Mini Liquor Cabinet

From a globe that holds bottles and glasses to a double door cabinet with room for liquor and accessories, this collection of mini liquor cabinets gives you the luxury of having your own liquor cabinet, without having to find the room for it. Clever and classic, functional and artsy, with so many mini liquor cabinets to choose from, the biggest problem is selecting the right one, Or two.

Best Products

Colston Bar with Wine Storage

Colston Bar with Wine Storage
This enchanting Japanese tansu-style cabinet provides all you could need in a liquor cabinet. Constructed from antique-looking elmwood, with etched brass accents and a brass medallion hasp, this handcrafted dry bar features crosshatch shelves for wine storage, multiple shelves for liquor, cut out drawers for small items, and slotted hangers for stemware.

Bannack Mini Bar

Bannack Mini Bar
Keep your alcohol collection out in the open as a permanent display with this wall-mountable minibar rack. Store your alcohol and dry your glasses with this single unit, making the most of unused wall space. The oak and rubberwood shelves are enclosed in distressed metal caged doors for a rustic mini bar option.

Kircher Globe Wine Mini Bar

Kircher Globe Wine Mini Bar
This 31.2” functional unit subtly houses alcohol while doubling as an antique accent piece. Open the nautical map globe to reveal your alcohol supply, and the hinged meridian design allows you to see the intricately painted interior frescos. Clever, unique, and stylish, this minibar option adds a touch of class to your home.

Studley Rotating Corner Bar Cabinet

Studley Rotating Corner Bar Cabinet
Make your minibar cabinet a convenient part of your lifestyle with this rotating corner bar. With its functional design and quality wood finish, you’ll have a permanent fixture for any social event. The rotating design is a smart use of space and allows for convenient access. Use the lower rotating compartments for snacks and the interior and exterior shelves for additional storage.

Cambridge Rotating Bar Cabinet

Cambridge Rotating Bar Cabinet
A wood cabinet opens to reveal a wire rack that rotates. An open shelf above the rotating rack provides glass storage, while a drawer at the bottom contains small items such as corkscrews, measuring spoons, or glass stirring rods.

Espresso Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Espresso Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Bar cabinet featuring wine storage on the bottom as well as espresso finish and beautiful design. Its a perfect addition to any any interior which requires additional storage space and elegant furniture.

Main Street Martini Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Main Street Martini Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Bar cabinet with wine storage featuring three interior mirrors and one drop-down down door with with automatic lift top function. Additionally, the furniture has beautiful contemporary design and classic black finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

How do I organize a mini liquor cabinet?

To organize a mini liquor cabinet, don’t forget that space is key, so it’s important to optimize it.

If you already have some items inside it, take them all out first. Either way, start by running an inventory and place the same types of liquors together to keep them tidy and easy to find. However, be realistic: if they don’t all fit, consider creating a selection of your favorite spirits, instead.

If you have some room for glasses and barware, think of how many people usually make the most of that mini liquor cabinet.

For example, if it’s just you and your partner, it would make a lot more sense to have two sets of your most popular types of glasses rather than ten of the same ones.

What types of mini liquor cabinets are there?

For every aesthetic or style preference, there’s a mini liquor cabinet. If your style is farmhouse chic, modern, or eclectic, you’ll be able to find one for you. The main types or styles of mini liquor cabinets include more traditional cabinets made of metal or wood which usually include interior shelving, or more abstract, conceptual mini liquor cabinets that include ornate sculpture or a creative conceit (e.g. a cabinet that’s decorated to look like an ancient safe).

In other words: Take a look at your current decor and select a mini liquor cabinet that matches for the best cohesion.

How to equip your mini liquor cabinet?

The best approach to equipping your mini liquor cabinet is following the principle that less is more. There are certain items that are most useful. A bar spoon and a tall mixing glass are essential. You can also get a jigger to aid in your measurements ranging from half an ounce to two ounces.

Buy a shaker too, preferably, a Boston shaker. A Boston shaker has two parts with one slightly larger than the other. The shaker is also larger than other shaker types. This allows you to make two drinks at a go. However, you will have to purchase your own strainer.

Fortunately, many supermarkets have basic bar equipment available but you could always shop online as well. Alternatively, if you don’t have the budget for these items, you may tap into what you already have in your kitchen.

For instance, a measuring cup could double up as a jigger, slotted spoons as strainers, and metal water bottles or mason jars as shakers. Ultimately, the booze is most important. Everything else is expendable.


Vietti Bar Cabinet

Vietti Bar Cabinet
Become inspired by this stunning bar cabinet. It is ideal for mixing your favorite cocktail and the elegant metal handles with brushed nickel finish add classy and elegant look to it, while the spacious compartments allows you to store everything neatly.

Capri Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Capri Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
It is a bar cabinet that has got a wine storage. It is perfect for storing your favorite bottles of wine and liquor and glasses. It has got a classic and simple design so it fits to every room. You need to have it.

Boswell Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Boswell Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Functional bar cabinet made of solid MDF, featuring two drawers, two shelf spaces in center and six cubby spaces and top shelf to provide ample storage space. Fantastic looking and very functional item with refined style.

Mini liquor cabinet 1

Made of wood, the mini liquor cabinet is a perfect combination of excellent craft and practicality. The large cabinet with a door with shelves will put your favorite beverages and beautifully presented in the decor.

Mini liquor cabinet

IDeal to store one's cognacs or wines, this mini liquor cabinet will help you incorporate a bit of the traditional classy and classic refinement to your living room decor. It features a bottom drawer and large front doors concealing a glass rack or a rotary round shelf.

Wine liquor mini bar pub cabinet fold away storage 2

Wine Liquor Mini Bar Pub Cabinet Fold Away Storage

Mini liquor cabinet

When you open this seemingly ordinary dark wood cabinet, everyone will fall for you. Mini liquor cabinet made of wood from Monaco opens on three sides - with two cabinets and one middle space of drawers that slight up you will have space for everything.

Mini liquor cabinet 24

whiskey barrel display liquor cabinet

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Liquor bottle storage ideas

Designed for indoors, this elegant bar cabinet represents a fine blend of functionality and style. Crafted of wood in distressede finish, the cabinet includes 6 door shelves, 1 utensil drawers, a glassware rack and a wine rack, and few open compartments.

Alcohol display cabinet

This charming mini liquor cabinet is sure to make a lasting impression in any home. It is create from an old barrel with a glass shelf inside for bottles of wine and liquor. Everyone will tell you how cool this product is.

Mini drinks cabinet

An elegant small contemporary liquor cabinet having a rectilinear wooden frame finished in mid browns. Bottom compartments have flip down doors, upper ones - also have partially flip up tops. Interiors are fitted with polished brass inlays.

Rogue Valley Wine & Bar Cabinet

Mini liquor cabinet 11

Cape Craftsmen Wine Cabinet

Mini liquor cabinet 3

Vintage Art Deco Bar Cabinet

Glass liquor cabinet

A truly maginficent decoration for spicing up your home with industrial flavor brought by this genuine former light bulb-testing machine. Now it serves as a fancy home-bar with open shelves, a wine rack and a glassware rack.

Mini liquor cabinet 26

No space for a wine celler? How about a wine closet!

Norcross Bar Cabinet

Amazing bar cabinet made of hardwood in cherry finish, features illuminated prep area, glass mirrored back, wine bottle storage for 15 bottles, and four panel doors for added protection. Gorgeous and functional piece of furniture.

Matchin steamer trunk wine and liquor cabinets in furniture with

Matchin Steamer trunk wine and liquor cabinets in furniture with Wine Bar

Empire style liquor cabinet note company policy says the client

Empire style liquor cabinet (Note: company policy says the client is ...

Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet / Sports Shot Glass Display Case, Solid Wood, Glass Door, SC04B-MAH

If you want to embellish your collectibles room, then you are here for a real treat. This Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet is characterized by a handmade design, consisted of solid Beechwood frame, felt interior background, and elegant glass door for easy access.

Mini liquor cabinet 23

nonconcept: Nicely stocked liquor cabinet via Murray Mitchell.

Gorgeous liquor cabinet and bar tuscan old world style home


Liquor bottle storage

Mini liquor cabinets. Two colours available, both made from wood and pretty capacious, for their “mini” status. The black one is modern and really stylish, perfect for any contemporary house.

Liquor cabinet 19

Bring some contemporary elegance to your home with this fabulous liqour cabinet. Designed of espresso-finished wood, the cabinet offers a spacious inside consisted of 9 shelves, 2 glassware racks, 1 utensil drawer, and 1 wine rack for holding up to 16 bottles of wine.

Mini liquor cabinet 16

whiskey barrel display liquor cabinet

Mini liquor cabinet

Howard Miller Montgomery Liquor Cabinet

Windowpane Mini Bar with Wine Storage

Windowpane Mini Bar with Wine Storage

One day i will own my own personal bar

One day I will own my own personal bar...

Mini liquor cabinet 20

Loving the bar (home of Charlotte Adrian via Design Attractor)

Liquor cabinet 15

Liquor cabinet

Mini liquor cabinet

... Him - 34 Japanese Mini Liquor Cabinet Wine Bar by OrientalFurniture

Mini liquor bar 1

The small but very practical mini liquor cabinet on wheels is a great solution for the home bar, dining room or kitchen. The whole of the vintage is stylish and sleek. Practical glazed cabinets beautifully display the contents.

McAdams 2 Door Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

McAdams 2 Door Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

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