Novelty Tea Kettles

The tea kettle is making a resurgence. True tea lovers won't be seen using a Keurig or boiling their water in a microwave, when just a little more time in a kettle will do nicely. And moving away from the standard tea kettle, we give you novelty tea kettles. Still the same overall shape, these kettles resemble swans, pigs, cows, or even a globe for your amusement.

Best Products

Tea pottery one cup kennel tea pot

Tea pottery one cup kennel tea pot
A truly beautiful tea pot. Stylized to look like a dog house, with a cute tiny cat on top! Your guests and family will love pouring tea from it. A perfect addition to any table, bound to spice up your kitchen.

PerfecTemp® 3 Qt. Tea kettle

PerfecTemp® 3 Qt. Tea kettle
A great looking tea kettle with perfect temperature gauge, that indicates the correct water temperature. Black enamel inside and outside over cast iron, silicone handle and a whistle. Energy saving.

Bistro Electric Water Kettle

Bistro Electric Water Kettle
It is a very interesting looking, cute and attractive electric kettle. Kettle has a maximum capacity of one liter. It is green which makes it very attractive and cheerful. Fast cooks and keeps the temperature.

Enamel On Steel 1.6 Qt. Oolong Tea Kettle

Enamel On Steel 1.6 Qt. Oolong Tea Kettle
Stylish fixed whistle tea kettle with easy grip stainless steel handle and bulky body topped off with vivid orange finish. Other finishes, to be chosen according to one's current kitchen decor, are available.

Signature Teakettles 2 Qt. Tea Kettle

Signature Teakettles 2 Qt. Tea Kettle
This superbly constructed in traditional style kettle on the water is the perfect addition to your magical kitchen. It has to adapt to all the heating surfaces and is made of stainless steel.

Copper 3 Qt. Tri Ply Windsor Whistling Tea Kettle

Copper 3 Qt. Tri Ply Windsor Whistling Tea Kettle
Phenomenal tea kettle in the antique style. Unique mechanism hidden in the cover alerts when the water's boiling. Handle stays cool wood. Suitable for use on all gas and electric stoves. It is made of copper.

Alexa 3-qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

Alexa 3-qt. Whistling Tea Kettle
Cool stylish whistling kettle working on all stovetops. It's made of stainless steel but has an aluminium capsulated bottom. It's round, has a short round spout, a lid with a C-like plastic grip, and a large C-shaped plastic handle.

Our advice Buying Guide

What is the healthiest type of tea kettle?

Novelty glass tea kettles are, by far, the healthiest type of tea kettles out there. Tea kettles made of stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, and aluminum feature a glaze that more often than not releases toxins and heavy metals. Glass, on the other hand, is completely safe and isn’t harmful at all.

What should I match my novelty tea kettle with?

Your novelty tea kettle is a fun feature in your kitchen that can add a pop of color or point of intrigue. To make sure your kettle is an accent piece and not an eyesore, try to coordinate it with another standout element of the kitchen, like your backsplash.

Novelty tea kettles sit on your stove or countertop for the majority of their lifespan, so selecting one that ties in with your backsplash creates a cohesive look. If you have a neutral kitchen backsplash like white subway tile, opt for a novelty tea kettle in a vibrant color with white accents on the handle or spout.

For homes with unique backsplashes in intricate patterns or hues, choose a single color from the backsplash and find a tea kettle with small amounts of the same tone, but the main body is a contrasting color. This combination ensures your novelty kettle doesn’t disappear into the backsplash and won’t clash with it.

Are novelty tea kettles functional?

Novelty tea kettles have all the functions of a regular stovetop kettle while showing off your style. These decorative kettles produce a rolling boil to keep water at the same temperature for longer. They quickly heat water above boiling point, which is handy for certain types of tea.

Many models are equipped with a temperature gauge and are available in heat-resistant materials like cast iron and stainless steel with energy-saving capabilities. One of the unique features of novelty kettles is the whistling sound to let you know that the water is ready.

These beautiful and quirky kettles are easy to clean because they have no heating element, which means minimal limescale buildup and easy cleanup of hard-to-reach places.


Unique tea kettle 4

This amazing tea kettle owes its glamour to inimitable form and vibrant red. Add your kitchen a bit of chic with this unique red swan. Made from high-quality materials, ensures long-lasting performance.

Novelty tea kettles

This unique tea kettle creates an unforgettable opportunity to go around the world. Explore world's map with this lovely kettle, depicting world globe. Constitutes an ideal present for various occasions.

Novelty tea kettles 2

An accessory that any modern rustic kitchen just can't go without. I'd recommend this pretty light pink kettle to anyone who's keen on novelty tea kettles. This funny pig theme makes me smile instantly.

Novelty tea kettles

This novelty tea kettle constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who like to accentuate their kitchen or dining spaces. Enchanting for both, younger and older family members, this lovely cow will make your day!

Novelty tea kettles 3

Vintage pig tea kettle - for those fishing for novelty tea kettles. Charming piggy in pale pink wears a blue ribbon. Arched metal handle has temperature-proof black grip. Animal themed kitchen kettle to boil water

Novelty tea kettles 2

This novelty tea kettle delights with the vibrancy of colours and patterns, constituting a great example of the patchwork design. Recommended for all, who want to enliven their interiors.

Novelty tea kettle

Make sure you can brew your tea with style with some help from this charming tea kettle that sports the vibrant yellow finish and looks like a honeypot with little pictures of bees on it to make it even cuter.

Novelty kettles

Original teapot that looks like a typewriter. This unique element of equipment allows for preparing tea and also decorates indoors. It is finished in black and white colors that are neutral, so they match any color stylization in the house.

Unique tea kettle 24

The modern sculpture in shape of the demonic teapot. The base of sculpture was made of wrought and rolled steel covered with acrylic paint in black and cherry colors and the plaited leather cord on the bow.

Novelty world globe kettle love the lid

Novelty world globe kettle, love the lid!

Novelty tea kettles 1

Lovely tea kettle with cupcake theme. Includes convenient handle to prevent burns. Adds freshness and modernity to any kitchen.

Black diamond whistling tea kettle

Black Diamond Whistling Tea Kettle

Ridiculous cow kitchen decor utensils

Ridiculous Cow Kitchen Decor & Utensils

Cutest panda and butterfly novelty tea kettle by kamenstein

CUTEst PANDA and BUTTERFLY novelty tea kettle by Kamenstein

Novelty teapots for sale

Tea must taste better out of this music themed novelty tea kettle. The uniqe design leaves no doubt that its owner is a devoted fan of music. Guitar, saxophone and trumpet details adorn the sheen black finish of this extraordinary kitchen accessory.

Novelty tea kettles 28

Vintage Red Copco FISH Steel Novelty Tea Kettle #Copco

Whimsical tea kettles

A cool unique novelty tea kettle featuring a rectangular body adorned with painted colourful scenes from bygone times and busts of a bear, a lion and a robot on a top. It has 4 short paw-style legs, a semi-oval lug and a spout finished in gold.

Themed rooster chicken design whistling enamel coated tea kettle

... Themed Rooster Chicken Design Whistling Enamel Coated Tea Kettle

Novelty tea kettles for kitchen fun

Novelty Tea Kettles for Kitchen Fun

Flower tea kettle

Tea kettle in elegant style. It is made of glass and decorated with floral theme. It has convenient handle for easy serving. Stylish accent for each home.

Novelty tea kettles for kitchen fun 1

Novelty Tea Kettles for Kitchen Fun

2 Qt. Signature Whistle Tea Kettle

2 Qt. Signature Whistle Tea Kettle

Novelty tea kettles 4

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Supreme housewares whistling tea kettle bee hive 1

Supreme Housewares Whistling Tea Kettle, Bee Hive

Alessi Michael Graves Kettle with Bird Whistle, Blue Handle

Unusual electric kettles

Minimalistic design for a small electric kettle in white and gray colors, which give it a modern look. Perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen, bound to fit in with its simplistic appearance and utility value.

Cool unique and unusual tea kettles

Cool, Unique, and Unusual Tea Kettles

Sheep teapot sale whittard of chelsea could someone send me

Sheep Teapot | Sale | Whittard of Chelsea...could someone send me this or buy me a ticket to go shopping myself LOL

Novelty tea kettles 5


Pig tea kettle

Very unique and eye-catching teapot just for tea lovers. In shape of globe with hand-painted earth map in old time style, will create magic moments from tea time. It can be used also as decoration in your room.

Tea kettles 5

tea kettles

Unusual kettles

Original tea kettle made of high quality ceramics and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Handy gadget for each home. Excellent gift idea.

Tea kettle hand painted made to order this is a

... tea kettle hand painted made to order this is a great tea kettle for

Novelty tea kettles 21

Disney Princess Fairies Tea Set

I have this one cat teapot avon collectible

I have this one - CAT TEAPOT Avon Collectible

Unique tea kettle 3


Cupcake tea kettle

A fantastic tea kettle in an artistic design. This piece of art is made of high quality ceramics and was hand painted in a variety of vivid colors and surrealistic patterns. It will be an eye-catching element of every table.

Novelty tea kettles 30

Cute approach to a decorative teapot, meant to be placed on a dining table during a meal. The teapot is made out of stained ceramic in a variety of colors and resembles a bunny with a striped scarf wrapped around its neck.

Novelty tea kettles 26

Tweety Bird Teapot.

Novelty tea kettles 29

Shafford Black Cat Ceramic Lidded Tea Pot - 7.5

New christmas snowman shape ceramic tea pot 7 7 inch

New Christmas Snowman Shape Ceramic Tea Pot 7" 7 inch Teapot | eBay

Vintage kamenstein tea kettle fish novelty tea kettle

Vintage Kamenstein Tea Kettle, Fish Novelty Tea Kettle ...