K Cup Pod Holder

The newest innovation in home-brewed coffee, tea and other hot drinks, is the Keurig, and with the tiny K-cups it uses to make those delicious drinks, having a good way to store them can be invaluable. Thus, we present our collection of K-cup pod holders. From the simplest design to some fun and exotic options, now your K-cups will have a temporary home until use.

Best Products

October hill coffee pot spinner k cup holder

October hill coffee pot spinner k cup holder
This metal rack will play its role both in your kitchen and modern cafe. It is intended to storage coffee capsules to express. This rack is made of metal pipes and it has plastic base and shape of old-fashioned, traditional kettle.

Owl K Cup 13 Chrome Rack Holds 20 Coffee Tea Pods Holder Freestanding New

Owl K Cup 13 Chrome Rack Holds 20 Coffee Tea Pods Holder Freestanding New
Cup holder with a durable metal construction in chrome finish. This element features a decorative owl stylization. This durable construction is resistant to wear and damage. It is also able to hold heavy cups.

Wire Teapot K Cup Pod Holder

Wire Teapot K Cup Pod Holder
Funny decorative contemporary holder for a dozen or so coffee pods. It has a form of a classic teapot featuring an openwork construction of thin silvery-finished metal wires. It has a handle and a flip-up lid.

Wire Cup & Saucer K-Cup Pod Holder

Wire Cup & Saucer K-Cup Pod Holder
Cool decorative present-day holder for a dozen or so K-cups. It consists of a saucer and a cup having an openwork construction of thin silvery-coated metal wires. The cup has a handle. Both pieces have reinforced edges.

Wire coffe cup holder for your k cup coffee pods

Wire coffe cup holder for your K-cup coffee pods. Perfect for the ...

K cup rack

Top class and modern Keurig pod holder with a rounded design and a beautiful stainless steel storage drawer. The holder also comes in a modern black finish that perfectly compliments the stainless steel at the bottom. The unit has a lot of storage capacity as well.

K cups rack

We get used to be comfortable, so instead of brewing coffee - it makes us the coffee machine with coffee capsules. Instead of pulling it out of the carton each time this chicken-shaped iron k cup pod stand holder was created to hold the coffee capsules.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to store K cup pods?

A K-cup pod holder is the best way to store K-cup pods. K-cup pods are very efficient and are a great way to start your day without having to measure out coffee grounds and boil water - just one press of a button and your coffee is made ready for you! However, all of those pods can be a lot to handle. That’s why a K-cup pod holder can make your day a lot easier.

These types of pod holders come in many varieties, such as trees that have branches to put the pods on displays, jars to hold the pods in, or neat drawers that can even stack underneath your Keurig coffeemaker. Any way you choose it, a K-cup pod holder will reduce visual clutter in your kitchen and make your morning routine even easier.

What's the best holder for K cups?

The best holder for K cups is a model that optimizes functionality without sacrificing a stylish look.

We recommend choosing a k-cup pod holder that makes it easy to keep track of how many you have left (for example, by relying on an open or see-through design).

However, when it comes to the aesthetics side of things, it really depends on personal preference: you can either opt for a more versatile piece or an attention-grabbing design made to look like a specific object or character (such as a coffee cup or animal-shaped holder).

Should K Cup pod holders go on the countertop?

K cup holders can be placed on the countertop for easy accessibility while leaving enough space for other kitchen essentials such as tea, coffee, sugar pots, and spices. The ideal location for your K cup holder is next to your coffee maker or under the cabinet where you keep your coffee cups. However, there are several other factors to consider when keeping your K cup holder on the countertop.

When placing your K cup pod holder on the countertop, ensure it is in a location that is cool and dry and out of direct sunlight. Do not store K cups on the counter close to the cooktop, as they absorb food odors.

Choose the K cup pod holder that matches the rest of your kitchen storage units to ensure your kitchen has a cohesive look.


K cup holder 2

Stunning K cup holder made from metal and finished in a beautiful industrial black shade. The piece is supported by a strong rounded base as well and comes with neatly attached handles for easy mobility or mounting on walls.

K cup pod holder

If you own a capsule coffee machine, you will love this idea. It's a metal holder for capsules that looks like the Eiffel Tower. The capsules will be nicely organized and easily accessible thanks to this smart item.

Keurig k cup pod plastic black storage dispenser holder rack

Keurig K-Cup Pod Plastic Black Storage Dispenser Holder Rack Containers #Keurig

Hen K-Cup Pod Spinner

Hen K-Cup Pod Spinner

K cup pod holder 2

Keep the organizing capability of your kitchen in top shape - the surroundings of your coffee machine won't be messy again. A kitchen top K cup pod holder in sleek black offers 36 pods capacity. You can organize them by flavour and type.

Kamenstein r xtra draw k cup r holder fit mac

Kamenstein® Xtra Draw K-Cup® Holder - Fit Mac Shadows perfect and drawers can be added to hardware. Love using this. Stores in my storage closet

Hen K-Cup Pod Spinner

Hen K-Cup Pod Spinner

Wire coffee pod holder and organizer in coffee mug shape

Wire Coffee Pod Holder and Organizer in Coffee Mug Shape for the Kitchen, New

Keurig pod storage

Round Coffee K-Cup Pod Holder Universal Keurig Tower Swing Out Tray Up to 28

Marketing Holders 12 K Cup Dispenser Coffee Keurig & tree pod holder Acrylic

Keurig pod holder

Coffee "K" keeper for Keurig K-Cups or Vue Filters Pod holder. Cute!

Keurig holder

Néspresso capsule holder built into the cupboard. This is a good space saving alternative for small kitchens.

72 Pod Storage Drawer for Keurig K-Cups

72 Pod Storage Drawer for Keurig K-Cups

K cup pod holder 1

Use small cups with lids as your sequin, button or other small goodies into a container, selecting cups that will fit a coffee caddy like this.

K cup holders

Owl K-Cup Pod Holder

The pod cup holder

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Keurig coffee rack stand

Wire Cup & Saucer K-Cup Pod Holder