Cat Litter Box Furniture / Cat Cabinet

Keep that smelly, unsightly litter box out of public view, and hide it in one of these fetching cabinets. A furniture litter box cabinet is the best way to have your cat litter available, but unseen. A little opening in the side of the cabinet gives the kitty access to do their business in privacy, and when it's ready to be changed, just open the cabinet door. See the possibilities in this collection.

If you’re a cat owner, you know who really wears the pants in your household (and it’s certainly not you!). Whilst our feline friends can be loving and adorable, they can also be extremely fussy, even when it comes to their bathroom habits! Yet, one thing both cats and humans can agree on -at least when it comes to doing their business- is the need for a clean, odorless, comfortable and private environment. Luckily, cat litter box furniture provides just that. And, they give you the added benefit of not having an unsightly litter box tainting your stylish home decor.

Also referred to as litter box enclosures, or cat cabinets, these cleverly designed pieces look like normal furniture, such as a side table or bench, but conceal your cat’s litter tray within. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, there’s something to compliment every decor and suit every sized space, as well as the taste of your meticulous furry boss. We’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up and reviewed some of the best cat litter box furniture out there. Take a look!

Eco Friendly Cat Litter Box Furniture

Eco Friendly Cat Litter Box Furniture

Treat your feline to its very own private kitty condo. This sharp, modern design is a smart and attractive way to hide unattractive litter trays. The discreet walkway is ideal for older cats who find it hard to access high or small openings. The piece also comes with a litter catcher to help keep your floor clean, particularly useful if your kitty likes to kick litter. The best part? This cat cabinet is 100% recyclable and made with durable and eco-friendly zBoard recycled paperboard, which is non-toxic and free of formaldehyde and VOC.

What we like:

●    Easy to clean

●    Discreet walkway

●    Magnetic door lock

What we don’t like:

●    Not water-resistant

●    Material lacks sturdiness

Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter

Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter

Camouflage your cat’s litter box and freshen up your space with a splash of greenery. The perfect decorative feature for an empty corner, this ingenious design conceals your cat’s business with a pretend floor plant. The ornamental planter has a cutout door on one side, providing easy feline access and ventilation. The round terracotta-style pot is made of polypropylene and plastic, so it’s lightweight, stain and water resistant, and easy to clean. The planter splits into two pieces, making it easy to assemble and take a part, when needed. Place it strategically with the cutout facing the wall, and no one will ever guess what lies within this piece of elegant home decor.

What we like:

●    Unique design

●    Easy to clean

●    Odor control

What we don’t like:

●    Fake plant doesn't look very realistic

Contemporary Cat Litter Box Furniture

Contemporary Cat Litter Box Furniture

Not even the biggest cat lover enjoys looking at their furry pal’s litter. This cat cabinet’s modest, contemporary design lets your kitty conduct their daily necessities in privacy and keeps your interior looking smart. Crafted from manufactured wood with a selection of three neutral colorways, this piece will easily blend in with your current furniture ensemble. The two doors open to reveal a plastic corrugated litter liner for catching debris, and a small storage drawer, useful for storing cat accessories. Style it up to match the rest of the room with a lamp, framed photos or potted plants.

What we like:

●    Reversible entryway

●    Sliding storage drawer

●    Plastic corrugated litter liner

●    Available in 3 colors

What we don’t like:

●    MDF is not as durable as solid wood

●    Difficult to assemble

$190.5 $199.99

Compact Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Compact Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Give your kitty a bathroom of their own with this litter box enclosure. It’s compact shape and small size means it will easily fit into a small studio apartment, master bathroom or laundry room, in a corner or under the sink. Crafted from manufactured wood, it is water-resistant and features ventilation holes in the back panel for air circulation. The door has a cute house-shaped entryway for your cat to enter and leave with ease, and a wide door opening with a simple magnetic closure, for cleaning. The cat litter cabinet provides ample inner floor space for regular sized litter pans.

What we like:

●    Water-resistant

●    Magnetic door lock

●    Ventilation holes

What we don’t like:

●    Doesn’t fit an oversized litter box

$58.42 $85.86

Contemporary Farmhouse Litter Box Furniture

Contemporary Farmhouse Litter Box Furniture

Combining functionality with contemporary flair, you would never guess this stylish piece of furniture is a litter enclosure. The bench inspires a modern farmhouse aesthetic with a sliding barn door and bronze metal accented corners. The litter box sits behind the door, on one side, to give your whiskered friend some deserved privacy. The other side provides shelved storage space for shoes or cat accessories, allowing you to keep your entryway clutter-free. Made of warp-resistant MDF wood with a hard-wearing laminate finish, this litter box bench is sure to endure it’s multiple functions.

What we like:

●    Available in 2 finishes

●    High-end design

●    Easy to clean

What we don’t like:

●    There’s nothing we don’t like about this cat litter box furniture.

$212.51 $455

Mid Century Modern Cat Litter Cabinet

Mid Century Modern Cat Litter Cabinet

The sleek frame and tapered legs of this cat cabinet makes it the pur-fect addition to a mid-century modern style decor. The circular opening on the side allows your cat to conduct their business as they please, whilst being concealed by two double doors. The cabinet fits a standard sized litter box, or pet bed, if you decide to convert it into a feline lounging area instead. Further disguise the furniture piece by placing decorative items on the flat top. Or, make it a complete cat zone by placing a bed or pillow on top, giving your fluffy friend a new hangout spot.

What we like:

●    Sleek, mid-century design

●    Available in 3 color combinations

●    Magnetic door lock

●    Easy to assemble

What we don’t like:

●    Low entryway requires a low litter box

Multi Functional Cat Litter Box Enclosure and Pet House

Multi Functional Cat Litter Box Enclosure and Pet House

Upgrade your cat’s litter box twofold with a stylish and functional pet house. This clever design features a spacious concealed area, ideal for keeping your cat’s litter out of sight, with two entryways for easy access. The double doors, with a magnetic lock, make it easily accessible when it’s time to clean. Three small steps lead your fur-iend to a platform where they can play or lounge. What’s more, each step disguises a drawer for storing toys, treats or litter box accessories.

What we like:

●    3 storage drawers

●    Suitable for multiple cats

●    Multiple entry points

What we don’t like:

●    Assembly is time-consuming

●    Not water-resistant

Tall Cat Litter Cabinet with Storage

Tall Cat Litter Cabinet with Storage

Short on space but desperate to remove that unsightly litter box from view? This tall cat litter cabinet is a paw-some, space-saving and discreet solution. The vertical form takes up little square-footage and it’s multi-functional design features an optional inside shelf and drawer for extra storage space. Two cute cat-shaped entryways allow your kitty to enter and leave with ease, and the slatted door and holes in the back panel provide plenty of ventilation.

What we like:

●    Vertical design is optimal for small spaces

●    Includes extra storage space

●    Cute cat-shaped entryway

●    Room for large litter pan

What we don’t like:

●    Thin material means it is not very sturdy

●    Not water-resistant

Inconspicuous Cat Litter Box Furniture Side Table

Inconspicuous Cat Litter Box Furniture Side Table

Incorporate your cat’s necessities into the cohesiveness of your home, without sacrificing on style. This polished, modern design wins a place on the leaderboard for inconspicuous cat litter furniture. Used as a side table and decorated with coffee table books, candles or other ornaments, no one will suspect that your cat’s litter cabinet lies within. Two unsuspecting doors disguise a secluded space for a litter box, as well as a small shelf to store your pet’s supplies. The entryway is high and does not open directly into the main space, meaning there is no height restriction for the litter tray, unlike in other designs. With a smooth walnut brown finish this piece is sure to compliment any color scheme.

What we like:

●    High entryway

●    Storage space

●    Inconspicuous modern design

●    Rich walnut brown finish

What we don’t like:

●    Unclear assembly instructions 

Large Contemporary Furniture Litter Box

Large Contemporary Furniture Litter Box

Looking for a way to keep small kids or dogs out of your cat’s litter tray? This large litter box enclosure is disguised as a contemporary side table to blend seamlessly into your decor. The small entryway is only fit for cats, keeping curious children and dogs out, and allowing your kitty to conduct his business in peace and privacy. The low entryway is perfect for cats with joint issues, or who find it hard to climb through high openings, allowing them to walk straight into their very own washroom instead. The versatile design allows the entrance to be installed on either end. And, the litter box hutch features a removable interior panel that prevents litter from being kicked out and tracked into the floor, maintaining a clean and odorless space.

What we like:

●    Reversible entryway

●    Removable interior panel

●    Wide top with apron design

●    Magnetic touch design

What we don’t like:

●    Strong manufactured smell

Our advice Buying Guide

Here is an odd piece of furniture for you: a cat litter box cabinet. Or perhaps it isn’t all that odd. If you’ve even had an indoor cat, you are probably well acquainted with the need to provide your furry feline with a place to “go.” Although some cats don’t seem to mind a public disposition of their litter box, others really prefer to take care of their business out of sight. In addition, a cabinet for your kitty’s sanitary needs helps to keep cat litter crumbs from being tracked all over the house.

What are the different designs of cat litter box furniture?

The End Table Litter Box

If you are pressed for space and would really prefer not to have your fur child’s sanitary arrangements in the kitchen or bathroom, a tidy cabinet that looks like an end table can be convenient for your cat. It can also be a useful disposition of the facilities in a multiple cat house where some of the fur people have an aversion to sharing. However, out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind for a litter box that needs attention will quickly announce its presence by its odor. Therefore it is nice to have a model with a lid that lifts as well as sides that slide away, making it easy to get to the box for that necessary cleaning. Some models have a handy holder inside the top lid for the scoop, cat box liners and perhaps even a charcoal scent absorber.

The Bathroom Bench

The bathroom is where you go, so why should it not be a place for your cat to go? Space constraints are sometimes an issue, but here is a potential solution. Your cat’s litter box cabinet can double as a bench in your bathroom. Only those who know what to look for would guess that this neat white bench conceals two little boxes! With an opening on each end, no one has to wait in line for the sandbox. Of course, cleaning will be an issue, so the bench opens up from the top and from the side for easy access cleaning. Add a mat at each end to catch those last clinging bits of litter, and you can avoid walking barefoot on the stuff.

The Plant Pot

It looks like a potted plant, but if you turn this pot around, you will discover an opening for kitty to use the potty box. Made of plastic, it is leak proof and odor resistant.

If you have an indoor cat, then you know how it is with cat boxes. One left in the open seems to be the place where things inevitably drop. Some cats like to hide, others like a little more space, so the cabinet doesn’t work for every cat. However, having a place for the litter box that gives your kitty a little bit of privacy can sometimes be the difference between a happy cat that will use the box and a disgruntled cat that hides its business behind the couch.


Bookcase climber litter box cabinet cat furniture

Bookcase climber litter box cabinet cat furniture
This interestingly made climber bookcase for cats is a great combination of functionality and space to play. Attractive design and located in the cabinet cuvette give cats a lot of options, and the interior looks great.

Cat Litter Box Cabinet With Drawers

Cat Litter Box Cabinet With Drawers
This simple cabinet is a very functional place for the cat at the same time. Beautiful design does not throw in the eye, and the cat has a discreet place with a cuvette for himself. Robust wood construction and a whitish finish create a beautiful whole.

Sale double sided divided odor free

Sale double sided divided odor free
With this litter box cabinet for your cat, you don't have to worry about the smells and the mess inside your home. Crafted of wood and covered in an espresso finish, the 2-door cabinet features 2 compartments for a litter box and 2 cutout holes for easy access from both sides.

Hidden Litter Chest

Hidden Litter Chest
If you're looking for some practical end esthetic solutions for your animals, this unique hidden litter chest may be the perfect option. Check it out and don't worry about any inconvenience in your house!

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Hidden litter box furniture

A great solution for keeping your house clean and your cat fully satisfied. This litter box cabinet is made of wood, featuring 2 working doors, 1 pullout litter tray, and a square cut out hole for a conveniently entry.

Cat box enclosure

Cat bed fitted with cabinets for storing necessary things. It is made of wood and fitted with soft pillow on the top. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

Furniture cat litter box cabinet

Who would guess that there's a cat litter box hidden in this elegant minimalist white cabinet. It has side entrance so that the box is accessible for your furry friend. It's so discreet and it blends with the decor!

Cat litter cabinet

Functional and beautiful, this wooden dresser is covered in a distressed finish and combined with a built-in litter box cabinet for your cat. The dresser has a square hole cut out on the side, for easy access.

Cat litter furniture

With this cat litter box cabinet you don't have to worry about mess and foul smells, anymore. The cabinet is made of wood, with a lovely entry hole in shape of a cat's paw, 1 storage drawer, and a white finish to suit your bathroom.

Litter cabinet allows you to get rid of those ugly

... Litter Cabinet allows you to get rid of those ugly litter trays

Discrete litter boxes

An aesthetic cat litter tray cabinet made of wooden materials with a natural finish. It has a rectilinear frame with a cutout square entry, a sliding 'drawer' with an edge pull, a carpeted bottom and a removable plastic litter tray.

Furniture cat litter box cabinet 1

Give your cat a lovely and practical gift in shape of this beautiful cat house. It has everything your cat needs; a litter box drawer that prevents spilling the litter onto the floor, a feeder, and a nice place to take a nap and to exercise.

Litterbox furniture

Cat litter box in neutral form. Construction is made of wood. It can be used as additional seating. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Cat litter box cabinet

A real creative person will find a use for every piece - in this case, an TV cabinet from IKEA has been transformed into the place where the cat hangs up -furniture cat litter box cabinet. The dark veneer in the shade of espresso adds elegance to the cat.

Cat litter boxes furniture 7

A cool DIY-made cat litter box converted from a casual bathroom cabinet of wooden materials in white. It has a cuboidal frame and a full toe-kick. It's equipped with a drawer and 2 doors with metal knobs, a removable tray and a round entry on a side.

Kitty litter furniture

Combine functionalities and choose the bench with storage cabinet, which can be used as a hidden cat litter box! It's an excellent space saver for any entryway.

Cat box furniture

Cat litter box fitted with 2 open shelves arranged vertically. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for each home.

Litter furniture

A great example of a cat's kingdom. This bathroom space is fully adapted to cat's needs, offering various shelves to jump and climb and a cleverly hidden litter box in one of the drawers.

Hidden cat litter box furniture 1

A corner litter box cabinet for keeping your home odor- and mess-free. Crafted of durable wood, the cabinet features a movable front panel for easy cleaning, and a small cutout hole with a hanging door for comfortable entry.

Cat tower with litter box

This Besta litter box cabinet from IKEA constitutes a clever way to hide all your pet's unpleasant stories. Classic, wooden cabinet with a hole hollowed-out on one of its sides will smoothly combine decorative and functional aspects.

Cat litter outside

Cat litter box in modern form. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for small and medium sized pets. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Outside cat box

With this litter box cabinet your cat is going to have a time of its life. It includes a standard litter pan on the top and bottom, an oversized shelf installed below, cut out holes for easy access, and 2 pair of door with decorative handles.

Litter box furniture

A cool cabinet for cat litter boxes. It's of wood with a distressed white finish. It has a top with a raised rear edge, a base cutout on sides, a side entrance with a cat flap, a flip down front door, a drawer up. It accommodates most litter boxes.

Litter box cabinets

above pic is the new empire series aquarium cabinet canopy

How to make a hidden litter box space i can

How to make a hidden litter box space. I can see myself doing this and using a nice piece to accent the room!

Cool kitty litter boxes

Wooden litter box cabinet for cats. It provides dark hiding space for animals so they are safe. Simple construction features a removable top for cleaning access. This litter box is durable and resistant to damage caused by cats.

Wooden litter box

A great piece of furniture for all cat owners. A built-in furniture cat litter box cabinet hides a cuvette that is not a symbol of elegance. In addition, it is finished with mahogany veneer and has a top drawer.

Cat furniture style bb double litter box cabinet with the

... Cat Furniture » Style BB Double Litter Box Cabinet with the Litter

Carpeted litter box enclosure

Cat litter box designed for mounting in the cabinet. Wooden base includes sliding hinges. Functional accent for each place as needed.

Wooden cat litter box furniture

Wooden litter box for cats. It features a small opening that provides entrance for a cat. It also includes double doors with metal handles. These doors provide access for cleaning purposes. The whole wooden construction is extra durable.

Cat litter box furniture

A cute outhouse for you meowing friend, which you can place in your bathroom. It's tidy and compact, and made of a sturdy wood painted white, therefore also suitable for all, even those smaller bathrooms.

Furniture litter box

Kitty Cutouts and Deluxe Dog Beds: 15 Awesome Kitchen Built-Ins for Your Pets

Wooden cat litter box furniture

furniture for your dogs and cats mandaue foam philippines cat litter ...

By type cat litterboxes amish made cat litter box cabinet

... by Type » Cat Litterboxes » Amish Made Cat Litter Box Cabinet

Cat litter box bench

Opt for a nice and well-designed cat box that will allow you to always be able to hide your litterbox and make your pet into a happier being with a lot more privacy, while you enjoy the stylish look in your interior.

Cat tree with litter box

Now you can actually not only hide the litterbox from plain view in your interior by opting for a perfect and nicely styled piece like this one but you can also add a stylish accent to your space instantly.

Stylish modern litterbox cabinet from julinka 1

Stylish Modern Litterbox Cabinet from Julinka

Kitty litter box cabinet 4

You may think it is a part of the white wall - a piece of the built-in shelf to put there a series of your favorite decoration. It is a great place to do that, but also and mainly a kitty litter box cabinet.

Two door cat litter furniture storage on the top litter

Two door Cat litter Furniture-Storage on the top, litter box below.

Cat litter box cabinet with drawers 2

Cat Litter Box Cabinet With Drawers

Cat litter house

Keep your household immensely well-styled with this cat litter box cabinet that sports the off-white finish and the slight distress to it. It can easily fit two litterboxes inside the drawers to keep the interior clean.

Kitty litter cabinet

Upcycled Side Cabinet | 27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter160;Box

Cat Litter Concealment Cabinet (Flat)

Believe it or not this hides a litter box food

Believe it or not-this hides a litter box, food bowls and bags of litter! get motivated to go to Ikea, and build it!

Refined feline wooden litter box cabinet

Refined Feline Wooden Litter Box Cabinet

Double stacked cat litter box cabinets crazy cat lady

Double Stacked Cat Litter Box Cabinets - Crazy Cat Lady ...

Ana white printers console or sneaky litterbox cabinet

Ana White | Printer's Console or Sneaky Litterbox Cabinet ...

Stacked double hand made in usa wood cat litter box

Stacked Double, Hand Made in USA, Wood Cat Litter Box ...

Odor free corner cat litter box cabinet crazy cat lady

Odor Free Corner Cat Litter Box Cabinet. - Crazy Cat Lady ...