Large Wall Spice Rack

Some people love to cook and have a simple spice rack. Some people really love to cook and have a spice cabinet. The only problem with a spice cabinet is it takes a while to find that one spice you seek when cooking something a little exotic. For that conundrum, we offer the large wall spice rack. Put all your spices in and never have to hunt for them again.

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Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack
This intriguing and practical wall mounted spice rack would be a perfect solution for every kind of kitchen, no matter what is your preferred style. Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality in your house!

Large adjustable spice rack kitchen

Large adjustable spice rack kitchen
Looking for spices in a deep cabinet can be really annoying. With this extra large spice rack you will have everything you need close at hand. Plus, it features a beautiful, wooden design in a deep brown color.

Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack
If you're looking for stylish and convenient way to store all of your spices, this amazing and simple spice rack might be a perfect solution! Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality in your kitchen.

Midland Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Midland Wall Mounted Spice Rack
This amazing wall mounted spice rack would be a perfect solution for every kind of kitchen! Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary functionality and intriguing look, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition.

Wall cabinet bathroom cabinet kitchen

Wall cabinet bathroom cabinet kitchen
A very functional wall cabinet that you can use in almost every room of the house. It can serve as a spice rack in the kitchen, a bathroom cabinet for cosmetics or a display shelf in your living room.

Mid century spice rack wooden hanging

Mid century spice rack wooden hanging
Spice rack consisting of glass jars. Frame is made of wood. Functional addition for any kitchen. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Honeycomb magnetic spice rack for wall

Honeycomb magnetic spice rack for wall
Honeycomb magnetic spice rack for wall. Set of 24 personalized, hand-stamped empty jars. Includes large, metal 12" x 15" wall plate. These wall hanging spice jars could be used in any kitchen, super handy!

Our advice Buying Guide

How do you install a large wall spice rack?

A screwdriver, pencil, drill, and measuring tape will be needed to install a large wall spice rack. Mark your preferred height on the wall or door with your pencil. You’d also want to measure the rack’s length to determine whether it’ll fit in its designated spot or not. If you’re mounting multiple shelves, leave a minimum of 4 inches between each shelf for easy access to the jars. Then, measure the distance between the mounting hardware or pre-drilled holes on your unit and mark it on the surface you’re going to place it on. Since you’ll be installing a large spice rack, only use heavy-duty toggle bolts or wall anchors with the screws. Align the holes with the screws and begin securing your spice rack in place.

How do you organize a large wall spice rack?

There are many ways to organize a large wall spice rack, and all are extremely effective. Ideally, you should select clear jars so you can see all the colorful spices inside, creating a functional art piece on the wall.

Create labels that are easy to read for each jar and place them on the jar’s front or the lid for easy identification when you’re cooking. To maximize your organization, arrange spices alphabetically or by group according to how frequently you use them.

For example, salt, pepper, and garlic powder can sit together, as can ginger and turmeric because you may regularly use them for the same meal. If you’re a visual person, you can also group spices according to color to create a fun look. The ultimate goal is to reduce the time spent searching for spices while also creating an aesthetically pleasing wall installation for your kitchen.

What is the best way to store spices?

The best way to store spices will allow them to stay fresher and retain their flavor for longer. So dried herbs and spices should be stored in a cool, dry place that is also out of direct sunlight. A large wall spice rack makes a great storage option for properly keeping your spices for long periods.

Investing in airtight containers is another recommendation and they should be closed when not in use. Lastly, ground spices have a shelf life of around six months, while whole spices may last for up to five years. However, one tell-tale sign that your spices are ready to be discarded is when they don't provide a high potency of flavor in your dishes anymore.


Vintage wall hung wooden spice rack with

Vintage wall hung wooden spice rack with
The vintage wall wooden spice rack. The glass jars shape suggest that it is recovered from the old pharmacy. You have to organize to special space on the wall, but you have one, it will be really useful to keep your spices in order.

Large wall spice rack

A built-in rack for spices constitutes a clever, ingenuine solution while dealing with the lack of space. Now you can store all your jars, saving the precious floor space.

Large wall spice rack 2

Large wooden spice rack hanging on the inside of pantry door. Or put foils and saran wraps here and spices on wall... It can be filled with jars, bottles, differens sizes. You can create your own collection.

Large spice rack 1

Large spice rack is a must in a busy kitchen - where to keep all the seasonings otherwise? Here, the organization has been brought to the edge of perfection: each clear glass jar stores another spice, and is labelled.

Wall mounted spice rack

Storage and again storage - that's the biggest role of kitchen furnitures. This large wall spice rack - is perfect space saver for any interiors. With this white slim shelf, you can easily lern how to live in small places and find a place for everything.

Spice rack shelf

Spice Rack Shelf

Spice rack 12

Spice Rack

Large wall mounted spice rack

Hmmm... where could I put something like this? Out of wall space, but love the concept!

Spice racks made large with 6 adjustable shelves shelf lips

Spice racks made large with 6 adjustable shelves - shelf lips are 1 1 ...

Large wall spice rack

A must-have of every kitchen! A large spice rack that you can easily mount to the wall. It features a few shallow shelves perfect for small jars and containers. You will get easy access to all the spices and you won't waste the space in the cabinets.

Large spice rack 10

Comprising multiple floating shelves, this large spice rack creates unique storage possibilities for your collections of spices and herbs. Now everything will be neatly organized, having its own place.

Spices 8 1

spices 8

My_new_mega spice_rack jpg


Big spice rack

Built-in Spice Rack - build in set of shallow shelves between the studs and hide with a door | Sand and Sisal

Spice_rack_wood_spice_racks_custom_spice_rack jpg


Wood wall mount spice rack

Wall Mounted Spice Rack Farmhouse

Request a custom order and have something made just for

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Wall mount spice rack

A custom barn door that emerge from nowhere, from walls just behind you. They hide the pantries. Perfect space-saver and place for all spices and preparations - behind wooden, carved doors. That is tipical mediterranean cabinets and doors style.

Spice rack with jars 3

This very comfortable and stylish rack intended to kitchen is composed of metal rope with hooks (to hang ladle, eggbeater or something like that) and hanging rack with three shelves invented to storage jars with spices.

On the Wall Spice Rack Size: 48"

Large wall spice rack 1

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of needless appliances in your kitchen but you just can’t find the strength to throw them out? This is a solution for you! A beautiful wooden rack submerged in your wall!

Built in spice rack

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a 50’s or 60’s vibe then this is a great idea. A tasteful mix between modern appliances, smooth surfaces and old-school shelves and paint. Just lovely!

Spice rack with jars 19

After eating the food from the jar - do not throw it away, when you can manually create a collection of nice glass spice rack jars to store loose products or your own jams. Hand-made lids, with black descriptions - plus interesting ribbon.

Selling leads spice rack wood spice racks custom spice rack

Selling Leads: spice rack, wood spice racks, custom spice rack

Large spice rack kitchen shelf

Large Spice Rack/ Kitchen shelf

34x21 large rustic country farm spice rack rustic by anniesimages

34x21 Large Rustic Country Farm Spice Rack Rustic by Anniesimages

Custom spice rack

There is a vast assortment of spices and herbs in every kitchen. Many, including myself, struggle to organise them and later spend hours looking for the right one. This wall mounted spice rack with six shelves is a perfect solution to all of our problems!

Large spice rack 18

Large rack for effective organization of spices in small indoors. This element of design is based on durable peg boards. This rack is suitable especially for commercial applications. It is resistant to large weight and damage.

Spice rack with jars 4

Spice rack consisting of glass jars with cork lids. It is fitted with wooden container. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Simple form and functional design.

Retro spice rack

Organize your spices and other small bottles in the kitchen with this handy and innovative large kitchen spice rack. You can see all of your spices easily with this rack that is crafted with a natural finish and that can be hung on a wall or door.

Large spice racks for kitchen

Wall of Spices

Wall hung spice rack 5

Three tiers kitchen shelving unit fitted under a wall mounted cabinet - open display organization space to house dozens of jars, receptacles and spice mugs. The manufacturer offers a customized dimensions option.

Ikea metal spice rack

Who doesn’t need a proper spice rack in the kitchen? This one here will not only give you plenty of storage options in the kitchen but will also help you keep everything organised. Not to mention how beautiful it is.

Wall hung spice rack 2

Wooden wall hung spice rack - a convenient and stylish addition to any kitchen. 3-tiered construction offers considerable space to organize your spices, herbs or any other culinary tricks.

Pine spice rack

Vintage Large Spice Rack With 24 Spice Jars by ThumbBuddyWithLove

Metal wall spice rack

Small Modular Kitchen Wall Storage S-Hooks, Set of 6 | World Market

Wall hung spice rack 4

Shampoos, soaps, and lotions. We need space in a bathroom that will be easy to access. Two made of hardwood and veneer shelves, white color - easy to mount to the wall. Wall hung spice rack has a functional frame that prevents cosmetics from falling.

Compact 37 Piece Spice Rack & Jar Set

Compact 37 Piece Spice Rack & Jar Set

Spectrum Wall-Mountable Black Scroll Spice Rack

Smart storage pull out cabinets high and low custom backsplash

Smart storage, pull-out cabinets high and low. Custom backsplash in glass, metal and travertine stone.

Bamboo Glass 16 Cube Spice Rack Spices Wall Moung Countertop Drawer Stand Modern

Wall hung spice rack 17

Rack designed for mounting on the wall. It consists of woven metal wires. Perfect for display decorations, storing spices and others needed stuff. Neutral and functional design for each room.

Large spice racks

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