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A gel fire pit is a great way to bring a touch of elegance and class to your home or living space. Gel fire pits are self-contained devices that contain flammable materials to allow you to keep a fire burning safely in your home or yard. With so many models available, choosing the right one for your space can be challenging. To help narrow your choices, we’ve put together this list of our five favorite gel fire pits.

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Updated 06/09/2022
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Espresso/Black Nero Steel Gel Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Espresso/Black Nero Steel Gel Outdoor Fire Pit Table

What We Like: Integrated gel fire pit and table

What We Don’t Like: Less portability than some other models

Perfect For: An outdoor gathering space

Not So Good For: People looking for an indoor fire pit

This outdoor gel fireplace is a fantastic option for people looking for an outdoor fireplace. The fireplace is integrated into a durable steel table, making it perfect as a centerpiece for an outdoor gathering space. A tempered glass shield atop the table houses clean-burning and smoke-free flames, so you won’t have to worry about nearby objects catching fire or inhaling smoke.

The flames rise seven inches from the tabletop, providing a fantastic visual for your guests while also radiating a gentle heat. The fire makes a sound akin to a natural wood fire, providing a relaxing soundscape for your gathering area. This gel fireplace is a fantastic option for anyone searching for an outdoor fireplace for entertaining family and friends.  

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Clay Gel Indoor/Outdoor Fire Pit

Clay Gel Indoor/Outdoor Fire Pit

What We Like: Attractive clay enclosure

What We Don’t Like: Cannot be placed on a wooden deck or table

Perfect For: People looking for an attractive indoor-outdoor fire pit

Not So Good For: People who have wooden tables or decks

This gel fire pit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants their fireplace to add an extra touch of class to their living space. You can use this gel fuel fireplace indoors or outdoors, as the rustic stone-like clay enclosure safely contains flames from the gel. Its relatively small size helps make the fire pit more flexible, allowing you to place it where you need it.

Since the clay enclosure of this outdoor gel fire pit transfers heat to the surface below, avoid placing it on a wooden deck or table. However, when placed on a metal, clay, or stone surface, the fire pit is perfect as a portable indoor/outdoor fireplace to provide visual elegance and warm, radiating heat for you and your guests.

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Stainless Steel Gel Outdoor Fire Pit with Lid

Stainless Steel Gel Outdoor Fire Pit with Lid

What We Like: Sleek and self-contained

What We Don’t Like: Basic-looking enclosure

Perfect For: People in need of a highly portable fireplace

Not So Good For: People looking for a fireplace as a room’s centerpiece

This gel fire pit is a unique, perfect option for on-the-go people or those living in small, urban spaces. This fire pit is self-contained in a convenient, compact container with a lid, so you can bring the fire wherever you go. Campers, travelers, hikers, and anyone with a busy lifestyle will enjoy the portability and utility of this gel fireplace.

The flames are not contained, so you’ll get all the benefits of a real fire, like a roaring flame and emanating heat. The fireplace offers up to a 5-hour burn time with an easy-to-start and extinguish fire. The flame on this stainless steel gel firepit is safe for roasting marshmallows, so you can get the whole camping experience, whether camping or socializing in your backyard.

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Vizayo Tabletop Fire Pit

Vizayo Tabletop Fire Pit

What We Like: Aesthetic and eye-catching enclosure

What We Don’t Like: Flame doesn’t burn as long as some other models

Perfect For: A tabletop fireplace as a centerpiece for a gathering area or balcony

Not So Good For: People looking for a highly portable fireplace

This gel fuel fire pit is a perfect option for anyone looking for a centerpiece tabletop fireplace to elevate any gathering area. The fire pit encloses a flame in a beautiful stone bowl with an aesthetic stone surrounding, so your guests will marvel at the fireplace’s beauty as they gather around the fire.

The fire pit is compatible with two fuel types for additional flexibility: bio-ethanol fuel and isopropyl alcohol. This functional tabletop fireplace is compact and discreet, so it won’t get in the way when not in use. While this model is perfect for anyone looking for a semi-permanent fire pit, it is not ideal as a mobile fireplace due to its relatively complex design.

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Phi Villa Terra Fab Mini Tabletop Indoor Outdoor Portable Fireplace

Phi Villa Terra Fab Mini Tabletop Indoor Outdoor Portable Fireplace

What We Like: Portability and flexibility

What We Don’t Like: Small size

Perfect For: A portable fireplace

Not So Good For: A fireplace for a large space

This gel fireplace offers those on the move a portable, stylish mini fireplace. The rustic design blends well with many outdoor aesthetics and works well indoors due to its small size. It is diminutive and easily portable so you can bring this fireplace into different rooms in your home or on trips in your camper.

One of our favorite aspects of this model is its diverse style options. The standard model is a rectangular block made of patented, fire-and-weather-proof wood material, but wooden cylindrical, arched wooden block and metallic cylindrical styles are available. Each model includes a tempered glass shield to hold the flame and protect those sitting near the fire. This aesthetic fire pit is perfect for on-the-go use and semi-permanent indoor use.

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Best Ideas

Tabletop gel fuel fire bowl

Solutions - Taos Gel Fireplace Need to get this for Hubbies birthday...

Gel fireplace outdoor

Clever little piece to put up on the top of your dining table or a coffee table in the living room. A tabletop fireplace, made out of a glass tube with some assorted smooth stones inside, fueled by flammable gel.

Outdoor gel fireplace 5

Brasa Sienna Ethanol Fireplace - Wood and Stainless #LearnShopEnjoy

Outdoor gel fireplace 19

Hudson Portable Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fireplace Holly Martin Gel Fuel Fireplaces Fireplaces H

Outdoor gel fireplace 18

Avani Portable Fireplace - screams cozy with a modern touch - #cozy #fallessentials

Outdoor gel fireplace

*gasp* These bowls! Want them! Apparently, they've been crafted at home. Surprisingly, they're plastic, but look like stone. Filled with pebbles, they hide cans inside. Fire the gel fuel up and and a stunning tabletop decoration is ready!

Outdoor gel fireplace 7

Make your own fire pit! Totally doing this!!

Outdoor gel fireplace 6

Gel Fuel is easy and safe to make. It is by far much more economical as well

Petite gel fireplace

Here's an easy way to add a special touch to your next get together with a personal firepit. The tabletop firepit uses gel fuel to light up ...

Outdoor gel fireplace 21

A ventless, clean-burning decorative fire pot that sets the perfect mood for any occasion, indoors and out.

Outdoor gel fireplace 23

Hudson Portable Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fireplace

This portable gel fireplace can warm up any room

This Portable Gel Fireplace Can Warm Up Any Room

Cheap gel fireplaces

DIY: firepit. Cheap glass frames, metal planter, cheap grill grates, rocks, marine silicone and gel fuel. Only takes an hour to make!!!!

Devin Petite Gel Fireplace

Devin Petite Gel Fireplace

Aspen Steel Gel / Bio Ethanol Table Top Fireplace

Aspen Steel Gel / Bio Ethanol Table Top Fireplace

Outdoor gel fireplace 3

Tabletop Glass Fireplace, This indoor/outdoor lantern can add light to your patio and roast S'mores, too!

Slate personal fireplace i think i might be able to

Slate Personal Fireplace.. I think I might be able to make these!

Nu-Flame Irradia Tabletop Fireplace

Outdoor gel fireplace 22

Outdoor Gel Fuel Fireplace. Use this beautiful Outdoor Gel Fuel Fireplace to enjoy romantic firelight without smoke, soot, or messy ash. If you can't use a fire pit on your deck or balcony, or you're tired of smoke getting in your eyes, this Outdoor Gel F

Linear Patio Flame Fireplace

Linear Patio Flame Fireplace

A patio fireplace. Stainless steel construction with steel burner cover. Natural gas and propane fuel, electronic control. May be used indoors as well. Great conversation piece while having your guests around.

Outdoor metal fireplace

A truly breathtaking accessory for outdoors; this obelisk-like fireplace boasts of its modern silhouette and functional design. Crafted of weather-resistant metal and covered in a brown finish, the fireplace is portable, easy to use, and surrounded with flameproof glass.

Boulder portable indoor outdoor gel fuel fireplace

Boulder portable indoor outdoor gel fuel fireplace

This is a product that provides warmth and style into the house. It is a fireplace designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of MDF, metal and glass that provides solidity and resistance to high temperatures.

Bon Fire Patio Pagoda Fireplace

Bon Fire Patio Pagoda Fireplace

When it's not as warm outside as you'd wish it to be, this adorable pagoda fireplace fits the bill. Thanks to handle grip and big wheels, the pagoda is particularly mobile. The lattice walls allow for a 360 degree view of the fire.

What are the best gel outdoor fireplaces

What are the best Gel Outdoor Fireplaces?