Enamel Roasting Pans

Buy the best enamel roasting pans selected and recommended by interior designers. By Tara Gosselin.

A high-quality enamel roasting pan is an essential part of any kitchen. These versatile pans can help you cook, bake, or roast delicious meals with less work. Enamel roasting pans are designed to last for decades, only improving with time and use. Our editors have tested many of the best enameled roasting pans on the market and have chosen some of the best for your kitchen. 

Non Stick Enamel Roasting Pan With Service Stand

Non Stick Enamel Roasting Pan With Service Stand

$99.99 $149.99

Non Stick Enamel Roasting Pan With Service Stand


$99.99 $149.99


What We Like: Includes beechwood stand

What We Don’t Like: Does not have a rack or cover

Not So Good For: Steaming or keeping food warm outside the oven

Perfect For: Cooking and serving all in one dish

The handsome, practical hardwood stand that accompanies this cast iron and enamel roasting pan makes the set perfect for cooking and as a statement centerpiece at your next dinner party. The natural tones of the enamel exterior pair well with the authentic wood grain of the stand.

Many home chefs ask, “Can you use an enamel roasting pan on the stove?” And while most can’t, this enamel cast iron pan works just as well on the stove as in the oven, offering the same excellent heating profile for long cooking or quick roasting.

Vintage Style Roasting Pan

Vintage Style Roasting Pan

Vintage Style Roasting Pan

Martha Stewart


What We Like: Classic design includes a roasting rack

What We Don’t Like: Not non-stick

Not So Good For: Searing or browning

Perfect For: Roasting or baking

The enamel-on-steel design of this pan makes it ideal for use in the oven and low-maintenance to clean. The surface distributes the heat evenly, allowing for uniform cooking, and the wide, 21.5’’ rectangular design is suitable for many different dishes, from whole roast chicken to scalloped vegetables. It has wide handles for easy grip and features a removable metal rack perfect for collecting the juices that drip from a roast to make your own gravy.

The attractive mint-green color makes this an excellent serving dish, so you can use it for one-pot meals like casseroles. This pan is also built for years of use and comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you can cook with it for decades.

Enamel Roasting Pan With a Lid

Enamel Roasting Pan With a Lid

Enamel Roasting Pan With a Lid


What We Like: Lid can be used as a second pan

What We Don’t Like: Side, not end handles

Not So Good For: Small ovens

Perfect For: Large or multi-pan meals

This roasting pan is perfect for whipping up a feast or cooking everyday meals. This oval-style pan is made from high-quality, easy-to-clean enamel cast iron with a steel core for excellent heat retention. It has a black coating that transfers oven heat faster, reducing cooking times and helping brown meats or veggies evenly.

The pan has a 14L interior volume that can hold a 14-lb. turkey or an 18-lb. roast and the top of the pan can be removed and used as a second, smaller pan for cooking side dishes. The pan is heavy at 4.35 lbs., but the weight is crucial for proper heat distribution and long-lasting use.  

Ceramic Porcelain Roasting Pan

Ceramic Porcelain Roasting Pan

Ceramic Porcelain Roasting Pan



What We Like: Dishwasher safe

What We Don’t Like: Can’t be used on the stovetop

Not So Good For: Slow roasting

Perfect For: Baked goods, roasted veggies, casseroles

With its strong, durable aluminum core, this ceramic porcelain pan will last for decades and make a stunning family heirloom. It is PFOA-free, so you can rest assured that you’re cooking non-toxic, healthy meals for your family. The pan’s interior is lined with an innovative, ultra-smooth coating that provides a healthy cleaning surface that won’t leach any harmful chemicals. The pan material is designed to be lightweight and provides an even heating surface in both gas and electric ovens.

The pan’s exterior is coated in cream-colored ceramic enamel that won’t discolor with use. Add this pan to your kitchen for a great all-around oven dish that can cook all your favorite dishes with hassle-free cleaning afterward.  

Cast Iron Enamelware Roasting Pan

Cast Iron Enamelware Roasting Pan

Cast Iron Enamelware Roasting Pan



What We Like: Durable, long-lasting cast iron

What We Don’t Like: No heat-resistant handles

Not So Good For: Baking

Perfect For: Roasting, braising, and browning

Cast iron has been the roasting pan material of choice for centuries. This unique material stores and distributes heat evenly, making it perfect for pans, pots, and skillets. With its cast iron interior and enamel exterior, this pan is a worthwhile investment in your kitchen.

Unlike other cast iron pans that require complicated seasoning before use and difficult cleaning afterwards, this pan comes pre-seasoned and is dishwasher safe and chip-proof. It can be used up to 500℉ and works with gas, electric, and induction ovens. Use this to make the perfect tender, crispy roast or for browning vegetables until they are perfectly cooked.  

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Enamel Roasting Pans

Buying Guide

Yes, you can put an enamel roasting pan on the stove. The enamel coating it comes with is very hardy, and is dishwasher-resistant as well as ready for use on electric and gas stovetops. The chemicals that are used in those coatings don’t break down when you heat them to high temperatures. All things considered, they’re safe for regular cooking.

Enamel roasting pans are extremely durable as long as you take proper care of them. The enamel refers to a powdered and melted coating covering a metallic or ceramic base structure for strength.

Hard enamel roasting pans are essentially cookware coated with porcelain enamel. The enamel is created by melting porcelain over steel, stainless steel, iron, or aluminum. This coating adds an additional element to the pan, making it strong, less porous, and scratch-resistant.

With this enamel coating, the pans normally are typically non-stick, can withstand high temperatures easily, and clean up fast. Rusting is not a concern, nor trapping odors. The one downside to enamel, however, is that it can crack or chip. This makes it irreparable and it will need to be replaced.

Hard enamel cookware typically lasts a long time. Always hand wash your enamel roasting pans with gentle soap and warm water. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products or metal utensils so as not to create scratches.

A good roasting pan is an essential item in every kitchen. From cooking Thanksgiving turkey to searing chicken thighs for a quick midweek dinner, investing in a good model will ensure hassle-free home dining and easy family get-togethers. Here's how to choose roasting pans that are the best for your home.

Your choice of roasting pan material requires some serious thought. Let's take a look at the main types and their advantages.

Stainless Steel

Many a top chef's favorite cookware material, stainless steel is highly durable and can last a whole lifetime. While it is a poor heat conductor, most stainless-steel roasting pans are "clad" meaning they contain layers of other more effective heat conductive materials sandwiched inside.

Stainless steel is reputed for producing that tasty browning, in what is known as the Maillard reaction, making it a great choice for roasts. However, if you opt for an uncoated model to achieve this effect, be aware that cleaning it up afterward can require a fair bit of elbow grease.

Lastly, stainless steel won't rust or react with any acidic foods, making it a great all-rounder that is suitable for almost anything and everything you want to roast in it.

Carbon Steel

Made from 99% iron and 1% carbon, carbon steel roasting pans are fairly similar to cast iron ones. However, they're lighter which makes them easier to get in and out of the oven, especially with a full bird roast and trimmings. The downside is that as they are lighter, they retain heat less well than cast-iron models.

Bear in mind that carbon steel corrodes fairly easily, so you should look for a pan that has been treated - it will have a dark appearance. If yours hasn't been treated, you will need to season it by coating it with oil and heating it. This will help to make it non-stick and prevent rusting.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is very heavy, solid, and highly durable.

Made from 97-98% iron and 2-3% carbon, it conducts heat better than stainless steel and is excellent at retaining heat. This makes a good choice for keeping your roast warm while the family gathers round the table. However, it is prone to rusting and reactive to acids - so you will need to look for a coated version or to season it well.

Enamel coated versions risk becoming chipped over time, and uncoated versions will require re-seasoning regularly. However, despite these issues, cast iron remains a highly popular, traditional choice and is virtually unbreakable.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum makes an excellent choice for your roasting pan, as it is non-stick for easy cleaning and an excellent heat conductor, for evenly cooked roasts. It is also lightweight, making it easy to handle, even when you're cooking for a crowd.

Anodized aluminum is resistant to high temperatures, extremely strong and non-toxic. There is, however, the risk that the anodized coating can break down after several years of use. Frequently cooking acidic foods can also accelerate this breakdown, exposing the aluminum which can pose health risks.

So, while it makes a great choice for cooking, don't purchase an anodized aluminum if you're looking for a roasting pan to last a lifetime.


Often reserved for baking, ceramic roasting pans can also double up for your traditional roasts.

They transfer heat evenly and look great for oven-to-table serving. If you're short on cookware or just getting your collection started, you may like to start with a good ceramic roasting pan that you can use for day-to-day oven-baked meals, as well as roasts.

Of course, ceramic is more fragile and susceptible to breaking. However, it is fairly lightweight and easy to clean. If you are cooking for just one or two, you might find several different small ceramic roasting pans more useful than a large metal one, and much cheaper.

They are also available in a range of shapes and colors to brighten up your kitchen and dining table.

Once you've decided on your roasting pan material, you'll need to select the right size model.

Roasting pan depth

Roasting time will be affected by your pan's depth, with deeper models preventing the hot air from effectively circulating under your roast.

The optimal depth is approximately 2.5 - 3 inches for good hot air circulation, as well as giving you plenty of space for your vegetables and gravy.

Roasting pan size

When choosing the dimensions of your roasting pan, bear the following factors in mind to select the correct size.

  • Number of servings - if you regularly cook for a crowd, then you'll want a large roasting pan that can accommodate a larger number of portions - 16x13" is enough for a 20lb bird for around 12 servings.

  • Meal types - if you are looking for a roasting pan for Thanksgiving or the holidays, then you'll be looking at a large model. However, for a weeknight, quick roast for two, a 14x10" model will be better.

When roasting meats, your pan should be a minimum of two inches wider than the meat you are roasting. This will reduce the likelihood of the juices all evaporating. In pans that are too small, your gravy may boil over, or your meat may end up stewing in its juices. Hence the importance of choosing the right sized roasting pan for what you regularly cook in it.

Here are some additional features you may want to look out for when choosing your roasting pan.

  • Dishwasher safe - save time and hassle getting cleaned up with a dishwasher-safe roasting pan. This can help a lot when you have large family get-togethers to clean up after.

  • Rack - some roasting pans come with a rack or trivet to hold your roast above its juices, ensuring it cooks correctly and making it easy to remove from the pan. For poultry, this can also help you to get crispy skin all over. However, some people prefer to lay their roast on a layer of vegetables and believe that using a rack prevents the meat from forming a fond - a browned residue which when deglazed makes an excellent base for gravy or stock.

  • Handles - removing a heavy, hot roasting pan from an oven is not the easiest of tasks. However, handles can make storage more tricky. However, if you're roasting a large meal, we say opt for a roasting pan with handles that are solidly riveted on.

  • Cover - purchasing a roasting pan with a cover allows you to speed up the cooking time of your roast. It is also useful if your meat is browning too quickly, as well as allowing you to use your roasting pan for cooking other liquid-based dishes, such as stews and pot roasts.

Best Ideas

Enamel roasting pan 1

This enamel rotating pan is a porcelain infused steel pan. It works in gas and electric stovetops and has a rectangular shape with a deep and large space for roasting very large food. This pan is almost unbreakable and has a very light weight.

Vintage Enamelware Roaster Large White Silver Pot Pan Rack Covered 3 Piece Set

Vintage Enamelware Roaster Large White Silver Pot Pan Rack Covered 3 Piece Set

The porcelain covered roaster pan on the solid body is oval shaped and serves to hold the heat so that the roast on the table will not cool before all guests join. It looks beautiful and its cover is very stylish. The whole is kept in mysterious white.

Covered roaster pan

Roaster pan with cover. This element of kitchen equipment is made of aluminum in traditional finish. It looks very simple and provides quite large space for food. It is also resistant to high temperatures and many forms of damage.

13" Covered Oval Roaster

13" Covered Oval Roaster

Made in the USA, this oval roaster is a perfect choice for your kitchen. The construction of this piece has been created of carbon steel and has a porcelain surface which is originally non-sticking and environmentally friendly.

Large blue grey enamel roasting pan

Large blue grey enamel roasting pan

Have you decided to make your beloved lasagna, tonight? This is an enamel roasting pan, perfect rectangular form to prepare it in the oven. It has a dark blue-gray color, a vintage style - as though someone was dancing on it with a small brush.

Enamel roasting pan 9

Enamel Roasting Pan

22" GraniteWare Covered Roaster (Set of 3)

22" GraniteWare Covered Roaster (Set of 3)

It is a set that includes three graniteware covered roasters for baking your favorite dishes. They have got a rectangular shape and solid construction. This set is perfect addition to any kitchen.

Rena 18" Non-Stick Carbon Steel Roaster Pan with Lid

Rena 18" Non-Stick Carbon Steel Roaster Pan with Lid

Manufactured from carbon steel, this roasting pan is especially durable and possesses an extraordinary resistance to high temperatures.

The oval shaped ovenware item is also compatible with electric coil, electric smooth and gas stove tops. The unit which also comes with a lid, is especially efficient  at distributing heat evenly.

Make use of its impressive versatility to try out recipes which require both sautéing and baking.

Enamelware roasting pan


Enamel roasting pan 7

Sturdy enamel roasting pan with its own lid and a lot of space in there. The pan also features a black nonstick cooking surface and a glossed red exterior for beautiful vibrant décor. There are two heat resistant handles on both sides for easy carrying and handling.

Vintage large mint green savory roasting

Vintage large mint green savory roasting

A serviceable vintage labelled roasting pan with a lid crafted of durable metal with a greenish enameled finish outside. It has a spacious oval body with 2 black-finished handles on narrower sides and a quite high lid with 1 handle.

Enamel roasting dish

Westinghouse Enamel Roasting Pan with Lid by TheCuriousMoose, $48.00

Smaller sized cornflower blue enamel

Smaller sized cornflower blue enamel

An old-fashioned roasting pan made of enamel in a cornflower color. Its oval shape will let you roast a large piece of meat and the enamel material guarantees juicy and healthy dishes. A must-have in every kitchen.

Tramontina 14" Non-Stick Ceramic Roasting Pan

Tramontina 14" Non-Stick Ceramic Roasting Pan

The first feature of this ceramic roasting pan which is immediately noticeable, is the appeal of its deep copper exterior complemented by its white interior.

The non stick ovenware item which is dishwasher safe and PFOA free, may also be used with gas, electric and ceramic glass. It is also easy to clean and comes with a maximum weight capacity of  12 lbs.

Take advantage of its special appeal and versatility to create your favorite vegetable, meat, or poultry dishes  and also serve them in style.

Wayfair Basics 12.7" Non-Stick Steel Roasting Pan with Rack

Wayfair Basics 12.7" Non-Stick Steel Roasting Pan with Rack

Crafted to provide maximum convenience, this rectangular  pan comes with its own roasting rack which is suitable for handling contents of up to 12lbs in weight.

In addition to both components being non-stick and manufactured from robust steel, they are also dishwasher safe.

Take advantage of their ability to withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees to create your favorite dishes which require the constant application of high heat.

Camerons 17.75 in. Stainless Steel Roasting Pan

Camerons 17.75 in. Stainless Steel Roasting Pan

A silvery allure and a deep dish, oval design which invokes a hint of traditional nostalgia make this roasting pan an excellent addition to any kitchen.

The ovenware item also comes with a number of helpful accessories such as a top, bottom, poaching plate and a drain rack. It has also been manufactured from stainless steel and features triple-ply sandwich construction for even heat distribution.

Avail yourself of its impressive versatility which will enable you to bake, roast, poach or sauté your favorite foods.


Oneida 16 in. Non-Stick Stainless Steel Roasting Pan

Oneida 16 in. Non-Stick Stainless Steel Roasting Pan

Specifically designed for large poultry and cuts of meat, this non-stick roasting pan also comes with a gleaming silvery appeal which will enable you to entertain your guests in style.

The ovenware unit also features a selection of necessary accessories including a cleaning brush and stainless steel turkey lifters. It is also dishwasher safe and PFOA free.

Its manufacturers have also provided a stainless steel roasting rack with riveted handles which will ensure  additional convenience and  safety when preparing oven baked dishes.

Eternal 17" in. Non-Stick Carbon Steel Roaster Pan

Eternal 17" in. Non-Stick Carbon Steel Roaster Pan

Brought to you in a delightful coppery hue with a complementary tray in the same color, offset by silvery handles, this roasting pan has been designed to evenly bake its contents and to release them  effortlessly as well.

The nonstick, carbon steel ovenware piece has also been equipped with chrome handles for ease of lifting. It is also dishwasher safe providing you with an added level of convenience when using it.

Take advantage of its large capacity of 20lbs  to prepare your favorite roasts of choice to perfection.

Chicago Metallic 10" Non-Stick Carbon Steel Petite Roast Pan

Chicago Metallic 10" Non-Stick Carbon Steel Petite Roast Pan

Featuring a traditional rectangular design and a rack, this nonstick roasting pan comes with a 12lbs capacity and is an excellent choice for cooks who prefer to prepare smaller portions or have to cater to a few guests.

Owing to the carbon steel used in its manufacture, this ovenware unit is particularly durable, suitable for high temperatures and capable of providing even heat distribution.

The charming compact roasting pan and its rack are also dishwasher safe and will ensure an extra dimension of convenience as a result.


Anolon 16" Non-Stick Hard Anodized Aluminum 5 Piece Advanced Roaster Set

Anolon 16" Non-Stick Hard Anodized Aluminum 5 Piece Advanced Roaster Set

Complementary tones of grey, black, brown and silver, ensure this retro-styled five-piece set will bring out the best in your kitchen’s color scheme while also providing exceptional functionality.

Due to the hard anodized aluminum used in its manufacture, you will be able to expect impressive durability and an ability to withstand high temperatures; its triple-layer premium nonstick interior will ensure you are able to remove its contents with ease.

Its silicone hand grips as well as its stainless steel utensils will also provide additional levels of convenience and safety.

Imbue your kitchen with its delicate retro appeal while making use of its exceptional qualities to create delectable dishes.

Ayesha Curry 17.75" Non-Stick Stainless Steel Roaster

Ayesha Curry 17.75" Non-Stick Stainless Steel Roaster

Brought to you a delicate caramel with a rack in a matching color and silvery handles,  this non stick roasting pan is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 450 Fahrenheit.

The pan is also resistant to warping and bending owing to the heavy-duty, high-performance steel used in its manufacture.

Its non stick rack is also especially suitable for baking roasts of various sizes and due to its central spire, you will be able to experience new levels of convenience when cooking your preferred poultry for guests. 


Vinotemp Epicureanist 3" Ceramic Chicken Roaster

Vinotemp Epicureanist 3" Ceramic Chicken Roaster

A circular jug like shape and a central spire, grant this roasting pan an eclectic appeal which is further enhanced by its gleaming red hue.

The vertical roaster which is PFOA free and comes with a weight capacity of 12 lbs has been manufactured using safe ceramic stoneware clay.

Take advantage of its unique design to keep your cuts especially moist and filled with flavor by placing your wine or stock of choice in its central spout.


Ayesha Curry Cast Iron Grill Pan

Ayesha Curry Cast Iron Grill Pan

When you want the smoky flavor of grilled food, but you can't head outdoors, use this square cast-iron grill pan. Available in two finishes - French vanilla and twilight teal - the piece is oven-safe and PFOA-free, searing meat, and grilling vegetables to perfection and is also ideal for salmon and chicken.

This 10" pan is suitable for all stovetops, including induction, and can transfer directly to an oven up to 500℉. It features double pouring spouts for managing juices and sauces, and the raised sides allow you to braise and stew dishes in addition to grilling.


Mega Chef 17.5 in Cast Iron Non-Stick Grill Pan

Mega Chef 17.5 in Cast Iron Non-Stick Grill Pan

Complete with a matching grill press, this solid cast-iron pan is oven-safe and induction-compatible. Available in two beautiful glazes--an electric sea-blue and a shining red--it's sure to catch eyes and win compliments.

The dual pouring spout allows you to serve delicious pan juices, sauces, and gravy to put the finishing touches on your delicious grilled meals. It is ideal for apartment dwellers who don't always have access to a grill but still want to enjoy the flavor of grilling out.


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