Outdoor Gel Fireplace

Something you might not have considered when mulling over getting an outdoor fireplace is the new advent of gel fireplaces. They put out just enough heat to keep you warm but not so much as to cook your feet if you're resting your tired tootsies up against the low-yield flame. These are an attractive way to heat your patio or outdoor space. See collection for details.

Best Ideas

Wesley indoor outdoor portable fireplace

Wesley indoor outdoor portable fireplace
A small, space-saving and very stylish addition to any room or outdoor space. This portable fireplace is able to hold 2 cans of gel fuel, so it is able to provide a large glow. Its construction is made of sheet metal that is solid and durable.


The outdoor fireplace in the glass box. There is no need to use the gas tank. Looks gorgeous, gives a lot of warmth and is also the good light source in the evening. Stylish and perfect for the modern patio.

Outdoor gel fireplace 12

I love this gel fire bowl!

Outdoor gel fireplace 5

Brasa Sienna Ethanol Fireplace - Wood and Stainless #LearnShopEnjoy

Outdoor gel fireplace 1

This outdoor gel fireplace will make for one of the safest options for your patio or garden, since it is both really easy to set up and much safer than the regular fireplace, adding some visual appeal to your outdoors.

Outdoor gel fireplace 17

Wall mount alcohol-fuel Gel Fuel Fireplace

Outdoor gel fireplace 26

Southern Enterprises Portable Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fireplace

Outdoor gel fireplace

*gasp* These bowls! Want them! Apparently, they've been crafted at home. Surprisingly, they're plastic, but look like stone. Filled with pebbles, they hide cans inside. Fire the gel fuel up and and a stunning tabletop decoration is ready!

Gel fireplace outdoor

Clever little piece to put up on the top of your dining table or a coffee table in the living room. A tabletop fireplace, made out of a glass tube with some assorted smooth stones inside, fueled by flammable gel.

Modern gel fireplace

Why not choose a fireplace but for your outdoor setting to make it a bit more unique and provide a visible boost of style and warmth to it? It sports a design that lets you enjoy it without the hassle of wood or worrying about safety.

Tabletop gel fuel fire bowl

Solutions - Taos Gel Fireplace Need to get this for Hubbies birthday...

Real Flame Outdoor Log Set

Outdoor gel fireplace 18

Avani Portable Fireplace - screams cozy with a modern touch - #cozy #fallessentials

Outdoor gel fireplace 7

Make your own fire pit! Totally doing this!!

Outdoor gel fireplace 4

SUCH a cool idea, if you don't have a working fireplace, via design sponge

Outdoor gel fireplace 6

Gel Fuel is easy and safe to make. It is by far much more economical as well

Outdoor gel fireplace 19

Hudson Portable Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fireplace Holly Martin Gel Fuel Fireplaces Fireplaces H

Outdoor gel fuel fireplace

The Ville Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fireplace

Outdoor gel fireplace 3

Camden Fireplace. The portable Camden Fireplace (2010) has a fully enclosed glass back, allowing for flexible placement in a room or outdoor setting. For fuel, it uses denatured alcohol (also known as bioethanol), a wholly renewable source of energy that

Petite gel fireplace

Here's an easy way to add a special touch to your next get together with a personal firepit. The tabletop firepit uses gel fuel to light up ...

Inspiration indoor outdoor gel fuel fireplace stainless steel insp

Inspiration Indoor Outdoor Gel Fuel Fireplace - Stainless Steel INSP ...

Outdoor gel fireplace 21

A ventless, clean-burning decorative fire pot that sets the perfect mood for any occasion, indoors and out.

Moda Flame Premium Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel 6 Liters - Indoor/Outdoor

Enliven any space with this wall mountable gel fireplace this

Enliven any space with this wall mountable gel fireplace This piece is small enough to go anywhere and needs no installation Gel fuel is the ideal replacement for wood in your