with glass doors

With the curved structure and the wall mounted design this display case will work wonders for either your dinnerware collection or other decorative items, completing the look of the interior and ensuring an elegant look in it with the dark brown wood finish.

Modern wenge finish display cabinet with 3 glass shelves

Modern Wenge Finish Display Cabinet With 3 Glass Shelves

Bora9 wall mounted canadian oak display cabinet 109 009

Bora9 Wall Mounted Canadian Oak Display Cabinet 109-009

Cheap wall mounted glass display cabinets with lights locks

Cheap Wall Mounted Glass Display Cabinets with Lights & Locks

Glass wall mounted cabinets

This beautifully mounted wall-mounted cabinet is a perfect artistry and a great solution for the kitchen or dining room. Glass door, spacious glass shelves and subtle lighting makes the piece of furniture practical very stylish whole.

Wall hung kitchen cabinets

To give the arrangement a more interesting character, you can think about highlighting the shelves of the glass wall-mounted cabinets - this is what happened in the case of these two modern sites with a completely glass front.

Wall mounted glass display cabinet

Wall Mounted Glass Display Cabinet

Wall mounted cabinets glass decoration become one of awesome cabinets

... wall mounted cabinets glass decoration become one of awesome cabinets

Display cabinets wall mounted

Minimalistic and practical at the same time, this glass display cabinet is a proposition directed to those, who love contemporary decors. Ideal for a bathroom or stylish home office.

Glass wall mounted cabinets 4

Glass Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Varde glass door wall cabinet folding doors dont use much

VÄRDE Glass-door wall cabinet Folding doors don't use much space when ...

Display cases glass cabinets wall mounted glass cabinet

... / Display cases, glass cabinets / Wall mounted glass cabinet

Solid oak wall mounted double door bathroom glass cabinet

Solid Oak Wall Mounted Double Door Bathroom Glass Cabinet

Glass wall mounted cabinets 6

Glass Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall mounted trophy display cases wm12 6

Wall Mounted Trophy Display Cases WM12-6

Glass wall mounted cabinets 8

The combination of dark wood and glass looks always stylish. That is why it is hard to pass by this wall-mounted cabinet. Its 5 tiers can be a magnificent display for one's dinnerware or glass collection.

Details about glass wall mounted display cabinet 2 adjustable

Details about Glass Wall Mounted Display Cabinet - 2 Adjustable ...

Glass wall mounted cabinets 5

Dark, almost black color strong espresso - adds elegance to this wall-mounted cabinet with tempered glass fronts, which are decorated with golden wires, arranged in a cathedral style pattern. Double door and easy storage on shelves.

Environments these stylish aluminium wall mounted display cabinets

... environments these stylish aluminium wall mounted display cabinets

D32 large wall mounted cabinet

D32 - Large Wall Mounted Cabinet

Glass kitchen wall units

Sometimes the placement of your kitchen is not so good as you had dreamt about. Placing the faux plants above your sink or using blue-sky tiles, gives impression that your kitchen has the natural source of light.

Details about pair of danish rosewood glass wall mounted cabinets

Details about Pair of Danish Rosewood Glass Wall Mounted Cabinets

Glass hanging cabinet

A perfect choice for your contemporary styled interior - this wall mounted tall glass door cabinet will provide you with more space that you could find use for and is just the ideal option for both your books or the decorative objects.

Royal range wall mounted display cabinet large royal counters are

royal range wall mounted display cabinet large royal counters are ...

Wall mounted storage cabinets with glass doors

Inspired by a spinning coin photo, this glass wall-mounted bar cabinet constitutes an exquisitely stylish proposition for one's kitchen or dining room. It offers a storage space for 14 bottles.

Bathroom Wall Cabinet Espresso. These Bathroom Wall Cabinets Are Featuring A Beautiful Finish Sure To Fit Your Decor With Ease. They Are Equipped With Tempered Glass And Adjustable Shelving.

Functional and elegant, this spacious cabinet can be pressed against a bathroom wall, giving you enough space for other upgrades. Beautifully-finished in black, the cabinet offers 2 adjustable shelves hidden behind 2 tempered glass doors with silver pull knobs.

Glass wall cabinet

With such a creative way of making a display cabinet, you can really make a difference in your home decor. This cabinet is assembled of 2 kitchen cabinets, including wood construction with a gray finish, and 4 glass panel doors, with plenty of adjustable space behind them.

Details about wall mounted display cabinet beech finish schmal

Details about Wall Mounted Display Cabinet Beech Finish Schmal ...

Glass wall mounted cabinets 1

A simple, but awesome idea: glass front wall-mounted cabinets that have tiles instead of standard built-up backs. In this kitchen idea there's one more interesting DIY element, namely a tap made of copper pipe.

Prominence series glass wall mounted display case

Prominence Series Glass Wall-Mounted Display Case