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For most of us, coffee time is often one of the best moments of the day. That is unless your coffee pods and capsules are all over the place. This is where a coffee pod holder saves the day—less rummaging, more time to drink and enjoy. Let's also not forget the added benefit of having a visually pleasing and organized countertop. Lucky for you, we've gathered some of the best coffee pod holder ideas, from a cute mug basket to a rotating stand and more.

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Updated 03/11/2022
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Storage drawer Keurig pod holder

Storage drawer Keurig pod holder


This neat, compact k cup holder combines high quality, functionality, and convenience in one simple product. Crafted from metal in a versatile black finish, it presents a drawer-type storage system with room for 35 pods as your Keurig coffee maker sits on top.

$31.02 $32.48

Designer Advice:

Want to keep your coffee pods within reach but out of sight? This coffee pod holder does just that, providing a smart way to minimize visual clutter from all those pods. In addition, it's perfect for creating a little, space-saving coffee station with all the essentials at your fingertips. The game changer: it has a wheeled base that rolls forward and backward—ideal for when you're cleaning, moving it from under the cabinet, or refilling the reservoir.

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Wall mounted coffee pod holder

Wall mounted coffee pod holder


Beautifully constructed from solid wood, this coffee pod holder features all the storage you need for your coffee assortments. Four vertical capsule racks are available on the doors, housing up to 36 pods. Inside, a tall cabinet comes in handy for storing coffee pod packs and refills.

$28.4 $44.99

Designer Advice:

For those looking to free up counter space, this innovative piece will do the trick! Hang it above your coffee bar and watch your mornings become so much easier! Besides, it's far from an eye-sore and blends in seamlessly with its surroundings thanks to its gray and brown undertones. Another feature we love is the magnetic pop-open and close doors!

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Coffee storage basket

Coffee storage basket

Boston Warehouse Trading Corp

This 20-coffee pod holder resembles a giant mug of coffee, making it an instant favorite for coffee lovers. It boasts a diamond-pattern wire body on a smooth, scratch-free base along with an ornate handle - all finished in oiled-bronze for a classy look.

$22.32 $24.01

Designer Advice:

This is more of a decorative coffee pod holder, but it still gets the job done. With this, you get to showcase your coffee pod collection in a casual way and get rid of messy boxes once and for all. You might even want to purchase multiple baskets to upgrade your coffee corner. One for pods, another for napkins, and maybe an additional one for coffee stirrers, filters, and spoons.

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Streamlined k cup stand

Streamlined k cup stand

Madison Bay Trading Company

Flaunting a clean and unfussy appearance, this one is made entirely from teak wood in a natural tone. It is composed of clean lines, a supportive base, and a slanted back, holding six cups for your convenience. Even better, it fits practically anywhere since it only measures 9.5" tall and 6" wide.

$43.22 $48.99

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3 layered coffee pod rack

3 layered coffee pod rack


With a distressed wood base and black metal frame, this piece introduces a rustic feel to wherever it's placed while serving its main purpose! 18 circular slots spread out into a tree-like structure, holding the k cups securely and making them easy to grab at all times.

$20.58 $34.99

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Coffee Pod Holder

Buying Guide

A K-cup pod holder is the best way to store K-cup pods. K-cup pods are very efficient and are a great way to start your day without having to measure out coffee grounds and boil water - just one press of a button and your coffee is made ready for you! However, all of those pods can be a lot to handle. That’s why a K-cup pod holder can make your day a lot easier.

These types of pod holders come in many varieties, such as trees that have branches to put the pods on displays, jars to hold the pods in, or neat drawers that can even stack underneath your Keurig coffeemaker. Any way you choose it, a K-cup pod holder will reduce visual clutter in your kitchen and make your morning routine even easier.

The best holder for K cups is a model that optimizes functionality without sacrificing a stylish look.

We recommend choosing a k-cup pod holder that makes it easy to keep track of how many you have left (for example, by relying on an open or see-through design).

However, when it comes to the aesthetics side of things, it really depends on personal preference: you can either opt for a more versatile piece or an attention-grabbing design made to look like a specific object or character (such as a coffee cup or animal-shaped holder).

K cup holders can be placed on the countertop for easy accessibility while leaving enough space for other kitchen essentials such as tea, coffee, sugar pots, and spices. The ideal location for your K cup holder is next to your coffee maker or under the cabinet where you keep your coffee cups. However, there are several other factors to consider when keeping your K cup holder on the countertop.

When placing your K cup pod holder on the countertop, ensure it is in a location that is cool and dry and out of direct sunlight. Do not store K cups on the counter close to the cooktop, as they absorb food odors.

Choose the K cup pod holder that matches the rest of your kitchen storage units to ensure your kitchen has a cohesive look.

Make your morning routine that little bit easier and know at a glance when you're running low on supplies, K-Cup and coffee pod storage units are a great way to keep your pods handy and neatly organized. Here's how to pick one to suit your needs and complement your kitchen decor.

One of the first elements to consider is how much storage capacity you actually need. Here are some hints to bear in mind when choosing your coffee storage unit:

  • Household coffee pod storage units typically hold from around six up to 40 plus capsules.

  • Consider your household size - if a lot of family members use the coffee machine, for other drinks included, you'll definitely want to consider a large model with 36 plus capacity.

  • If you don't regularly drink coffee but like to have some on display for guests, then consider a small display unit that holds less than 10. This will allow your visitors to see what's on offer without you having to empty the contents of your coffee drawer.

  • For regular coffee drinkers consider a large 36 plus drawer storage unit, to save time on refills, as half empty carousel versions can look a little unsightly.

  • For multiple different beverage pods, tea, hot chocolate, and coffee use a high capacity unit that gives you the space to separate each type, so you won't mix them up and every flavor remains easily accessible.

Most coffee pod and K-Pod storage units fall into one of two types, tower display units or drawers. For simplicity's sake, we'll also class the carousel type in with stationary upright display holders.

Carousel/Upright Display Holders


  • See blends/flavors at a glance.
  • Easy to remove a pod, no need to pull open a drawer.
  • Display a wide range of different drinks for your guests.
  • Good for small to medium amounts of pods.


  • Can look unsightly when half-empty - need frequent refilling.
  • Some models can be a little unstable.
  • Take up extra counter space.

Drawer coffee storage units


  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Tidy, uniform finish.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Cannot see different blends/types of drink without opening.
  • Less convenient for small pod storage capacity.

There's a huge choice of fantastic coffee pod storage units to choose from. Struggling to find one to suit your home? Here's a rundown of the most common styles to help you match your coffee pod storage unit to your kitchen decor:

Classic Under Brewer Drawer

Compact, yet with space for up to around 24-36 pods, your classic under brewer coffee pod drawer saves space and keeps your kitchen counter uncluttered. Smaller designs hold less but protrude less from under your brewer, with chunkier models either adding an extra tier or spreading out a bit wider.

Best for: often available in black or white, these discreet under brewer drawers work well in modern style kitchens. For minimalist homes, store them in your cabinets for clear counters.

Large Drawer

Wide, with plenty of space for every family member's favorite blends, large drawer coffee storage units can either be designed to go under your brewer or some versions are open style to fit inside your kitchen drawer.

Best for: choose an open drawer insert style for a minimalist look and place it inside your kitchen drawer for a clutter-free finish and easy accessibility and visibility. Otherwise, large standard drawers can look good in a variety of kitchen styles, although they tend to best complement a modern look.

Bamboo Coffee Pod Holders and Drawers

Bamboo pod holders and drawers are a eco-friendlier choice. They also bring a nice shade of warmth to darker colored kitchensand blend in with wooden countertops.

Best for:contemporary kitchens work well with bamboo coffee storage units where they stand out as a contrast to man-made materials and bring warmth. Bamboo also looks good in traditional decor, where it can tie in with other natural pieces.

Metal Carousel

Discreet and minimal, a metal carousel is perhaps the least obtrusive in terms of looks, with a small footprint. It all depends on the pods you're storing, different bright colors liven up a metal carousel, while one type of pod in a dark shade is less of a feature.

Best for: use with bright colored pods and a variety of blend in a contemporary kitchen or modern decor. Used with less colorful pods, a metal carousel can work in a more industrial style kitchen or even a farmhouse style.

Accessories is what makes life more fun and brighter so why not add some to your beloved coffee maker set. They can make espresso more personal and will provide a finishing touch to the process of building a wonderful cup of coffee.

Our guide will go through some of the most common coffee accessories you should consider and explain which ones will suit your needs.

Filters play a vital role in the preparation of a good cup of coffee. They come in different materials and shapes, which can affect the taste.

  • Coffee filters are often made of disposable paper. Paper filters are cost-effective and can be unbleached, so they are processed easier and become more environmentally friendly.

  • Metal filters are more durable and only need a quick wash, which is the reason they will cost a bit more. However, unlike the paper filters, the metal allows the oils from the beans to flow through to the pot, which results in the stronger, bitter taste coffee lovers crave for.

  • Cloth filters are not as popular, but they promise you a super bold brew. Even though they can last up to three or four months, they need to be replaced as often as possible. Due to the natural fabrics they are made of, coffee grounds have a higher chance of slipping through.

  • There are two kinds of shapes regarding filters - cone or flat bottom. Coned shaped filters are for people that prefer a stronger taste and aroma. Flat bottom ones will give you a weaker strength since the coffee grounds cannot be completely covered by the water, so it just streams in the middle.


A plastic tamper is usually included in the box the coffee machine came in. However, it is often poorly constructed and does not bring a sense of expression. They come in different shapes and barista experts have concluded that flat platforms are suitable for double portafilters and convex ones work well for single portafilters.

Choose a tamper, which has a steel platform and a wooden handle because they are considered the most reliable and durable. You can then choose different colors, patterns and finishes of the wooden handle to match your coffee machine's exterior. Also, keep in mind that the diameter of the tamper platform should be 0.5 to 1 mm smaller that the diameter of the filter.

Capsule Holders

When it comes to storing your coffee pods and capsules, you will be overwhelmed with the huge variety on the market. For a tidier look, it is best to consider a drawer. They can store up to 64 pods and usually come in metal or wood. You can also use a drawer to store your condiments and capsules together.

If you prefer showcasing your fantastic collection, you will find many stainless-steel free-standing holders, which can store from 10 to 60 pods. They mostly come in simple designs, but you can come across creative holders such as ones that interpret a cactus.

Knock Box

Some would consider a knock box more important that the tamper because knocking out a spent puck from a portafilter can create a big mess without the knock box. You do not necessarily need a huge box like the ones you see in coffee shops. You can find knock boxes that do not take much room and fit under the portafilter on many espresso machines. It is best to go for a basic/metal knock box since customized ones' prices are not justified.

Steaming Pitcher

Themost common steaming pitcher is the bell-shaped or round one, which does not have a pointed spout but a wide lip. These pitchers usually will come with your coffee machine, but they are not suitable for pouring cappuccinos, macchiatos or latte designs without the help of the spoon. If you would not like to invest in a proper steaming pitcher, you can find bell-shaped ones with longer and pointed spouts, which can pour nice micro foam.

The size of the pitcher is important as well. A 12 oz pitcher will be enough to do two macchiatos, one cappuccino or a small latte. The 16 oz can do two cappuccinos and 20-24 oz are best suited for multiples cappuccinos and larger lattes.

Other Less Important Accessories

  • Grinding your own beans with an electric grinder is the simplest yet most effective way to better your coffee routine. They either have a blade or burr grinding mechanism. Experts suggest burr mechanisms are superior.

  • Hand grinders are great for people that want an authentic cup of coffee, quiet mornings and do not have the space for an electric grinder. Choose a stainless-steel grinder to last you a lifetime.

  • Coffee scoops can be a great replacement of scales and they might not measure perfectly, but if you get in the habit of using the same amount every day, scoops can make for consistency of fantastic brews.

Best Ideas

Keurig pod storage

Round Coffee K-Cup Pod Holder Universal Keurig Tower Swing Out Tray Up to 28

October hill coffee pot spinner k cup holder

October hill coffee pot spinner k cup holder

This metal rack will play its role both in your kitchen and modern cafe. It is intended to storage coffee capsules to express. This rack is made of metal pipes and it has plastic base and shape of old-fashioned, traditional kettle.

K cups rack

We get used to be comfortable, so instead of brewing coffee - it makes us the coffee machine with coffee capsules. Instead of pulling it out of the carton each time this chicken-shaped iron k cup pod stand holder was created to hold the coffee capsules.

K cup pod holder 2

Keep the organizing capability of your kitchen in top shape - the surroundings of your coffee machine won't be messy again. A kitchen top K cup pod holder in sleek black offers 36 pods capacity. You can organize them by flavour and type.

K cup pod holder

If you own a capsule coffee machine, you will love this idea. It's a metal holder for capsules that looks like the Eiffel Tower. The capsules will be nicely organized and easily accessible thanks to this smart item.

K cup rack

Top class and modern Keurig pod holder with a rounded design and a beautiful stainless steel storage drawer. The holder also comes in a modern black finish that perfectly complements the stainless steel at the bottom. The unit has a lot of storage capacity as well.

24-Pod Java Concepts Steel 3-Tier Universal Drawer for Keurig, Verismo and Nespresso

24-Pod Java Concepts Steel 3-Tier Universal Drawer for Keurig, Verismo and Nespresso

This convenient coffee pod storage unit can accommodate up to 24 pods and features three smooth-gliding drawers. The drawers pull out easily at a downward angle, making it simple to see your pod options for the morning.

Perfect for both inside cabinets and on countertops, the padded base prevents scratches and damage. This coffee pod storage unit acts as a great space-saver and is compatible with Verismo, Nespresso, and Keurig pods.

Wire coffe cup holder for your k cup coffee pods

Wire coffe cup holder for your K-cup coffee pods. Perfect for the ...

Wire Cup & Saucer K-Cup Pod Holder

Wire Cup & Saucer K-Cup Pod Holder

Cool decorative present-day holder for a dozen or so K-cups. It consists of a saucer and a cup having an openwork construction of thin silvery-coated metal wires. The cup has a handle. Both pieces have reinforced edges.

Wire Teapot K Cup Pod Holder

Wire Teapot K Cup Pod Holder

Funny decorative contemporary holder for a dozen or so coffee pods. It has a form of a classic teapot featuring an openwork construction of thin silvery-finished metal wires. It has a handle and a flip-up lid.

K cup coffee holder for keurig

Black metal wire kitchen organizer, assembling an on-desk file organizer a bit; it's dedicated for organizing and storing K-cup pod holders to improve your everyday coffee making experience. Three drawers hold up to 54 pods.

Keurig coffee pod holder

Take a look at this Bamboo Revolving 24-Cup Coffee Pod Holder by Vanderbilt Home on #zulily today!

Mind Reader Fridge/Wall Mount Coffee Pod Dispenser

Mind Reader Fridge/Wall Mount Coffee Pod Dispenser

Keep your favorite instant coffee flavors organized with this unit that offer four rows for storing up to 20 pods.

Above the dispenser sits a corkboard--perfect for leaving reminders and notes. This coffee pod dispenser can be mounted to either a wall or a refrigerator and helps you save counter space in tight areas. The open design dispenser allows for easy identification.

35-Pod Jessica Fleur De Lis Living Caddy

35-Pod Jessica Fleur De Lis Living Caddy

With an easel-style display and a sturdy steel design fashioned to look like wrought iron, this coffee pod caddy creates an artistic, French-inspired ambiance in your kitchen. It can hold up to 35 coffee pods.

Made for areas with at least 14" or more vertical clearance, it can also be safely mounted to a wall without the coffee pods falling out. Alternatively, fold the easel and place it in a drawer to store your pods horizontally.


35-Pod Wall Mount Single Serve Coffee Storage

35-Pod Wall Mount Single Serve Coffee Storage

Simultaneously functional and eye-catching, this coffee pod dispenser boasts a clever, metal wire design that feeds coffee pods towards the wooden platform at its base. At dimensions of 12.75" H x 12.5" W x 2.5" D, it's easy to mount on your kitchen wall and is an excellent space-saver.

Lightweight metal construction provides durability without sacrificing practicality or easy installation, and the open design ensures you never run out of your favorite brew.

Mind Reader 50 Pod Drawer for Nespresso Capsules

Mind Reader 50 Pod Drawer for Nespresso Capsules

Influenced by the clever simplicity of Scandinavian design, this coffee pod drawer fits easily beneath your coffee maker, providing storage for up to 50 individual pods.

A slim silver handle and clean sliding action make this Nespresso capsule drawer a must-have for any coffee lover's kitchen. The specialized heat-resistant top panel ensures that the structure remains sturdy, and the pods underneath are protected.

This drawer is specifically designed from Nespresso coffee capsules but can also accommodate Vertuo Nespresso capsules.

Kamenstein r xtra draw k cup r holder fit mac

Kamenstein® Xtra Draw K-Cup® Holder - Fit Mac Shadows perfect and drawers can be added to hardware. Love using this. Stores in my storage closet

Marketing Holders 12 K Cup Dispenser Coffee Keurig & tree pod holder Acrylic

Kcups holder

Keurig K Cup Coffee Pods Holder Primitive

Take a look at this k cup slide holder by

Take a look at this K-Cup Slide Holder by Vanderbilt Home on #zulily today!

Wood k cup holder

K-cup Coffee Pod Storage spinning Carousel Holder - 24 ct, Black -