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Cats are agile animals that love to play, jump, and use their claws. Unfortunately, your pet's hijinks can damage a sofa, carpet, or dining chair. While this can be frustrating, felines need an outlet for their predatory instincts. Although a cat scratcher can save your sofa from daily claw marks, an eco friendly cat tree provides a more stimulating experience. Explore some of the best eco friendly, non toxic cat furniture options, from single cat condos to multi-story towers. 

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Updated 13/04/2022
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Multilevel Eco Cat Tree

Multilevel Eco Cat Tree

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Multiple activity stations

What we don’t like: With six tiers, this tree may be too big for an apartment

Not so great for: Small spaces

Perfect for: Two adult cats or a single cat with kittens

Crafted from eco-friendly materials, including natural sisal and E1-compliant particleboard, this multilevel tree is a paradise for your furry friends. It contains six separate tiers and features a cozy mid-level condo, a plush hammock, and several stations to relax. If jumping between levels isn’t entertaining enough, the tower also has a built-in bungee cord and suspended furball to play with.

The spacious tower has eight individual scratching posts at various levels, helping keep your furniture damage-free. The baseboard can be anchored to the wall, providing additional stability for active cats. 

$79.99 $87.99

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Large Non Toxic Cat Tree Tower

Large Non Toxic Cat Tree Tower

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Large condo provides ample space for cats to sleep

What we don’t like: Requires two people to install

Not so great for: Older or sedentary cats

Perfect for: Two to three young and playful cats

This eco friendly activity center offers the perfect stimulating entertainment space for your pets. It is made from ethically sourced particleboard and skin-friendly plush fabric, providing a fun and healthy place for your cats to play and relax. This tower has multiple levels, making it an ideal option for two to three medium-sized cats.

Several activity stations give each of your cats plenty of space to play. The tree contains two large perches, a spacious soft hammock, two sisal furballs, and a large condo for sleeping. 


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Soft Fabric Sustainable Cat Tree

Soft Fabric Sustainable Cat Tree

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Ultra-soft polyester fabric

What we don’t like: Top platform is a bit shaky

Not so great for: Homes with multiple large cats

Perfect for: Kittens or small cats.

Topped with plush 400 gsm fabric, this cute playhouse is the perfect retreat for laid-back cats or young kittens. With four perches and a snug condo, your kittens will have plenty of lounging spots to rest after hours of playtime. The sisal ladder connects the ground floor to the mid-tier, providing an easy route for growing kittens who need extra help learning how to climb.

Despite the number of features, this tower is relatively compact compared to other natural cat trees. It can fit neatly in the corner of your den without being too distracting.


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Eco Friendly Cat Tower For Multiple Cats

Eco Friendly Cat Tower For Multiple Cats

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Spacious design provides several areas to lounge, play, climb, and scratch

What we don’t like: Kittens may have difficulty climbing the tree

Not so great for: Small apartments with limited space

Perfect for: Large rooms like open-plan living areas, rec rooms, or finished basements

If your pets are constantly competing for the comfy sections of your sofa, this roomy cat tower is a cozy solution. It contains multiple nooks, including a string suspended hammock, a napping basket, and multitiered platforms. Your cats will love climbing to the top, with each level providing a different challenge.

Twelve scratching posts help keep your furniture safe from your pet’s claws. This tree is perfect for two to three energetic cats. However, kittens may need some time to grow before using all the fun features. 

$99.99 $98.99

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Double Platform Natural Cat Tree

Double Platform Natural Cat Tree

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Fast and easy assembly that requires no tools

What we don’t like: Limited play accessories if you have multiple cats

Not so great for: Multi-cat families

Perfect for: A playful addition to an enclosed cat playpen

Consider this multifunctional three-tiered tree if you’re looking for a small and convenient play area for your cat. Its discreet design ensures it can fit into virtually any room in your house. The jute material surfaces provide the perfect material for your cat to scratch and shed layers from its claws.

The top tier features a padded perch that will become your pet’s favorite hangout spot. Unfortunately, the suspended furball is the only distinctive play feature, so you may still need to purchase additional toys for entertainment. 


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Particleboard Condo Style Cat Tree

Particleboard Condo Style Cat Tree

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Two comfortable padded perches at different elevation levels

What we don’t like: Thin sisal rope may be vulnerable to damage

Not so great for: Multiple large cats, as they may damage some of the features

Perfect for: Small to medium-sized cats or kittens

Give your fur babies their very own cat mansion with this grand tower. It is large enough for two big cats, featuring dual cozy condos. Placing this tree next to a window provides your cats with endless hours of entertainment, watching birds and passers-by from five different tiers.

Hanging balls are fun play features, but they may be fragile for larger felines. If you’re worried about its stability, the tower is built with an anti-tilt design. Each piece comes with anti-toppling fittings and a wall anchor to give it extra stability. 

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Four Level Polyester Cat Tree

Four Level Polyester Cat Tree

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Cozy ground floor condo is perfect for an older cat

What we don’t like: High price point compared to other options

Not so great for: Energetic cats that need constant entertainment

Perfect for: Older cats that enjoy relaxing and scratching their claws

Not all cats are bursting with energy all day, every day. If your cat is getting older, this wooden tower features a ground-floor condo for easy access. On days when they have more energy, the four tiers create a perfect playground. The top level is a padded perch for the ideal vantage point next to a window.

This is a durable cat tree made from high-quality and eco friendly recycled wood. It is freestanding but tip-resistant, keeping your cat safe during playtime. 


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Luxurious Cat Tree With Groomer

Luxurious Cat Tree With Groomer

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Cute cat paw-designed platform

What we don’t like: Built-in groomer can accumulate a lot of cat hair

Not so great for: People who keep their cats in their bedroom

Perfect for: Large, heavy cats (supports cats up to 11 lbs.)

This uniquely designed cat tree exudes fun, adding character to your cat’s play area. It has a large, fluffy platform shaped like a cat’s paw for lounging or sleeping. It also features a hammock, spacious condo, and multiple tiers, making it a suitable option for multiple cats or a small kitten litter.

Another unique feature of this cat tree is the self-grooming bristle. It is designed to collect excess fur when your cat rubs against it. However, it’s important to clean the bristle regularly to prevent hair from circulating around the room. 

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Tall Cat Tree With Curved Perch

Tall Cat Tree With Curved Perch

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Curved perch allows cats to rest comfortably

What we don’t like: Cardboard frame material may be a little fragile

Not so great for: Several playful cats

Perfect for: One to two small, gentle cats

Cats feel safe and dominant in high places, whether they’re on a tree branch or in the rafters of your garage. It’s important to provide house cats with vertical space to enjoy. This four-tier tree provides almost 5’ of vertical space, with multiple rest areas and cozy perches. The fun design features a curved resting place, allowing your cat to stretch out and rest comfortably.

This piece also includes a spacious condo that’s accessible from two sides, giving your cat plenty of space to watch their surroundings. Although this tree is crafted from eco friendly materials, the cardboard frame means it may lack durability. 

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Multilevel Tree For Medium Sized Cat

Multilevel Tree For Medium Sized Cat

Aperture Corner

What we like: Unique design resembles a bamboo cat tree

What we don’t like: High price tag

Not so great for: Bargain-seeking cat owners

Perfect for: Chic, boho style homes with two cats

This luxurious cat tree is designed for felines that enjoy the finer things in life. It is crafted from a combination of white recycled paper and manufactured wood. The wood ensures your cat will get years of enjoyment from this tree.

With four spacious tiers, this tower can easily accommodate two cats. The ground-floor condo is very spacious, allowing your cats to snuggle together. The top of the tree features a bowl-shaped perch with a suspended feather for playing. This is a very sturdy piece with a tip-resistant design and non-skid base. 

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Eco Friendly Cat Tree

Buying Guide

When it comes to cat trees, it’s important to make a careful selection. Cheap scratching posts, which are available in massive quantities online, suffer from a myriad of problems. If you happen to get one of the poorly made furniture for cats, you’ll find that it’s not heavy and sturdy enough that it’s become a hazard for your cat.

What's more, the materials used in the construction of cat trees can be harmful as well, especially when the units are made of toxic wood or plastic. As a conscientious and responsible cat owner, you’d want something safe for your pet. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly cat trees available online.

  • Certified Sustainable Wood - It’s an excellent material for a cat tree that’s both safe and eco-friendly. A certified sustainable wood is from a sustainably harvested forest or sustainably harvested tree farm.
  • Reclaimed Materials - Reclaimed wood often comes from old houses, furniture and other built things which are ready for friendly reincarnation. Cat trees made of reclaimed wood are excellent examples of resource efficiency.
  • Bamboo - Bamboo is fast-growing, so it is an eco-friendly material for cat trees from the fact that it’s easier to maintain bamboo forests. However, when it’s made for cat trees, you need to be extra careful and ask the manufacturer regarding the glue used in the units as it may or may not contain formaldehyde.
  • Recycled Plastic and Metal - More and more cat furniture and trees are being produced using recycled metals and plastics. Recycled materials require fewer resources and less processing. You can help support the manufacturing and market for recycled metals and plastics by buying an eco-friendly cat tree, specifically one that’s made of recycled materials.
  • Scratching Posts - Cats scratch as the act keeps their nails trimmed and healthy. It's also their way of exercising. With that in mind, you can promote your pet’s overall well-being by getting a cat tree with an excellent scratching post. In fact, a scratching post is a necessity for cat homes. We suggest you check the height and sturdiness of the scratching post to see if a cat can scratch as much as it wants even with its body fully stretched.
  • Cat Beds - Cats require a quiet and clean space for them to sleep. Most eco-friendly cat trees come with padded cat beds. If you’re particular with style and color, find the ones that are not just capable of matching your home’s décor, but also with your cat’s preferences. Also, the cat bed must be comfortable for your pet.
  • Cat Perches - Cats love looking out of windows and being in high places. By having cat perches, your cat will get the pleasure and entertainment it deserves. Most eco-friendly cat trees come with removable perches which you can attach to window/s inside your home.

Extra Tip: If your budget allows, get a cat furniture set which includes all the best features that we’ve mentioned above. They won’t just give your pet some elevation, but entertainment as well!

Best Ideas

Eco friendly cat tree

Comprising several layers, this modern cat tree is crafted from eco-friendly materials, being fully safe for the cats and their owners. Multi-tiered construction features enough space to accommodate several cats simultaneously.

43" Modular Modern Cat Tree

43" Modular Modern Cat Tree

High cat tree with lots of pads, sleeping space and more. It gives the cat a great fun. Cat house includes a comfortable pillow filled with memory foam. Built-in brush for combing hair for relaxation. It has a very good feedback from customers.

Unique cat tree houses with real trees from pet tree

Unique Cat Tree Houses with Real Trees from Pet Tree House

Eco friendly cat tree 2

This eco-friendly cat tree will enchant both the pet and its owner. A carefully designed construction, with big attention to details, giving your cat a nice structure to jump, scratch, and take soothing naps.

33" Cat Perch

33" Cat Perch

It is a cat perch that is available in five color options to choose: beige, blue, brown, gray and green. It is handcrafted, easy to care for, fully carpeted and has got a solid wood construction.

Wicker cat tower

Eco-friendly and functional, this 3-level cat tree seems to be an ideal choice for cats' owners and their pets. Its large construction features enough space to accommodate 3 cats at the same time. It measures 58 inches high.

Green cat tree

An eco-friendly cat tree - sustainable, nicely looking and most importantly - cat alluring. It features 3 arrangements, made from the most popular, proven materials: paper, lamb fleece and sisal.

Outdoor cat furniture

An eco-friendly cat tree made of fleece and sisal rope. It will encourage your pet to stay active due to a 2-step climbing ladder and a hanging sisal rope. The nest area in the shape of a bowl is filled with a cozy, soft material.

Friendly cat furniture 58 eco cat tree medium 2 platforms

friendly cat furniture 58 eco cat tree medium 2 platforms

Wicker cat furniture

For every cat lover this incredibly creative cat furniture is a bull's eye! Eco friendly, light wood,high cat tree looks great either outdoor or indoor. Every cat would be more than happy to climb this 4 storey fun-thing!

Eco friendly cat tree 3

Eco-Friendly, Made in U.S., Contemporary Design Your Cat Will Use for ...

Platform c modern cat tree

Platform C Modern Cat Tree

52 multi level cat tree with condo features cat tree

52 multi level cat tree with condo features cat tree

46" Kitty Villa Cat Tree

46" Kitty Villa Cat Tree

Level mixed with 2 trays

level mixed with 2 trays.

Outdoor cat tree

The cat bed for ecofriendly enthusiasts. This type of a toy has many applications. The cat could sleep or hide there. It could also jump into and lay down. The wicker construction could also protect your furniture from scratching, because it is more attractive for a kitty.

Eco friendly cat tree 11

PetPals Eco Friendly Castle Cat Tower - PetSmart

PetPals Eco Friendly Cat Tree

Cat tree outdoor

Baobab Modern Cat Tree in Eco-Friendly White Laminate and Black Mohair (Faux) Square Cat Habitat - Modern Cat Furniture

48" Deluxe Kitty Suite Cat Condo

48" Deluxe Kitty Suite Cat Condo

Contoure modern cat tree in 2020 modern cat tree cat

Contoure Modern Cat Tree in 2020 | Modern cat tree, Cat ...

Grove cat tree birch ply cat tree cat climbing tree

Grove Cat Tree (Birch-Ply) | Cat tree, Cat climbing tree ...

Looking for an eco friendly cat tree

Looking for an Eco-Friendly Cat Tree?

9 ok amiasrt szebb az aslet haaziaallattal diy cat tree

9 ok, amiĂŠrt szebb az ĂŠlet hĂĄziĂĄllattal | Diy cat tree ...