Colored Glass Kitchen Canisters

Most people have the same kitchen canisters for their flour and sugar, and it can get a little boring, especially if you have a more eclectic sense of taste. So, if you are sick of the humdrum kitchen canisters, instead why don't you pick out one of our colored glass kitchen canisters. They are stylish and come in plenty of colors for your style.

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Our large traditional style canisters can also be purchased

Our large traditional style canisters can also be purchased ...

Colored glass kitchen canisters 21

Add a dash of vibrant modern appeal into your kitchen with these stunning colored glass canisters. Available in many different sizes, these canisters will not only get your kitchen organized but they will deliver impeccable accent value, especially when displayed on open shelving.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 17

Modern kitchen canisters designed with a unique splendor of elegance. Constructed from glass, the canisters come with beautiful coloring all round and artful detailing that will blow you away. They are also secure with glass lids to match their incredible color appeal.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 3

What an amazing, gorgeous set of ceramic canisters for a kitchen – great to use as herbs and spices holders for a pantry. These ones are made with a colourful, vibrant pattern which gives them a traditional look.

Colored glass kitchen canisters

An antique glass kitchen canister. The canisters are made from red-colored glass. The glass has a sunflower design on both sides and comes with a cover. The canisters are very ancient and were used by apothecaries in the medieval ages. It adds a stunning antiquated look to your kitchenware.

Vintage green glass jars kitchen

Vintage Green Glass Jars Kitchen
If you are looking for some vibrant accents to your kitchen or dining area, check out these green glass kitchen canisters. You will hardly find more stylish ways to store your favorite herbs and spices.

Canister set colorful glass canisters kitchen storage mango wood lids

Canister Set Colorful Glass Canisters Kitchen Storage Mango Wood Lids ...

Bright colored canisters

High-end kitchen canisters constructed from glass and finished in a wide range of colors. The canisters are great for organizing your supplies and come in a variety of sizes to pick from. You also get a stunning chrome-plated metal lid on each canister to secure your food anytime.

Kitchen dining storage organization kitchen storage organization sets

... kitchen dining storage organization kitchen storage organization sets

Details about new 3pc ruby red glass jar canisters kitchen

Details about New 3pc Ruby RED GLASS JAR CANISTERS Kitchen Decor Food ...

Green glass canisters

green glass canisters

Glass canister set etsy

Glass Canister Set #Etsy

Vintage antique old dark green depression glass canister jars coffee

vintage antique old dark green depression glass canister jars coffee and sugar

Colored glass kitchen canisters 1

L.E. Smith Glass Amberina MOON & STARS JAR Canister Container vintage Red Orange

Colored glass kitchen canisters 13

Hammered Glass Seahorse Canisters - Set of 3 - new for Spring 2013!

Vintage indiana glass sandwich canister set

Vintage Indiana Glass Sandwich Canister Set,

Vintage imperial glass ohio hobstar

Vintage Imperial Glass Ohio Hobstar
Vintage biscuit jar / kitchen canister with a round lid. Crafted from green colored glass with intricate beveled etching. Heavy and substantial. Prevents cookies from drying. Both practical and decorative.

Green glass canisters vintage kitchen canisters l e smith glass

Green Glass Canisters - Vintage Kitchen Canisters - L E Smith Glass ...

Kitchen canisters green

save on crafts website has lots of different apothecary jars etc. to choose from. Thank you @Cassie Crowell for finding this site!

Green glass kitchen canisters

Drake Design Turquoise Canisters $195...Look good in my Lucy kitchen.

Cream colored canisters

I have one almost just like this, perfect for organizing the desk...push pins, paper clips, and such

Green glass canisters

Cool traditional kitchen canisters made of glass in a soft greenish tone. Such a cuboidish canister has rounded edges and textured surfaces with an aslant grooves design and a rectangular label window. Round sealed twist-off lids are of zinc.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 3

Cobalt Blue 'HEARTS' 9-1/4" Jar Canister Canning Wire Bail Glass Crownford Italy #Crownford

Kitchens 38


Orange kitchen canisters 2

... Kings Lane - The Kitchen Cabinet - 4-Pc Ribbed Glass Canisters, Orange

Colored kitchen canisters

.yesssss! uniformity and clear storage containers!...let the colors in the food brighten up your pantry.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 22

Super idée de custom !

Kitchen amazing 3 piece light green decorative canister kitchen with

kitchen-amazing-3-piece-light-green-decorative-canister-kitchen-with ...

Colored glass canisters

Jadite Jade-ite Jadeite - McKee, Fire King, & Jeannette No matter what you call it, I'm jealous! I have a few pieces, but I want MORE!

Colored glass kitchen canisters 8

Make with glass-use frost spray to get chevron stripes, then I'm not locked into a kitchen color.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 12

Orbix Hot Glass Optic Pitcher, in Multiple Colors

Colored glass kitchen canisters 18

This would make a wonderful baking area in the kitchen, with glass canisters & crocks & vintage mixing bowls behind the glass doors.

Colored canisters

@Tory Jones | Is this your orange color?? $22, 4-Pc Ribbed Glass Canister Set Orange

Colored glass kitchen canisters

Vintage Jeannette Delphite Blue Milk Glass Ribbed Tea by Covenants, $575.00

Colored glass kitchen canisters 7

Vintage green-handled kitchen utensils, pretty sure my Grandma has some stuff like this. Well, She did when I was little.. I remember it from times we baked things together.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 15

sweet cottage cupboards with Jadeite collection

Simsbury 3 Piece Canister Set

Simsbury 3 Piece Canister Set
3-pieces set of canisters made of stoneware, with glossy white finish. Every canister features airtight lid with top pull and fluted sides. The canisters may be cleaned in a dishwasher and are appropriate to be used in a microwave.

That 70s kitchen avocado green 70s metal kitchen canister set

That '70's kitchen! Avocado Green 70's Metal Kitchen Canister set

Colored glass kitchen canisters 10

Rustic kitchen hutch with great white jars and accessories,

Michelangelo Marble Kitchen Canister

Michelangelo Marble Kitchen Canister
Decorative kitchen canister with sleek, polished surface, made of exotic dark marble featuring beautiful natural pattern. The construction with heavy round lid keeps the inside space air tight; the food stored inside will not get dry quickly.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 19

Jamie Oliver glass canisters.

110-Ounce Girotondo Kitchen Jar by King Kong

110-Ounce Girotondo Kitchen Jar by King Kong
Great modern canister for keeping food. Its cylindrical body is crafted of clear silk-screened glass with a Girotondo design on walls. It has a round twist-off lid of silvery-coated stainless steel with a hermetic seal.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 9

Jars of herbs, spices & other condiments. Must have these!

Colored glass kitchen canisters 11

source: Our House Gorgeous kitchen with white shaker cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Cloud White accented paired with white quartz countertops and Home Depot subway tile backsplash. Kitchen features open cookbook shelves as well as white ramekins with c

Stoneware 2 Qt. Coffee Storage Canister

Stoneware 2 Qt. Coffee Storage Canister

Colored glass kitchen canisters 14

Blue and White Transfer Ware displayed in cloches and glass canisters.

Wrinkled Inspirations Lluïsa Kitchen Canister by Lluis Clotet

Wrinkled Inspirations Lluïsa Kitchen Canister by Lluis Clotet

Colored glass kitchen canisters 16

Large Kitchen Glass Jar | World Market Might be "the" one for flour storage

Colored glass kitchen canisters 20

I like the idea of using the coloured cake cups - a practical item in themselves, to also provide colour and interest in the room