Cast Iron Wine Racks

Store your wine with a rack that is a little different than the traditional wood tower concepts. Cast iron is rich and rugged and can support plenty of weight. Our cast iron wine racks come in several different styles and wine quantity configurations to match your unique decor and desire. Look in this collection and see what you think.

Best Products

Vintage 1970s wine rack cast iron black

Vintage 1970s wine rack cast iron black
The cast iron wine rack is probably the favorite piece for those who love to drink this divine drink. The bottles here will be stored in metal circles, which will hold them steady in black. In contrast, the glasses can be set on a wooden oak board, at the top.

Industrial Copper Wine Bottle Holder

Industrial Copper Wine Bottle Holder
The unique case of the wine rack, which was made of copper pipes, with a high gloss. Offers space for a bottle of wine and two glasses. Copper wine rack enriches the character of the given wine, especially during the evenings of the two.

Vintage mid century modern umanoff 30

Vintage mid century modern umanoff 30
The cast iron vintage wine rack is a perfect combination of unique style and functionality. The whole is unique in modern decor with an old hint. The two wooden shelves add all the interesting style.

Unique Copper Wine Rack 10 Bottle

Unique Copper Wine Rack 10 Bottle
An unusual wine rack which you can put directly on the kitchen countertop. It's a simple construction made of copper that will accommodate 10 wine bottles. It's a great idea for a gift for all the wine lovers.

Copper Wine Rack

Copper Wine Rack
A phenomenal wine rack in a modern design. It features a simple copper board with a glossy finish and clever, spiral holders. You can mount it in your living room or kitchen as its universal design will blend in any decor.

Tuscan Bathroom Towel Holder Wine Rack Iron Cast 41 Wall Mount Decor Display

Tuscan Bathroom Towel Holder Wine Rack Iron Cast 41 Wall Mount Decor Display
Splash your home decor with a drop of Tuscan design by choosing this amazing wall mount decor towel holder. I think that it can be used as a wine rack too. The iron cast construction works well with the elegant style around.

Granita 16 Bottle Wine Rack

Granita 16 Bottle Wine Rack
This amazing and functional bottle rack is gonna bring you the best solution for storing all of your wine bottles. Moreover, it's gonna provide you also an intriguing design and the highest functionality.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are cast iron wine racks outdated?

Cast iron wine racks aren’t outdated at all! They actually allow you to store your wine collection in a visually appealing way, especially since there are a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Those who fancy an old-school vibe can pick a vintage-style iron wine rack with metal circles and wooden shelves. On the other hand, those fond of industrial style can opt for a unique design with plumbing pipes. What’s more, you can choose whether you want a freestanding, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted wine rack.

How to choose the best cast iron wine rack?

One of the main aspects to pay attention to when choosing a cast iron wine rack is its size. If space is a concern but you still want to flaunt your favorite bottles, your best bet may be a compact wine rack that can hold 4-10 bottles. That said, you may also stumble across stackable designs with a high capacity, ideal for decent-sized wine collections.

In addition, you’ll need to pick a wine rack that can accommodate the sizes of your wine bottles, since they come in different sizes as well.

Some cast iron wine racks offer a few extras that are sure to come in handy when organizing your wine bottles or having a drink. Such features include a wooden tabletop, a space-saving fold-up frame, and shelves and drawers for storing wine accessories.


Vintage gold wrought iron wine rack

Vintage gold wrought iron wine rack
Wrought iron construction of this wine rack provides support and resistance to weight of many wine bottles. This space-saving element can be used no many different flat surfaces. It holds wine bottles and complements any decor.

4 Bottle Hanging Wine Rack

4 Bottle Hanging Wine Rack
Designed to store 4 bottles, this hanging wine rack constitutes a stylish proposition for both contemporary and traditional interiors. It features also a cleverly designed bottom shelf for glasses.

Copper wine rack

An ingenious industrial style wall-mounted rack for wine goblets. It's DIY-made of copper plumbing pipes fixed horizontally to a water supply pipe above a kitchen sink. Five pairs of holders can accommodate 20 glasses with stems upwards.

Wrought iron wine rack

A magnificent wine rack that will improve your home in a second. Functional, durable, and captivating, the rack is made of cast iron, with a copper finish and beautiful scrollwork, offering an oval shape, curvy legs and locking doors.

Cast iron wine racks for sale

Wine racks take a variety of forms. This one, curious in its simplicity, is a long rectangle with tilted shelves.Characterized by gray metal design and iron elements. Will accommodate eight bottles of your favorite wine.

Wrought iron wine racks

Attractive and durable rack with a solid cast iron construction with some decorative, curved accents. This durable construction finished in black color includes a rectangular top made of solid and attractive glass.

Wrought iron 32 bottle white finish wine rack

Wrought Iron 32 Bottle White Finish Wine Rack

Wrought iron hanging wine racks

The ultimate durable wine rack made from cast iron. This rack also comes with a wall mounting mechanism, and is large enough to hold dozens of bottles at any given time. Its neat black finish should also add some industrial elegance into your spaces.

Bradley Wine Rack

Bradley Wine Rack

Wine rack made from horseshoes

A space-saving and convenient side table with a built-in wine rack. The base is made of powder-coated metal, consisted of straight legs, supporting a rack for max. 6 bottles of wine, and an oak-finished wood round top with Bordeaux print.

Olde forge wall mounted cast iron wine rack 3

Olde Forge” Wall mounted cast iron wine rack

Vintage wine holder

Make this wine rack from hardware - maybe cast iron plumbing parts? (Rustic, country, cabin, lodge, woods)

67754486580 iron swirls wine rack this ornate metal wine rack

67754486580 iron swirls wine rack this ornate metal wine rack

Butler 21 Bottle Wine Rack

Butler 21 Bottle Wine Rack

Industrial Wine Rack

Industrial Wine Rack

Henderson 8 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Henderson 8 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Cast iron wine racks 1

A stabile and easy to clean wine rack that can be a practical and eye-catchy decoration for dining rooms, restaurants, and kitchens. Made of black cast iron, the wine rack holds up to 10 bottles of wine at the same time. Measurements: 15" x 14" x 7".

Wall mount wine rack wrought iron

Camilla Cast Iron Effect Ornate Wine Rack or Wine Holder

Wrought iron wine racks wall mounted

Unique wine rack (a gift idea??!). Single bottle rack is a sculpture of two men - they carry a bottle. The rack is cast out of iron , with bronze finish hihglihgted with gold patina. It's nicely textured for a unique look and appeal.

Wrought iron hanging wine rack


Iron wine rack table

Wrought Iron Wall Mounted Grapevine Wine Rack - Home Decor, Accents ...

Cast iron wine racks 2

The beautiful composition and design of this cast iron wine rack make the decor of the kitchen, dining room or living room delight. All in black is universal and very stylish. Stunning details with vines fascinate.

Brancott 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Brancott 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Victorian cast iron wine rack by international caravan

Victorian Cast Iron Wine Rack by International Caravan

Rod iron wine rack

Decorous openwork wire design enclosed in tall, arched frame makes thiscast iron wine rack a stylish addition to kitchen or wine cellar. Dark finish makes it blendable, no matter the coloring scheme of the existing decor.

Wrought iron wine cabinet

Not the biggest wine rack on Earth, BUT... still it can house up to five bottles. Like its rough industrial styling. Cast iron frame, uniquely hammered, with wooden bars to hold bottles more firmly. Wall-mounted. Like.

Wrought iron wine holder

Add it to your favorites to revisit it later.

Vintage wine racks for sale

At first glance I wasn't sure what's that. When I realized that it is an unique iron wine rack, I was really impressed. Maybe it is not the biggest one, but you can put there only the handy bottles in your living room.

Iron wine rack

Cast iron wine rack that’s not only practical but also beautiful. If you need a place to keep your wine bottles at, such an interesting wine rack will be perfect – it underlines the fancy, luxurious character of wine bottles.

Cast iron wine racks 3

Artimino Fleur-de-Lis Cast Iron 6-Bottle Wine Rack

Wrought iron wine racks for sale

Available at #Dillards

Wrought iron wine bottle holder

Elegant wine rack with cast iron detailing. £233.99

Wine rack wrought iron

Shabby Cottage Chic Cast Iron Metal Blue Bird Wine Rack

Wall mounted wrought iron wine racks

The Crémaillère Corkscrew by PEUGEOT is a reproduction of a wall mounted cork remover rack. The vintage corkscrew is made of patinated cast iron. It works as a rack and pinion gear system; put your bottle underneath, pull up and then down and your cork

Metal hanging wine rack 2

Glasses holders for residential and commercial premises. It is made of wood and metal. Designed for mounting on the wall. It can accommodate up to 6 wine glasses. Simple form and neutral design.

Wrought iron wine rack table

Cast Iron High Wheel Wine Holder W/ Frog, from

Cast iron wine rack

Wine Rack Cast Iron | eBay

Wrought iron wine racks uk

Pallet Wine Rack w/Glass Holders. Measures 36 X 24X 5. Recycled, re-purposed and rustic. Due to the rustic nature, rack may vary slightly from

Another dutch oven stand

another dutch oven stand

Love the built in wine rack but not so much

love the built in wine rack! But not so much the cast iron bull head. Maybe a real deer mount?

Wrought iron wine cabinets

* abstract thinking * this is the light cast by the illuminated candle * ♡

Copper wine rack 4

Recycled drinks rack. It is made of old, unused copper pipe and attached to the bottom of closet. You can use it to curation wines, liquers or other beverages. This decor's element prove, that every item can be used again.

Cast iron wine rack iron wine rack wine rack diy

Cast iron wine rack | Iron wine rack, Wine rack, Diy home ...