Outdoor Metal Fireplaces

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On those chilly autumn and winter nights when you feel like you need to get outside and experience the stars in all their shining glory, the last thing you want is to be cold. That is where an outdoor metal fireplace comes in. These are an excellent addition to any backyard and will be the center point if you have a guest visit. So sit around your new outdoor metal fireplace with a cold drink or a hot cup of cocoa and keep your feet nice and toasty.

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Updated 28/10/2021
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Darby Home Co Outdoor Stone and Metal Fireplace with Chimney

Darby Home Co Outdoor Stone and Metal Fireplace with Chimney

Darby Home Co

What We Like: Looks like a real indoor fireplace!

What We Don’t Like: Can’t go on wooden decks

Maybe you’re looking for an outdoor fireplace that looks like an indoor fireplace? This stunning Pirtle Steel Fireplace by Darby Home Co is the answer. It will instantly transform your patio into a cozy outdoor living area, no matter the season. Unlike open fire pits, the smoke from this fireplace is directed up and away via the functional chimney while a mesh screen provides protection from embers and sparks.

This manufactured stone and metal fireplace complete with chimney and rust-resistant coating demands attention in the space! However, if you have a wooden deck or weight restrictions, this fireplace will not be suitable. Invite your friends and family round to roast marshmallows on this wood burning fire pit ASAP. 

$1659.99 $1575

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Cast Iron Outdoor Wood Fire Dish

Cast Iron Outdoor Wood Fire Dish

What We Like: The shallow dish for better airflow

What We Don’t Like: Low to the ground, not so good for young children

The Howland Cast Iron Fire Pit is the ultimate in modern backyard entertainment. It is sturdy, but also sleek with its Kadai-style design.

Unlike a lot of modern outdoor gas fireplaces, this is a real wood burning fire pit. Perfect for sitting around the fire late into the night with friends! The shallower design of the bowl ensures good airflow and less smoke.

This design is quite low to the ground which is cozy but probably not suitable for younger children. It is compact but still holds a surprisingly large amount of wood, and the cast iron makes it incredibly stable. 

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Riverside Faux Flame Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Riverside Faux Flame Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Real Flame

What We Like: Stunning modern design that will actually last

What We Don’t Like: Needs a heat resistant mat if placed on wooden deck

Want the ambience without the mess? This gas-powered fire pit from Real Flame is a game changer! Made from a natural-looking fiber cast concrete bowl, it will transform your patio into the ultimate outdoor entertaining space. Unlike some aluminum and metal fireplaces, this sophisticated, modern design will last.

It is safe to place on wooden decks, however you will need a heat resistant mat. This fire pit is gas-powered and you will need to buy the attachments for it so there is a bit of set up! However, with it’s matte black finish, solid oval shape and simple elegance, it will be worth the extra steps. 

$849.99 $1542

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Aly Fiber Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

Aly Fiber Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

What We Like: Comes with a cover and paint pot for touch ups over time

What We Don’t Like: Can’t cook marshmallows or BBQ on it

This outdoor fireplace will be the new centrepiece of your backyard! It is Aly Fiber reinforced and comes in multiple colors and sizes to suit your space.

Our favorite feature is that this fire pit table is safe on wooden surfaces. It runs on propane gas which is neatly tucked away, so you get the ambience of an outdoor fireplace without the mess.

Customers who bought this love the sleek, modern design, the soft glow, and the fact that it actually gives out enough heat. It also comes with a cover and a paint pot for touch ups so it will last longer than some other outdoor fireplaces on the market. 

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Solo Stove Outdoor Stainless Steel Wood Fireplace

Solo Stove Outdoor Stainless Steel Wood Fireplace

What We Like: The simple design

What We Don’t Like: Takes a long time to cool down if you need to move it

We are in love with this simple stainless steel design. Durable, portable, and air-flow design features to minimize smoke? Yes, yes and double yes! As well as that, it can be placed directly onto wooden decks for versatile use.

It is wood burning and will heat up quickly so be careful if you have smaller children around. It can take a while to cool down so if you are using it while camping or need to pack it down quickly you’ll need to allow more time. It is super easy to clean and comes with a cover to protect it from the elements-perfect!

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Qomotop Bronze Metal Outdoor Fire Pit

Qomotop Bronze Metal Outdoor Fire Pit


What We Like: The protective cover and distressed brass look

What We Don’t Like: Metal only handle will heat up quickly on mesh spark guard

This bronze metal brazier is the perfect combination of practical and aesthetic. You can just imagine sitting around it with friends in the backyard or out camping. We especially love the protective mesh spark protector and sturdy design.

If you want a metal fireplace that is compact but can still fit quite a few people around it, this is a great place to start. It has a distressed metal exterior and is lightweight enough to move from place to place.

Qomotop fire pits are known for being durable and long-lasting without sacrificing design features. As well as great airflow for bigger flames (hello backyard BBQ cooking!), it protects against rain, dust, snow and UV damage so you know you’ll be using it for years. 

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Wade Logan Minimalist Outdoor Metal Fireplace

Wade Logan Minimalist Outdoor Metal Fireplace


What We Like: The unique combination of concrete and metal

What We Don’t Like: Not intended for BBQ/food preparation

Looking for something a little more minimal? This sleek design from Wade Logan is for you. Not only does the black metal fire bowl easily remove for cleaning, it has a faux-stone base that is sturdy and elegant. The best part? It can be placed on wood or stone, perfect for upgrading any outdoor patio space.

It provides great ambience and heat while remaining compact and easy to move around.

This is a real wood burning fireplace, so if you are looking for a faux-wood gas burner maybe take a look at some of the other metal fireplaces in this list. It is also not intended for food preparation like BBQs. However, you can still roast a good old fashioned marshmallow with natural wood!

$83 $132.99

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Rebekka Cast Iron Wood Burning Fireplace

Rebekka Cast Iron Wood Burning Fireplace

What We Like: The unique orb design made from weather resistant materials

What We Don’t Like: Potential to catch feet on thin frame

We are in love with this firepit! This makes our list of the best metal outdoor fireplaces because of its unique orb design and practical frame. Not only will it make your outdoor space oh-so-cozy, it will last for years to come with its weather-resistant materials.

Other features that make this cast iron wood burning fireplace one of the top outdoor fire pits is its spark protector, fire poker for creating more air flow, and it’s raised frame to protect the ground from overheating.

This is covered in a heat resistant coating, but you should still be careful with young children around. You will love this quirky hanging fire pit in it’s square frame-the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment area. 

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Outdoor Metal Fireplaces

Buying Guide

There are four main types of outdoor metal fireplaces that you can choose from:

  • A mantelpiece-style design is more similar to indoor models and perfect to create a cozy atmosphere. Due to their size, these outdoor metal fireplaces are best suited in large gardens or patios
  • A freestanding stove-like design can still help you achieve a cozy feel but, usually, with an emphasis on more decorative and vintage styles
  • Freestanding obelisk-style fireplaces are a practical space-saving choice that introduces an element of verticality into your outdoor area
  • Lower fire pits can be placed in the middle of a seating area to ensure that everyone is keeping warm without a taller or bulkier fireplace getting in the way of your conversation

However, keep in mind that, nowadays, there are lots of creative and more contemporary designs that don’t necessarily fit within one of these traditional categories. Still, they might be worth scouting for if you’re trying to make a statement or are looking for a fireplace solution that will fit in a very specific spot.

When you need to take care of an outdoor metal fireplace, follow these steps. Use a broom with stiff bristles or a wet-dry vacuum to remove all soot, debris, and leaves from the main body of your fireplace. Then, using warm, soapy water and a cloth or brush, clean the entire fireplace both inside and out. Do this at least seasonally to ensure that your fireplace remains both safe and aesthetic.

Best Ideas

Metal outdoor modern fireplace with gauze

Metal outdoor modern fireplace with gauze

Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces

Railings 2


Outdoor metal fireplace 25

Why not opt for a truly sublime outdoor fireplace that offers the metal structure and is truly safe, while being just breathtaking. It comes with the matching bench and will let you enjoy the warmth and charm of its looks.

Steel outdoor fireplace 6

This bent metal hanging fire pit constitutes an eclectic proposition for those who want to add some charm and warmth to their outdoors. Its steel, geometric construction will enchant all fans of simplistic or industrial design.

Outdoor metal fireplace 4

Modfires by Brandon Williams American metal artist Brandon Williams has created some outdoor fireplaces called Modfires

909 modern landscape los angeles

909 modern landscape los angeles

The carton steel not only makes for a wonderful backdrop in a modern garden but also makes the outdoor fireplace safe to use. Concrete construction makes it durable and trustworthy – a great choice of a fireplace for a contemporary or modern garden.

Steel outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces can be nicely crafted into your outdoor scenery. This one here is a part of the little stone fence, which makes it subtle yet effective. The copper back protection makes it safe to use, and overall construction is pretty solid.

Outdoor metal fireplace 2

Modern outdoor metal fireplace

Outdoor metal fireplace 6

Corton Steel Surround with Branch Insert - Colombo Construction Corp Floating Fire Box - Outdoor Sculptures - Modenus Catalog

Outdoor metal fireplace

A truly breathtaking accessory for outdoors; this obelisk-like fireplace boasts of its modern silhouette and functional design. Crafted of weather-resistant metal and covered in a brown finish, the fireplace is portable, easy to use, and surrounded with flameproof glass.

Steel outdoor fireplace

A cool contemporary garden fireplace manufactured of brown-coated steel. It looks like a letter 'C' with a narrower and more bent up bottom part and a wider upper part to better protection against rain.

Outdoor metal fireplace 26

Love! This is it! This is the one I will have on the patio. Or I may just move it around a bit to see where it fits best. Hehehehe

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Aztec Allure Pizza Oven Outdoor Fireplace

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Connan Steel Wood Outdoor Fireplace

Connan Steel Wood Outdoor Fireplace

Nice i have the scraps stainless steel to pull this

Nice. I have the scraps stainless steel to pull this one off and perhaps some copper for the outer skin and Patina | Outdoor steel chiminea - great for summer entertainment

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Outdoor metal fireplace 3

Preparing a beautiful but also comfortable and secure fireplace is not as easy as you speculated at the first thoughts. This fire pit looking like a bowl in extremely stylish and extra preventing from the fire.

Steel outdoor fireplace 2

Tree of Life Fire Pit Sphere 37" is an inventive fireplace, which replaces wood burning with a gas burning pit. Buying the set, you may choose between various options, deciding about match-light, push button or electronic starters.

Outdoor metal fireplace 13

fire pits

Ferrum feuerstelle 90 cm

FERRUM Feuerstelle 90 cm

Outdoor metal fireplace 9

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