Bar Cabinet With Wine Fridge

Installing a cabinet bar with wine fridge is a great way to keep all your wine-related accessories in one place. Store glasses, corking tools, even books on wine pairing, in this handsome cabinet, with many options to match your decor. Never again go hunting for a cork tool when opening that wine you've saved for a special occasion. It's all right there, in one place.

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Elegant cupboard for dining room, kitchen and more. It consists of many cabinets, drawers and shelves for bottle of wine. Top has large usable surface. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Family Room

Family Room
Set of furniture intended to kitchen which can be used as a mini bar and liquor cabinet. Set is composed of cabinet with crockery, mini fridge intended to cool alcohols and marble desktop to mix your drinks.

80 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

80 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator
Got a wine lover in your house? This modern glass wine fridge is the only choice for the avid wine lover. Unlike many smaller wine fridges, this full-sized wine fridge holds up to 80 wine bottles and is made from a sleek stainless steel finish.

Aadil Open Shelf Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Aadil Open Shelf Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
A bar cabinet crossed with a rustic wooden kitchen island is your next favorite decor piece. This beautiful walnut and chrome finished cabinet with wine racks will be the centerpiece of every party you host. Compact but will still make a statement in any modern home.

Simonds Mobile Bar with Wine Storage

Simonds Mobile Bar with Wine Storage
This side table bar cabinet with wine racks is a beautiful but functional furniture piece for any modern home. The diagonal wine rack is a unique design feature that is matched by a natural hickory finish. This would suit a modern rustic home with a love for fine wine!

28 Bottle Annessia Single Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

28 Bottle Annessia Single Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator
Looking for a truly unique wine fridge for your den or holiday home? With a distinctive, modern combination of an aluminium and leather door, this freestanding oval-shaped wine refrigerator will be a centerpiece by itself. Holds up to 28 standard wine bottles.


I hope one day such an awesome dark wood bar cabinet with glass-fronted wine cooler, a rack for glassware and compartments for wine bottles will embellish my kitchen (and boost its functionality factor as well).

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Many bar cabinets have a storage area for wine and allow you to store it properly – on its side. But not all of these wine racks or storage areas are refrigerated. Consider the luxury of a bar cabinet with a wine fridge! No more laying bottles in containers of ice to chill it, no more worrying about your wine stores being spoiled by excessively high temperatures.

Why should you store wine bottles placed on their side?

The reason for placing a bottle of wine on its side is to keep the cork moist. If the cork dries out, or if ½ the cork dries out, air can enter the bottle, causing the wine to go “off.” In such cases, the wine can oxidize, which can cause it to taste “skunky” or sour. Or, it might even mold, which would render it completely undrinkable. Not all wine should be stored on its side, though. In fact, some champagne makers recommend storing their products upright.

How to store wine in a bar cabinet with a fridge?

If your bar minifridge has a glass front, be sure to wrap your wine bottles. That will keep sunlight reacting with the phenolic compounds in the wine,

It is believed that loud noises and strong vibrations can adversely affect the wine. While no scientific studies have been done, carefully controlling vibrations or loud noises is recommended. If you go to the Comte Champagne website, their third rule for handling champagne is to not expose it to direct sunlight, vibration or noise.

Of course, you could store your valuable wines in a dedicated cellar location and just use the bar cabinet’s wine fridge for chilling the wine shortly before serving it. Even so, caution should be taken with your fine wines to keep from inadvertently causing them to spoil through improper storage.

Of course, if you are storing a less expensive wine of the type that uses a screw-on cap or bung, then storage might be less critical. Even inexpensive wines, however, can be improved with proper storage – or allowed to spoil with bad storage.

The ideal bar cabinet will have a climate control refrigerator system that would have a space to lay the wine bottles on their sides. It would keep the wine in the dark, and human hands would need to gently turn the bottles occasionally to keep the corks from drying out.

Humidity is also important to keeping your wine from spoiling. No studies have been done about the best humidity for wine, but one authority recommended about 75% humidity.


Built in dry bar with mini fridge

Built in dry bar with mini fridge
Kitchen and home bar cabinets with glass walls and glass shelves for display tasks. Their wooden frame is resistant to excessive wear. These cabinets are located over a practical bar area iwth a wine cooler.

High contrast modern wine cellar raleigh

High contrast modern wine cellar raleigh
Wine rack designed for mounting on the wall. It consists of shelf for bottles of wine and glasses holders. Provides saving space in each kitchen. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Teri turan contemporary kitchen atlanta

Teri turan contemporary kitchen atlanta
Bar cabinet with wine fridge. It has glass doors and 3 shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wet Bar

Wet Bar
Dry or dry? If you like wine, you know that regardless of the type, it should be stored accordingly. Here is the angle in the kitchen where next to a cherry wood bar cabinet there is also a wine cabinet fridge with profiled shelves for a bottle.

Bar cabinet with wine fridge

This excellent arrangement of the kitchen is a beautiful combination of functional cabinets, drawers and shelves, a large countertop, refrigerator and extremely impressive mirror tiles on the wall. The whole looks modern and stylish.

Bar cabinet with wine fridge

This gorgeous dresser made in traditional style is the perfect solution for any home. Practical cabinets, shelves, drawers, worktop and refrigerator allow for extensive use. The beautiful gray shades of the whole blend beautifully with the decor.

Bar cabinet with fridge

Set of kitchen furniture made of wood. It consists of cabinet with glass doors and open shelves in various sizes. Perfect solution for small spaces.

Built in bar cabinets

I'm strongly convinced that no kitchen can do without a functional wine fridge, coming with capacious wine racks, of course. Dark wood encompasses all the cabinets, drawers and storage nooks, and there's plenty of space to store wine in!

Living room cabinet momentous black corner bar cabinet with wine

living room cabinet momentous black corner bar cabinet with wine glass ...

Liquor cabinet with fridge

A classic bar cabinet finished in brown. It has a door cabinet with a 3-false drawer front, a glass door wine fridge, a white marble top, a mirrored backsplash. An upper part has glazed doors with bowed X-like decors, 2 shelves, a mirrored back.

Bar cabinet with wine fridge

Wine serving station with built in wine fridge and upper cabinet for glass storage with glass shelving and interior lighting.

Wine cooler bar cabinet

Wooden bar cabinet with plenty of storage space in its compartments with solid and glass doors. Neutral black color of this cabinet looks great in any home design. It also includes a very practical and reliable wine fridge.

Wine cabinet with fridge

Relax with your favorite wine and good taste. This bar cabinet with wine cooler was made of retired cherry boards of wine barrels. In this way, together with the glass fronts of the cabinets, it creates an elegant piece of furniture for a wine millionaire.

Cabinet with fridge

Bar units like this one make your kitchen much more practical. In this bar you will find 1 storage drawer, 1 two-door cabinet with adjustable shelves, and 1 large enough top to make your favorite drinks.

Bar with wine fridge

This contemporary cabinet is a charming example of a wet bar, with a new sink, faucet, and wine refrigerator. On top of that, the bar also features two cabinets with plenty of storage space, and 2 drawers for smaller appliances.

Metal wine cabinet 7

Nice! Dark brown kitchen cabinetry suits light gray walls surprisingly well. I bet a wine cabinet can be organized here - do I see a metal wine rack down there? This or that way, this kitchen furniture collection is very good-looking.

Buffet with wine cooler

Traditional setup for a compact and tiny bar annex in a dining room provided with a sink, a minibar and a couple of cupboards and cabinets. The cabinets are made out of white-painted wood, nicely combining with the granite top.

Bar with wine cooler 3

A stunning bar with the wine cooler that will prove to be a suitable option for when you want the alcohol to be ready for when your guests come over to visit and still need a place of utter functionality.

Wine fridge in cabinet

Mini refrigerator designed for storing bottles. It has glass doors and mirrored back. Contains of 2 shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Application in the kitchen, dining room and more.

Built in drinks cabinet

An elegant and practical solution for kitchens that are in the need of wine coolers and enough place for storage. This idea gives you 5 storage drawers, 1 cabinet for the trash bin, 2 wine fridges, and 1 polished top - all beautifully combined to make a functional whole.

Bar cabinets for home contemporary 1

dry bar for Kim! Imagine it flanked with floor to ceiling cabinets!

I need to find something to do with that little

I need to find something to do with that little nook.... something like this could work if it was a bit smaller

Bar hutch cabinet

Created of maple wood with a black sand-thru finish, this cabinetry is a quintessence of elegance. It features a built-in wine cooler, seeded glass doors, a polished top, one 2-door cabinet, and large turned posts.

Drinks storage cabinet

A great corner drinks unit in white and cream. It has a countertop with beige accents, a moulding top, low legs. Lighted upper part comprises of glazed cabinets with shelves and a wine cooler. Floor full door cabinets and drawers have dashy handles.

Home bar cabinet with refrigerator

Vintage setup for a bar corner in a dining room, fitted with modern, contemporary appliances. The wooden console table is fitted with two miniature refrigerators and has a sweet display on the top.

Above the kitchen cabinets

above the kitchen cabinets

Fridge for bar

wet bar by Kitchen Design Diary. Love the white cabinets with the glass doors. By dining room

Built in bar cabinet

built-in bar/pantry off the kitchen Love the glass containers. She'd make them with paint.

Kitchen island wine fridge wide or narrow with 1 set

Kitchen Island - wine fridge - wide or narrow?? With 1 set kitchen cabinets

Bar with wine cooler

An aesthetic modern customised wine bar of wood in dark browns. Four drawers, a cooler and a cabinet with shelves and glazed doors have horizontal C-handles of black metal. A marble-like top has grey shades. A wall panel has hooks of metal wires.

Traditional family room small home bar

Traditional Family Room Small Home Bar

Built in bar cabinets for home

Ashford Park Custom Home | Blake Shaw Homes | Atlanta, Athens, Custom Homes and Remodeling

Bar with built in wine cooler

Being an exquisitely stylish proposition for one's kitchen or dining room, this Butler's pantry enchants with the gorgeous glass front cabinets and cleverly designed wine storage nooks.

Wall mount wine storage

#KBHome Glass Case | Bottle Display | Contemporary Kitchen | Wine Cellar | Custom Design | Home Ideas

Wine bar decorating ideas home

This smoothly designed wine corner delights with its cool and clean finishing, as well as functionality. Covering the wall with shining wooden pallets gave the place a contemporary character. Combining it with marble top represent style and prestige.

Corner wine refrigerator

Love this look for bar in LR. Would love to use an aged mirror for backspash. Floors are beautiful!

Kitchen cabinets this dry bar has wine glass racks in

kitchen cabinets, this dry bar has wine glass racks in upper cabinet ...

Liquor cabinet with wine fridge

Add Unique Touches - Use Special Cabinet Features - Modular cabinets designed to hold bottles and stemware create a custom look. Take Care of Your Wine - Undercounter wine refrigerators keep bottles properly chilled in a small amount of space. Doors fi

Bar cabinet with refrigerator

Bar Cabinet with Refrigerator

Bar cabinet with wine cooler 2

Bar cabinet with wine cooler on the base. Frame is made of wood. Ideal for storing glasses, bottles and others needed accessories. Functional design for each home.

Wine barrel cabinet with wine chiller

Wine Barrel Cabinet with Wine Chiller

Kitchen bar cabinets

Super small wet bar, 1 beverage center and enough room for 1 cabinet. Like the wine storage but it's not really enough for me.

Bar wine fridge

Built in hutch by the breakfast table. I would add a bar sink with a disposal and a 2nd dishwasher for it to be perfect