Metal Corner Wine Rack

No one who knows anything about wine sets it on its bottom. Those of use who know better put it on a rack. And for your wine collection, we give you metal corner wine racks. Now you can decorate that tricky corner area in a way that is useful as well as clever and attractive. Keep your wine safe and secure in one of our metal corner racks.

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16 bottle tuscan wine rack wine racks minneapolis

16 bottle tuscan wine rack wine racks minneapolis
Designed for 16 bottles, this metal corner wine rack will be a smooth patent to save your floor space and create an eye-pleasing display spot for your bottles collection. A solid and sturdy construction, designed to bear heavy loads.

Farmhouse charms garden walk sideboard

Farmhouse charms garden walk sideboard
Bring a touch of rustic style and simple sophistication to any space, with this pine and brich wood sideboard, that plays also a role of wine rack sideboard. Full of little shelves for favorite wine. The pine and brich wood was painted into a ivory.

Redmont terrace glenda sideboard

Redmont terrace glenda sideboard
Presented here wine rack sideboard has one of the most interesting shades of oak. Individually hand finished to simulate the popular reclaimed wood look, contains also convenient utility wine shelves to storage your favorite merlot, with glasses above.

27 Bottle Wine Rack

27 Bottle Wine Rack
Intriguing 27 bottle wine rack with a beautiful shape. Two arcs are linked together by solid steel bars while wine bottels are placed in the wine racks designed with rounded rods. The design looks great in the room and allows you to present a sophisticated collection of wines.

Rustic Oak Vancouver Wine Rack Sideboard Living Room Dining Furniture Van 001

Rustic Oak Vancouver Wine Rack Sideboard Living Room Dining Furniture Van 001
Stuning example of oak wine rack sideboard. You can find it in classic American interiors, made of light oak. Three drawers are decorated with functional wrought iron holders. Underneath there is a lot of space on the both side and a wine rack in the middle.

Houzz tour a chicago loft rises to the rafters

Houzz tour a chicago loft rises to the rafters
Made of metal corner wine rack combined with a unique coffee table based on the structure of the tree trunks delight. The design of the wine cabinet captivates and allows to accommodate your favorite wine.

Metal corner wine rack 4

With its semicircular shape, this cleverly designed wine rack shall smoothly fit into any corner of your house, enhancing the value of your living room space. Its seven-tiered construction offers enough space to accommodate 56 bottles.

Our advice Buying Guide

You need to look for a good place to keep your wine collection. There are collectors who purchase wine refrigerators and wine coolers, and they can be enough. However, as the collection grows, the cooler and the refrigerator won’t suffice in housing all the wines you have.

This is where a metal corner wine rack comes in. It's capable of giving you an excellent storage solution for your wine without taking valuable floor space inside your living spaces.

If you are unsure of which wine rack you should purchase, don’t fret as you are not alone. Wine racks come in several styles and sizes, so it’s just understandable how choosing the right rack can seem like a real challenge. Just read on as we’ve compiled expert tips on choosing the best storage solution for your wine collection.

Where to place a metal corner wine rack?

A metal corner wine rack can be placed in any corner of a room, but it’s imperative that you find the exact spot for your new wine storage before a purchase is made. The reason why it is crucial for you to identify the rack’s location is because an area that keeps on changing its temperature and has direct sun exposure will ruin your expensive bottles of wine.

To prevent this from happening, determine the area in your home that’s the coolest. If can be the basement, a certain corner of your living room or your kitchen – it depends on your specific situation.

Take Note: If you will be getting a wine rack without a cooling unit, you have to consume the bottles within a predetermined period of time as wine bottles require appropriate cooling systems to last years and remain in their best condition.

How to determine the capacity for a wine rack?

Determining the amount of storage needed is among the difficult aspects that require consideration when getting a wine rack. The storage space you need will depend on the number of bottles you consume at a certain period of time, as well as the wine types that you prefer.

There are wine bottles that won’t fit in standard openings of wine racks. The standard Bordeaux bottles can fit in all wine racks, but not Magnum bottles as they’re much larger. Champagne bottles also need larger openings. Chardonnays, some pinot noirs, and burgundies also require openings that are larger than 3 ½ inch, which is the standard wine rack opening.

Experts recommend that you include spaces for splits and for magnums as well.

What kind of metal corner wine rack should you choose?

A corner wine rack made of heavy-duty metal has nested wine bottle holders. They keep your wine bottles on their sides at all times, plus they don’t allow them to slide and move from the bent wire that’s holding the necks of the bottles in place. Just make sure that your rack is placed on a level ground. If it is tall, have it bolted to your walls to protect your home and your wine collection.

Corner wine racks come in different shapes and sizes. They can be freestanding or wall-mounted. If your area experiences earthquakes frequently, make sure your corner wine rack is made of durable materials and is secured to walls so it doesn’t tip over or pull out from a wall.


Metal corner wine rack

Corner wine rack consisting of open shelves, glasses holders and shelves for bottles of wine. It is mounted on metal base. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Metal corner wine rack

A dignified piece of vintage furniture that will keep your glassware and wine bottles properly stored and displayed. Crafted of hardwood, the cabinet includes a corner design, 2 open shelves, 1 glassware rack, a built-in lighting system, a metal wine rack for 13 bottles and height-adjustable floor levelers.

Metal corner wine rack

The stylish metal corner wine rack is a perfect combination of attractive styling and solid iron finish. All beautifully presented in every decor, it is functional and has a handy shelf, with delightful decorations.

Metal corner wine rack 1

Malaga Corner Table

Wine rack table wine racks hand crafted in the usa

wine rack table wine racks hand crafted in the usa

Attractive metal scrollwork corner 4 tier wine bottle stemware rack


Corner wine cabinet

If you want to save space in your home and, at the same time, decorate it with functional shelf unit, then, this baker's rack is a perfect choice for it. Boasting of its corner design, the rack has a tubular metal frame with nice scrollwork, 4 wood open shelves in walnut finish and a matching drawer.

Corner wine racks

Beautifully made with metal corner wine rack is a great solution for every connoisseur of these wine beverages. Beautifully decorated decorations and solid construction fascinate and bring to the room a unique atmosphere.

Furthermore with corner wine racks you need not worry about

Furthermore, with corner wine racks you need not worry about the ...

Southern Enterprises Celtic Wine Tower

The elegant wine tower made of wrought iron and wooden elements. This exclusive piece of furniture is equipped not only with 8-bottle-rack but also with special reversed glass rack and a shelf for the carafe

Modern wine racks allmodern modern wine rack contemporary

Modern Wine Racks | AllModern – Modern Wine Rack, Contemporary

Corner bakers rack with cabinet

The unique corner cabinet with the interesting wine rack. I had never seen a piece of furniture like that before. The base was prepared of the delicate lacquered walnut, which was perfectly composed with iron frame.

VintageView 12 Bottle Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack (1 Deep - Black)

Corner unit wine rack

Durable and classic, this beautiful wine rack is made of sturdy natural wood reinforced with metal hardware. The rack features 2 tiers for ensuring stability of your bottles of wine, accommodating at the same time up to 12 of them.

Metal corner wine rack 6

howard miller piedmont 690 000 corner wine cabinet wine cabinets clock ...

Corner wine refrigerator

Any fans of traditional design here? Forget about a metal corner wine rack - go for a traditional cherry corner wine cabinet! Traditionally styled home bars are THE BEST! The cabinet offers a rack for glass and for wine bottles

Corner wine rack

It's most likely you can do it yourself. Take a chopped piece of wood, make deep holes that match the neck of the wine - mount to the wall and admire your levitation wine stand, made of tree trunk in rectangular block shape. Natural and intriguing.

Sideboard buffet with wine rack

This is a grey fayance sideboard buffet with a wine rack - to make the storage one big pleasure. All your favorite wines can have their place in the middle of this grey wooden buffet. Glass cabinets, on the both side are perfect space for glasses storage.

Corner cabinet wine rack

Tall rack with 4 wooden shelves stacked vertically. It is mounted on metal frame. Perfect as wine rack or bookcase. Elegant accessory for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Black corner wine cabinet

Metal Wine Holder with open globe silhouette. Since this is so different it would look awesome in the corner of a masculine office/study or in a wine cellar/basement.

And dining room areas using wooden violin floor standing wine

... And Dining Room Areas Using Wooden Violin Floor Standing Wine Racks

Corner wine cabinets

This wine rack is characterized by a corner design and durable powder-coated metal construction, perfect for smaller interiors. The rack is very capacious, able to store up to 152 bottles of wine at the same time!

Corner bakers rack wrought iron metal shelf kitchen storage shelves

Corner Bakers Rack Wrought Iron Metal Shelf Kitchen Storage Shelves ...

Howard Miller 690-000 Piedmont Corner Wine Cabinet

A perfect piece for when you have a significant wine collection but still wouldn't like to overclutter your space - this wine cabinet sports the corner design and plenty of space for glasses and your bottles.

Metal wine bar

Howard Miller 690-004 Metropolis Wine Cabinet by Howard Miller. $1118.40. Adjustable glass shelf. Wine rack holds up to 20 bottles. Pad-Lock metal shelf clips lock shelves into place. Height-adjustable floor levelers under all four corners provide stabili

Corner wine shelf

Scrolled Black Corner Etagere

Gallatin industrial metal rustic wood narrow console wine rack

Gallatin Industrial Metal Rustic Wood Narrow Console Wine Rack

Metal corner wine rack 8

Leeds Wine Rack

Sideboards with wine racks

An indispensable accessory in a wine cellar - a wine bottle rack. Rustic style was achieved here using natural finish wood and substantial black metal bracket supporters. Two drawers and a cabinet enhance storage capacity.

Metal corner wine rack 5

Material: Metal Weight: 2lbs Mounting Hardware: Hanging keyholes on the left and right upper corners, on the back of the product

Wine rack sideboard 14

Sideboard in attractive cottage style. This buffet table is a durable wooden construction finished in white color. It offers a rectangular top, two shelves and wine rack for up to eight wine bottles. It also includes two drawers.

Metal corner wine rack furniture for home mini bars design

Metal Corner Wine Rack Furniture For Home Mini Bars Design Inspiration ...

Metal corner wine rack 7

Vinotemp - 9 Bottle Wine Rack. To mount on the side of cabinet around the corner from kitchen?

Dinnerware Wine Glasses And China Tableware Storage Rack Shelf Corner Piece Dining Living Room, Kitchen Furniture Decor. Metal And Wood Construction

Corner wine storage

Everyone has different needs, but wine storage can be made easier by buying a practical corner wine rack. This is made of metal and has simple geometric rectangular panels, that form the ideal backdrop for wine, wall mounted -solidly supporting.

Metal corner wine rack

Metal Corner Wine Rack

Metal corner cabinet

Simple but eye-catching contemporary racks for bottles of wine. They have open triangular wooden frames finished in browns. A rack accommodates bottles both inside and on a top shelf. Racks can be mounted on walls in any arrangements.

Metal corner wine rack 11

Gold Table Top French Country 3 Three Bottle Wine Rack Caddy by Maison Rouge. $39.99. Item weight: 1 lb 12 oz. Measurements: 12" (Height) 10.75" (Width) 6.25" (Depth). Take a look at this pretty and unique metal wine rack table top caddy in gold This disp

Monticello single row wine rack or wine holder

Monticello’ Single row Wine Rack or Wine Holder.

Wine rack corner unit

With a such a stylish corner wine rack any decor can be elevated into another level. It features the wooden and metal construction, which reminds me of the rustic look. The six spaces are perfect as a wine bottle holders.

Espresso Finish Wood Wine Rack Console Sideboard Table with Drawers Shelves & Storage

Elegance and practicality are the main features in this Wood Wine Rack/Sideboard Table with Drawers and Storage in Black Finish. The piece offers solid wood construction, glass doors, steel hardware, and very attractive appearance.

Kitchen bakers rack cabinets

Decorous corner bakers rack with bottom cabinet in ash wood finish. Tall black metal frame features fancy scrolls detailing. The cabinet affors a large drawer and double door. Above, there are 3 tiers to display stuff.

Corner 4 tier metal scrollwork wine rack kitchen dining

Corner 4 Tier Metal Scrollwork Wine Rack Kitchen & Dining