Teal Kitchen Canisters

If teal is your favorite color, you probably like to display it as a decorative aspect of your home . and seeing it in the kitchen would only continue the aesthetic charm of your teal living space. for you we offer teal kitchen canisters, complete with markings so you will never confuse the flour with the sugar. Take a look in this collection for all the options.

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Vintage Teal And Gold Canister Set

Vintage Teal And Gold Canister Set
A gorgeous set of 4 different size canisters that can be easily used in any dining room or kitchen. Each of those vintage beauties features stylish lines, golden labels, and tight lids with decorative handles.

Three canister set in shades of

Three canister set in shades of
Some nice ceramic pots to keep flour, sugar and solt in them... The turquoise and teal gradient does all the talking here. They're practical, but a neat pottery is always welcome as a decoration in a kitchen.

Teal glass canisters vintage kitchen

Teal glass canisters vintage kitchen
These beautiful glass containers are a beautiful way to decorate your kitchen or living room. Nice decorative details in vintage style captivate, and soothing turquoise shade adds freshness and crispness to the interior.

Vintage Atomic Aqua Blue 11 Pc Lustro Ware Canisters Plus Matching Bread Box

Vintage Atomic Aqua Blue 11 Pc Lustro Ware Canisters Plus Matching Bread Box
A swell set of 11 decorations for retro kitchens, consisted of 10 various canisters and 1 matching bread box. All pieces are designed in vintage style with atomic aqua blue finish, and denoted with black labels.

Vintage kitchen canisters 1950s flour

Vintage kitchen canisters 1950s flour
Words vintage and kitchen go hand to hand because everyone treasures the memories of their mothers or grandmothers in the kitchen. That's why a vintage set of plate kitchen canisters is a timeless, popular choice among kitchen owners.

Set of kromex turquoise canisters

Set of kromex turquoise canisters
This listing is for a set of four canisters - they are intended to storage flour, sugar, coffee and tea. All of the canisters are made of spun aluminum. The lids are plastic, covered with turquoise paint and are marked,

Teal Glass Canisters Vintage Kitchen

Teal Glass Canisters Vintage Kitchen
With such a lovely pair of two canisters, your kitchen will not only be more beautiful, but also more practical. Each cannister is made of light blue glass and embellished with attractive patterns, with a stylish lid and a hexagonally shaped body.

Our advice Buying Guide

This beautiful and bright color works well in many rooms within a household. It is a color commonly seen for shower curtains and bath mats since it resembles a clear blue ocean or the sky on a summer day. It's no surprise that this color can brighten up your kitchen, and if you want to add just a splash of color, consider kitchen canisters as a useful and practical addition.

What color is teal blue?

Teal is a vibrant, refreshing combination of blu and green. There are several slightly different shades that you may see. Depending on the material which is used, you might notice a slight difference in the color. It's important to think about how light or how dark you want the shade of teal to be in your kitchen.

How to incorporate the color teal in kitchen decor?

The color works well alongside both light and dark shades of wood and can provide some contrast within rustic homes or cottages. Using teal alongside other colors often works, for example, combining mustard accessories with teal. However, too many different colors being used at the same time can create clashes and too much activity in the kitchen.

What can opaque teal kitchen canisters be used for?

Solid and bold, these teal kitchen canisters inject the color and life into the room while enabling you to store food items such as tea bags, coffee, sugar, biscuits, and cereal. These are ceramic to accommodate the thickness needed to create the opaque look. You cannot see through these canisters, which distinguishes the ceramic look from glass or other lighter and more transparent materials. Perfectly rounded with simple yet stylish round lids to match, this is a popular design for many kitchens.

What kind of lids go with teal kitchen canisters?

Rather than having matching teal lids for the canisters, you may want to opt for a different color altogether. This can tone down the amount of teal you have in the kitchen, creating a good 'in-between' for those who don't want too much teal. Copper color lids are also shinier than a matte teal finish, although they are often found on top of metal and glossy teal canisters too. Wooden lids are usually made from oak or pine wood and may have a natural finish for rustic kitchens or a varnished finish for modern homes.

Are teal glass canisters popular?

Teal glass canisters are a popular choice if you are not a fan of opaque materials and you prefer to see inside the canisters without taking the lid off. It's a good way to see when you need to restock certain dried foods that are stored in the canisters. Glass canisters are elegant and often have some extra detail on them for more effect. This could be glass swirls and patterns, or it may be flowers or ridges. The stained teal glass is the perfect material for adding some subtle color to the kitchen. Another take on this style is a plain glass canister which has a teal lid. This is enough to brighten up the kitchen while still maintaining the colorless and simple glass effect.


Vintage turquoise blue and copper

Vintage turquoise blue and copper
A pretty vintage set of size-varied metal kitchen canisters with slight traces of use. Their cylindrical bodies and round flat knobs are finished in a light blue shade. Lids and narrow bands in bottom parts have a contrasting coppery tone.

Vintage kitchen canister tins new in

Vintage kitchen canister tins new in
These impressive kitchen containers for sugar, flour, coffee, and tea are perfect for any kitchen. Attractive colors in turquoise and copper are beautifully presented on kitchen shelves. Metal-based construction is durable.

Turquoise kitchen tin canister set 1950s

Turquoise kitchen tin canister set 1950s
This kitchen storage set comprises various tins in turquoise blue, each representing the glamorous 1950's style. You will love the mid-century chrome finishing and beautifully shining turquoise.

3 vintage l e smith moon and stars blue canisters

3 vintage l e smith moon and stars blue canisters
This set of 3 teal blue canisters will be a valuable kitchen addition, especially for vintage fans. With its ornate tooling and glamorous silhouette, it will be a fabulous retro accent wherever appearing.

3-Piece Canister Set

3-Piece Canister Set
A set of 3 aesthetic vintage-stylised containers for dry food. Their size-varied oval bodies are crafted of durable quality creamy earthenware with a beautiful floral design. Removable brown lids have seals and decorative stems.

Lustroware bread box turquoise aqua gold

Lustroware bread box turquoise aqua gold
This wonderful turquoise bread box is a magnificent example of vintage approach to household goods. Its retro design shall appeal to all fans of this style. It adds warmth and vibrancy to the kitchen.

Turquoise canister set

Set of 3 kitchen canisters in simple form. It is made of high quality material and fitted with lids. Handy gadget for each home.

Teal kitchen canisters

Set of 3 kitchen canisters in various sizes. It is made of ceramic and finished with sophisticated ornament. Designed for storing food. Elegant accessory for each kitchen according to taste.

Light blue kitchen canisters

Those three canisters (sugar, tea, and coffee) can be a lovely decoration for your retro dining room or kitchen. Each canister is hand-painted in turquoise, made of quality ceramic, and has a beautiful lid with a nice finial.

Turquoise canisters

A beautiful set of 3 different size canisters, perfect for enhancing kitchens, and dining rooms. Each tea canister is bathed in turquoise and white, with a fancy design running from the lid to the bottom.

Turquoise canisters

Those lovely decorations will work visual wonders for your retro kitchen. Beautifully designed and crafted of glossy enameled steel, the set offers 3 matching canisters for sugar, tea, and coffee; with tight lids equipped with convenient handles.

Enamel canister

A highly decorative set consisted of 3 canisters and 1 serving tray - all covered in a teal finish. Inspired by a country style, each piece has gorgeous floral patterns bathed in a beautiful glaze. Easy to clean.

Retro storage tins kitchen

Sundarra Canisters - Pier 1 - described as Jade, but look more like aqua or turquoise. Need to see these in person.

Teal kitchens

Add a charming and at the same time functional piece to your kitchen to enjoy some of the retro appeal that it can offer. This plastic cookie jar sports the vintage look and comes with the teal finish as well as some nice writing.

IMAX Provincial Canisters, Set of 3

This stylish set of kitchen containers is the perfect kit that allows you to conveniently store coffee, tea or sugar. It works perfectly on a daily basis. Perfectly solution and beautiful design.

Retro canisters kitchen

vintage turquoise canisters made by PLAS-TEX ...

Turquoise kitchen canister set

A beautiful addition for dining rooms and kitchens, this set of 3 canisters (for sugar, tea, and coffee) is crafted of quality tin, and embellished with polka dot and floral patterns. Each canister has also a tight lid with a curvy handle.

Tuscan kitchen canisters

Aqua Canister Set - really? could this be any more beautiful? Too bad my budget is about 1/10th of the $240 price tag. Beautiful!!!

Home tapas handpainted kitchen canister set

Home > Tapas Handpainted Kitchen Canister Set

Teal kitchen storage

Antiqued Canister Set, kitchen or home decor, storage, can use for teas or maybe straws

Light blue tea coffee sugar canisters

Le Creuset 9-Piece Cookware Set eclectic cookware and bakeware.. for when we settle in one place, have a feeling we will have worn out the orange LC dutch oven by then!

Green kitchen canisters

Gorgeous decanters for a bar. One for whiskey, one for vodka...

Aqua kitchen canisters

Should have bought this set on Etsy when I had the chance! Love!!! Lincoln Beautyware Set of Six Vintage Aqua Chrome Kitchen Storage -

Lovely shasta 61 kitchen

~ lovely shasta 61 kitchen ~

Vintage kitchen tins

A chic take on the cookie jar -- Vintage Turquoise and Gold Cookie Jar

Teal tea coffee sugar jars

Vintage Aqua Turquoise Blue Lustro Ware Canister Set (I have a couple very similar to these, color and shape are the same but the markings are different)

Unique kitchen canisters

Attractive beehive themed kitchen canisters, available in white, teal, royal blue and French blue make an attractive addition to any countertop or hutch. The fat hive bodies are topped with wide “thatched” lids with small bees. Ready storage for kitchen supplies.

Vintage kitchen canisters

A traditional set of height-varied but equal in diameter sqaurish canisters for dry food. They're made of stoneware with a beautiful blue-greenish finish. They have thick round lids with wire and ball trigger closures.

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Add it to your favorites to revisit it later.

Home products kitchen pantry canisters storage ceramic s 3 aqua

Home Products Kitchen & Pantry Canisters/Storage Ceramic S/3 Aqua ...

Blue kitchen canisters egg blue canister set by

Blue Kitchen Canisters Egg blue canister set by

Kitchen canisters blue

Everything Turquoise | Daily Turquoise Shopping Blog

Vintage storage tins kitchen

With these vintage aqua kitchen canisters you will now not only have the perfect solution for keeping your space clean and well-organized but will also add plenty to the decor of your household thanks to the retro appeal.

In search of some of these if you find them

In search of some of these... if you find them at any antique store, let me know!!

Marble kitchen canisters

C. Dianne Zweig - Kitsch 'n Stuff: 1950s: The Atomic Era-Pastel Color-Space Age Kitchen

Teal kitchen canister set

teal fenton candy dishes | Blue Green Teal Glass Jar Embossed Canister Lidded Hexagon Large ...

Just make the letters and tops pink and teal awesome

Just make the letters and tops pink and teal awesome

I would love love love to have these pretty things

I would love love love to have these pretty things in my future kitchen.

Retro kitchen canisters bakelite

retro kitchen canisters - bakelite