Fruit Storage Baskets

Everyone should have fresh fruit available in the home. But not in just any bowl. Some fruit needs the air to keep it fresh, lest it have one side become a little mushy. To keep your fruit from such a mushy fate, we give you fruit storage baskets. Keep that fruit clean and edible, those apples crisp, those oranges sweet and tangy, with fruit storage baskets.

Best Products

Furniture Under $400 Lowndes Cabinet

Furniture Under $400 Lowndes Cabinet
To make this small chest of drawers unique, the wooden interior drawers were replaced with black, made of metal mesh fruit storage baskets. Two wooden drawers at the top and a oak wooden frame were left, to make it even more special. Great for kitchen area.

The original cabinet cabneat customized

The original cabinet cabneat customized
How to simply save space in the kitchen, while having everything next to each other - even favorite fruit. The fruit storage basket is made of natural, simply wood painted in a great sky color. Style and functionality.

Weathered charm winston wall basket

Weathered charm winston wall basket
This metal fruit basket is a great addition to any wall. The metal construction is excellent to create the industrial looks. The three storage spaces have enough place for fruits and accent pieces.

Wires Fruit Basket

Wires Fruit Basket
Contemporary style fruit basket. Made of food safe stainless steel, finished in chrome. Can be put in a refrigerator but avoid heating. Looks good and uses space efficiently as it's quite tall - finally you may store a lot of fruit.

Basket accessories

Basket accessories
The metal bushel basket for your fruit with he burlap or linen lining. It guarantee that it will stay fresh longer than in the air-tight box. Even it is very practical, it looks also very stylish in the rustic kitchen.

Grey Chip Storage Basket

Grey Chip Storage Basket
If you're looking for practical and stylish solutions to store your stuff, this amazing storage basket may be the perfect option for you. Check it out and enjoy the magic of retro style in your house!

Downstairs Kitchen Storage Basket

Downstairs Kitchen Storage Basket
This amazing storage basket is gonna let you keep all of your stuff in a proper place. Check it out and enjoy its high functionality and a perfect quality together with an original and intriguing design.

Our advice Buying Guide

Fruit storage baskets are the perfect place to keep your bananas, apples, and oranges. They allow air circulation while keeping fruit protected from bruising or contact with other foods. Some of the baskets are made from natural materials, while others are formed using wire mesh. Each has their uses.

What are the most popular types of fruit storage baskets?

Fruit bowl and banana hanger

Display the fresh fruit for family snacking in an attractive, square wire mesh basket with an attached banana hanger. Apples and oranges can be used to fill up the basket while the hanger keeps the bananas from lying on the counter where pressure will quickly cause them to bruise. Best of all, the attractive display might encourage family members to get in their three servings of fruit per day.

Traditional Three-tiered Hanging Basket

Nothing says “this kitchen is for food prep” quite like the traditional three-tiered hanging basket especially when it is well-filled with fruits and vegetables. The smallest basket at the top is a handy place to keep smaller items such as garlic or lemons, while the lower baskets can be used to create an enticing display of apples, oranges or other fruit. Often made from metal mesh, these baskets make an attractive addition to your kitchen décor.

Metal Mesh Wall Baskets

Neat, utilitarian wall baskets are perfect for keeping root crops and fruit displayed and ready for use. The spacious metal baskets make it easy to organize your farmer’s market shopping or the haul from the local department store. Better yet, display the fruit you have carefully grown in your own garden to best advantage.

Rolling Fruit Cart

This is a versatile method of storing, displaying and even serving fresh fruit. This little three-tiered cart has metal baskets instead of shelves. You can easily use it to store potatoes, turnips, apples or oranges. Alternatively, fill the shelves with attractive fresh fruit use it to serve dessert at your next dinner party.

What are some of the most interesting designs of produce storage baskets on the market?

The Kouboo Wicker Potato Basket

The Kouboo Wicker Potato is the perfect solution to what to do with that bargain bag of potatoes. Potatoes do not do well in a refrigerator, but left in the plastic bags that usually house them in the store they will quickly rot. Yet no one loves walking into a kitchen where the kitten or puppy is chasing your root vegetables around on the floor. The Kouboo basket keeps the potatoes corralled in natural wicker which allows them to breathe. A beautiful feature of this basket is the open cavity at the bottom for removing potatoes or fruit from it without having to open the lid.

The Bamboo Apple Collapsible Fruit Basket

Nothing brings reminders of autumn harvest quite like fruiting apple trees, or this amazing apple basket. The Bamboo Apple Collapsible Fruit Basket unfolds into an apple-shaped basket perfect for those late autumn apples. When it is not needed as a basket, it folds flat and can be used as a trivet. Now, that’s doing double duty for sure, folks, especially if you set your hot apple pie on the trivet! The basket is made from bamboo take from sustainable forest sources.


Espresso Wicker Storage Basket (Set of 3)

Espresso Wicker Storage Basket (Set of 3)
This stylish but universal storage basket is gonna perfectly store all of your stuff. Check it out and enjoy the highest comfort together with an intriguing design in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Under counter storage bins

Need a fruit stand to the kitchen zone? This Madras cubby has got three tiers, wooden base and wicker baskets. This product fits to any style and decor.

Fruit storage baskets

Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh - Baskets On Walls

Fruit storage baskets 1

The functional kitchen is the basis, so this fabulous set of pull out fruit baskets is an excellent way of bringing practicality to the decor. Large baskets are substantial and beautifully presented in modern kitchen design.

Vegetable organizer baskets

Completely practical fruit storage basket. It’s easy to make and replace, so don’t worry about damaging it. Comes with two separate racks, one for vegetables and one for fruits. If you like a natural look in your kitchen, such a rack is a must.

Modern hanging fruit basket

Fruit basket made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Classic form and modern design.

Vegetable basket bins with spice shelf storage rack chalkboard tags

... Vegetable Basket Bins with Spice Shelf Storage Rack, Chalkboard Tags

Fruit storage baskets 2

We love to store vegetables, fruits or bread in the kitchen in wooden or wicker baskets. If we do not have space for them, this cabinet, instead of traditional drawers, has retractable wooden fruit storage baskets with wicker elements.

Fruit storage baskets 7

This fruit storage basket constitutes a smooth, cleverly designed addition to your kitchen or dining room decor. Multi-tiered, can be used not only for fruits and veggies, but also loafs of breads, herbs, spices, olives and others.

Vegetable storage basket

Warm, country stylization in any kitchen. This fruit storage basket includes a decorative topper in the shape of a chicken. Solid basket is suitable for storing fruits and vegetables in large amounts.

Fruit storage baskets

A versatile, flexible storage item that will help you help you celebrate the natural beauty of fruit & vegetable forms. Standing in one's kitchen, it can help you keep the motivation to cook and live healthier.

Metal hanging fruit baskets

Made of metal fruit basket is an excellent kitchen assistant. The simple form, plenty of storage space and wire composition make it easy to store vegetables that are readily available by the cart wheels.

Produce storage baskets

We buy vegetables at a traditional market and we want them to keep fresh and at the same time not dirty at home. Fruit storage baskets with compartments with ventilated holes - will allow you to store onions or potatoes safely and in a healthy way.

Metal fruit basket

Add this beautiful rustic basket rack to your entryway or bathroom and enjoy stylish product. It features the metal and wooden construction and five baskets with different sizes.

Fruit storage baskets 2

Potato land will be showered with onions - this is an inseparable connection of tuber vegetables. It also requires proper storage in a dry place, as in these wicker fruit baskets, mounted in pull-out drawers from a clear collection of kitchen furniture.

Glory & Grace Large Rustic Industrial Wall Mount Metal and Wire General Store Multi-Bin Storage Baskets

Wall hung baskets

A practical piece for indoor use that allows you to store your smaller belongings, fruits and vegetables. The 3-tiered farmer's basket stand is crafted of strong wire, holding three different size baskets, and maintaining proper ventilation to keep your products fresh.

Fruit storage in baskets

Fruit storage in baskets...

Fruit storage basket

Perfect organization in the kitchen. These fruit storage baskets feature stackable construction for organized and space-saving storage of fruits or vegetables. Their durable frames are based on solid wood.

Metal fruit baskets

Standing on 4 legs, this fruit basket is actually a very solid iron construction. It features 3 tiers for storing your fruits and veggies. An ideal decoration for a rustic or industrial kitchen. However, it can be also used in a workshop, as a storage for tools.

Kitchen fruit storage

i need a solution for storing fruit and veggies on our counter in a decorative way. any ideas? maybe some mix matched baskets?

Vegetable storage bin wood

Why not go for a nice option of organizing your pantry or kitchen and choose those stunning kitchen baskets? They are made from lovely wicker and can either be kept together or separately, while the amazing structure allows for the fruit to stay fresh longer.

Fruit and vegetable storage bins

fruit and vegetable storage bins

Metal fruit stand

These solid, metal zinc washtubs serve as ingenious, homemade way for storing various stuff. Its universality creates a wide spectrum of application, from a display for fruits and veggies, through a utility box, ending on a stylish toys container.

Fruit storage baskets 3

Delaware 2-Tier Basket from Bed, Bath and Beyond. PERFECT for all the fruit and veggies at our house!

Chrome fruit bowl dish basket vegetable rack stackable baskets storage

... Chrome-Fruit-Bowl-Dish-Basket-Vegetable-Rack-Stackable-Baskets-storage

Baskets for fruits and vegetables

I lived in a Victorian home that had drawers like these in the kitchen... they were amazing! I love the modern version just as much!

Spectrum 47876 Storage Basket, Small, Cool Gray

Fruit and vegetable bins

Basket drawers for produce and bread keep counters clear in a kitchen. Design: Nicole Hough

Under counter fruit basket

With a such a lovely fruit storage basket any decor can be elevated into another level. It features three tiers with different sizes. Trust me, it adds elegance and style into any kitchen.

Vegetable storage baskets

A beautiful fruit storage floor basket is an interesting way to have a cozy and functional interior in your kitchen or pantry. The whole of the solid wire is durable and beautifully presented at any interior.

Under cabinet bread storage

Kitchen storage solution dedicated for storing fruits and vegetables. Legumes are fresh for longer when the air circulation is provided - and the rattan organizer basket has this quality. The baskets have poly liners in white.

Fruit storage baskets 1

This white and navy blue fruit and vegetable storage basket will add a practical accent to any kitchen or dining room. The four-tiered construction catches the attention also with the stylishly perforated finish.

Metal fruit baskets

Enchanting with its cool and clean, modern design, this metal wire fruit basket can be a great kitchen rack in general. It can be used to store not only fruits but also vegetables or bread. Features a glazed round top and convenient 3 wheels.

Metal fruit baskets 3

Metal fruit baskets can replace boxes and other containers at home. They are light and airy, making them great as drawers for clothes or kitchen containers. This black traditionally woven basket can be used in every dimension. Its black color is very neutral.

Vegetable storage ideas

What an easy way to free up counter space! Fruit, bread, snacks..... The ORIGINAL Under caBINet Kitchen Crate by DellaLucilleDesigns

Fruit Basket with Handle

Fruit Basket with Handle

Fruit organizer

Cute - a veggie hammock! Affixed to a wall cabinet, it's constructed mainly of net, which provides the best air circulation for fruits and vegetables stored in it. And it needs no flat horizontal space to work.

Under counter storage baskets

The simple and very functional form of this fruit storage basket is an attractive solution for any kitchen or dining room. The large trash tray is exceptionally practical and sensational. Fresh fruits are at fingertips.

Fruit storage baskets

This metallic kitchen basket is a simple and necessary equipment in your kitchen. It has an overlapping metal design that contributes to its simple look. It’s made from strong metal and it’s painted and polished to prevent rust. It can be mounted on the wall or kept on a counter table.

Prodyne FH-300 Beech wood Fruit and Veggie Hammock

Who said that fruits and veggies cannot be stored in a hammock? This stylish piece is a practical and housewarming gift. Natural wood base supports the open weave net. Such a type of storage allows for a free air circulation.

Presses stores wicker willow vegetable fruit storage basket

... , Presses & Stores > Wicker Willow Vegetable & Fruit Storage Basket

Metal fruit baskets

Three-tiered dark brown metal basket stand for fruits and vegetables (or maybe tools at a workshop?), fitting the bill if one wants a hint of vintage as an interior accent (I'm tipping a rustic kitchen).