Mini Retro Fridge

A mini fridge is a practical addition to any household. Whether you need more space for perishable food or you want a dedicated retro mini fridge for storing water, beer or sodas, there are plenty of options available. From a handheld, portable countertop cooler to a freestanding beverage fridge, you can find something to accommodate any space.Retro appliances add character and charm to a room. Since mini fridges are often used in game rooms, dens, garages, or college dorms, a unique design can give the space some extra flair. Our guide can help you find the best retro mini fridge for your needs. 

Best Products

4.4 cu. ft. Freestanding Mini Fridge with Freezer

4.4 cu. ft. Freestanding Mini Fridge with Freezer
This vintage-style freezer in the shape of a Marshall speaker is the perfect addition to bachelor pads, pool rooms, or any house with a quirky, vintage style. An iconic yet unique design with novelty black fret cloth covering the front, with classic brass finishes.

0.14 cu. ft. Countertop Outdoor Rated Mini Fridge

0.14 cu. ft. Countertop Outdoor Rated Mini Fridge
A white mini vintage desktop fridge is the office decor you didn’t know you needed. This portable but stylish fridge is the perfect size for drink cans and snacks and the artistic stickers let you cover it with your unique personality!

Retro .14 cu. ft. Countertop Mini Fridge

Retro .14 cu. ft. Countertop Mini Fridge
This pastel pink mini retro fridge also doubles as a portable cooler which makes it the ultimate summer accessory for home and travel. With 4L capacity, it’s cute vintage aesthetic is matched by practical features that make it compact and easy to carry.

Retro Series 3.1 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

Retro Series 3.1 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Freezer
Dull white fridges will never comprise such an appealing indoor accent as this vintage styled refrigerator does. It is a perfect piece to complete a retro kitchen decor. It is made of stainless steel with black outer finish. It features a freezer.

Reserved for marievintage treasure

Reserved for marievintage treasure
Enhance your small kitchen with old-fashion accents by choosing this lovely mini retro fridge with a streamlined design and compact size. The front of the fridge is decorated with an eye-catchy emblem and a seashell-like door handle.

0.777 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

0.777 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator
Portable thanks to top handle and light weight, compact sized refrigerator in red with well-known white Coca-Cola motif on its door. It has a removable shelf inside. The door is equipped with self-locking handle.

Mini retro fridge 3

Under counter refrigerator in retro style. Doors has comfortable handle. Suitable for kitchen, bar, restaurant and others interiors according to taste and need.

Our advice Buying Guide

A mini retro fridge can be the one place you run to when you are desperate for comfort. That’s right - the fridge! In the past, people had one problem: refrigerators looked boring. They were just silver and white blocks that didn't give us any inkling of the amazing things stored inside them.

Since we're now blessed with mini retro fridges, why don't we take our daily culinary life to an entirely new level? In this article, we'll give you what you thought you didn't need: a buying guide on stunning, compact refrigerators! Check it out.

What you'll find below is a list of the factors you must consider when choosing a mini retro fridge. Let's dive right into it.

Does a mini retro fridge freeze well?

Before you check the marketplace for available models, remember that mini retro refrigerators aren't known for their freezing performance. If you think having a freezing compartment is something that you can't pass up on, check other types of refrigerators that have an insulated freezer compartment added to the doors. You can also buy a separate freezer. It'll give you the space you need to freeze food items.

Are mini retro fridges energy efficient?

If you think energy efficiency is essential, then you'd want to buy a large refrigerator. A mini retro fridge, whether you like it or not, uses lots of energy even with its size. Even compact units that have been Energy Star-rated are inefficient when you compare them to full-sized refrigerators.

Traditionally, a refrigerator works by drawing air from its coils to stop them from overheating. But, with today's compressed air technology, the flow of air is no longer needed in order to cool down the coils. The coolant that's within the fridge's walls is pressurized. All the walls absorb heat and then return it to the compressor for re-pressurizing.

Think of it like your heart moving blood in all parts of your body, turning old blood into oxygenated blood. Since you no longer need to worry about overheating concerns with a mini retro fridge, it'll require more power. Choose the one that needs as little power as possible. That'll ensure your electricity bills don't skyrocket.

If you choose a mini retro fridge that's Energy Star-certified, then you will be eligible for energy rebates.

What is fridge capacity?

A mini retro fridge's capacity refers to a model's interior size. It's usually measured in cubic feet from 1.5 to 5 or more cubic feet in terms of volume. More often than not, the manufacturer of a mini retro fridge will provide a comprehensive list of all the items a model can hold, like 2-liter bottles and a number of pop cans to give you a reference.

The size, on the other hand, varies from a little cube to counter height, which you'll often find in studio-sized apartments. It's best if you know the width and height of the space you want the fridge to sit in. Also, determine the depth as there are mini retro fridges that extend beyond counter-depth. You'll find them hard to fit into shallow spaces.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the beautiful models just waiting for you to add to your home!


Mini retro fridge 2

This incredibly blue and beautifully made mini fridge is an excellent detail to the kitchen or hotel room. Beautiful details and fantastic design come into the eye and beyond the functional element look beautiful.

Mini retro fridge 1

This beautiful, iconic model of the refrigerator is the perfect combination of timeless classics and functionality. Nice line, fantastic colors and great details create an amazing device ideal for any decor.

Vintage mini fridge

Oh my gosh, that's SO cute! Pink mini fridge boasting outright retro inspiration provides some cooling space and it has built-in bottle opener, and the pull handle makes it conveniently accessible. So sweet!

Mini fridge retro

Thanks to this portable fridge, you can have cold drinks in every room of your house. The fridge has a removable plastic air filter, shelf and water box. Measurements: 19.5" wide x 20" deep x 19.5" high.

Colored mini fridge

This fabulous mini fridge constitutes a great proposition for one's retro decor. Its glossy pink surface will be a cool, eye-catching accent, perfect if you want to distinguish your kitchen a bit.

Small retro refrigerator

Mini fridge in retro style. Great for storing food or drinks. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Perfect solution for small spaces.

Pink retro fridge freezer

This set of mini fridges enchants with their mini shape and retro character. It comprises a white, turquoise and pink one, all creating an ideal additional storage and all embellishing the space with their unique appeal.

Mini retro refrigerator

A very cute addition, especially, for smaller kitchens. This compact retro fridge is much tinier than its modern relatives. It has a stylish handle and a streamlined shape with a smoothly working door.

Retro wine cooler

Fashion for retro kitchen does not go away. The mini unique retro fridge has characteristic rounded shapes. In addition, it has a bold, vivid red-orange color and a compact shape in this case.The whole is complemented by stylish finishes of chrome handles.

Nostalgia Electrics RRF300SDDRED Retro Series Compact Dispensing Refrigerator, 3 Cubic Feet

Create a retro look in your interior with some help from this stunning compact refrigerator that sports the size of 3 cubic feet and will add that touch of vintage appeal for any interior thanks to its red, glossy finish.

Northstar retro fridges available in 4 full size models and

Northstar retro fridges. Available in 4 full size models and a mini fridge. Also available as a kegerator.

Mini fridge mypumpingspace breastfeeding milkmakers

Mini Fridge #mypumpingspace #breastfeeding #milkmakers

New retro fridge

This refrigerator has a retro design with a bright orange color. It has two knobs at the edges of its two compartments. It can stay cold for long periods even after power outages.

Vintage pink fridge

If you look at the kitchen design while watching movies in the 1950s with envy, you'll love, for sure this blue retro mini fridge with a beautiful vintage front and an oblong metal grip.It also has an intelligent storage and freezing system.

Mini pink fridge

If I watch TV series from the nineties of twentieth century, I often inspired of their retro kitchens. This modern refrigerator inspired of retro fridges will be fit perfectly to this type of kitchen. It is available in seven colors.

Retro mini fridge

An old-fashion mini fridge that is going to spice up your kitchen with retro accents. The fridge is covered in a white finish, rests on 4 stable feet, and has a relatively small door with a decorative metal handle.

Blue mini fridge

The bright and stylish at the same time, the kitchen gets a unique retro feel with a small pink refrigerator. The whole combines various pastel colors that blend beautifully with wood cabinets and white countertops.

Pink mini refrigerator

With its charming, vintage design and the minature size for a better blend with any decor this mint finished fridge will let you keep your drinks and food cooled, while at the same time adding some visual appeal to your decor.

Retro frige

This mini retro fridge constitutes a great proposition for all, who love vintage design. Its lovely, celadon finish is additionally adorned with 3 chromed, zingy strings on the front.

Green mini fridge

What can be more British from a Union Jack? Emphasize your Britishness or fascination with British culture with this fantastic mini refrigerator. Its finish along with the gently curved silhouette indicate the retro inspirations.

Retro fridge

No retro house is complete without a proper fridge, and this one here is just perfect for that purpose. It's red, which is the most popular retro colour. Minimalistic design and shiny exterior provide great aesthetical values to this small refrigerator.

Retro pink mini fridge super cute and handy

Retro pink mini fridge! Super cute and handy!

The smeg fab5lne is a 50s retro style mini fridge

The Smeg fab5lne is a 50's retro style mini fridge and is finished in jet black. 1 year parts and labour warranty.

With six choices from our mini model 1945 3 3

With six choices, from our “mini” Model 1945 3.3 cubic foot beverage fridge to our B-I-G 24.8 cubic foot Model 1959 French Door bottom-freezer unit – and four more sizes in between –“ there’s a Northstar fridge with the capacity and style that

Our new big chill under counter fridge combines the iconic

Our new Big Chill under counter fridge combines the iconic look of a 50’s style retro fridge with all the modern amenities of a modern unit in a smaller size than our traditional fridges. This would be beautiful, but at near $2000, it's almost a sixth o

Retro mini refrigerator

The micro under counter refrigerator. Ideal solution for the hot days in your office when it the kitchen is not enough place to have the regular sized. The door hark back to the retro style and looks lovely in the fresh shade of red.

Mini fridge pink

Juicy orange draws glances and fits retro decors - so is this compact fridge that doubles as a mini bar. 50's style couldn't go without a mini refrigerator like this. Smaller size makes it more versatile.

Vintage style mini fridge

Cool retro style fridges looking like colourful suitcases. Such a small portable fridge has 1 shelf, a shelved door with metal hinges and a door handle, low legs, an air filter, a water box. Its top handle can be hide in a shape-matching recess.

Classic 9 cu. ft. Built-In Compact Refrigerator

Classic 9 cu. ft. Built-In Compact Refrigerator

Retro series 3 0 cu ft mini refrigerator with dispenser

Retro Series 3.0 cu. ft. Mini Refrigerator with Dispenser in Red ...

Retro compact refrigerator

like the built in washer/dryer with countertop, and the pots & pans hung directly over top. Would be perfect in our kitchen!

Smeg fridge mint green

6 cubic feet under counter fridge! option for no freezer

Old mini fridge

Google Mini Fridge

Pink mini fridge with freezer

Beautify your small kitchen with this mini retro fridge with a stylish door and a "Big Chill" sign in the front. The fridge is available in eight different colors, and you can get it with or without a freezer.

Retro style mini refrigerator with double doors

Retro-style mini refrigerator with double doors

Vintage pink refrigerator

1950' fridge with detailed step-by-step illustrations - built on transparent plastic container | Source: Kotisivu

Nostalgia Electrics Nostalgia Electrics RRF325HNRED Retro Series 3.1 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator Freezer - Red

Frigidaire 6 can mini retro refrigerator in blue efmis129

Frigidaire 6 Can Mini Retro Refrigerator in Blue-EFMIS129 ...

Galanz gl31rde 3 1 cubic foot red retro mini fridge

Galanz GL31RDE 3.1 cubic foot Red Retro Mini Fridge

Smeg 50s style mini refrigerator

Smeg '50s Style Mini Refrigerator

Only 29 regular 50 frigidaire portable retro mini

Only $29 (Regular $50) Frigidaire Portable Retro Mini ...

Frigidaire 6 can mini retro mini fridge in red efmis129

Frigidaire 6 Can Mini Retro Mini Fridge in Red-EFMIS129 ...

Frigidaire portable retro 6 can mini fridge efmis129 red

Frigidaire Portable Retro 6-can Mini Fridge EFMIS129, Red ...