Whisker City Cat Furniture

Take me down to Whisker City, where I buy a scratching post for my kitty. These cat trees are cleverly designed to invite hours of fun for your favorite feline. They are infused with catnip, sturdy in case of rough play, and tall, giving your cat a great view of their domain. If you are a cat person, you will love one of these as much as your cat will.

Best Products

72" Premier Solid Wood Cat Tree

72" Premier Solid Wood Cat Tree
Create an area for fun and rest for your cat with this really tall, solid cat tree. Its frame is made of durable wood and covered with beige carpet. It has six levels and can be easy clean just with vacuum.

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree
Lady and sir cats, we have something for you! This cat tree has a solid wood construction and is perfect for every size of a kitty - for these bigger and smaller ones. It is worth highlighting that this piece has been made in the USA - for an American quality!

46" Large Pagoda Cat Tree

46" Large Pagoda Cat Tree
A large cat tree, in pagoda style. It has two long wooden poles and one rope scratching pole, two platforms and one cat house. The height is perfect - when you put it by the window, your cat can easily observe the outside world from the top.

32" Contemporary Cat Condo

32" Contemporary Cat Condo
A freestanding cat condo/house. Heavy framing and lots of weight to the product, the finish of plush carpet in dark brown. Two tiers and a booth to hide. Wonderful condo for cats to play, sleep and relax.

72" Cat Tree

72" Cat Tree
Big and tall tree for the whole cats family. It is made of compressed wood finished in beige. It has a square base, 3 tall posts wrapped with sisal rope, 1 short post, 2 condos, 2 ladders and 5 shelves. There's also a movable hanging 'mouse'.

72" Premiere Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree

72" Premiere Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree
Cat tree padded with soft material. The construction is made of wood. Includes 5 rounded levels to climb.

Steel Claw Kitty City 47" Cat Tree with Condo

Steel Claw Kitty City 47" Cat Tree with Condo
If you're looking for interesting and functional equipment for your cat, this awesome cat tree with condo might be the best solution! Check it out and bring an amazing entertainment for your lovely pet.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you think looking for Whisker City cat furniture or cat tree to purchase is preposterous, chances are you haven't owned a cat yet. That is because most cat owners know for a fact that kitties need their own space as it's a necessary component of a peaceful co-existence. When deciding on which cat furniture is best or "purrfect" for your kitty, consider the factors we'll list down below.

What are the benefits of getting special furniture for your cat?

A cat furniture will give a feline a place for it to play, nap, climb, scratch, and perch on – all that in just a single day! If a cat is allowed to do all those things, then it remains happy, which makes a cat owner happy, too. Of course, you would want to do everything in order to enrich your feline friend's life while it is under your care. As you see, a cat tree goes a long way towards ensuring your own furniture doesn't get covered in pet hair or shredded, which is far worse.

What are the designs of Whisker City cat furniture?

Cat trees from Whisker City come in myriads of configurations and sizes. They also serve different functions. There are cat trees that offer comfy spots for lounging. If you get one and place it in front of any window, expect your cat to lounge all day in its tree as if it's watching Bird TV. A tree's top spot provides a cat the highest elevation, which it loves.

Cat trees are typically carpeted with one or more posts for scratching. There are models that offer multiple places to sleep in like hammocks, cat beds and cradles. If you want to give your cat a private space for itself, you can opt for cat furniture that comes with enclosed cubbies.

How to select the best furniture for your cat?

The best furniture for your cat will depend on its size, age, activity level, and climbing activity. Tall or large multi-level cat furniture is ideal for spry cats that will do anything just to climb. A senior kitty, on the other hand, loves sleeping for most of its days, so it will appreciate furniture that's easily accessible with cozy napping spots or beds. If you think your cat feels more secure if it sleeps inside an enclosed space, you should provide it with a cat tree with cubbies. For playful kitties, models that have several built-in hanging toys are best.

If you have many cats, we suggest you get two or three trees with multiple scratching posts, so they have their own spots for sleeping and scratching.

Does the quality of cat furniture matter?

Of course, cat furniture needs to be sturdy so your pets don't fall when they climb on it. Get a cheap and flimsy cat tree and your pets will get spooked by it. It's likely that they would no longer use the furniture again. Study a cat tree's design to determine whether it will handle the rowdiness and weight of your cats or not.

Now that you're knowledgeable on all the aspects that need to be considered when buying a cat furniture, go ahead, purchase one today and make your cats happy!


Barnwood Coat Hooks

Barnwood Coat Hooks
Coat hooks. Made of natural recycled wood and metal. Eco-friendly, wall monted. Five sturdy hooks to hang your coats, handbags, scarfs etc. Well made, rustic look that will add style to any interior.

62" Cat Tree

62" Cat Tree
If your cat likes fun and interesting places this cat tree is a great place for him. Numerous obstacles, interesting fun and solid construction give him a long and cheerful fun.It looks perfectly at home on the terrace or in the garden.

Whisker city cat furniture

This useful and fascinating cat tree is a combination of interesting details and innovative design. The whole is kept in exciting stylistics and presents perfectly and gives cats a lot of joy. Made of a solid wood construction.

Whisker city cat trees

This Cozy Inn Cat Tower will be a wonderful place for your furry friend to climb, jump and relax, helping it develop its agility and cleverness. Finished with sisal, will be a solid item, resistant to scratches.

Petsmart kitty condo

This exquisite cat lounge and scratch post will provide your cat with plenty of room for fun and enjoyment. It lets your pet have the needed excercise and keeps it in good shape, while ensuring a space for comfortable sleep as well.

Whisker city lounge and scratch

Every cat needs special area to having fun. This cat tower connected with playground is composed of toys, place to sleep and a lot of scratcher. Both little kitten and adult toy will have fun with this original element.

Petsmart cat tree

A cool and aesthetic play tower for cats. It's made of wood covered with beige carpet fabric but a round scratching post wrapped in a sisal rope. A frame has a square base, 2 square posts, 2 platforms with edges and 1 with a cutout hole.

Pet smart cat trees

You have a crazy tiger at home, who loves to play and rest in the same place. Here is his mecca of fun - whisker city cat furniture, with a rug adapted for scratching, a soft surface in a neutral color and 3 levels ideal for looking at all from above or a nap.

Whisker city

Add fun and play accessories for your cat with this kitty cave playground cat cratcher. It is a nicely finished and high quality product with solid construction. You need to have it!

Whisker city r kitty play tower with sisal

Whisker City® Kitty Play Tower with Sisal

Whisker city r cat lounge and scratch furniture scratchers cat

Whisker City® Cat Lounge and Scratch - Furniture & Scratchers - Cat ...

Whisker city cat furniture 1

Please your kitty cat with a playground cat tree that invites to play hide and seek and provides a post for scratching. Such a tree, designed especially for cats, will keep those sharp claws away from your precious furniture.

Whisker city cat products

A proposition from Whisker City directed to all cat owners. This 3-tiered cat tree will create a smooth place to play and relax for them, developing their agility, as well as providing comfy conditions to sleep.

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Petsmart cat condo

Such a lovely cat tree can not only make your cat happy, but also your room more appealing. Perfect for scratching and jumping, the tree has 1 top platform and 1 cylindric house in the middle and 1 stable base - all kept in place with 2 sturdy poles.

Whisker city cat tower

Cat Condos and Cat Towers

Cat towers petsmart

If you simply can't help but want to add a nice piece of furniture that your cat will surely end up loving then this one is the choice to make. It sports the various shelves that can be used for sleeping space.

Petsmart cat scratchers

As we know, cats must and like to sharpen their claws,most often on our expensive furniture-but this can be prevented by this whisker city cat furniture.Surface for scratching,with a toy with feathers.The wavy structure of the carpet and sisal stimulate a cat.

The 69" Lotus Cat Tree

The 69" Lotus Cat Tree

Petsmart scratching post

A cool not very big wooden cat tree entirely covered in light beige carpet fabric. It's composed of a rectangular base, a low post topped by a vertical ring with a dangling faux mouse inside and a tall angular post with a C-like horizontal platform.

Petsmart cat tower

An amazing attraction for your energetic cat, which can be use outdoors as well as indoors. The cat tree has multiple platforms where your cat can take a nap, and short tunels where it can hide from the world. All is made of durable wood with a non-slip piece of carpet attached to each platform.

Cat tree petsmart

Add some fun and attractions for your cat, and buy this whisker city cat cactus scratches, which is made of durable jute and carpet. It will help you to teach your cat the positive behaviors.

Whisker city cat furniture 2

This cat tower is both - cat furniture and a place to have fun for your cat. It is soft and nicely made out of sisal and carpet. It is not only fun for your pet but it can stand in the lounge without disturbing harmony.

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Cat condos petsmart

The efficient design of this cat furniture makes every pet delight. Neutral design and excellent quality of the firm foundation make for an incredibly interesting design. The perfect gadget for any cat.

Petsmart cat scratching post

This delightfully made cat tree is a great combination of solid wood construction and soft upholstery that provides cats a great place to have fun and rest. The whole is stylish and fits into any interior design.

Whisker city r perch and sleeper 1

Whisker City® Perch and Sleeper

Petsmart cat towers

An aesthetic small cat tree having a wooden frame. Two round posts are wrapped in a durable light brownish sisal rope. A rectangular base is covered with soft light beige carpet fabric. A comfy sunken hammock is of resistant beige plush material.

Kitty city cat furniture

This deluxe cat tree is designed to bring relax and entertainment for all kitties and automatically their owners, happy about their furry friends' good mood. Finished with plush and sisal, it will be a solid proposition, designed to last for years.

Whisker city cat tree 3

Cat furniture, to ensure proper growth of your cat. It's all soft, cosy and warm. Comes equipped with a scratcher. The brown colour is very good for your cat – if the colours of cat furniture are too bright, cats get stressed.

62" Boston Cat Tree

62" Boston Cat Tree

Petsmart whisker city cat furniture

Cardboard Cat Scratchers. These are a great option if you need many scratchers around the home.

Whisker city r rest and play

Whisker City® Rest and Play

Petsmart cat scratcher

A fantastic gift for your meowing critter that loves taking its naps in cozy places. This cat tree is relatively small, offering a nice nesting place on top and a flat base for stability. Both elements are upholstered in carpet and connected to a sturdy pole. There's also a hanging toy for your cat to play with.

Whisker city r scratch n nest w bed petsmart

Whisker City® Scratch 'n Nest w/ Bed - PetSmart

67" Designer Pagoda Cat Tree

67" Designer Pagoda Cat Tree

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61" Cat Tree

61" Cat Tree

Whisker city r sisal kitty cactus scratching post

Whisker City® Sisal Kitty Cactus Scratching Post

71" Shanghai Cat Tree

71" Shanghai Cat Tree

General Cage-Tri Level Rest Stop Cat Furniture

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