Colored Glass Kitchen Canisters

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Most people have the same kitchen canisters for their flour and sugar, and it can get a little boring, especially if you have a more eclectic sense of taste. So, if you are sick of the humdrum kitchen canisters, instead why don't you pick out one of our colored glass kitchen canisters. They are stylish and come in plenty of colors for your style.

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Updated 16/11/2022
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Vintage Colored Glass Kitchen Containers

Vintage Colored Glass Kitchen Containers

The vintage-colored glass jars in this collection are each sold individually. You can choose from red, green, and amber glass colors in various sizes. They are mostly in excellent condition and were made between the 1940s and the 1960s.

Designer Advice:

Any of these vintage-colored glass kitchen containers would satisfy your love of nostalgic and sentimental items. The red, green and amber glass all hint at a jewel tone and work well together. Gather a collection of colors, glass textures and sizes for your kitchen. Create impact by corralling the collection on a display tray and using them for everyday supplies!

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Colored Ribbed Glass Kitchen Canisters

Colored Ribbed Glass Kitchen Canisters

Lark Manor™

The unusual shape of these ribbed glass kitchen canisters is perfect for storing pantry items that require a spoon for measuring. Their square bottoms curve into a rounded square shape. The lids are each circular and have a handy knob for opening the canister. Also available in pink, purple and red.

$46.99 $51.99

Designer Advice:

This set of three colored glass containers would look right at home in a white or off-white kitchen. The royal blue containers add a dramatic pop against a Carrera backsplash and on an off-white subtly patterned countertop. If you want to make a bold statement in your kitchen, paint your lower cabinets in a similar color. Consider adding Delft Blue or Blue Willow patterns if you want a less bold look. 

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Amber Colored Glass Paneled Canisters

Amber Colored Glass Paneled Canisters

Made before the 2000s, this set of amber-colored glass jars with lids is in great condition. The tallest canister is 12” tall by 5.25” wide, the middle canister is 10” tall by 5.25” wide, and the shortest canister is 5.5” tall by 4” wide. 

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Rose Colored Glass Kitchen Canisters

Rose Colored Glass Kitchen Canisters

The pretty rose color on this three-piece set of colored glass jars with lids shows off the delicate embossing on the jars. Each lid has a gasket seal to help keep stored foods air-tight and fresh. The small, medium and large canisters can hold 33, 53.5, and 80 oz, respectively.

Designer Advice:

While these three colored glass containers work well in the kitchen, this set also works well in other areas of your home. The wide jar openings let you easily access cotton pads or swabs in the bathroom or craft supplies in an office. The rose-colored glass will tint whatever is in the container, so you can play with different colored items to create a unique look.

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Green Colored Glass Kitchen Jars

Green Colored Glass Kitchen Jars

These three Anchor Hocking jars are made in an apothecary style. They look like the jars that held candy in an old-fashioned corner store and don’t have an air-tight seal. Each jar has similar embossing on the outside, while each lid has a different type of embossing. 

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Colored Glass Kitchen Canisters

Buying Guide

The items that normally go in glass kitchen canisters are usually foodstuff that needs to remain fresher for longer and items that you need easy access to. However, canisters are most often used to store pantry foods like baking ingredients, spices, pasta, and cereal.

Most people love storing their coffee beans, dried beans and dried fruit in glass canisters. These colored glass kitchen canisters allow you to organize and beautify your counter and cupboard space as well.

Many colored glass kitchen canisters can be cleaned in the dishwasher, as well as being safe to use in the microwave. Since spices, pasta, cereal, and baking ingredients are the most common items these canisters are filled with, they must be regularly cleaned at high temperatures to kill bacteria and maintain optimum hygiene.

When placing your canisters in the dishwasher, handle them with extra care. The fact that they are made from glass means they are extra fragile, so it’s important you load them into the dishwasher’s top rack, using glass holders if your dishwasher has them. Remove them gently to avoid breakage.

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Colored glass kitchen canisters 21

Add a dash of vibrant modern appeal into your kitchen with these stunning colored glass canisters. Available in many different sizes, these canisters will not only get your kitchen organized but they will deliver impeccable accent value, especially when displayed on open shelving.

Green glass canisters

green glass canisters

Canister set colorful glass canisters kitchen storage mango wood lids

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Vintage green glass jars kitchen

Vintage green glass jars kitchen

If you are looking for some vibrant accents to your kitchen or dining area, check out these green glass kitchen canisters. You will hardly find more stylish ways to store your favorite herbs and spices.

Colored glass kitchen canisters 17

Modern kitchen canisters designed with a unique splendor of elegance. Constructed from glass, the canisters come with beautiful coloring all round and artful detailing that will blow you away. They are also secure with glass lids to match their incredible color appeal.

Vintage imperial glass ohio hobstar

Vintage imperial glass ohio hobstar

Vintage biscuit jar / kitchen canister with a round lid. Crafted from green colored glass with intricate beveled etching. Heavy and substantial. Prevents cookies from drying. Both practical and decorative.

Kitchen dining storage organization kitchen storage organization sets

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Vintage antique old dark green depression glass canister jars coffee

vintage antique old dark green depression glass canister jars coffee and sugar

Cream colored canisters

I have one almost just like this, perfect for organizing the desk...push pins, paper clips, and such

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Kitchens 38


Colored glass kitchen canisters 1

L.E. Smith Glass Amberina MOON & STARS JAR Canister Container vintage Red Orange

Kitchen canisters green

save on crafts website has lots of different apothecary jars etc. to choose from. Thank you @Cassie Crowell for finding this site!

Colored glass kitchen canisters 22

Super idée de custom !

Colored glass kitchen canisters 20

I like the idea of using the coloured cake cups - a practical item in themselves, to also provide colour and interest in the room

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