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Providing your pet bird with a high-quality aviary allows it to stretch its wings and enjoy its environment while protecting them from hazards and predators. A well-made aviary can significantly enhance your bird’s quality of life indoors or out. With so many varieties of aviaries available, choosing the perfect one for your feathered friend can be a challenge. This list of the eight best bird aviaries for sale can help you narrow down your options. 

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Updated 01/03/2023
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Best Value for Money
Slim Outdoor Aviary

Slim Outdoor Aviary

Archie & Oscar™

Perfect For: Small gardens/rooms

What We Like: Can be easily cleaned

Not So Good For: Larger birds

Made from solid wood and metal, this aviary additionally has been finished with a weatherproof glaze for added durability. Its light gray and white finish will go with most indoor and outdoor styles. As well as space to fly around, this aviary comes with two food cups, a wooden perch for resting, and a pull-out plastic tray for easy cleaning.

$239.99 $255.99

Designer Advice:

This aviary is designed to fit smaller breeds and will house one or two birds like finches or parakeets comfortably. However, for more of a separation, you could add another perch spot in the lower section so your birds won’t fight over the one at the top.

What Users Say:

Really love it, very easy to put together and durable, our cockatiel really enjoys his new home! We highly recommend!

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Best for Portability
Walk in Bird Aviary on Wheels

Walk in Bird Aviary on Wheels

Archie & Oscar™

Perfect For: Moving indoors and outdoors

What We Like: Different levels to entertain birds

What We Don’t Like: Casters don’t lock

Constructed from steel for long-lasting sturdiness, this aviary features a black hammertone finish. Alongside an expanded roof design for extra flying room, it comes with two wood perches, four food cups, a tray, and a grate. Due to it standing on wheels, this aviary can be moved from place to place with ease.

Designer Advice:

This cage has everything larger birds could want – the taller roof section is especially useful during wet weather when birds may not go outside as much. Though it isn’t the most stylish, it isn’t a visual eyesore, either. Still, because of this aviary’s more industrial look, it would look best in a utility or other side room. 

What Users Say:

This cage is amazing, very roomy, and quality material, easy to put together.

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Best for Style
Domed Large Bird Aviary

Domed Large Bird Aviary

Tucker Murphy Pet™

Perfect For: If your bird needs lots of exercise

What We Like: Pagoda-type roof

What We Don’t Like: No food cups included

The domed roof of this aviary is a major plus, as is the stylish brown and green finish. Subtly rustic but not so much that it wouldn’t suit a contemporary home/garden, its steel and wood construction will keep your bird/s safe. A potential downside is the lack of food cups inside, meaning you will have to buy your own.

$369.99 $439.99

Designer Advice:

The completely open design of this aviary will let you keep an eye on your birds at all times. It would suit either a rustic country lodge-style home or, if for outdoor use, a garden with lots of greenery and flowers.

What Users Say:

My new birds absolutely love it. It’s great value and I’m considering buying a second one for outside. This one was put in my living room.

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Deluxe Canopy Bird Aviary on Wheels

Deluxe Canopy Bird Aviary on Wheels

What We Like: Mobility and interior volume

What We Don’t Like: Difficult to clean

Not So Great For: Smaller homes

Perfect For: Owners with multiple birds

This cage is a fantastic choice for bird owners who have multiple birds or just want to provide their feathered friend with ample room to stretch their wings. It has several accessories, including wood perches, food and drink bowls, and pull-out trays.

Another feature we like in this cage is its mobility. The cage’s six easy-rolling casters facilitate easy movement, allowing you to easily transport your birds outside to get fresh air. However, the cage may be unsuitable for smaller homes due to its massive size; it can be challenging to clean since it has limited interior access.  

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Durable Indoor Oudoor Bird Aviary

Durable Indoor Oudoor Bird Aviary

What We Like: Weather resistance

What We Don’t Like: Thin wiring

Not So Great For: Birds that chew aviary wiring

Perfect For: Owners looking for a large, durable outdoor aviary

This large bird aviary is ideal for outdoor placement. It is constructed with steel and solid fir wood, allowing it to withstand the elements without rusting. The triangle asphalt-covered roof protects the bird from rain and UV exposure.

It features convenient accessories, including three access doors, a pull-out iron tray, and three wooden perches. It does not feature wheels, so this bird aviary best suits owners who do not plan to move the enclosure. The thin wire allows excellent airflow and visibility of your pet but may not be durable enough for larger birds who tend to chew aviary wire. The outdoor aviary for sale is ideal for Cockatoo, Macaw, Parrot, and Conure owners.  

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Lightweight Bird Aviary on Wheels

Lightweight Bird Aviary on Wheels

What We Like: Excellent assortment of features and accessories

What We Don’t Like: Extra accessories significantly increase weight

Not So Great For: Owners who need a lightweight cage

Perfect For: Owners looking for a main home enclosure with all the bells and whistles

A cage with wheels allows you to move them between indoors and outdoors when the weather is suitable. It features an incredible assortment of accessories and features and is an excellent choice as a primary home enclosure. The cage has several pull-out drawers, a pull-out bottom grille, four stainless steel cups, a playpen, easy-roll casters, seed-catching guards, push-button door locks, and two wooden perches.

The integrated playpen and the seed-catching guards are two stand-out features of the cage. The playpen will keep your bird entertained for hours, while the seed-catching guards will make maintaining your bird’s area easier than ever. The bird aviary also comes in your choice of four sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, so you can be sure that your bird will have plenty of space, regardless of its breed.  

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Hangable Outdoor Bird Aviary

Hangable Outdoor Bird Aviary

What We Like: Lightweight, easy-to-carry design

What We Don’t Like: Lack of space

Not So Great For: A primary home cage

Perfect For: A secondary outdoor or travel cage

The lightweight wood and steel frame is easy to transport and suitable for hanging, making this cage a fantastic choice as an outdoor aviary alternative to your bird's primary home cage. The cage's easy-hang hook doubles as a handle, facilitating easy travel. It also comes with a pull-out tray and an integrated wooden perch.

Another stand-out feature is the included zip-over mesh case, which protects your bird while allowing airflow and light penetration. While this cage is perfect as a secondary enclosure, its small size and relative lack of features make it unsuitable as a primary home cage.

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Swing Bird Aviary on Wheels

Swing Bird Aviary on Wheels

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Tons of fun features for your bird

What We Don’t Like: Not as much space as some other large cages

Not So Great For: Very large birds

Perfect For: Owners who need a large cage but have limited floor space

This model is a fantastic option for owners searching for aviaries for sale that use their home's vertical space. This enclosure is made with heavy-duty, waterproof metal and is suitable for use as both an indoor and outdoor bird aviary. It is designed to have a sleek horizontal profile to minimize the amount of necessary floor space while still providing ample vertical room for your bird.

It includes several polished-wood perches, a swing, and an easy-open rooftop, so your bird is sure to love its new enclosure. Some convenient features include dual top handles, plenty of access doors, an extra storage shelf, and easy-roll casters. We recommend this cage for various breeds, but very large birds who require additional space may be a bit cramped.

$97.99 $113.99

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Indoor Bird Aviary with Clear Window Siding

Indoor Bird Aviary with Clear Window Siding

What We Like: Clear windows for an unobstructed view of your pet

What We Don’t Like: Lack of space and features

Not So Great For: Medium or large birds

Perfect For: Very small birds

This cage is ideal for owners who need an indoor enclosure for their small bird. The most attractive feature of this cage is its clear window siding that allows for an unobstructed view of your pet. While the cage does not come with the array of features some larger cages offer, it does include a perch for your bird to play and exercise with.

The lightweight plastic construction means the cage is easy to transport and clean, but it also reduces its durability compared to metal cages and limits it to indoor-only use. We recommend this cage as a secondary tabletop enclosure for small-to-medium birds or a primary enclosure for very small birds; its relative lack of size makes it unsuitable for larger birds.

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Bird Aviaries For Sale

Buying Guide

An aviary for sale is a massive area where birds are allowed to fly around. If you are thinking of having pet birds or you want to give your birds more space to roam then consider getting an aviary instead of a cage.

When you’re deciding between different aviaries for sale, you can base your decision on a unit’s durability. An aviary needs to be durable, most especially if it will be placed outdoors. Strong materials are necessary like rot-resistant wood and rust-proof metals. An additional layer of paint on the framework will give it more protection.

If you are wondering what the most durable material is, that would be metal. It's not just stronger, but it’s also low maintenance. As for wood, it requires your time and effort for its care but it looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing. By the way, you need to repaint the framework of your aviary if it is made of wood every year. As it requires care and maintenance, it’s often cheaper to buy compared to an all-metal aviary.

When you’re buying an aviary, watch out for the cheap units that are labeled as outdoor aviaries as they may be better suited for indoor use, depending on the material used.

This is all about escape and intruder prevention. Probably the worst thing that a bird owner can experience is having a bird killed by a predator or one that escaped from its cage. You can prevent this scenario through some sensible precautions.

  • You can ensure the safety of your birds by getting the netting or mesh that’s of the correct size in relation to the size of the birds that you’re intending to keep. The birds shouldn’t be able to chew through the holes as well. If you have smaller birds like budgies and finches, then you need to double check as they can fit through the gaps of aviaries.
  • When you’re choosing a wire mesh, a safe material is iron, aluminum or stainless steel. You should never opt for galvanized steel as it contains zinc, a mineral that is poisonous most especially to large birds. If you have no choice but to use galvanized steel, it will be safer if the steel is galvanized after it is welded.
  • If you have foxes and other animals in your area that may try to dig under the enclosure, then consider using a floor made of concrete.
  • You should also consider trimming nearby trees as predators may gain access through the aviary’s roof. However, you need to leave a bit of shade so the birds don’t get direct sun exposure during sunny days. You can also use a fogging system during the summer season to keep your pets cool.
  • Unlike a single door entrance, having a two-door entrance will ensure your aviary is sealed around the clock. No bird will be able to escape even when a careless person enters the enclosure. Of course, you need to lock the aviary if you are not around to look after it.

Best Ideas

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If you’re a bird lover, you’re going to enjoy this piece. A huge, very spacious outdoor aviary cage with a plenty of space to host a few large birds – bound to give your backyard garden a unique touch with its unusual design.

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Aviary made of wood and covered with mesh. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Designed for small i medium sized birds. Traditional form and functional design.

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This Macaw aviary can be seen at Volgepark in Leopoldshafen. An enormous space, adapted fully for the birds features a small house and multiple various branches.

Outdoor bird aviary for sale

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Aviaries for sale

This large aviary offers a considerable storage space for a dozen of birds. Its openwork construction offers good ventilation and insolation. A sturdy construction, that will serve ist role for years.

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The wooden aviary for any types of birds. It has been prepared in two separate sectors for two kinds of species. Each of them has been equipped with the enclosed zone to have a rest and the open zone for a walk, which has been covered with net.

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Ideas welcome please for my aviary

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Finch aviary for sale

Vintage Victorian Birdcage. I bought the same exact cage in a Thrift store for only $5.00. It's for sale \on an online store for $225.00!!

Chook pens

One of the most chickens homes in the world. This tower with elegant aviary does not resemble any typical chicken coop at all. Its design is definitely closer to some castles and palaces.

13686323962028759673roodepoort 20130515 00480 jpg


Hacienda Dome Top Bird Cage

Hacienda Dome Top Bird Cage

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