Cardboard Cat Furniture

All of us want to have some comfort and cats also want a place to play. This collection offers an incredible choice of cardboard cat furniture that is both good looking and practical. You can spend here all the time that you need in order to make the best possible decision.

Corrugated cardboard cat furniture

A simple, DIY cat home will make your pet happy! It's a cheap solution as it's made of a cardboard. It has one big, square hole in the front and two round holes on the sides. For greater comfort of your cat it's equipped with a small hammock.



Cardboard cat furniture 5

Cute & eco-friendly carboard cat furniture! Tbh, I'm surprised how good-looking are these. Cat furnishing made out of cardboard! Tunnels, crates, funny cat-inspired shapes... Really nice. I've never come upon such pet furniture before!

Cardboard cat furniture

A trruly unique design of this cat furniture is going to make your meowing friend very happy and more active. The structure is made of various cardbox pieces, resting on a flat square wood base for stability.

Large Orca Whale Cardboard Cat Scratching Board

Large Orca Whale Cardboard Cat Scratching Board

Cardboard cat furniture 16

This designer cat furniture can be used as a bed, as well as a scratchpost for them. Characteristic X-shaped construction embodies well the contemporary design. Handcrafted, guarantees long-lasting solidness.

Cardboard cat scratcher house

A fantastic cat tree for indoors that will make your meowing critter happy as never before. Designed of durable white-painted material, the tree comes with a bunch of platforms with red carpet surface, 3 tight open shelters, and a flat square base for balance.

Annikemjo cartoon table supermarket cardboard furniture inspiration

annikemjo: Cartoon Table - Supermarket Cardboard furniture. #inspiration

Cardboard tube furniture

Charming cardboard cat furniture constitutes a perfect space for your pet. Being at the same time a playground and rest zone, this eco-friendly scratching is a must have for all cat lovers.

Wooden cat furniture with large cushion luxurious pet design idea

Wooden cat furniture with large cushion, luxurious pet design idea

Cat condo plans free

The slim and highly efficient design of this cardboard furniture for cats makes your pet very happy. The whole made with interesting details allows for great fun, but also looks interesting in the interior.

Uber eco moderncat find helical cardboard cat tower

Uber-eco Moderncat Find: Helical Cardboard Cat Tower

Cardboard cat furniture 2

A handy set of DIY instructions to make your own cat scratcher out of simple materials found in any household. The cat scratcher is made out of a couple pieces of wood with the insides constructed out of simple cardboard.

Homemade cat climbing structure

17 geweldige zelfmaakideetjes voor katten en honden

Cardboard cat furniture 11

Домик для кошки "Улей" из картона | Изделия из картона и гофрокартона. Поделки своими руками. Детские игрушки

Diy cat toys furniture

This cat doesn't care that his tower is made of beer cases and duct tape: it's his castle!

Cat climbing shelves cat trees catification san diego

Cat Climbing Shelves, Cat Trees, Catification, San Diego

Mancat mancave a duct taped home depot villa cat lifestyle

Mancat Mancave: A Duct-taped Home Depot Villa - Cat Lifestyle: Mousebreath Magazine

Cardboard cat house 3

cardboard cat house

Cardboard cat furniture 4

Posted on June 27, 2012 | 2 Comments

Cardboard cat furniture 12

Cardboard Tube Catwalk

Cardboard cat furniture 9

wall mounted cat bed | ... . Made with double wall corrugated cardboard and non-toxic glue

62" Cat Tree

62" Cat Tree
If your cat likes fun and interesting places this cat tree is a great place for him. Numerous obstacles, interesting fun and solid construction give him a long and cheerful fun.It looks perfectly at home on the terrace or in the garden.

Cardboard cat furniture 2

Cardboard Contest Entries _ Cat Castles

Cardboard cat furniture

DIY Pet furniture can save a lot of money and be loads of fun to make! Take a look at this quick and easy tutorial from Lowes for a play place your cats will love!

Cardboard cat furniture 6

This DIY tutorial will help you create a unique functional cat tree your pets. Fully natural and easy to make will delight your four-legged friends. Remember only to clamp your cardboard together until the glue dries.

Cardboard cat furniture 1

Simple and very functional cardboard design makes this cat furniture a very practical and attractive design element. The cat will find a comfortable place to rest in it, and the whole is interestingly presented in the corner of the decor.

Cardboard cat bed

Cool large contemporary cat trees built of wooden materials and cardboard. They're equipped a.o. with a loo, a wheel, shelves (also with holes) and condos, posts wrapped with sisal rope, slanted ramps and ladders, dangling faux 'mice'.

Cardboard cat furniture 3

A magnificent example of cardboard cat furniture, which shall attract all cat owners. Its designer-looking contemporary appeal shall enchant all fans of a minimalistic approach to design.

Cardboard cat furniture 3

stacking box playground

Classy Kitty Slanted Cat Furniture Post with Cardboard Scratcher

This classy cat furniture post with cardboard scratcher constitutes a quality wood construction with stain and fade resistant carpet covering. A good choice for the cat and his owner, who can now sleep safe, not worrying about his couch or table.

Dave alisons diy cat tower

Dave & Alison’s DIY Cat Tower

Cardboard cat furniture

Crafted of sturdy card boxes and reinforced with durable straps, these modular pieces allow you to have a different type of bookshelf every single day. You can assemble them according to your needs, forming eye-catching, geometric compositions.

House pet modern cat towers design ideas could easily make


Cat scratching post plans free

Indoor structure for owners and lovers of cats. This cat tree features a solid construction based on materials that are resistant to damage caused by cats and their claws. It provides playing space for more than one cat.

Recycled cardboard furniture and accessories for cats

Recycled cardboard furniture and accessories for cats

Cardboard cat furniture 7

cat cocoon, cardboard, water glue, cat, cat furniture

Moderncat cat products cat toys cat furniture and more all

moderncat :: cat products, cat toys, cat furniture, and more…all ...

Original catpods eco friendly cardboard

Original Catpods Eco Friendly Cardboard
Charming cardboard cat furniture is a perfect place for your pet. All in a simple form allows the animal to rest and have fun, but at the same time it is eco-friendly and very beautifully presented in any decor.

Cardboard cat furniture 8

Kitty Catsle Copycat | moderncat :: cat products, cat toys, cat furniture, and more…all with modern style

Stepnplay cardboard cat steps

StepNPlay Cardboard Cat Steps

Box furniture

Box Furniture ...

Cardboard cat furniture 4

DIY Elegant and solid cat tree for larger kitties. Another one of those unique cat trees that any cat would claim and their people can live with.

Cardboard cat furniture 5

DIY cardboard cat house (via ModernJune)

Introducing the sky scratcher architectural cardboard cat scratching

Introducing The Sky Scratcher Architectural Cardboard Cat Scratching ...

11 creative ways to repurpose cardboard

11 Creative Ways to Repurpose Cardboard

Couchette Modern Recycled Paper Cat Perch

Couchette Modern Recycled Paper Cat Perch

Large Comfort Couch Recycled Paper Cat Scratching Board

Large Comfort Couch Recycled Paper Cat Scratching Board

Moderncat cat products cat toys cat furniture and more all

moderncat :: cat products, cat toys, cat furniture, and more…all ...

Cardboard cat furniture 1

Katris3- new from Katris! Modular cardboard furniture blocks that you piece together into different styles with special bands. Love this! Will be selling them on Amazon soon! Can't wait!