Black Over The Toilet Storage

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Storage space can be a major issue in a property with a small bathroom. Even if you have a lot of floor space, investing in black over the toilet storage could be an ideal way to create more storage. Not only can it add elegance and style to your space but it’ll help you to make better use of your walls for storage. From black over the toilet storage with doors to black bathroom shelves over toilet, these come in all kinds of designs. Continue reading for our selection of functional and elegant over-the-toilet storage solutions.

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Updated 17/06/2022
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Manufactured Wood Black Over Toilet Storage

Manufactured Wood Black Over Toilet Storage


What We Like: It’s a great storage solution to keep everything organized

What We Don't Like: There’s nothing to not like

Perfect for: A bathroom with an industrial or farmhouse feel

Not so great for: A gaudy, traditional style bathroom space

This freestanding unit is a unique yet practical way to increase the storage space in your small bathroom. It’s made from durable manufactured wood with a rustic natural grain finish and a black metal frame.

Although conveniently compact, it has 2 spacious shelves for towels, cleaning products, spare toilet rolls, etc.  

$116.99 $229

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Black Metal Over the Toilet Storage

Black Metal Over the Toilet Storage

Winston Porter

What We Like: It’s sleek and stylish

What We Don't Like: There’s nothing to not like

Perfect for: Modern, industrial, and minimalist design styles

Not so great for: Those who prefer wood over metal furniture

If you're working with limited square footage, we recommend this budget-friendly space saver. It’s made of metal and has three shelves with plenty of space to stash tissues, cotton balls, face cloths, candles, soaps, you name it.

$31.99 $69.99

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MDF Over The Toilet Storage Black

MDF Over The Toilet Storage Black

Ebern Designs

What We Like: It’s very compact and looks great

What We Don't Like: It scratches easily

Perfect for: Making a small bathroom look more put together

Not so great for: Anyone who is clumsy

If floor space is limited, this is a great practical solution. It’s made from sturdy MDF wood with PVC tubes to keep it stable. It has a simple yet stylish design and comes with enough space in its 4 shelves for those nifty baskets we like to fill with bathroom essentials, accessories, and towels. It will certainly help to keep things neat, organized, and easy to find.

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Free standing Black Bathroom Space Saver

Free standing Black Bathroom Space Saver


What We Like: It fits into tight spaces

What We Don't Like: It cannot handle a lot of weight

Perfect for: Compact spaces and modern industrial lofts

Not so great for: A grand bathroom

Say goodbye to plastic storage towers with this space-saving and compact over the toilet storage. It’s an elegant free-standing unit with 2 metal shelves that’ll help you organize your bathroom supplies and maximize the space for a more open and airy feel.

The great thing about installing a shelf above the toilet like this is that it won’t take up much space and it enables you to safely place items such as toilet rolls, air fresheners, and other products that you need within easy reach. Simply fix it to the wall over the toilet and use it for various items.


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Refined Over Toilet Storage Black

Refined Over Toilet Storage Black


What We Like: It’s chic and elegant

What We Don't Like: It can be wobbly if not installed properly

Perfect for: A small space

Not so great for: A super contemporary bathroom

When you have limited space in your bathroom, having large cabinets is not an option. That’s where this sophisticated black over toilet cabinet comes in. It’s crafted from solid manufactured wood and is wall-mounted for stability.

You're looking at a height measurement of about 5 inches and it has 4 shelves and 2 doors. You can use the shelves for storage baskets or small accessories, makeup, cotton wool, tissues, and much more. There’s an extra display shelf as well for candles or potplants.

$66.99 $119.99

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Modern Black Over Toilet Cabinet

Modern Black Over Toilet Cabinet

Latitude Run®

What We Like: Allows for towel stacking and easy access

What We Don't Like: There’s nothing to not like

Perfect for: Organizing extra towels, toilet paper candles, or potplants in a small space

Not so great for: A large bathroom

If you’re partial to open shelf design, you’ll love this over the toilet unit. It has 3 layers of storage including two open shelves and 2 cute drawers to keep all your items out of the way yet easily accessible. With its durable steel construction, this tiny space saver is made to last for years, and it has a pared-down industrial vibe that’ll complement modern, rustic, minimalist, and classic decor styles alike.

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Black Over The Toilet Storage

Buying Guide

For many home bathrooms, it's common that there'll be nothing above the toilet. This is a shame as you could add a neat space saver and maximize the wall space. Not only such furniture can add an element of decor to the bathroom, but it can also serve as a storage area.

It's likely that you all know about the advantages of such furniture and that's why you are shopping for one. It's definitely a smart move. Nevertheless, it's not advisable that you just buy the first bathroom space saver that strikes your liking. There are factors that you need to consider so you can avoid headaches down the road. And, that's what this article is going to cover.

Perhaps the most important measurement is the width. You' want to make sure that the toilet can comfortably fit under the furniture. Thankfully, you can use the toilet's water tank as a reference. Measure the width of the toilet tank at its widest point. From the obtained number, add four to eight inches to get the ideal measurement. The bottom part of the bathroom space saver over toilet should be wider than the ideal width.

Also, don't forget about the distance above the toilet tank. Make sure there's enough room. If the gap is too tight, you'll have a difficult situation if you have problems with your toilet. This is because you may need to remove the entire furniture as the toilet tank cover is difficult to access.

You also don't want to forget about the total height. Obviously, you'd want it to be lower than the ceiling.

When it comes to a black bathroom space saver to hang over the toilet, the most common materials used are metal and wood. The right material for you largely depends on your situation.

  • Wood is the more graceful and luxurious material when compared to metal. Hence, you'd want a wooden bathroom space saver if the aesthetics plays a vital role in your buying decision. On the downside, wood is not a material that plays well with moisture and water. Hence, you'll likely do a lot of maintenance and preventive measures. Also, wood is generally more expensive than metal.
  • Metal has the advantage of being resistant to rust, especially if it’s made from stainless steel or aluminum. Rust resistance is a desirable attribute in a bathroom setting because of water and moisture. Metal bathroom over-the-toilet space savers are also more portable and lightweight. On the downside, metal is typically inferior to wood when it comes to aesthetics.

What makes shopping for over the toilet furniture difficult is the plethora of choices, which then leads to confusion. To counteract this problem, you just need to know how to filter the options that are not suitable for your circumstance. The key factors that are mentioned above should be able to help you weed out the unnecessary choices.

Best Ideas

Arched space saver black

Arched space saver black

Space saving construction for bathroom applications. This black product provides more storage space in the bathroom and it can be located over the toilet. It includes two storage drawers, upper cabinet and open storage space.

23.6" x 70.8" Over the Toilet Cabinet

23.6" x 70.8" Over the Toilet Cabinet

The perfect solution for a small bathroom, create additional storage space with this cabinet. The cabinet can store toiletries and towels. The cabinet looks much nicer than the standard cabinets and has plenty of storage room.

25.5" x 65.25" Over The Toilet Cabinet

25.5" x 65.25" Over The Toilet Cabinet

Short on space in your bathroom? This over-the-toilet cabinet in dark espresso is able to solve your storage problems. It has a wide open compartment and a double-door cabinet. It looks the part and it is functional.

Over toilet stand

Utilize the vertical space above your toilet easily with the help of this cabinet. Designed from wood, the cabinet is extremely tall and comes with a single large drawer, one open shelf, and two cabinets at the top. You also get beautiful crown moldings, a glossed black finish, and stunning metal hardware for accents.

Bathrooms bathroom organization

Bathrooms & Bathroom Organization

Over the toilet storage black 1

Space saving bathroom cabinet with durable wooden construction based on high legs. It includes a practical compartment for toilet and bathroom accessories. Its black color perfectly matches any bathroom design.

Space saver toilet shelves

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Contemporary Bath Space Savers in Black

Contemporary Bath Space Savers in Black

Bathroom organizer featuring contemporary design, three shelves, adjustable base and black finish. It's a great addition to any bathroom as it provides storage space, for all bathroom utilities, and style.

Peppercorn 23.25" x 68.63" Bathroom Shelf

Peppercorn 23.25" x 68.63" Bathroom Shelf

Aesthetic traditional bathroom standing unit designed for over-toilet installation. Its rectilineal sleek open-front body is of laminated fibreboard with a brown finish. It has 1 larger shelf and 4 smaller ones up.

Black marble bathroom collection

Black Marble Bathroom Collection

RiverRidge X-Frame Bathroom Spacesaver - Espresso

This set of bathroom furniture is a great way for your bathroom small, but it is tasteful and elegant. The furniture is openwork. This makes the flight clearly give larger space. They are also very practical and elegant. Perfectly conceived.

Sauder Peppercorn Etagere Bath Cabinet, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

This beautiful and refined bath vabinet is undoubtedly a piece of furniture, which is useful in every bathroom. The spacious shelves and an additional table top in imitation of marble makes it a really stylish detail.

Bathroom space saver black

Chesterfield Over Toilet Etagere - Black 75

Zenith Products Wood Moderne Frosted Glass Window Spacesaver, Espresso

Bathroom spacesaver with frosted glass windows. Wood espresso finish and modern classic design. Great little product if you have limited space for storing stuff in your bathroom and a classic piece of bathroom furniture.

Black over the toilet cabinet


March 2013 bathroom towel storage

March 2013 ~ Bathroom Towel Storage

Over the toilet space saver black

Over the Toilet Space Saver Black -

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Zimtown 3 tier bathroom over the toilet space saver black

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Mainstays 3 shelf bathroom over the toilet space saver 1

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13 bathroom spacesaver over the toilet door storage

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Deluxe over the toilet space saver black cabinet

Deluxe Over-the-Toilet Space Saver Black Cabinet -

Black bathroom space saver over toilet foter banos

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Over the toilet bathroom space saver 3 shelf etagere

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