Cardboard Cat Tree

Slightly less expensive than the larger, more elaborate cat trees, these easy to assemble cardboard cat trees are great if you want a temporary thrill for your kitty, and then throw it away. They are still elaborate, and they last a good, long while, but if you move frequently, it's better and more environmentally friendly to discard them and get a new one. See more in this collection.

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Colorful Tetris Modular Cat Tree

Colorful Tetris Modular Cat Tree
Arrange your own cat tree with this set of modular pieces, made to look as if taken straight from a retro game of Tetris. The pieces come in five different shapes, providing endless configurations for you to try out. Moreover, each shape has its own unique color of the outline, mixing gray, red, yellow, green, and blue colors. You can even use the pieces to make your own furniture, the second function of which is a cat house!

Multi-Compartment Tall Cat Tree

Multi-Compartment Tall Cat Tree
Spoil your cats with this entertaining cat tree, which the little devils are sure to love. The upholstery of the cat tree has been treated with catnip, the smell of which is ensured to stay potent for a long time, compelling your pets to play inside of the cat tree to stay healthy and fit. The cat tree is also made out of a combination of wood and cardboard to both ensure an affordable price of the tree and good stability.

Modular Cardboard Cat Condo with Tunnels

Simple Corrugated Cardboard Decorative Kitty Castle

Customizable Outdoor Cat Tree Condo

Cardboard cat house

Cardboard house for the cats

Cardboard cat tree 1

This tall cat tree is a great way to play with pets and an impressive interior design element. Modern form and eye-catching colors perfectly match the decor of the contemporary living room.

Our advice Buying Guide

Cats love to play and rest in vertical spaces that suit their feline needs but unfortunately, their human friends live in a largely horizontal world. If you don’t provide your adorable cats with an environment that's both horizontal and vertical, you are actually denying them the fun, comfort, and safety that they are naturally wired for. A cardboard cat tree provides the best vertical life option for your cat in his or her territory. It’s not just a luxury but an important part of feline life.

Why choose a cardboard cat tree?

Well, cardboard is a versatile material that provides your cat with a wide range of pleasurable activities from climbing, cozy hiding places, and safe elevated playing spots to scratching and just chilling out as cats often do. Cardboard is also 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. When your adorable feline friend no longer needs the cat tree, the cardboard can be recycled or repurposed for other uses. Cardboard is also amazingly cheap material. A cat tree made of cardboard is comparatively less expensive than one made of other materials.

What are the key features to consider when buying a cardboard cat tree?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the key features to look for in the best cardboard cat tree:

  • Materials used in its construction. You obviously value the safety of your cat so find a reliably strong, well-constructed cat tree made of durable cardboard and other materials. The cat tree should ideally be made of corrugated cardboard which is strong lightweight, and more budget friendly than wood.
  • A sturdy scratching post. A scratching post is a must item in every cat tree. Cats need it for exercise to stay fit and happy. They normally stretch their bodies and pull against any rough surface to maintain their agile and limber physiques. A cardboard is perfect for your cat’s scratching pleasure because of its coarse nature. Remember if you don’t give your cats a scratching post, they might just end up using your expensive furniture instead.
  • Furniture and home décor style. It is highly recommended to get a cardboard cat tree that matches the style of your furniture. You wouldn’t want your cat’s new toy to mess up your décor. A good thing with cardboard cat trees is that they come in a style that goes well with most homes décor.

What extra features to look for in a cardboard cat tree?

Other extra features to look for in a cardboard cat tree include the following:

  • A soft comfortable condo where the cat can rest or sleep like a boss.
  • Built-in toys to keep the cat entertained when no one is around to play with. A toy can be anything from a few long feathers to a ball hanging from a string.
  • Climbing levels. Due to their natural feline instinct, cats love climbing on higher vertical levels. The cat tree must, therefore, have several elevated levels to keep your feline friend entertained for hours. The cat tree should preferably have three or more levels.

A cardboard cat tree may seem like an extravagant purchase at first but it will help to keep your cat physically fit, healthy and happy. It is an important piece of furniture to have in your home especially when you have two or more cats competing for playing and resting space.


Cat cardboard box house

Practical and attractive element of home design suitable for cats. This scratcher is made of materials that are resistant to scratching. Cardboard construction is not very heavy and it also improves interior aesthetics.

Diy cardboard cat tower

Made from paperboard - this is actually a great example of "catification". This cat's tree will help your cat satisfy his need for running, climbing and jumping. Plus, he would have a great observational point for "his" whole territory.

Cardboard tube cityscape by michael gondry

Cardboard tube cityscape by Michael Gondry

Cardboard cat castle

A simple but ingenious ladder for cats. It is constructed of several durable black ropes (on 2 sides) attached up and down and joined with accordion-folded slanted rectangular platforms of corrugated cardboard with round cutout holes.

Cardboard box cat house

You can say a makeshift - but do you need elegant furniture, since our cats are just learning political correctness and good manners. Everything would be destroyed. In an economic way, a cardboard cat tree for cats can be created from cardboard boxes.

Cardboard house tutorial

With this cat tree, you not only give your cat a fancy place to rest and to have fun, but also a beautiful decoration for your home. The tree is attached to a well-balanced base, has several branches and convenient platforms for your cat to rest on.

Introducing katris modular cardboard cat furniture 1

Introducing Katris Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture

Cardboard house for cats

If your cat is homeless and in a need of a fancy house, you can grant it this cute tower, made of cardboard and painted with eye-catching patterns. It is suitable for contemporary homes, and it will give your cat different ways for entertaining itself.

How to make a cat castle out of boxes

Cube cat tree made of paper and fitted with hammock. Designed for medium sized cats. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Cat cardboard house

Cat playhouse made of wood. It is covered with thick carpet to prevent scratching. Dedicated to medium sized cats. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Cat house cardboard box

Funky and unique setup for a children’s bedroom in a boy’s style with a large loft bed with the actuall bed on the bottom and a play area on the top, together with a wall-mounted basketball court which provides entertainment.

Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condos, Pistachio Green

How to make a cat house

A cool contemporary scratching post for cats. It has a square white-finished wooden base. A showy stepped toe-kick and a quite tall square post are made of cardboard and wood wrapped with a sisal rope in brownish tones.

Cardboard tree

Lightweight, easy to transport, and a bit fragile - this attractive tree house is characterized by an intricate design, created of wood and cardboard. You can use it for displaying decorations. But watch out for their weight!

How to build a cat house out of cardboard

You can create a personalized toy and at the same time a cat cardboard cat tree. From old cartons, all you need to do is cut the holes, arrange them with small towers and the cat gains interesting free fun.

How to make a cat playhouse

Oh my god, this original, hand-made Cat House is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. It is made of cardboard and has very unique shape inspired of ancient vases. It is very stylish and one-in-this-kind decoration too.

What to do with leftover moving supplies part 2 cardboard

What to do with Leftover Moving Supplies Part 2: Cardboard Boxes

Krabhuis casa de carton para gatos con techo rascador o

Krabhuis: Casa de cartón para gatos con techo "rascador" • Scratch house made from cardboard | Krabhuis

Cardboard cat tree

This impressive cat tree is the perfect solution for cat lovers. Simple design with a wicker basket at the top gives pets a great place for fun and relaxation, and by the way is an interesting element of the interior.

Cat trees playground impressive images of cat trees for living

... cat-trees-playground-impressive-images-of-cat-trees-for-living-room

Tubular storage perfect for wall mounting doll stuffed animals to

Tubular storage. Perfect for wall mounting doll/stuffed animals to sleep at night.

Cat house made of boxes

I love the stackable, and storable design of this cat tower, but not the price. My kitties are on a budget. I'm thinking I could recreate the same thing with cardboard boxes and fabric.



Kittyblock found one on groupon my cats love it much

Kittyblock. Found one on Groupon. My cats love it. Much bigger than it looks.

Cat tree drawers

cat tree drawers

How to build a cat tree out of cardboard

Blinged-Out Cat Fort - DIY with Cardboard box!

Cardboard cat house plans

Cat House Cardboard Boxes

Tree branch bookshelf go to for specifics

Tree Branch Bookshelf. Go to for specifics.

Kitty Cubby

Cat house out of cardboard

Take a look at this neat cat house made from cardboard. Who said you have to spend a fortune on a cat house? It's cool and cheerful, and we're sure your cat is going to love it. Perfect for kids' room!

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Corrugated cardboard cat tree scratcher buy deluxe cat

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How to build a cat tree out of cardboard 1

How To Build A Cat Tree Out Of Cardboard

Cardboard cat trees cat playground cat playground

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