Tall Garden Trellis


For all your gardening decorative desires, have you considered a trellis. These tall garden trellis are perfect for vine plants, and can create a lovely walking scape for a path through your yard that will display all your favorite vine flowers in a lovely and creative way. Show off your home and your garden. Take a look at these tall garden trellis options.

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Tall garden trellis

The impressive tall garden trellis is an excellent way to decorate the original garden. Wooden structure with grid filling is stylish and allows to create an exciting atmosphere in the backyard decor. The whole thing will be checked everywhere.

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Tall garden trellis 3

The tall garden trellis will be a beautiful accent piece for your wall, especially on the porch. It looks modern, simple, but very elegant and stylish. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks in your home.

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Trellis art

Usually such garden decorations as trellis are free standing somewhere in the path of our garden. Here it was used as a huge screen, separating it from the rest of the environment. At his iron-clad structure flowers grow, adding the charm to the patio.

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Tempest the Metal Garden Trellis Fairy

Tempest the Metal Garden Trellis Fairy

Gothic style garden fairy with removable wings. Made of steel, rust resistant, almost four feet tall. Fairy may be put over a plant and her skirt will grow with beautiful green leaves, making it a real garden fairy!

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Gardens 19


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Tall garden trellis 1

Shaped Branching Trellis by Trellis Art Designs

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Venus Garden Trellis

Venus Garden Trellis

Graceful garden trellis with a subtle, curvy design. Being 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall, it has a compact size that fits all patios and garden recesses. Give your climbing roses or flowering vines a sturdy support, or use the piece as a decoration on its own.

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Rose Trellis

Rose Trellis

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Tall garden trellis

A Trellis Trio: These trellises do the work of a fence, a screen, and a vine pole. They can provide privacy, serve as an arbor, or simply spruce up a corner of your yard.

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Oriental Furniture Classic Cross Hatch Design, 41-Inch Tall Japanese Style Zen Garden Bamboo Fence/Trellis

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Tall Garden Trellis

Buying Guide

A trellis in your garden can be used for many different things, including helping your plants to grow in the right direction or providing some extra privacy in an overlooked property. If you haven't bought a garden trellis before, or it's the first time you've considered buying a tall garden trellis, there are a few things you should know in advance. Let's consider some of the main points so you can buy the ideal garden trellis for you.

It is very important that you find out beforehand how tall you want the garden trellis to be. Having a trellis which is too tall can cause problems with the neighbors, but can also be much larger than you initially intended. Similarly, a garden trellis which is too low might not be as effective as you had hoped – for example, it may not provide a lot of privacy. Before you go shopping for your tall garden trellis, measure the areas of your garden where you intend to position them. It is also a good idea to go inside your house and imagine the view of your garden once you have installed the trellis in the desired area.

There are so many different styles that you will keep coming across. Although this can make your ultimate decision more difficult, it's nice to have a lot of choices and the ability to choose from a wide variety. Here are some of the common designs you'll come across:

  • Curved or arched trellis: This is a great style if you have ivy or a similar plant that you wish to grow in the garden. You can even use this trellis as a decorative item in your garden and grow two plants up either side.
  • Wigwam shaped trellis: Another popular style which is most suited to aiding plant growth, you can find these either thin and compact or broad and bold. There are normally rings around the beams to hold it together and add to the design and detail.
  • Wooden garden trellis: These look almost like a fence panel, but they are ideal for both plant growth and privacy. You can put them over a glass balcony or around any areas which may be overlooked by your neighbors or those passing by

Many of these items are very easy to install yourself, so you don't have to worry about the extra costs involved with hiring somebody else to do it for you. You will receive an instruction manual when you purchase the item, which will outline any necessary tools or accessories that you will need in order to put the trellis together and install it in your garden. Most of them will require simple assembly and can then be fixed to the ground or into the soil in your garden.

Best Ideas

Tall garden trellis

The awesome and very stylish tall garden trellis is a do-it-yourself solution for the backyard, the patio or terrace. Unusual form in metal barrels with a fanciful element on plants enchants to create a unique composition.

Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

It is a garden trellis that has got a powder coated finish, curved gothic design and solid iron construction. It is a beautiful and fantastic addition to your garden and other outdoor area.

80 Inch French Trio Arch Trellis Black

Tall garden trellis

Details about 6 Ft. Tall Metal Leaf Trellis Garden Stake Sculpture

Nantucket trellis features

Nantucket Trellis Features:

Tall garden trellis 4

An impressive outdoor decoration, perfect for enhancing larger gardens. This beautiful trellis is weather-resistant, long-lasting, crafted of solid wood, and perfect for growing climbing roses twined with a clematis.

Tall garden trellis 2

A cool ingenious trellis handmade of length-varied timber offcuts painted in green, white and yellow and looking like simplified giant tall daisies. As they're rather thin they have to be fixed to a wall.

Garden Flourish Wrought Iron Tall Trellis

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Tall garden trellis 8

A gorgeous garden trellis that is very sturdy, stylishly crooked, and resistant to weather conditions. Assembled using old scrap wood branches, the trellis is well-balances, properly reinforced, and can be a nice decoration by itself.

Add privacy with a stylish fence like this one more

Add privacy with a stylish fence like this one. More landscaping ideas for privacy:

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Perhaps a bean tunnel this year tall enough for the

Perhaps a bean tunnel this year? Tall enough for the kids to go through, but short enough for me to pick the top easily.

Tall garden trellis 7

Decorative, functional and solid tall garden trellis that support the growth of high plants. They include six high legs and additional horizontal supports, so the whole construction features stability.