Corelle Coffee Mugs

A coffee mug is your hard time companion. Everyone has his or her favourite to sip on steaming coffee or freshly brewed tea. Browse my collection of Corelle coffee mugs with fine floral decoration.

Corningware coffee mugs

Pyrex Coffee MugSet of Six Solid WHITE D Handle by HOUSEOFMINTAGE, $29.00

Corelle coffee mugs

Simple and very practical Corelle coffee mug is a great solution for any interior design. The Beautiful coloring is universal, and the soft cup shape makes the coffee taste even better. The big holder of the cup is very comfortable.

Vintage spring blossom crazy daisy

Vintage Spring Blossom Crazy Daisy
A beautiful set of corelle coffee mugs, that will make your morning coffee time much more enjoyable. They are bathed in a snow white finish, with a shapely handle and gorgeous, greenish floral pattern.

Corelle coffee cups 1

These coffee mugs are very simple, so they look very nice in different indoors. They feature solid construction finished in white color. Lower parts of these mugs include some convex floral patterns in white color.

Corning cups

(I had these in the 70's)-Corelle by Corning Tan Coffee Mugs (6)

Vintage corelle centura mugs snowflake

Vintage Corelle Centura Mugs Snowflake
Stylish set of 3 coffee mugs made from high quality ceramics and finished snowflake theme. Handy gadget for each home. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Vintage pyrex corelle coffee mugs

Vintage Pyrex Corelle Coffee Mugs
Those corelle coffee mugs will be a real hit during small gatherings with your friends. The set is consisted of 9 of them, beautifully patterned and easy to clean. They also work as a stylish kitchen decoration, while hanging on a wall rack.

Corningware tea cups

Vintage Corelle Rosemarie Mugs

Vintage corelle coffee mugs yellow d

Vintage Corelle Coffee Mugs Yellow D
Cups sometimes become an obsession. You can have millions of them and want the next one. Yellow, ceramic, vitige coffee (or tea) mugs are good prey. Classic D handle and beautiful color of milk inside. Give someone a coffee from the mad 60s!

Corning ware coffee mugs


Livingware 11 oz. Mug (Set of 6)

Livingware 11 oz. Mug (Set of 6)
Set of six 11 oz. mugs made of stoneware. The mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to heat or clean. Additionally, the mugs feature classic design and finish in solid color. There are available various color versions.

Vintage pyrex cups

Set of 6 Corelle White Swirl Coffee Mugs, Vintage IT353 DeAnnasAttic

Vintage coffee mugs pyrex butterfly and

Vintage Coffee Mugs Pyrex Butterfly And
Cozy attitude boosts the kitchen interior and may be easily achieved with a homey kitchenware. These white coffee mugs sport delicately curved handles and floral pattern in sepia trimming their upper edges.

4 Vintage Corning Ware Corelle " Morning Blue " Coffee Mugs

Corelle coffee cups 8

This set of 9 coffee cups can be a wonderful addition to any afternoon tea or coffee with your friends. All, crafted from quality porcelain, along with accompanying saucers and subtly differing patterning.

Set of 4 corelle summer blush coffee tea 4 mugs

Set of *4* Corelle SUMMER BLUSH Coffee Tea (4) MUGS CUPS Pansies Corning EXCEL #Corelle

Corelle cups spring blossom crazy daisy

Corelle Cups Spring Blossom Crazy Daisy
Adorable set of ceramic corelle coffee cups with a green, floral design on the sides and an unusual shape which gives them a unique look – great set to serve coffee in during parties and family reunions, sure to amaze with its elegance.

Vive 10.5 oz. Mug (Set of 4)

Vive 10.5 oz. Mug (Set of 4)

Vintage corelle coffee cups butterfly

Vintage Corelle Coffee Cups Butterfly
Lack a vintage vibe in your serveware collection? How about quaint and charming white coffee cups with caramel brown flowers pattern? Many lovers of retro designs would appreciate these. Four cups for sale!

Pyrex coffee mug

Corning Ware Blue Cornflower Coffee Tea or Cocoa by havetohaveit,

Corelle coffee pot

A cup of good coffee, in a charming company - made in delicate china decorated with pink and purple tulips. White color background - all this makes it an extremely delicate set of corelle coffee cups.

Vintage fire king patio snack set leaves 1

Vintage Fire King Patio Snack Set Leaves
Tableware made of milk glass and finished with interesting pattern. Includes plates and tea cups. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received many very good recommendations from clients.

Corning mugs

4 coordinating mismatched Corelle & Pyrex mugs for coffee, tea, soup, or snacks.

Vintage pyrex corelle coffee cups

Vintage Pyrex Corelle Coffee Cups
The common white coffee cups with saucers with the floral motives. It looks like taken from the late eighties. Evendough it is definitely solid, because the borosilicate glass is heatproof and really hard to destroy.

Set of 4 corning corelle white 8 oz coffee tea

Set of 4 Corning Corelle White 8 oz Coffee Tea Mugs by hillsdesign

Modernist collection

Modernist Collection
These solid and attractive porcelain cups are able to change the morning routine. Their attractive and colorful patterns are inspired by the style from 1950s' so it is a nice return to the past times.

Pyrex coffee cups

Vtg Corelle Coffee Mug Corning Ware Cup Aqua Turquoise Sea Foam Green 15.85

Colored coffee cups 19

Attractive and durable coffee cups in light blue and tan colors. These cups are durable and suitable for serving tea or coffee. They are not only practical, but they are also able to decorate indoors.

Retro coffee cups

Corelle stoneware purple coffee cup

Colored coffee cups 15

Oversized coffee cups available in multiple colors. These cups feature attractive patterns on their surfaces and they include practical handles. They are made of durable materials that are resistant to the work of dishwasher and microwave.

Rainbow colored coffee cup cozy

Rainbow Colored Coffee Cup Cozy
You know this feeling when you pick up your favorite coffee cup and it burns you in your hands. The best solution is a wool jacket for a cup - which at the same time adds an individual look. Just like this colored coffee cup with striped wool example.

SET 2 Vintage Corelle Corning Ware White Coffee Tea Cups Mugs

Colored coffee mugs

If you think your coffee cups are dull and too typical, you can quickly ginger them up. These plain white coffee cups were decorated with stains of colorful paints. They don't feature any pattern, having a cool spontaneous look.

Corning Ware, English Breakfast, Coffee Mug, Corelle

Vintage pyrex coffee mugs

For your retro kitchen! Set of 4 Corelle vintage milk glass coffee mugs by Corning. Made in USA. marigold $10

Barnyard Coffee Cup (Set of 6)

Barnyard Coffee Cup (Set of 6)
This gorgeous set of coffee cups with rooster hand paintings includes 6 cups and 6 matching saucers. Made of stoneware, the set is non-toxic, lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe, and stackable. Each cup provides 6 ounces of capacity.

Colored coffee cups 18

The coloring page dedicated to interior decoration. It shows three multipatterned cups. It' up to you if you decide to color it or use it as it is. It could be a nice decoration in the restaurant or in the coffee shop.

Pyrex coffee cup

Vintage Corelle Corning Coffee Mugs, Green Crazy Daisy, Set of 4 $14

Corning Corelle Blue Sea and Sand Coffee Mugs -- Set of 4 -- as shown

Tanssi 6.75 oz. Coffee Cup

Tanssi 6.75 oz. Coffee Cup
This lovely coffee cup with Christmas pattern is designed of porcelain, and provides 6.75 ounces of capacity. The cup is safe to place it inside your oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher.

Livingware 11 oz. Mug [Set of 2] Color: Cobalt

Paratiisi 6 oz. Coffee Cups

Paratiisi 6 oz. Coffee Cups
This lovely coffee cup with floral pattern is designed of vitro porcelain, and provides 6 ounces of capacity. The modern cup is safe to place it inside your oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher.

Stoneware 12 Oz. Coffee Mug

Stoneware 12 Oz. Coffee Mug
This stylish coffee cup with in white is designed of stoneware, and provides 12 ounces of capacity. The cup is lead-free, non-toxic, and safe to place it inside your oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher.

Correlle mugs


7.75 oz. Coffee Cup

7.75 oz. Coffee Cup
This coffee cup with a beautiful red color glaze is designed of ceramic (clay and feldspar), and provides 7.75 ounces of capacity. The cup is non-toxic, lead free, oven and microwave safe, and able to withstand maximum temperature of 250 Fahrenheit.

6.75 oz. Bouillon Cup

6.75 oz. Bouillon Cup
Bouillon cup with high ratings from satisfied customers. It is completely made of ceramic. It can be safely used in the microwave. Grateful and functional form.

Teema 7.5 oz. Teacup

Teema 7.5 oz. Teacup
Classic teacup made of porcelain. Can be safely use in the microwave and dishwasher. It is very well appreciated by delighted customers. Traditional and simple form.

Stoneware Mug

Stoneware Mug
A 12 oz. coffee mug. Made of stoneware in beautiful torquoise color, with light inside. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Well made, strong, easy to hold - a perfect mug for your morning coffee!

Corningware coffee cups

4 Corning CORNERSTONE IRIS Mugs Set Lot Blue Lavender Coffee Cups Corelle #CorelleCorning

12 oz. Mug

12 oz. Mug
Porcelain mug finished in solid white and having capacity of 12 oz. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. Additionally, it features contemporary design, which is visually appealing and fits majority of collections.