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Whether you are a chicken hobbyist or run a chicken business, you need a solid-built chicken coop kit. This is especially true if you live in a rural area that gets frequent coyote visitors. Chicken coop kits are convenient because they come with clear instructions and all the building pieces you will need. These coop kits save you time and beat building a chicken coop from scratch.

Keep in mind that one chicken needs at least four square feet of room inside the chicken coop. In the chicken run, you need at least ten square feet per chicken. Ten chicken coop kit ideas await you below. 

Large Chicken Coop Kits With Open Chicken Run

Large Chicken Coop Kits With Open Chicken Run

These types of large chicken coop kits are semi-open and semi-covered. The open chicken run lets your chickens get the sun they need, and the nesting box keeps them sheltered in less favorable weather.

Their lifted feature helps protect them from digging predators like raccoons, coyotes, foxes, badgers, rodents, skunks, and dogs. Add wire or concrete floors to keep your chickens safe.

Chicken Coop Kits With Covered Run and Tray

Chicken Coop Kits With Covered Run and Tray

These chicken coop kits are cleverly designed with their covered runs. With already installed covered runs, you will not need to install one yourself.

The tray that comes with these types of kits slide out for easy maintenance and cleaning. These chicken coop kits are more fashionable with their arched roofs. Paint them to match your style or leave them raw and rustic. 

Dual Nesting Chicken Coop Kits

Dual Nesting Chicken Coop Kits

These dual nesting chicken coop kits for 10-15 chickens consume a larger footprint than other bi-level chicken coops. The bilateral symmetry is what sells the dual nesting chicken coop kit to traditional homeowners.

If you own a lot of chickens, then use both nesting boxes at the same time. For fewer chickens, you can use one nesting box at a time, swapping between the two for easier egg retrieval and cleaning.  

One level Chicken Coop Kits

One level Chicken Coop Kits

One-level chicken coop kits sit lower to the ground and normally come with a lot more doors which allows for easier access. They also have a fantastic locking mechanism to prevent predators from sneaking in.

You can place them under your window because of their low profile. Since they do sit lower to the ground, you will be required to bend down more often. If crouching down is a problem, we strongly advise a walk-in coop instead.

Two level Extra Small Footprint Chicken Coop Kit

Two level Extra Small Footprint Chicken Coop Kit

The smallest footprint of all chicken coop kits is the two-level hutch type. They are built vertically like apartments versus horizontally like ranch-style houses.

These types of chicken coop kits are great for chicken hobbyist owners with few chickens. Nestle them into the tight corners of your backyard.

If you love the look of the two-level hutch coop, then you can always attach a longer chicken run and more nesting boxes to the design. Another option is adding the two-level hutch coop to a metal walk-in run.

Covered Two ramp Centered Chicken Coop Kit

Covered Two ramp Centered Chicken Coop Kit

Covered and centered chicken coop kits come with two ramps instead of one. The two-ramp system gives your chickens easier and quicker access to the nesting box.

Setup your covered two-ramp chicken coop kit at the far end of your backyard with the nesting egg collection box closer to the back door. When Christmas comes around, decorate your coop with farmhouse-themed lights.

Extra Small Nesting Box Chicken Coop Kits Without Run

Extra Small Nesting Box Chicken Coop Kits Without Run

The extra small nesting box coop fits up to two chickens. These types of chicken coop kits do not come with a run, which is terrific if you already own one or want to piece your own together.

Extra small nesting box homes are found with fancier paintings and styles compared to their metal coop counterparts. If you own more than two chickens, buy one with two double-sided nesting boxes to fit four chickens. 

Metal Walk in Chicken Coop Kit

Metal Walk in Chicken Coop Kit

Metal walk-in chicken coop kits come in small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes. They are adaptable to the number of chickens you own now or in the future. You need to buy the nesting box kit separately as these only come with the run.

They are perfect for people who enjoy rearranging their chicken coops and where they want to set the nesting box. Pay close attention to the doors on these types of chicken coop kits. If the crack is too large, predators could get in.

$322.5 $387.71

DIY Walk in Large Chicken Coop Kits

DIY Walk in Large Chicken Coop Kits

The large DIY chicken coop kit is perfect for craftsmen décor stylists. These types of chicken coop kits allow you to use your creative skills and feel accomplished that you built a chicken coop yourself.

What is terrific about these DIY kits is the ability to build what you need. These kits let you build coops for seven chickens, nineteen chickens, and even forty chickens!

The drawback is, the lumber pieces do not come with the kits. These chicken coop kits do give you an instructions sheet with what sizes of lumber pieces you need.


Walk in Chicken Coop Shed

Walk in Chicken Coop Shed

We believe the best nesting box is one you can walk into. The walk-in chicken coop shed not only protects your chickens in cold weather but also shelters you too.

These types of chicken coop kits are large enough to store chicken feed, shovels, and other tools to care for your chickens. Though, they can get expensive. Thankfully, you can find a chicken coop shed for sale for a decent price. 

Our advice Buying Guide

There's not a single chicken coop kit that’s perfect for all flocks, but nearly all of them have similar characteristics that are necessary for keeping a flock safe, healthy, and happy. If you’re thinking of getting one for your farm or backyard, here are some valuable buying tips to remember:

How much space do hens need?

Allow at least 3 to 5 sq. ft. of space for every hen that’s inside your coop. It is essential, most especially if you are raising larger breeds or they’ll be spending a lot of time inside the coop during the winter season. However, if you are raising small breeds that spend lots of time outside their coop except for when they are laying eggs or sleeping, then you can get away with 3 sq. ft. per hen but not any less.

How is proper ventilation of a chicken coop vital?

Adequate ventilation is crucial to allow air in and out of the coop all year round. Remember that chicken poop releases ammonia fumes. If they can’t escape out of the coop, then they will definitely have a negative impact on your flock. Eye irritation, respiratory issues, or even death can result from poor coop ventilation.

How many roosting bars and nesting boxes do you need?

Plan on allowing at least 8 inches of roost for every hen that you raise. Chickens tend to snuggle during the cold months to keep their bodies warm. You can go beyond the minimum of 8 inches. A roost must be higher than a nesting box because chickens often seek higher ground for sleeping. You also don’t want them to poop on the nesting box.

As for the nesting boxes, chickens want to share them so provide at least a single box for every 4 hens. You can put herbs inside the nesting box and curtains but they’re optional. However, your chickens will adore you if you do. Pine shavings as well as straw make great bedding options for nesting boxes.

How to your chicken safe from predators?

Keep your flock safe from predators especially at night. Only get the chicken coop kit that has windows and vents covered in at least ½ inch of welded wire. The latches must also be fitted with eyehooks or carabiners that are predator-proof.

How to ensure the durability of a chicken coop?

What sets a good kit apart from ones that are poorly made is its longevity. The best chicken coop kits are built to withstand any weather condition. However, choosing a durable kit can be hard especially if you don’t have a trained eye. Check product reviews and only get the kit that has been proven to last at least 10 years. Also, choose the kit that is made of a material that resists rotting to increase the lifespan of a coop.

When getting a chicken coop kit, you also need to assess what would look great in your garden, most especially if the coop will stand in it for a decade. But, style should not be your priority. What you should ensure is you get a coop that will definitely keep your flock safe and happy while in it.


Gennessee Wooden Cottage Raised Portable Backyard Chicken Coop with Nesting Box

Gennessee Wooden Cottage Raised Portable Backyard Chicken Coop with Nesting Box
House your chickens in this adorable chicken coop on raised legs with slide ramps and nesting boxes. This 13 sq. ft. coop keeps your brood warm and dry with a natural pine construction and a comfortable roosting bar. It’s a cinch to move with multiple handles placed on all sides, and the removable trays keep the coop hygienically clean for happier chickens.

Daria Gambrel Barn Chicken House with Nesting Box and Ramp

Daria Gambrel Barn Chicken House with Nesting Box and Ramp
Shaped like a miniature barn, this chicken coop keeps birds safe and warm in style. With a red and white painted exterior, this coop measures 32 sq. ft. and has two levels. A working window, roosting bar, and nesting boxes provide space for up to 8 chickens.

Backyard Chicken Coop with Nesting Box and Roosting Bar

Backyard Chicken Coop with Nesting Box and Roosting Bar
If you’re interested in raising chickens but would like to start slowly, this coop is the perfect size. With an overall weight of 265 lbs., this is the perfect coop for up to 3 chickens. Painted a homey red and white, this coop has a ramp, roosting bar, and nesting box.

Colonial Gable Chicken House with Ramp and Nesting Box

Colonial Gable Chicken House with Ramp and Nesting Box
Blending seamlessly with a colonial-style exterior, this chicken coop is the perfect blend of form and function. It has two levels, laying boxes, and ventilation windows, and provides up to 12 fowl with protection from weather and predators. Not only is it highly functional, but it also looks adorable in your backyard.

Cheap chicken houses for sale

Chicken Coop Kits Lowes

Chicken coop kits sale

... sale of livestock Attractive and inexpensive pre -made chicken coops

Chicken coop kits 1

A spacious and secure chicken enclosure- more beautiful than a classic chickencoop. The timber house with baking sheet roof protects the animals from cold and sun. The fenced runway allows the brood to go for a walk nearly being free.

Chicken coop kits cheap

Chicken coop in traditional form. Construction is made of wood and glass. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Cheap large chicken coops for sale

Cedarshed | Gardener 6x6 Cedar Shed Kit

Large chicken coops with runs

Take care of your hens and cocks,provide them with a suitable place to live.The chicken coop kit with run was made of durable fir has secure walls with a metric grid and triangular construction.Placed on the ground so they can feel soft grasses under the paws.

8x16 e z frame basic chicken coop run kit

8X16 E-Z Frame Basic Chicken Coop Run Kit

Chicken coop kits sale 3

What Are Chicken Coop Kits?

Chicken coop kit for sale 1

QUAILTY HAND MADE CHICKEN COOP For Sale - Birds For Sale With Free ...

Chicken coop kits

This large DIY chicken coop kit is a solid and capacious wooden construction, offering your chickens a comfortable, spacious run. It provides room for up to 20 hens in a full standing height.

Chicken coops for sale in texas

A wonderful garden shed that looks like a miniature of a real house. It's an impressive, wooden construction that features windows and doors. The window sills are decorated with flowers and the overall impression is idyllic.

Buy chicken coop kit

Outdoor animal shed. This chicken coop features a very solid wooden construction with solid mesh walls. It provides protection for birds. Durable wooden frame and metal roof are elements that provide resistance to outdoor factors.

Chicken house kits

Design: Choosing Best Greenhouse Kits, greenhouse kits walmart, greenhouse kits for sale ~ Home Improvement

Portable chicken coops for sale 3

Portable Chicken Coops For Sale

Cheap chicken coop for sale

What is a place where female chickens feel safe and secure? It is a chicken coop. The best way is to use those which are made for small amounts of friendly chickens, for their comfort. Like this for 6-15 birds wooden, on a small elevation - coop for sale.

Chicken coop kits sale

The chicken coop kit is a robust and very solidly made wood and a perfect place for breeding birds. Finished with attention to detail is very functional and will look great around the house, in the garden or else.

Cute chicken coops

Chicken coop in classic form. It is made of wood and covered with mesh. Neutral design for any outdoor place as needed.

Large chicken coop kits

A fantastic chicken coop that will also be a beautiful decoration of your garden. With a roof and windows it looks like a small house on wheels. It features a special run so your hens will have a lot of space to move.

Chicken coops for sale cheap

A simple pigeon or chicken coop kit, which will be good for both amateurs and professionals. It's made of solid, fair wood. It consists of two wooden wings, which may be closed and a net, which won't let animals escape.

If we ever decide to have chickens well paint it

IF we ever decide to have chickens, we'll paint it the same color as our house and give it a matching red door.

Inexpensive chicken coops for sale

Chicken/Duck Coop Kits for sale Dallas Texas

Chicken coop kits sale 5

Chicken Coops Chicken Coop Kits

Chicken coop kits cheap

Very unique chicken coop in shape of egg refers to chicken's job in funny and creative way. Made from wood is perfect and stylish way to keep your chickens on your yard gives them great place to hide.

Large chicken coop kit

The 30 square foot "Proudfoot" coop is on sale for 15% off until 10/13/14, including all available options! Photo shows the assembled "base kit" with our custom "live edge" cedar clapboard roofing and an attached 10' x 6' run. The wood was stained by th

Chicken tractor for sale 12

This small chicken coop slpendidly fith the outdoor agriculture spaces. This wooden triangle shape chicken or rabbit hutch kit with soft metalic net is a great choice for animal enthusiasts and lovers.

Chicken tractor for sale 2

Chicken coop mounted on plastic frame and covered with mesh. It folds flat for easy storage. It can be used as greenhouse. Neutral design for each outdoor place.

Cheap chicken pens for sale

A really adorable chicken coop set. If you are an animal lover or a chicken raiser, you shall definitely consider it. It has a solid wooden construction, enhanced by a lovely grey-turquoise finishing.

Pawhut chicken coop poultry hen house w run and wheels

Pawhut Chicken Coop Poultry Hen House w/Run and Wheels

Chicken coop kits sale

Have you ever seen a design chicken coop? There is it! Cute and simple place for an appreciable herd made by fair wood and some net - for security against foxes - looks great on your backyard and is nature-friendly also.

Urban chicken coop kit

Representing a contemporary way of design, this chicken coop kit will be an ideal set for urban surroundings. Wooden slats rhythmically wrap the exterior, creating both material continuity between sections as well as hiding joints between separate pieces.

Chicken coops 7

Chicken coops

Hen pen a frame chicken coop with repair kit

Hen Pen A-Frame Chicken Coop, with repair kit

Chicken coop kits sale 1

Chicken Coop for 4 to 6 hens - Portable Hen House Kit for Sale - Best Coop for Raising Chickens in Urban and Backyard Runs - Mobile Tractor Supplies Home Raised Eggs and Superior Nutrition Daily ,

Chicken coop kits sale 3

Practical outdoor canopy with metal frame in powder coated finish. It is resistant to rust, corrosion and many other negative outdoor factors. Screen walls are paired with a traditional roof finished in white color.

Cheap chicken coop kits

A wonderful chicken coop that looks like a trendy house. It's made of good quality wood in a natural, warm tone and it features a beautiful, sheer roof and a place for hens which is surrounded with a net.

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