Wood Charger Plates


Charger plates are the plates that go under dinner plates. And if you are concerned about a hot dinner plate damaging your expensive dining table, then a wood charger plate is the way to go. In many fetching designs and wood options, you can even use them as a decor option or match them with the wood on the table top. See collection for details.

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Our Picks

9 10 rustic wood tree slice charger

9 10 rustic wood tree slice charger

A long-lasting set of wood charger plates, suitable for outdoor events, such as country weddings, picnics, and barbecues. It's crafted of a sturdy wood stump, giving you a unique way of serving your guests.

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Vintage wood round charger

Vintage wood round charger

Round plates made of acacia wood. Sophisticated addition for tableware. Great for serving fruits, snacks and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Wooden plate chargers

Its simplistic form and durable design make this set of charger wood plates an amazing choice for country weddings. Each plate is constructed of sturdy wood, allowing you to use them for years, without worrying they will break anytime soon..

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Personalized home sweet home decorative

Personalized home sweet home decorative

If you want a nice and appealing addition that will allow your household to feel a lot more homey and charming then this home sweet home decorative place from burlap will allow you to do just that seamlessly.

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Wooden chargers

In case of those plates you don't have to worry they will break anytime soon. Suitable for country weddings and anniversaries, these plates are made of tree stumps, just Perfect for barbecue treats.

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Wood plates 11 5 charger plate save 21

Wood Plates 11.5" Charger Plate (Save 21%)

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Wood chargers

An interesting idea for simple but pretty decoration of tables. One can use a rectangular wooden board with a natural finish, put a white napkin on it and then put cutlery and a sprig of rosemary tied together with an elegant ribbon in beiges.

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Wood charger plates wholesale

Tree stumps provide some beautiful natural material - why not use them as charger plates for outdoor wedding? They protect table top and they are a surprising, but lovable decoration. And they're almost cost-free!

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Wood charger plates 1

This artificial walnut underlay is an interesting piece of table setting for a wedding or other occasion. Unusual form of beautiful shape makes the whole thing perfect for the feast. An original way to cover the table.

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Round Melamine Charger Plate (Set of 12)

Round Melamine Charger Plate (Set of 12)

If you want to dine with style, you can always check this attractive set of 12 round melamine charger plates. Available in gold and red colors, the plates will enhance your table setting with elegance and class.

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Wood Charger Plates

Buying Guide

Wood charger plates look so old and rustic, yet so modern and contemporary at the same time. If you want something different for your home that will get your guests talking and create something memorable, consider these plates for your kitchen. They are natural and contemporary, and will give a warm and cozy feel to the coldest of homes. Take a look at some of the various designs which you can buy.

Uneven natural plates

For the most natural looking wood charger plates around, the uneven versions are the best option. They look authentic, rustic and classic when on the table or in the kitchen cupboards. They are made from real natural tree trunks, making you feel almost like you're in the middle of a forest. This style is not varnished either, meaning that it really is as authentic as you can get. While they are mostly circular in shape, the unevenness and unique shape of each plate add a huge deal of charm.

Neatly finished plates

The natural look isn't suitable for everyone, and if you want to complement your tidy décor with varnished and finished wood charger plates, there are styles for you to consider too. Often designed using stylish and elegant woods such as walnut or mahogany, the dark brown wood is paired with the lighter hues and shades found in tree bark, adding to the style. While the natural wood plates are raw and uneven, these have been carefully molded into a smooth and crisp shape.

Rectangular wooden plates

The round shape doesn't work for everybody's kitchens, and many owners of contemporary homes prefer a more defined and straight design. The rectangular shape is less natural than the circular ones simply because they have been cut into the shape of choice. However, you can still buy them made from raw and natural wood if this is the look that you want. The wood is often sanded and finished, but not varnished. This makes it ideal for kitchens, weddings, dinner parties and more.

Detailed and ornamental wood charger plates

Perhaps a natural wood look isn't something that you want to go for at all. If that's the case, take a look at the more ornamental plates and those which have more detail on them. These are normally circular, although you can find them in other shapes such as squares and rectangles. The inner part of the plates is smooth and varnished, while the outer ring is detailed and may have intricate flowers, butterflies, swirls, circles, and lines. They are ideal for using as a feature piece in the middle of the table, or you can buy a set of them for your guests to eat from. The material is normally a natural finished wood from trees such as oak or pine. A darker wood is often used in more traditionally decorated homes, while a lighter color of wood is more common in modern kitchens.

Best Ideas

Rustic wooden charger plates

A fine set of wooden plates, especially, suitable for country anniversaries and weddings. This wood charger plate set is crafted of a sturdy tree stump, giving you a durable and simple but fancy way to astonish your guests.

Wood charger

Round pad made of wood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Natural accent for each place as needed.

Wood charger plates

The original table setting makes dinner, celebration or even ordinary meal take on a unique dimension. This amazing rustic way of decorating the table captivates with wood details, beautiful cutlery and delightful twigs of conifers.

Wood plate chargers

With this set of charger plates, you won't have to worry they will break anytime soon. Each plate is made of sturdy tree stump, giving you a fantastic idea for decorating your country wedding table.

Wood slice chargers

Prepare yourself for a vintage country wedding, with this sophisticated, yet simple, set of plates. Made of white porcelain, each of those plates has a beautiful imprint in the middle, to make your feast even more tasteful.

Red envelope wood charger plates

Red Envelope - Wood Charger Plates

Wooden bark charger eclectic charger plates

Wooden Bark Charger eclectic-charger-plates

Wood charger plates 3

Sezzatini Baroque Wooden Charger Plate $68.00 Ships Free HCF14_H6Q5L

Wooden chargers plates

I love how happy and elegant this is - lots of color, fairy lights and bunting. Photography by

Wood charger plates

This charger plate is made from the highest quality acacia wood and sports the structure that will let you easily make your interior more functional. It works in any kitchen and thanks to its durable structure will last for years to come.

Wood charger plates 2

Finished in dark wood with dense graining, this wood charger plate will be a great proposition for one's traditional decor. Especially useful, if you like hosting people. High-quality finishing shall guarantee long-lasting solidness.

Koyal Faux Wood Charger Plates, 24-Pack, Walnut

Wood charger plates 5

This wood charger plate will fit perfectly into a charming Christmas tablescape. Designed by Sweet Little Peanut, the woodsy plate will add some cool boho vibe into any space.

Wooden charger plate

5 TIPS FOR A BEAUTIFUL CENTERPIECE.. Part II in a tablescaping series Notice all places the texture repeats