Mini Refrigerator Cabinet Bar


In many different styles and options, a mini refrigerator cabinet bar will be your next appliance and your next furniture purchase, all in one. Glass door or solid, these tasteful mini fridges fit into a well-crafted cabinet, that you can choose to match your other cabinetry, or buy it as an independent piece. And with drawers for a corkscrew, chilling your beer or wine in a mini fridge is a fun idea.

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Our Picks

No Da Combination Mini Refrigerator and Microwave Chest

No Da Combination Mini Refrigerator and Microwave Chest

This classy cabinet bar has clean-cut edges and a slick, espresso finish that suits any industrial or contemporary interior. The three built-in drawers provide ample space for storage, while the fire-retardant melamine construction makes this a durable scratch-resistant option. There’s an open compartment above the drawers ideal for glasses or placing a small microwave.

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Fridge furniture

Look at this original home design idea! It is mini bar with fridge built-in old-fashioned night table made of dark, elegant wood. This type of furniture will be useful in your bedroom every night or other interior during parties.

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Safco Products 1705AN Modular Hospitality Breakroom Base Cabinet, Appliance, Asian Night Base/Black Top

Safco Products 1705AN Modular Hospitality Breakroom Base Cabinet, Appliance, Asian Night Base/Black Top

Fans of modular, multifunctional designs will love this cabinet bar. There’s an open compartment with plenty of room for a compact drinks refrigerator, while the laminate countertop is mark and stain-resistant. This durable and strong piece of furniture will complement a transitional-style living room or kitchen with its sleek brushed metal hardware.

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Safco Products Modular Hospitality Breakroom Base Cabinet, Appliance, Vanilla Stix Base/Gray Top

Safco Products Modular Hospitality Breakroom Base Cabinet, Appliance, Vanilla Stix Base/Gray Top

This light, natural-looking cabinet bar will look perfect in a Scandinavian-style interior, with its compressed wood construction and minimalist design. The chrome-plated hinges add a touch of elegance to the structure, while the built-in, adjustable floor feet mean you can put this unit on any flooring surface.

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Crosley lafayette expandable bar cabinet in classic cherry

Crosley lafayette expandable bar cabinet in classic cherry

This mini refrigerator cabinet is the perfect solution for the living room, kitchen or hotel room. Beautiful design with classic finishes captivates with eye-catching bronze shade and enchanting functionality.

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Mini refrigerator cabinet

This creative masterpiece is called a morning kitchen, and it's designed, mostly, for bedrooms with a little more space to spare. The kitchen features a sink with a faucet, a built-in refrigerator, storage cabinets, and a neatly-polished top.

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Mini refrigerator cabinet bar 1

Mini refrigerator with single door mounted on wooden base and finished with carefully made carvings. Stylish addition to the living room, bar, restaurant and more.

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Cabinet for mini fridge beech wood frame and veneers with

... cabinet for mini fridge beech wood frame and veneers with single

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Mini refrigerator cabinet bar 8

Modern design for a mini refrigerator cabinet bar with a built-in sing and a storage unit underneath. The cabinet bar is made out of bright birch wood with a countertop made out of stainless steel, giving it a contemporary look.

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Liquor cabinet with fridge

Kitchen cabinet consisting of refrigerator, shelves for bottles of wine, glasses holders and more. Construction is made of wood with glass accents. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Great solution for small spaces.

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Mini Refrigerator Cabinet Bar

Buying Guide

Gone are the days of simple top freezer fridge models because, nowadays, refrigerators come in many styles with varying features and options which include our favorite: a mini refrigerator cabinet bar!

A mini refrigerator cabinet bar doesn't just offer all the benefits of having a fridge, but it also adds a touch of style to the room you put it in. Still, this new addition to your home comes in different models. There are those that are made of custom panels that match your kitchen, but they are some made of different types of wood.

To clear up some of the confusion on which really is the best mini refrigerator cabinet bar to purchase, keep on reading as we've made a buying guide especially for you. Check it out!

  • Space. Although you are planning to buy a mini refrigerator cabinet bar, it's still going to take up valuable space in your home. Before you head off to your local outlets or to online stores, measure the available area's dimensions. Allow an allowance of a couple of inches behind and above for air circulation. Also, don’t forget to consider the space for the door to swing open.
  • Capacity. Aside from determining the space, you also need to find out the ideal size for you. A mini refrigerator cabinet bar comes in varying capacities that are measured in cubic feet. Find out which one suits your needs best.
  • Storage. You must know the storage configuration that you want for your mini refrigerator cabinet bar. See how you'd want the drawers and shelves to be arranged. Maybe you want one that has adjustable glass shelves as they're customizable and easier to clean. You may also want pull out bins or shelves, which offer easy access to products.
  • Materials. Consider the materials you want your mini refrigerator cabinet bar to come with. An expensive option for you would be custom panels. We love them as they're capable of matching a specific kitchen's existing cabinetry. Because they are expensive, you can go for the basic models if you are on a budget.

Next thing you must think of when narrowing your choices down is the built-in features of your new mini refrigerator cabinet bar. There are those who opt for a model that has an ice and water dispenser by the door. It's quite common now. But, you'd want to reconsider as it can require repair from time and time.

Other features that are important are freshness and temperature controls. The features that help with the controlling of your food's freshness include dual evaporators. They are capable of maintaining high humidity levels inside the mini refrigerator cabinet bar. Air purifiers can also remove mold spores and bacteria.

You've now been equipped with all the things you need to know about when buying a mini refrigerator cabinet bar. If you're in doubt while you're in the shopping process, just go over our guide once again as it'll help you decide on a product. Best of luck!

Best Ideas

Mini refrigerator cabinet bar 13

Kitchen cabinets with wine cooler on the base. Includes 2 side cabinets with double doors for storing bottles, glasses and others needed accessories. Great solution for small spaces. Simple form and modern design.

Mini bar cabinet 2

Keeping things in the kitchen or dining room is always a big challenge. You have to choose the furniture wisely, which will help in this. Eg a wooden, white mini bar cabinet, open on one side, giving a lot of space on the shelves and in their lockers.

Cabinet with built in mini fridge

How about a space-saving beverage center right in a kitchen corner? A wooden wall-mounted cabinet to store glassware and a wine refrigetator incorporated next to the drawers cabinet? Marble looking top gives the proper amount of sophisticated elegance.

Hotel built in mini bar

Hotel built-in mini bar

Mini refrigerator cabinet bar 8

Extensole Corporation

Wine credenza

With this excellent bar, you will have the opportunity to keep all your glassware and alcohol beverages in one place. The wooden bar features several storage compartments, each hidden behind elegant doors. There is also a 12-bottle wine rag, and a silent wine refrigerator.

Wine fridge in cabinet

Mini refrigerator designed for storing bottles. It has glass doors and mirrored back. Contains of 2 shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Application in the kitchen, dining room and more.

Mini refrigerator cabinet bar 7

This mini bar will constitute a perfect storage spot for your alcohol or drinks, but also for jars, canned goods and many other kitchen stuff. Its wooden finish enchants with the natural grains.

Bar with refrigerator

This practical cabinet wine fridge is a great piece of furniture for connoisseurs of this great drink. Numerous compartments for bottles, a place for glasses and accessories, and a beautiful and solid wood construction create a unique living room or office furniture.

Mini refrigerator cabinet bar 13

Basement bar cabinets form a sort of butler's pantry downstairs. A wine refrigerator, wet sink and counter top also house a TV to watch while playing pool on the leather / wood billiards table.

Mini refrigerator cabinet bar

An aesthetic ceiling-height kitchen set of wooden materials finished in white. It has a crown top, recessed toe-kicks, milling cut door panels, metal pulls. It features inbuilt a refrigerator, a wine fridge, a glass door cabinet, open front shelves.

White cabinet wetbar with a mini fridge and wine cooler

white cabinet wetbar with a mini fridge and wine cooler (Teri Turan)

Mini refrigerator storage cabinet

Mini Refrigerator Storage Cabinet:

Vintage 1960s mid century modern walnut mini bar fridge

Vintage 1960's Mid-Century Modern Walnut Mini Bar Fridge ...