Designer Mini Fridges


Why settle for a boring, ordinary mini fridge when you can get yourself a designer mini fridge? Don't settle. These designer fridges are perfect for any home that wants to punch up their mini fridge game. Classic and modern, fridges with doors that swing down, and fridges that look like wine casks, maybe it's time to rethink what you know about mini fridges and look at this collection.

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Our Picks

Rock and Roll Hidden Mini Fridge

Rock and Roll Hidden Mini Fridge

Embrace your inner rocker with a novelty fridge designed to look like an amplifier. You can never go wrong with black, and small flashes of white help to accentuate an object’s design.

To help keep the rock vibe going, go for pop art pictures in frames and dark furniture to create a vibe so electrifying your guests will think they’ve entered an underground concert hall. 

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Red Modern Mini Fridge

Red Modern Mini Fridge

If you want to make a splash in a small space, red is a vibrant color choice which will instantly make an area come to life. A décor tip for lively colors such as red is to pair them with core neutrals like white or beige, although you could also switch up with another classic color combination of red and black for a different vibe. 

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Soda Machine Cool Mini Fridge

Soda Machine Cool Mini Fridge


Embrace the glorious cherry pop aesthetic of 1950s America with a branded mini fridge which at first glance looks like a vintage soda machine.

Cool on both the outside and the inside, it’s perfect for storing cans of your perfect beverage. Even better, the vivid design will take you back to the good old days of vanilla milkshakes and diners with jukeboxes and dancefloors. 

$117.14 $149.99

Secret Mini Fridge with Tool Chest

Secret Mini Fridge with Tool Chest


DIY, or do-it-yourself, has blown up in the last year and a half as we all spend more time at home. Why get thirsty working away in the garage when you could purchase a mini fridge which is innovatively disguised as a tool chest?

You can plug in your power tools and sip furtively away at a beer (or two) with company being none the wiser when this secret fridge isn’t in use. 

$599.99 $799.99

Retro Decorative Mini Fridge

Retro Decorative Mini Fridge

Coca Cola

Let’s be clear about it – retro is huge at the moment. Popping up everywhere from fashion to furniture, the 70s craze isn’t going anywhere. It may feel overwhelming, but you can slowly build up to the theme by purchasing a retro fridge, perfect for under a countertop or on top.

Because retro designs tend to be a kaleidoscope of colors, it’s best to pick out one and base decorative items like cushions, lamps, and rugs on that color. This will prevent headache-inducing clashing. 

$69.2 $86.23

Hello Kitty Disguised Mini Fridge

Hello Kitty Disguised Mini Fridge


Looking for something to fit in your child’s bedroom which is cute but not too childish? Buying a fridge with a well-loved character on like Hello Kitty is a good option which won’t age badly when your child grows up.

It would also be a great option for someone in college or sharing a room to aid those late-night study sessions!


Artwork Mini Fridge

Artwork Mini Fridge


Art is everywhere these days, but no one said it had to be an oil painting. A branded fridge will fit into your husband or son’s man cave so seamlessly that his friends will think it’s a crate of beer. PS: this fridge also comes with a built-in can and bottle opener – let the beer flow!

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Wooden Mini Fridge

Wooden Mini Fridge

Summit Appliance

Wood is always a good material to use due to its durability. Additionally, it will disguise your fridge super effectively as we don’t tend to associate wood with fridges in this day and age!

A wooden mini fridge will fit underneath a countertop and look just like a cupboard. Of course, make sure if you have other wooden cupboards that they are the same or similar shades. This is to ensure cohesion. 

$2239 $2610

Groovy Mini Fridge

Groovy Mini Fridge


Get your groove on with a wavy pattern which is so in right now. It would be best to pair this busy design with white so it can have its moment to shine.

A mixture between 1960s designs and modern retro, you can go either way with your décor; contemporary touches in white and grey, or full-out retro with more distinctive patterns and signatures flairs.


Blue Fancy Mini Fridge

Blue Fancy Mini Fridge


Another retro-inspired design, this fridge will give any room or summer house a blast of cool 1950s style with its chrome detailing. Designed to look like a stereo so it doesn’t seem out of place, you can’t go wrong.

Moreover, this fridge actually has the bonus feature of being able to switch between hot and cold settings, a feature which means it’s useful year round, no matter the weather. 

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Designer Mini Fridges

Buying Guide

You can use a designer mini fridge in several locations, depending on your needs. While these small refrigerators can fit almost anywhere, a designer model adds a decorative element, so you should identify where they will be most beneficial and where they blend in aesthetically.

Place your designer mini fridge in your home bar within easy reach of guests. Many of these come with classy see-through doors, showing what’s available and making it easy for guests to serve themselves.

You can also add a designer mini fridge to your kitchen, encasing it in a cabinet or close to a coffee station. Also, consider incorporating one into your outdoor kitchen design to keep ingredients and beverages easily accessible.

Other places to make good use of a designer mini fridge include a guest suite, dorm room, home office, or an art studio.

The benefit of a mini fridge is that it can fit in compact spaces, such as under countertops or inside cabinets.

The capacity of a designer mini fridge generally ranges between 1.7 cubic feet to 4.5 cubic feet. Mini fridges, or compact refrigerators, are short and shallow, so capacity is limited but allows you to store what you need.

The majority of designer mini fridges come in either a small cube design or a tall size. Expect the height of the cube-shaped mini fridge to be 22” to 24” and contain 2 cubic feet of interior capacity space. This size accommodates approximately one case of 8 oz. drink cans and a few other items.

Tall designer mini fridges provide more capacity or inner space for goods. They usually offer 3 to 6 cubic feet of interior space, with many offering a separate freezer compartment. Averaging between 32” and 36” high, these taller options can hold up to two cases of drink cans.

There are multiple benefits that come with owning a designer mini fridge, besides the fact that designer appliances are a great investment choice because of their durability and appearance. It takes up less space, can make a stylish addition anywhere you place it, doesn’t consume a lot of electricity, and requires less maintenance, compared to low-priced mini fridges. Moreover, designer mini fridges can last for at least a decade!

Of course, there are a handful of safety precautions to follow to prevent any accidents from happening. For instance, you should keep your compact fridge away from flammable materials, like paper. It’s also important to keep some clearance behind the refrigerator for proper air circulation. Not all designer mini fridges are suitable for outdoor use, so make sure you check your mini fridge’s manual before placing it on your patio or in your outdoor home bar.

Best Ideas

Retro Series 3.1 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

Retro Series 3.1 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

Dull white fridges will never comprise such an appealing indoor accent as this vintage styled refrigerator does. It is a perfect piece to complete a retro kitchen decor. It is made of stainless steel with black outer finish. It features a freezer.

Mrk Smeg Mini Refrigerators

Mrk Smeg Mini Refrigerators

Available in 4 colors, this mini fridge from SMEG is an icon of Italian design. Retro outside, modern inside, featuring absorption cooling, LED lighting and numerous shelving options. It is equipped with glass shelves; plastic body with metal handle.

Cool mini fridge

Mini refrigerator mounted on wooden frame. Perfect for cooling drinks, food and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Mini fridge cabinet 1

Mini Fridge Cabinet

Designer mini fridge 20

Finished with a high-quality wooden cover, this small cabinet actually comprises a stylish mini-fridge. It constitutes an ideal option for refined bedrooms or exclusive hotel rooms.

Designer mini fridge 2

We just love the idea of having a handy mini bar fridge next to your bed. Makes you feel like you’re spending a night in an expensive hotel! Great if you often find yourself looking for a snack in bed.

Designer mini fridge 1

Small fridge that provides compartments for not very large food supplies. This element of kitchen equipment also offers a small sink and induction stove, so it is ideal for travellers. The fridge looks nice in neutral black color.

Awesome mini fridge

A fancy fridge which will be the highlight of your kitchen. It features a black structure with glossy, metal accents and a magnificent image of flames in a vibrant blue color that will turn heads. It will suit modern interiors.

Classic 9 cu. ft. Built-In Compact Refrigerator

Classic 9 cu. ft. Built-In Compact Refrigerator

Friday august 24

Friday, August 24

Danby DAR195BL 1.8 cu.ft. All Refrigerator -  Black

Danby DWC1233BL-SC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler - Black

This stylish and very practical bottle wine cooler is the ideal solution for any home. It has a solid construction. Practical interior chrome rack allows for convenient placement of bottles.

Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Adaptor

Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Adaptor

Usb powered refrigerator will coolyour beverage on your desk

USB powered refrigerator will coolyour beverage on your desk.

Design mini fridge 21

Your home office is far away from the kitchen, and yet you are dreaming of cold beer while you are on the work pause - mini fridge with great design - includes everything you need: a stove, refrigerator and sink in a classic white color.

Designer mini fridge 7

Mini Cooler - Perfect for my classroom!

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