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Having a bird as a pet can enrich your life, and your perceptions. But those indoor cages are often very small. A much large home aviary can give your bird, or birds, a little more freedom, and even some outside experience. In home or outdoors, our collection of aviaries will give you lots of creative ideas on adding new birds into your life, and the aviaries come in many sizes and styles.

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If you’re a bird lover, you’re going to enjoy this piece. A huge, very spacious outdoor aviary cage with a plenty of space to host a few large birds – bound to give your backyard garden a unique touch with its unusual design.

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Aviary made of wood and covered with mesh. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Designed for small i medium sized birds. Traditional form and functional design.

Outdoor bird aviary for sale

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The wooden aviary for any types of birds. It has been prepared in two separate sectors for two kinds of species. Each of them has been equipped with the enclosed zone to have a rest and the open zone for a walk, which has been covered with net.

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This Macaw aviary can be seen at Volgepark in Leopoldshafen. An enormous space, adapted fully for the birds features a small house and multiple various branches.

Aviaries for sale

This large aviary offers a considerable storage space for a dozen of birds. Its openwork construction offers good ventilation and insolation. A sturdy construction, that will serve ist role for years.

Aviary for sale

Ideas welcome please for my aviary

Our advice Buying Guide

An aviary for sale is a massive area where birds are allowed to fly around. If you are thinking of having pet birds or you want to give your birds more space to roam then consider getting an aviary instead of a cage.

How to make sure the aviary is durable?

When you’re deciding between different aviaries for sale, you can base your decision on a unit’s durability. An aviary needs to be durable, most especially if it will be placed outdoors. Strong materials are necessary like rot-resistant wood and rust-proof metals. An additional layer of paint on the framework will give it more protection.

If you are wondering what the most durable material is, that would be metal. It's not just stronger, but it’s also low maintenance. As for wood, it requires your time and effort for its care but it looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing. By the way, you need to repaint the framework of your aviary if it is made of wood every year. As it requires care and maintenance, it’s often cheaper to buy compared to an all-metal aviary.

When you’re buying an aviary, watch out for the cheap units that are labeled as outdoor aviaries as they may be better suited for indoor use, depending on the material used.

How to select a safe aviary?

This is all about escape and intruder prevention. Probably the worst thing that a bird owner can experience is having a bird killed by a predator or one that escaped from its cage. You can prevent this scenario through some sensible precautions.

  • You can ensure the safety of your birds by getting the netting or mesh that’s of the correct size in relation to the size of the birds that you’re intending to keep. The birds shouldn’t be able to chew through the holes as well. If you have smaller birds like budgies and finches, then you need to double check as they can fit through the gaps of aviaries.
  • When you’re choosing a wire mesh, a safe material is iron, aluminum or stainless steel. You should never opt for galvanized steel as it contains zinc, a mineral that is poisonous most especially to large birds. If you have no choice but to use galvanized steel, it will be safer if the steel is galvanized after it is welded.
  • If you have foxes and other animals in your area that may try to dig under the enclosure, then consider using a floor made of concrete.
  • You should also consider trimming nearby trees as predators may gain access through the aviary’s roof. However, you need to leave a bit of shade so the birds don’t get direct sun exposure during sunny days. You can also use a fogging system during the summer season to keep your pets cool.
  • Unlike a single door entrance, having a two-door entrance will ensure your aviary is sealed around the clock. No bird will be able to escape even when a careless person enters the enclosure. Of course, you need to lock the aviary if you are not around to look after it.


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indoor bird aviary | Bird Aviaries For Sale Southern AZ Wholesale Bird Aviaries

Aviaries chook pens and and animal enclosures


Enormous Walk Bird Aviary

Enormous Walk Bird Aviary

Chook pens

One of the most chickens homes in the world. This tower with elegant aviary does not resemble any typical chicken coop at all. Its design is definitely closer to some castles and palaces.

Outdoor aviary for sale

look for nightstand at thrift stores! :)

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Aviary Birds For Sale Aviaries_for_sale_make_me_an_ ...

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This handmade, wooden aviary constitutes a stylish and practical place for all bird breeders. Made from wooden panels it offers a considerable storage space for at least a dozen of birds.

Finch aviary for sale

Vintage Victorian Birdcage. I bought the same exact cage in a Thrift store for only $5.00. It's for sale \on an online store for $225.00!!

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Bird Aviary Made With Panels

Hacienda Dome Top Bird Cage

Hacienda Dome Top Bird Cage

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The main aviary or breeding flights

The main aviary or breeding flights

Avaries for sale

Outdoor+Rabbit+Hutches+for+Sale | Whimsical Rabbit Hutches for Outdoor Bunnies

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