Giant Cat Tree

Realistically, there are only two things that cats love more than feeling worshipped by us humans: climbing and scratching. Unless you’re happy for them to unleash this energy on your beautiful wooden chests and bookcase, do yourself (and your kitten) a favor, and buy a giant cat tree.

A sturdy model is a must, but, if you want them to truly fall in love with it, you must also choose a tree based on your cat’s likes and dislikes:

Do they like to play with a specific material (e.g. rope or fluffy fabric)?Kittens and young cats tend to be more curious and adventurous, so you should look for a stimulating tree that will grow with them and that includes plenty of features. A senior cat will prioritize resting and lounging, so condos and shorter platforms would be a better choice

Ceiling to floor cat tree

Ceiling to floor cat tree

At first, you might think that ‘giant cat tree’ and ‘small apartments’ don’t go together. However, you just need to look at it from a different perspective.

If you haven’t got much floor space available, there’s still a handy way of spoiling your cat: choose a thinner but taller ceiling-to-floor model with plenty of layers and platforms in between.

Monochrome giant cat tree

Monochrome giant cat tree

Your new giant cat tree doesn’t have to look completely out of place just because it’s a less traditional item. Sticking to your palette’s colors will even help you complement your decor!

If you’d like to ensure a more delicate result, though, consider sticking to a monochrome model in your primary or secondary color.

$179.75 $195

Giant cat tree in neutral tones

Giant cat tree in neutral tones

Another versatile option is to choose a massive cat tree in neutral hues like black, white, gray, or beige.

This will work especially well in traditional interiors, making this tree more similar to your other furniture and decorative pieces while complementing your other items and fixtures.

$146.99 $167.95

Huge cat trees in eye catching finishes

Huge cat trees in eye catching finishes

As well as the toy of your cat’s nine lifetimes, this new purchase can be an opportunity for you to make a decorative statement.

So, consider choosing an accent color. Or even bolder, perhaps: how about a recognizable pattern like this leopard print?

Minimalist giant cat trees

Minimalist giant cat trees

Yes, a cat tree can be both big and minimalist. Much like other monochrome options, this is a handy compromise if you’re put off by the most traditional toy-style cat trees.

These models rely on a simpler design with clean lines. We actually think they’re more similar to tiered plant stands than to fluffy cat trees.

However, because they include fewer toys and features, we mainly recommend them for less adventurous cats. 

$43.57 $59.99

Huge cat tree made of wood

Huge cat tree made of wood

Another more elegant and eco-friendly choice consists of wooden cat trees: perfect to match your other finishes and to reinforce your sustainable ethos!

Because the actual wooden platforms won’t offer your cat many opportunities to satisfy their scratching needs, be sure to choose a model that includes a dedicated post.

Giant cat tower with two condos

Giant cat tower with two condos

Reaching 82 inches, this is one of the tallest cat trees we’ve seen, but that’s not even what caught our attention.

The two condos make it a practical choice for households with more than one cat as they’ll never have to fight for that coveted spot.

Choosing a tower with a few additional open platforms will also help keep their playtime varied.

Huge cat trees with slide

Huge cat trees with slide

As well as open platforms, condos and scratching posts, some giant cat trees can delight your pets with additional features.

For example, you could consider one with a slide. Not only will it provide a fun alternative for your younger cats, but it’ll really make things easier for older ones or cats with mobility issues.

Instead of having to jump, they’ll be able to reach the lowest platform or condo by walking on it.

$110.69 $269

Massive cat tree with toys

Massive cat tree with toys

Younger and more playful cats will certainly enjoy an abundance of toys and stimulating features. So, if you have room for one of the largest cat trees that are wider as well as taller, let your kittens go wild!

For example, some giant cat trees come with fuzzy balls, hammocks, ropes, and padded plush perches.

$97.89 $267.66

Biggest cat tree to spoil your kittens

Biggest cat tree to spoil your kittens

If space really is the least of your concerns, you can find even larger cat trees that make the most of both their width and height to create a challenging, obstacle-style playground.

These large cat trees usually involve small ladders and an interesting variety of platforms, but you can also find them with hoops, condos, and hammocks.

A real treat for the most active and curious kittens!

Our advice Buying Guide

As humans, we spend most of our time living horizontal lives and it’s easy to assume that this is the same for our cats when it’s actually not. In fact, cats that jump around tend to be happier and healthier. If you are looking for the right play toy for your cat perhaps it’s time to get a large cat tree. There are many designs on the market most of which are affordable for cat owners.

What features to look for in large cat trees?

Large cat trees come with a number of distinct features that make life for your cat fun and more exciting.

  • Scratching Post - Scratching posts are put in a cat tree to help with exercise. The cats will often pull and scratch against the posts. This will help them stay agile and limber all the time. In addition to this, the scratching posts ensure that the cat doesn’t use your furniture instead.
  • The Condo - The condo is more like the accommodation. It’s a nice comfy part of the cat tree designed to give the cat a perfect place to rest and relax. It’s also a very nice place for the cat to sleep.
  • Toys - Despite its many functions, the cat tree is a plaything. It’s something for the cat to have fun with and as such, most cat tree designs will come with one or two toys carefully attached. The toys range from one tree to another but they will work for any cat.
  • The Levels - Most cats love to climb and they can’t do so in an average home. Large cat trees change this massively. They give the cats simple steps to jump over and over as if they were somewhere in a forest or a park.

What are large cat trees made of?

The large cat trees are made using several materials. One common option used is sisal. Sisal offers a coarse, more natural fiber and can be a great addition to the scratching posts. Normal carpeting may also be used. The carpet is put on the flat surfaces including the condo and the steps. However, wood is the most common material used for cat trees and accomplishes a number of goals. While it’s comfy enough for a cat to relax in, it’s also strong for scratching posts and steps too. Wooden cat trees are however more expensive. In case you have a tight budget, you may consider a similar design made using corrugated cardboard.

How to match a cat tree with your furniture style?

Cat trees can be custom made from scratch if you want. In case you’re finding it hard to buy a readymade option that meets your design needs, you can have the entire thing build for you. The cat trees are generally placed inside the home. In that case, you can expect that they will have an effect on your existing décor. In order to correct this, think of the trees as a new furniture piece. It has to be compatible with your décor for it to make sense.

Large cat trees offer cats a nice place to play and relax. It’s the ideal natural environment for an indoor pet.


Hand crafted one of a kind cat tree

Hand crafted one of a kind cat tree
Resembling a real tree, this large tree will provide a cool dose of entertainment for your cat, providing 5 levels, on which he can rest, play and develop his agility. Each of the tiers is covered with fleece.

Mature large cat tree house

Mature large cat tree house
An intricate cat tree designed of a real tree with leaves, equipped with 4 natural-finished wood platforms. The bottom is accommodated by a small, high-pitched roof house that creates a nice home for your meowing critter.

Juniper cat tree

Juniper cat tree
Small cats are big predators and love climbing. Fantastic imitation of a tree, with a wooden branch, painted in a dark color - which brings the tiger to the soft round shelves. The whole large cat tree is based on a wooden circle.

46" Premier Large Cat Tree

46" Premier Large Cat Tree
Ultra-large cat tree with funny design that resembles a real tree with four perches where a cat may relax on. It is covered with fluffy carpet fabric in two colors. Square base provides desirable sturdiness and stability.

Instructables cat tree

This large cat tree distinguishes itself with its impressive spinning wheel, constituting a great additional way of entertainment for your furry friends. A multilevel construction with each tier concealing different attractions.

Sisal cat tree

If your cat is bored out of its mind, this tree house is going to make its lazy fur to move out of the couch. This cat tree offers many different attractions that will make your cat a devoted dweller of this fun house.

Large cat trees

Each cat will be delighted with this impressive cat tree design. The ideal base for solid construction resembles a castle and is a highly interesting option for cats. The soft details, a lot of interesting elements create a sensational whole.

Cat jungle gyms

Combine nature-inspired design, which undoubtedly elevates the interior style, with fine qualities welcome by your cat (or cats). This cat tree is a tree literally - and it has relaxation platforms affixed to its branches.

Cat tree cat furniture

Cat Tree: Cat Furniture

Huge cat tree

A large construction for cat owners who want to provide the best possible conditions to their animals. This cat tree includes plenty of platforms finished in red color. It also features gray posts resistant to scratching and other forms of wear.

Cat scratching post that looks like a tree

An eye-catching large and tall cat tree converted from unfinished wood of an old water tower. It is composed of several thick twisted and gnarled boughs and some thinner branches. It presents itself especially well in modern interiors.

Rustic cat furniture

This high pedal rack for cats is a great functional and decorative element for the interior. Solid construction, natural colors and modern form captivate and create an impressive whole. Your cat will love it.

Large cat trees 1

An intricate cat tree for your furry jumpers, that will bring them much fun of jumping from one platform to another. Made of natural-finished wood, the platforms are easy to mount on a wall, and can also be used as shelves for displaying decorations.

I love the idea of the shelf over the door

I love the idea of the shelf over the door so they can see who's coming. Wonder how often it leads to ambushes?

Large cat trees 10

Since wild cats have been domesticated and taken away from them the opportunity to frolic in the jungle - we can provide them with climbing the artificial large cat sisal tree, branches that emerge from large green leaves.

Cat trees that look like real trees

Large 'jungle gym' cat tree. Includes a house, a bed, lots of platforms and sling beds to relax on, a ladder and stairs to climb, and ample of posts to scratch. Wrapped up in velvet like plush fabric, soft in touch.

Rome cat tree by kitty mansions

Rome Cat Tree by Kitty Mansions

Tier outdoor tree 450 00

tier outdoor tree $450.00

Level mixed with 2 trays

level mixed with 2 trays.

Sisal cat tree

Large Cat Tree. This cat tree looks nicely balanced and very solid. It looks like it would be quite difficult to tip over. Sturdiness is the most important consideration when making cat trees.

Sisal cat tree 1

Natural Wood 72 Inch Four Level Cat Tree with by MountainCatTrees, $439.99

Cat tree plans

A cat tree made of revamped ladder? Why not - a drop of blue paint is sure to make it look fashionable. And the good news is that you can make it on your own with almost no tools. The piece can be a stand for plant pots, too.

46" Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Tree

46" Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Tree

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