Extra Large Bird Cages

If you have an extra-large bird or several smaller birds, and want to protect them, then an extra-large bird cages their answer. and we have plenty to choose from for all your extra-large birdcage needs. These are great if you want to give your favorite parrot or cockatoo plenty of room to roam around. Take a look at our collection for details.

Best Products

New Extra Large Fir Wood Wire Mesh Parrot Aviary Budgie Canary Bird Cage

New Extra Large Fir Wood Wire Mesh Parrot Aviary Budgie Canary Bird Cage
Would you like to give some comfort to your birds? The simple construction of their new extra large bird cage, will provide them safety. Waterproof asphalt roof,combined with fir wood,resistant to all atmospheric conditions.Alternative for other boring cages.

Bird Cage Extra Large Exceptional Over 5 Tall Wood Branch Perch

Bird Cage Extra Large Exceptional Over 5 Tall Wood Branch Perch
Made from wrought iron this bird cage sports a gorgeous design and comes with a wooden branch perch that will work for the outside or garden area. It will be a sublime piece for your pet and sports the extra large size to ensure more convenience.

Vintage bird cage on stand extra large

Vintage bird cage on stand extra large
A chic vintage bird cage and a stand with an aged white finish. It's of metal wires, has a dome top with a loop handle, a swing and a perch of wood, 2 feeders, a shiny tray. A metal stand has a 4-arm feet with scrolls on and a straight post.

Signature Series Royalty Large Bird Cage

Signature Series Royalty Large Bird Cage
If you took the reponsibility of having a bird then you are surely looking for a comfortable and stylish way of housing it to provide it both safety and plenty of space to move around and exercise - and this iron cage will do the trick with its wheeled structure.

Zebra Princess Canopy Bedding Dog Bed Canopy Bed Girls Furniture Large Puppy

Zebra Princess Canopy Bedding Dog Bed Canopy Bed Girls Furniture Large Puppy
Dog bed in elegant form. Frame is made of wood and fitted with canopy. Dedicated to small pets. Stylish addition to each room as needed.

Bird Cage

Bird Cage
Aesthetic large standing cage with wheels for moving. It is made of wrought iron wires painted in white. This rectangular cage includes 2 perches, 2 bowls, a removable plastic tray and grate. It has a hinged door and a lower shelf.

Signature Series Select Small Bird Cage

Signature Series Select Small Bird Cage
Highly functional cage that will house a small bird. It features a variety of useful features, from locking wheels on its base to a laddered terrace on its top. It provides also convenient storage space that can accommodate pet accessories.

Our advice Buying Guide

You may already know this; the overall well-being of a bird is linked directly to the cleanliness and quality of its cage. Even if your pet bird is of the average size, it's a good idea to get it an extra large bird cage as this type of housing allows the animal to have more than enough space to play and flap its wings around.

However, there are lots of considerations that need to be taken into account when buying an extra large bird cage. We'll discuss all these critical factors below.

How large should a bird cage be?

There’s no cage that’s too large for a bird. That’s why it is always a good idea to get the largest cage you can get. Fortunately, the market is riddled with extra large bird cages. There’s just one problem and that’s the spacing between the cage’s bars. The bars must be narrow enough that injuries are prevented in case your pet tries to escape. You should also ensure the head of your bird does not fit in between the bars or else it will get stuck.

How to make sure the extra large bird cage is safe for your pet?

Even if your pet gets to socialize on a play stand, it still spends a considerable amount of time inside its cage whenever you’re away. This means your bird will learn how to manipulate its cage’s door latches and have time chewing on exposed bolts or nuts. It can even push and pull the bars of its cage.

It may not be attempting to escape but this active play can increase the chances of the bird getting out of its home.

So, to ensure the safety of your pet and make sure it won’t do anything that will send it right into the arms of predators, here are a few safety features you’d want to consider when buying an extra-large bird cage:

  • Access Doors - This is one of the most overlooked aspects of bird cages. The usability and size of the access doors of the cage will play a part in your pet’s willingness to leave or enter its cage. A general rule is you should be capable of reaching your arm into the access doors. This won’t just allow you to reach your pet whenever it is inside its cage, but it will also ensure your bird can pass freely between the access doors when it desires.
  • Strong Latches - Bird cages come with different kinds of cage latches. The right one for you is the type that prevents the escape of the bird in relation to its specific capabilities. A cage with sliding doors uses gravity to keep the cage shut. A swing-out door, on the other hand, uses tension closure. As for a cage with a hinged door, it’s likely to use dead-bolt-styled latches. Choose the closure that your pet won’t be able to manipulate. The more security the latch can provide, the better. Lots of bird owners are concerned about the safety of their pets when they’re not around, so they complement cage latches with additional locks or quick link.


Birdcagewedding card holder extra large

Birdcagewedding card holder extra large
Vintage look for a decorative repurposed bird cage, which is being used as a wedding card holder. The cage is made out of wrought iron with a distressed coat of pastel cream paint with a ribbon in the middle.

Signature Series Royalty Small Bird Cage

Signature Series Royalty Small Bird Cage

Extra large bird cages 2

Extra large wooden framed birdcage from about 1900. It have incredibly old fashioned design, but I love it. Wood ideally corresponds with these rusted iron cage elements. It looks like straight from old mid century castle.

Large wedding birdcage

This large bird cage will be perfect for your parrot and add some old finish to your room decor. It is on wheel which allows its mobility. You can handle the swing and feeding accessories on the crate.

Extra large parrot cage

Creativity at its finest! Just look at this amazing, homemade, DIY project! A repurposed bird cage made to function as a cute, beautiful makeup cabinet! Such a unique, one-of-a-kind look for your bedroom.

Mauna kea mansion bird cage two top styles 48 w

Mauna Kea Mansion Bird Cage - Two Top Styles 48"W x 36"D x 76"H

Large animal cage

If you're planning to raise rabbits, you should consider getting or building this functional outdoor cage. It consists of two long rows of cages that are divided into several sections. The cage is under a steel roof.

Extra large parrot cages great for

Extra Large Parrot Cages Great for:

Extra large bird cages 20

Extra Large Flight Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Bird Wrought Iron #BirdCage With Removable Stand, 32-Inch by 19-Inch by 74-Inch, Black Vein

Large animal cages

Another do-it-yourself cool idea! This time chinchilla pet cage. Could be either small or large size. It's totally fashioned from a secondhand armoire. Made from light, oak wood, doors with nets and drawers underneath for extra storage space.

Para Nut Palace Stainless Steel Bird Cage - 42"W x 28"D x 66"H

Bird cage dimensions

Bird Cage Dimensions

Extra large bird cages 14

Extra Large Play Top Floor Bird Cage

Extra large bird cages

Kinda Victorian style, isn't it? A beautiful parrot cage on casters, with Victorian top that opens; falls definitely on the side of extra large bird cages. Welded bar design painted all white. W/ removable seed trays & other bird accessories

Extra large bird cages 1

A large vintage bird cage converted to an impressive illuminated home decoration. It's modelled on a palace or a cathedral made of wood and metal wires finished in aged white. It's adorned with flower arrangements illuminated with string LED lights.

Wedding bird cages for cards

Extra Large Flight Cage w/ Stand ELFXL3221, Little Wild Ones Pet Shop

Large small animal cage 1

If you are the owner of a few dogs, you will love the idea of this spacious kennel. It's a solid, roofed construction that is divided into a few sections so that each dog has its own entry. It is made of wood but the front of it is protected with a gause.

Bird cage table 12

A reception counter top decorating idea: flower arrangement set in a detailed gold birdcage. Also a table centerpiece idea, as for a wedding / the like. Pink roses and white blossoms with some greenery might of course be replaced by any other silk or natural flowers.

Pagoda Cockatiel Bird Cage

Pagoda Cockatiel Bird Cage

Extra large animal comercial bird monkey exotic cage transport

Extra large animal comercial bird, monkey, exotic cage transport ...

Extra large cage

Purple Martin Condo. Needs to be up high for purple martins though. smaller birds will use this down low like wren's. Needs to be up high to keep the snakes from eating the eggs and baby birds.

Extra large steel parrot cage cockatoo aviary budgie bird cage

Extra Large Steel Parrot Cage Cockatoo Aviary Budgie Bird Cage Canary ...

Extra large bird cage

Liberta Riviera Ice Monaco Extra Large Bird Cage

Extra large ferret cage

A fantastic, large cage for a small animal like chinchilla. It will keep your animal active as it has plenty of playful gadgets. There is also a simple box where your animal can rest. All the elements are made of wood.

Signature Series Royalty Medium Bird Cage

Signature Series Royalty Medium Bird Cage

New Economical Extra Large 5 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Wire Cage For Small Animal or Bird *30"Length x 18"Depth x 55"Height With Removable Stand

Home liberta riviera monaco extra large bird cage

home liberta riviera monaco extra large bird cage

Extra large bird cages 4

This extra large teal bird cage with stand constitutes a perfect proposition for all bird owners. It will work out well in both outdoors as well as larger interiors. Wrought iron construction enables to create intricate shapes.

White bird cages for weddings

With its impressive size, this extra large wrought iron bird cage constitutes a gorgeous proposition for all birds' owners. Solid and spacious, will guarantee a safe and comfy time for the pet.

Extra large bird cages 16

Peacock Extra Large 55in

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Extra large bird cages 19

Have to have it. Prevue Pet Products Extra Large Wrought Iron Flight Cage Black Hammertone F050 - $166.98 @hayneedle

Glass cages for small animals

This animal cage shall attract bird enthusiasts. 3 level, equipped with 2 big doors, creates an accommodation for several birds. It has the overall dimensions of 30" x 18" x 72 H.

Extra large bird cages 10

Extra Large Charcoal Bird Cage for

Extra large bird cages 11

Vision Bird Cage Model L01 - Large #birdcage #birds

Signature Series Dome Top Small Bird Cage

Signature Series Dome Top Small Bird Cage

Extra large bird cages 12

Midcentury Modern Meets Medina : Remodelista A Moroccan bird cage provides a whimsical touch

Extra large bird cages 15

Large BiRD Cage Seed Guard . Blue Seed Catcher . Sky by BirdDrapes

Extra Large Pet Products Flight Cage With Stand *30"Length x 18"Depth x 55"Height *White*

Level extra large sugar glider bird wrought iron cage black

Level Extra Large Sugar Glider Bird WROUGHT IRON Cage Black Vein 072

Extra large macaw cage 700 bird cages galore

extra large macaw cage $700 bird cages galore

Extra large bird cages 21

Bird Cages and Birds Extra Large Mural

Budgie with extra large cage and accessories

Budgie With Extra Large Cage And Accessories.