Bar Cabinet With Wine Refrigerator


Not all wine is to be chilled, but if you prefer wine that is, but don't have room for a seperate wine fridge and a bar cabinet, why not combine them. Enter the bar cabinet with wine refrigerator. The best of both worlds, these handsome units will keep your wine or champagne chilled, alongside your favorite liquor or beer. Take a look at this collection and see for yourself.

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Wet bar contemporary boston

Wet bar contemporary boston

Bar cabinet with refrigerator for residential and commercial premises. Construction is made of wood. Perfect for storing glasses, bottles and others needed accessories. Elegant form and functional design.

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Kitchenette bar area eclectic kitchen houston

Kitchenette bar area eclectic kitchen houston

The tastefully done bar cabinet with wine refrigerator is a perfect element of the kitchen. The whole is extremely functional and ideal for everyday use. Between impressive cabinets delight in style and modern expression.

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Wine bar hutch with refrigerator traditional kitchen minneapolis

Wine bar hutch with refrigerator traditional kitchen minneapolis

Distressed wine hutch cabinet with refrigerator. It keeps wine cool and tasty. This bar also includes storage drawers and compartments that provide space for glasses and accessories. Its rectangular top is suitable for preparing drinks.

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Bar cabinet with wine refrigerator 2

A separate sink in the bar area keeps guests out of the main cooking space. A beverage fridge and refrigerator drawers provide are an attractive way to keep drinks cool. - Traditional Home ® / Photo: Gordon Beall / Design: Blue Arnold

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Bar cabinet with wine refrigerator 5

Functional bar cabinet that comes with an inbuilt wine refrigerator. The piece also offers additional wine storage cabinets including several closed door shelves. It’s finished in a modern white palette and touched with silver coated metal pulls for an incredible stylish appeal.

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Wet bar cabinets with sink

The wine bar cabinet with refrigerator is a must have in every home bar. It's not only functional and useful, but stylish and elegant too. The top is covered by wood veneers, and the construction is made of stainless steel.

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Cabinet with wine cooler

Avanti Wine Cooler Refrigerators-Affordable Wine Storage Units

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Bar cabinet with wine refrigerator

An exquisite improvement for contemporary kitchens; this elegant bar cabinet comes with a built-in refrigerator, allowing you to properly store your beverages. Also includes a granite countertop, 2 two-door cabinets and 4 utensil drawers.

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Bar cabinet with wine refrigerator 2020 1

Bar Cabinet with Wine Refrigerator 2020 -

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Liquor cabinet with refrigerator zef jam

Liquor Cabinet With Refrigerator | Zef Jam

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Bar Cabinet With Wine Refrigerator

Buying Guide

You can put a wine fridge in a cabinet, but only if it is designed to be built-in. There are a few features your wine fridge needs to have to adequately fit and work in a cabinet.

This includes front grills, or vents, found under the door. These vents are essential for proper ventilation. If a wine fridge has these vents in the back or on the sides, placing it in a cabinet limits the ability of the unit to cool the air inside and filter warmer air.

Once you determine your wine fridge is the right type, installing it in an existing cabinet is easy. The cabinet you choose, however, will need to have access to an electrical outlet.

To install, cut out the cabinet base and also the top. Measure for size and trim accordingly if needed. Next, slide the wine fridge in place and let sit for a few hours to let the coolant settle before plugging it into the closest outlet.

To avoid the DIY hassle, consider purchasing a bar cabinet with a wine refrigerator included. This ensures that the fridge has adequate ventilation and access to electrical outlets without making any modifications to the cabinet.

If you have a bar cabinet with wine refrigerator, it’s easy to think that you need to have wine to use up the space properly. However, your new refrigerator is more versatile than that!

Use your wine fridge to store all types of beverages, from other alcoholic indulgences like beer or liquors to non-alcoholic drinks, including iced tea, bottled water, beer, soda, and milk.

The nice thing about a wine fridge is that it usually comes with a built-in way to manage the temperature (so as to best chill specific wines). This means that if you’d rather have your milk ice-cold, you can do so, as long as you put it on the optimal setting.

If you're wondering whether a wine refrigerator is worth the investment, you first need to understand the purpose of a wine refrigerator. While it's tempting to simply store your wine in your regular fridge, there are a few reasons why you shouldn't.

For one, it's not going to protect your wine from fluctuations in humidity and environmental changes. This is because regular fridges are designed to dry out humidity and increase temperatures at a rapid rate, and this is not good for your wine.

Additionally, due to the refrigerator door being opened and closed constantly throughout the day, the temperature inside is inconsistent. Regular fridges as also vibrate due to the large and non-mounted compressors that they use, and the vibrations are damaging to your wine since it disrupts the maturation process.

A bar cabinet with a wine refrigerator is designed to create the perfect environment for your wine to age correctly and taste its best.

Also, depending on the type of wine you are storing, red or white, etc., you can control the temperature and adjust it accordingly as and when needed; so that said, a wine refrigerator is a worthy investment.

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