Black Handle Flatware

Flatware comes in many styles and if you are thinking about changing your style of flatware might we suggest something with a black handle? We can see you're intrigued. Allow us to continue. Made of high-quality steel this black handled flatware is very attractive and fully functional. If you are looking for a different style of flatware for your home take a look at this collection.

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Black Handle Flatware

Black Handle Flatware
Enhance your culinary experience, while not spending a fortune on it. This set of Silverware kitchen service comprises 20 items, each combining high quality with attractive design. Dishwasher safe, will work out well in any kitchen.

Forged flatware

Forged flatware
A beautiful flatware set that is a blend of classy and original styles. It is made of stainless steel and it features unique handles with a bronzed-matte finish. It's a set that will suit every occasion.

Mid century mod black handle flatware 48

Mid century mod black handle flatware 48
An elegant and stylish set of flatware that consists of different size and multi-purpose spoons, knives and forks. It features high gloss silver endings and black handles. It has a timeless design that will suit every dinnerware.

Patterson Flatware Collection

Patterson Flatware Collection
It is a flatwear set that is made of stainless steel and has got a casual design. This set is available is six colors: black, blue, navy, red, white and yellow. This set is perfect for your everyday meals.

Mainstays Plastic Handle 48pc Flatware Set Black

Mainstays Plastic Handle 48pc Flatware Set Black
An aesthetic contemporary cutlery set for 8 persons. It's equipped with a plastic tray. Spoons bowls, forks prongs and knives blades are of durable metal but handles of blue plastic. All pieces are dishwasher safe.

Temptation 16 Piece Flatware Set

Temptation 16 Piece Flatware Set
16-piece flatware set in a classical form. Includes 4 tea spoons, soup spoons, dinner forks and dinner knives. It is made of stainless steel with high quality plastic handles. Fits any tableware dinner.

80 oz ceramic mixing bowl with handle

80 oz ceramic mixing bowl with handle
A ceramic mixing bowl with a handle – a handy utility to any kitchen. Made out of brown ceramic with an adorable decal on the side depicting a leaf, this one is sure to bring a unique, rustic element to your kitchen.

Our advice Buying Guide

Flatware is one of the items that all households need, but a flatware set doesn’t get the attention that it deserves, especially from the fact that it can help you set your home’s ambiance. If you think you need new ones and you don’t know how to look for the best black handle flatware set for your home, check out our buying guide below.

What are black handle flatware sets made of?

Black handle flatware sets are made of several different materials with stainless steel, silverplate, and sterling silver as the most common ones. The best material for your flatware will depend on the dining setting and the amount of care and maintenance you can allocate for the set.

  • Sterling Silver - It's a material that's classically elegant. Its weight is heavy, but it's a durable option. A set that consists of sterling silver is for formal dinners. Although it's dishwasher safe, it shouldn't be washed together with other metals as it can ruin the material's luster.
  • Silverplate - This option is lighter compared to sterling silver but it's less durable. Silverplate is metal-based covered by a shiny silver finish. It's a great option for formal dinners. For its maintenance, just polish regularly to keep on enjoying the flatware's luster.
  • Stainless Steel - It's your most common option. It's quite versatile as it can be used for casual and formal dinners. A stainless steel set is dishwasher safe, but don't use a lemon-based detergent.

While you are pondering which material is perfect for your household, take into consideration as well the finish that you like. Your most common options are matte, mirrored, and a combination of the two.

What types of black flatware handles are there?

You will be spending a ton of time holding your new forks, spoons, and knives, so you need to ensure that you get the set that feels great in your hand. You may prefer heftier flatware. If so, then look for stamped when it comes to forged sets.

Do you love lightweight sets? If so, then get a set that has hollowed handles. Just be aware of flatware sets that are too thin as they can easily bend and break.

How many sets of flatware should you get?

Of course, a small family won't need the same number of sets that a large family requires. If you entertain often, you'll need lots of sets. A general rule of thumb when deciding on the number of sets to purchase is to base it on the number of dinnerware sets that you have. It is best, however, to purchase a couple of extras just in case people drop their spoons or forks mid-meal.

The number of pieces that a set comes with will also impact how many sets you should purchase. Most sets serve a dozen people including the hostess. Although they’re quite big and they need a much bigger investment, you'd also be rid of the stress from matching serving cutlery.

Black handle flatware sets are the only ones standing between you and a lovely steak dinner. So, what are you waiting for? You already know how to choose the best flatware for you - go ahead and do some shopping now!


Cee Bee 5 Piece Flatware Set

Cee Bee 5 Piece Flatware Set
If yoy're a fan of simplicity and functionality, this awesome flatware set might perfectly fulfill your expectations. Don't hesitate, check it out and enjoy an incredible design in your kitchen and dining room!

45 Piece Napoleon Bee Flatware Set

45 Piece Napoleon Bee Flatware Set
This 45-Piece Flatware Set is characterized by 18/10 stainless steel construction. The set includes 8 dinner forks, 8 salad forks, 8 dinner spoons, 8 teaspoons and 8 serrated dinner knifes, plus 1 solid serving spoon, 1 sugar spoon, 1 pierced serving spoon, 1 butter knife and 1 cold meat fork.

25 Piece Flatware Set

25 Piece Flatware Set
This 25 Piece Flatware Set with Basket is characterized by durable stainless steel construction. The flatware includes convenient grips, and lies cozy inside of a steel basket with a bottom grate for quick dry.

Handle Mitt

Handle Mitt
It is a handle mitt that is perfect for your pan. It is made of 100percent cotton canvas and toweling and is easy to care for and machine washable. It has got a fennel color and great quality.

Tool Crock in Black

Tool Crock in Black
Simple and sturdy, this black tool crock is functional and versatile, helps you to keep everything within reach. Made from high quality ceramic that is chip resistant, it can also be used as a wine bucket.

Napoleon Flatware 5 Piece Set

Napoleon Flatware 5 Piece Set
If you're looking for stylish equipment in the best quality, this amazing and practical flatware set is gonna perfectly fulfill your expectations. Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality in your kitchen!

Black handle flatware

We use them every day, and are accompanied by very important social moments or our loneliness time. Cutlery should therefore have a nice finish. Made of real silver, they end up with a traditional black handle flatware with two white dots.

Black handle flatware 6

This twenty-piece set of cutlery intended for four people proves, that classic style will be always trendy! Every element is made of carved silver and has handle covered with black plastic, which is a great warmth isolation.

Black handle flatware 8

Inspired by the vintage cutlery, this silverware set distinguishes itself with characteristic black handles. Its solid finish will provide usability for long years, lasting for few generations.

Black handle flatware 2

A classy flatware set that consists of spoons, knives and forks. It features elegant, black handles and is made of a stainless steel which makes it a set that will serve you for a lifetime. It might be a perfect wedding gift.

Black handle flatware 9

Extra durable flatware knife constructed from silver and featuring a sturdy bistro black handle. The knife is easy on the hands too and should provide excellent functionality in any dining room or kitchen. You also get a long-lasting metal design for longevity.

Black handled cutlery

Lacking a durable set of flatware? Personally, I've always felt a sentimental attachment to black handle flatware - it sports this charming vintage flair to it and it suits any color palette! Found this 20 pieces flatware set lately... Fork, spoon, knife

Black stainless steel flatware

This is a huge surprise for all savoir vivre's fans - ultra-modern European and aerodynamic carpentry equipment - a pile of: brushed heads, tapered handles and matt black polymer. All of this things create a great black handle flatware!

Diane von furstenberg flatware

Beautiful flatware by Sori Yanagi

Mid century mod black handle flatware 48 pc set vintage

Mid-Century Mod Black Handle Flatware 48 Pc Set Vintage Stainless Japan Canoe Vintage 48-piece mid century mod stainless steel flatware set.

Black handle flatware 1

20-piece pattern 127 flatware set | CB2 . is it too soon to get new flatware? .

Chatou flatware traditional flatware by ballard designs

Chatou Flatware - traditional - flatware - - by Ballard Designs

Flatware with black handles

Modern style lambert 4-piece place setting. It's made of stainless steel and it's got black handles.This shade of silver looks really matt. This set fits every kitchen and dining room design and style.

Ginkgo le prix 20 piece black flatware set

Ginkgo Le Prix 20-piece Black Flatware Set

Black handle flatware 10

Carismo-Black (Stainless)

Black handle flatware 12

... well weighted with black and stainless handles. All are marked Japan

Cute mixing bowls

Mixing bowl with cup cake theme. It is made of ceramic and finished with pastel colors. Handy gadget for any kitchen.

Ii plastic handle flatware set black with round chrome caddy

... II Plastic Handle Flatware Set- Black with Round Chrome Caddy

Flatware black

Black handle flatware - 5 Piece place setting of decor dining forks, spoons and knives. Elegant and timeless set. Black handle and super silver ending. For anyone who loves enjoying their meal in a fancy way.

Black handle flatware 22

Conceived with the thought of friends and family coming together and enjoying good food, wine and conversation, our exclusive Welcome collection is informed by an encompassing multicultural mindset. Smart contemporary flatware strikingly contrasts earthy

Black handle flatware 18

20-Piece Napoleon Flatware Service at Neiman Marcus. Handmade in Italy, resin handles and stainless steel implements.

Black flatware

This lovely flatware set owes its beauty thanks to the combination of black and gold - evoking associations with luxury and prestige. If you want to create some special ambiance for your guests, serve them this set of flatwares.

Laguiole 5 Piece Flatware Set

Laguiole 5 Piece Flatware Set

Mixing bowls with handles

The perfect hanger for the mixing bowl. This solution is a good idea in the small kitchens, because you have all the utensils at hand. Psss... if you know where to buy such mixing bowl, please let me know.

Napoleon bee flatware 1

Flatware set with the French bee pattern. These beautiful accessories are made of stainless steel. They are resistant to damage, wear and dishwasher. These decorative accessories also play practical roles.

Of the day ebony wood handle flatware ebony wood handle

... of the day ebony wood handle flatware ebony wood handle flatware

Black handle flatware 14

lolo flatware - black matte: this is the flatware for those who appreciate elegant simplicity. lolo black matte flatware is made by combining the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel with gorgeous black resin handles. the stainless has a brushed finish

Black handle flatware 24

Cunill Block Handle 42-Piece Flatware Set, Black

Mixing bowls with handles 6

A nice collection of mixing bowls - three different sizes of them in a single set, also easy to store, cause one can be housed in another. Colored pale blue, with a slight gloss. Handles and spouts add to practical features.

Gourmet Settings Avalon 20-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 4

Love this flatware from country door i would love different

Love this flatware from Country Door. I would love different flatware and different dishes for all occasions.

Mainstays Plastic Handle 48pc Flatware Set, Black

Black handle flatware 39

Black Handle Flatware

Guest picks flatware to make you look twice

Guest Picks: Flatware to Make You Look Twice

Black silverware place setting antique flatware vintage handles

black silverware place setting, antique flatware, vintage handles ...

Napoleon bee flatware 6

Flatware with attractive Napoleon bee stylization on handles. These durable, practical and attractive accessories are resistant to wear caused by high temperatures and other factors. These flatware accessories are practical and aesthetic.

Black handle flatware 15

Unique Cutlery Design

Flatware 5