Cast Iron Hanging Pot Rack

Cast iron is heavy. Not all pot racks can support the weight. The answer to the is one of our specially designed cast iron hanging pot rack. And it works for all your cast iron cooking accoutrements. Hang pots, hand pans, and hang those handed down utensils, on one of these fetching racks that will only complement your kitchen. Your cast iron will hang with care.

Best Products

Villa pietra

Villa pietra
An impressive pot rack that can be attached to a kitchen island. All is constructed of durable steel with a rectangle frame on top and neat scrollwok. The rack has a built-in lighting system and multiple hooks for hanging pots and pans.

Custom built pot pan storage racks from

Custom built pot pan storage racks from
Constructed of sturdy wood and durable cast iron, this large pot rack hangs on robust chains and hooks. It should be mounted on the ceiling right in the middle of the kitchen, beautifully accentuating the whole kitchen table underneath.

Industrial Rustic Kitchen Wall Shelf

Industrial Rustic Kitchen Wall Shelf
Make your kitchen more appealing by complementing it with this beautiful 24'' rack for pots and pans. Made of robust steel, the rack gives you 5 strong hooks to, on which you can hang various kinds of your kitchen-helpers.

Premier Reversible Arch Hanging Pot Rack

Premier Reversible Arch Hanging Pot Rack
This modern styled, slightly curved pot rack features three racks and will provide an extra storage space for bigger pots. It is made of durable metal in silver finish and can be easy mounted to a ceiling

Hand forged iron twisted bar simple pot

Hand forged iron twisted bar simple pot
This hanging bar pot rack is a testimony to organizing but a certain artistic nonchalance in 1.It doesn't normally hang over a kitchen island, but its black cast iron pipe is mounted to the wall and with aluminum hooks supports pans and pots in a slick way.

Vintage blacksmith kitchen accessories hanging pot rack

Vintage blacksmith kitchen accessories hanging pot rack
This is a special element designed for use in the kitchen. It is a rack for pots and other types of kitchen equipment. It is made of iron with blackened finish so it will look very well in different indoor stylizations.

Industrial Pipe And Barn Wood Coat Hooks

Industrial Pipe And Barn Wood Coat Hooks
Simple and still original - this hanging bar pot rack will allow you to easily organize your pots and utensils in the kitchen, while ensuring a high level of uniqueness and charm. It is made of metal and offers extreme durability.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you're somebody who really cares about the accessories you have in your kitchen, you might be thinking about a nice way to display them. There are many different items and pieces of furniture which are suitable for storing and displaying all of your favorite pots and pans. Cast iron pots are not cheap, and therefore it's important to store them safely and suitably in the kitchen. Pot racks are an efficient and stylish way to store them, so let's take a look at some of the designs you could choose from.

What are the different designs of cast iron hanging pot racks?

  • Ceiling rack

One style of pot rack is one which hangs down from the ceiling. This isn't always the easiest to install, and you may have to pay a tradesman to install it for you. Some suppliers and furniture stores may install a ceiling pot rack for you included in the price of the furniture. There are chains which are attached to your kitchen ceiling supporting the wooden rack which is positioned horizontally in line with the ceiling. Various cast iron hooks allow you to hang your pots around it as necessary.

  • Breakfast bar rack

Reaching up towards the ceiling every time you need pots and pans isn't the ideal choice for everybody. If you'd prefer something which is more grounded, have a look at racks which are located down the side of a breakfast bar. You can either buy these included with a breakfast bar, or buy a set of shelves or rack which is approx. 4 feet in height. You can align this with your breakfast bar or table to create a storage rack for pots.

  • Expanding rack

Not everybody wants to show off their cast iron pots, and if you'd rather just put them in the cupboard out of sight, you can consider the expanding rack which fits nearly within your existing kitchen cupboards. When you open the cupboard, you can pull out the rack which has all your pots hanging from it. The rack is usually made from wood with metal components to create the sliding and expanding motion.

  • Wall rack

If you have plenty of wall space that you're not using for other things such as family photographs or paintings, the wall is a great place to store your cast iron pots and other kitchen items. Sturdy metal hooks can be drilled into suitable places in your kitchen to create a wall rack. There may be a wooden bar placed horizontally across the wall, and then 4-5 hooks along the bar. This allows for more structure, and also causes less damage to your walls.

  • Decorative hanging rack

While some people may prefer to store their cast iron pots away from view, you may want to make a feature piece out of yours. Hanging racks which are decorative feature several ornate and intricate swirls and other patterns, and may even have other shapes such as animals positioned at the top. With 2-4 hooks on either side of the hanging rack, you can easily fit all of your pots.

How high should you hang a pot rack?

A general rule for pot rack height above the counter or island is 40 to 48 inches, measured from the top of the work surface to the bottom of the hooks.


Wrought iron pot hanging pot rack center light

Wrought iron pot hanging pot rack center light
A cool vintage hanging pot rack of black wrought iron. It's built of 2 size-varied rectangular frames (with hooks) joined by 4 thin slanted arms (with decorative swirls) with a double-ring ceiling mount over a lamp with a plate-like bronze shade.

Cast iron hanging pot rack 1

This beautifully made frying pan and other kitchen utensils hanger is a beautiful combination of functionality and impressive detail of the kitchen. Wooden construction with steel hangers creates a very handy element that will work well on a daily basis.

Cookware hangers

Quality iron rack to hang your pots at. Black colour makes it elegant and stylish, while the rich finish will draw the attention of your guests towards your most valuable pots. It's iron, so you know it will last!

Iron pot rack

Who would tell that a traditional (almost primitive!) wood cook stove can be incorporated into a modern kitchen creating a style that's extremely classy! The off-white vintage piece features pot rack above it.

Pan hangers

An easy to mount hanging rack pan with 6 long hooks and a tubular railing attached to the ceiling. It's a cast iron kitchen decoration that allows you to display your pans just as they should be.

Cast iron pan stand

With this cast iron structured hanging pot rack you will finally have that significant boost of practical use and a way of keeping your interior well-organized. It is made from cast iron to withstand years of use.

Cast iron hanging pot rack

Small kitchens are a challenge. How to make cooking in them easy and pleasant? Invest in a kitchen cast iron hanging pot rack above the island - preferably with strong metal and several surfaces for hanging pots and pans.

Saucepan hanging rail

A pretty set of size-varied pans (4 round and 1 square) made of durable cast iron with a brown finish. They have non-stick inside surfaces. A pan has a long heat-proof handle with a quite large oval hole for hanging on a hook.

Iron hanging pot rack

Easy to fold in and out, this clever mechanism will be a great pot and pan organizer for your kitchen. Stylish and allowing to save precious space at the same time. Wood and metal finishing guarantee long-lasting solidness.

Cast iron skillet rack

A practical solution for decorating smaller kitchens and at the same time for saving some space. The rack is made of pegboard that should be mounted on a wall, also offering robust metal hooks for displaying your pots and pans.

Cast iron s hooks

A great piece for contemporary kitchens, which is going to help you to properly organize and display your pots and pans. The rack is made of cast iron and equipped with strong hooks, allowing you to easily mount it on your kitchen wall.

Old Dutch 60-Inch Cookware Stand, Graphite

Cast iron hanging pot

10 Kitchens With Cast Iron Pans on Display

Cool pot racks

Hanging pot rack made of cast iron. It contains a lot of hooks arranged horizontally. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Great solution for space saving in any kitchen.

Cooks Standard Ceiling Mount Wooden Pot Rack, Single Bar

This superbly thought-ceiling mount wooden pot rack with a single bar is an excellent solution for every kitchen. It is rugged and reliable. Allows you to store pots and other kitchen accessories.

Hang rack

Pans, pots, grandma, and great-grandmother? Well, there is nothing to hide them, just hang them over the kitchen island - on a cast iron hanging pot rack, based on a circle, with an iron bird that indicates the directions of good cooking.

Cast iron storage

Bring some decorative benefits into your kitchen and save space in the process, thanks to those convenient pot racks. Made of quality metal, the racks are easy to mount and feature 5 sturdy hooks for displaying your pans and pots.

Small hanging pot rack

When you have to live in a small space, the most important thing is to organize your space well to avoid the problems with lack of space to store your accessories. You can use the additional racks to provide enough place to put it.

Cast iron hanging pot rack 2

I wonder if this would work inside a cabinet. No nicks on my pans!

Pot rack hardware

Wall-mounted deep bookshelf pot rack, forged in heavy-duty hammered steel, equipped with 12 angled pot hooks. Its grid and frame are protected by a durable wax finish. It's formed with use of traditional French tools.

Saucepan hangers kitchen

Hanging Pots and Pans for Decorating Your Kitchen

Hanging bar pot rack

Home bar and kitchen application. This pot rack provides space for kitchen equipment, towels, etc. Its wall-hanging elements are made of solid materials and finished in neutral black color. They are able to hold different pots and accessories.

Pot rack hardware 4

A rustic kitchen arrangement, which features a functional rack mounted to the wall, where you can store your kitchen pots and other equipment. It's a practical alternative as you don't have to dig for them at the back of the shelves.

Hand forged pot rack

This hanging pot rack from cast iron fits perfectly well into the rustic kitchen decor, corresponding to the wooden counters, chairs or bars. Apart from it, it creates of course a new practical storage space.

Kinetic classicor wrought iron hanging oval pot rack

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Kinetic classicor wrought iron hanging oval pot rack 1

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Wrought iron pot hanging pot rack with center light at

Wrought Iron Pot Hanging Pot Rack with Center Light at 1stdibs

Kinetic classicor wrought iron hanging oval pot rack 2

Kinetic Classicor Wrought-Iron Hanging Oval Pot Rack ...

Cast iron hanging pot rack ebth

Cast Iron Hanging Pot Rack | EBTH

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0767bf4056625f6bcf6a2781680762c5.jpg 1,080×1,920 pixels ...

Wrought iron round hanging pot rack with 8 pieces 54

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Chic hanging wooden pot rack for 10 piece pot and

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Vintage cast iron hanging pan rack the unique seat company

Vintage Cast Iron Hanging Pan Rack - The Unique Seat Company

Vintage cast iron hanging pan rack the unique seat company

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