Plastic Patio Furniture Covers

Protect your patio furniture from the elements and keep them looking brand new, with plastic patio furniture covers. They are made of thick, quality plastic, can be selected for your specific furniture design, and will last for a long time. Get one, or ten, but get these if you want to protect your patio furniture and help it last for years to come.

Best Products

Custom order resin chair organic

Custom order resin chair organic
A simple practical loose-fitting slipcover intended for resin chairs with wide rounded arched backrests joined with sloped arms. It's maanufactured of plain whitish hemp-cotton fabric. It can be washed.

Ultimate Patio Chair Cover

Ultimate Patio Chair Cover
The protective cover on the chair for storing patio furniture. Protects against dirt and damage. Robust design with strong stitching.

Keter brightwood deck box

Keter brightwood deck box
This item plays both functional and decorative roles outdoors. The top of this deck box provides sitting space for two people. It also includes a functional storage space under the top. Plastic construction of this deck is lightweight but durable.

Elite Patio Ottoman/Side Table Cover

Elite Patio Ottoman/Side Table Cover
This Ottoman/Side Table Cover is perfect for outdoor furniture, providing good protection and long-lasting usage. The cover is designed of quality materials, and offers quick and easy fitting and removal.

Plastic patio furniture covers

Made of solid material, this simple cover for plastic chairs is a good quality and attractive design. Beautiful blue and white colors and easy way to use makes it a very handy element, yet very versatile.

Garden patio furniture accessories patio furniture covers chair covers 1

... garden patio furniture accessories patio furniture covers chair covers

Plastic patio furniture covers 1

A fashionable chair cover for your outdoor furniture, that will help you to give your worn chairs a refreshed look. Made of quality material, the cover boasts of green and white pattern, easy to install and machine-washable.

Our advice Buying Guide

Where to store plastic patio furniture covers when not in use?

Unless you are using weather-resistant and fitted outdoor furniture covers to protect your patio furniture from the outside elements, you should store your plastic patio furniture covers in a dry area, such as a storage box or shed. If the cushions get wet accidentally, leave them out in the sun to dry before placing them back in their storage box or shed to prevent mould and mildew growth.

Do I need to cover patio furniture?

Plastic patio furniture covers are essential to protecting your outdoor furniture, especially during those months when it's hardly in use. Protective covers will prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.

However, these covers are not absolutely necessary in spring and summer as you will already be spending lots of time outdoors, so covering the furniture is optional. During the colder months, good covers will keep moisture and debris off your outdoor investment.


Plastic patio furniture covers

Transform the resin chair into the stylish seat with this stripped slip cover with the fabric structure. It is excellent for the porch, yard, garden and much much more.

Slipcovers resin chair slipcovers high back resin chair slipcover

slipcovers resin chair slipcovers high back resin chair slipcover ...

Plastic patio furniture covers 5

Is there any other classic and universal pattern that always - well, usually guarantees a class? Belts - these are the kings of designs. In this case, in a dark greenish shade and white, accompany the cover for a plastic garden chair.

Diy patio chair covers

A quality slipcover for patio chairs, that will keep them properly protected from damages and weather conditions. Designed of durable material, the slipcover is decorated with blue and white stripe pattern, and can be washed in a washing machine.

Covers for plastic outdoor chairs

Patio chair cover decorated with striped pattern. It is completely made of fabric. Machine washable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Plastic chair covers

The slipcovers can change every design with easy and cheap manner. These four propositions are in bright, cheerful colors like fuchsia, green, pink and floral pattern. they are easy to care for and they work with any type of chair.

Resin chair organic slipcovers hemp cotton furniture slipcovers

Resin Chair Organic Slipcovers, Hemp Cotton, Furniture Slipcovers

Plastic patio furniture covers 2

Patio Chair Cover

Plastic patio furniture covers 8

Used to buy these to cover my patio furniture... Plastic chair covers are very cheap, but provide a decent protection for the backyard furniture... From rain and other nature elements... Waterproof, tear-resistant polyethylene... Easy to install...

Plastic armchair covers

Transform your boring plastic patio chair with this highly-decorative slipcover. It's made of quality fabric with sewing pattern, radiating with live colors and embellished with a long stylish skirt. Easy to use and machine-washable.

The twiggery outdoor patio resin patio chair slipcover slipcover slipcovers

The Twiggery - Outdoor/Patio - resin patio chair slipcover, slipcover, slipcovers, patio chair slipcover, $63 each washable slipcover

Slipcover pattern for resin chair take something cheep and turn

Slipcover pattern for resin chair. take something cheep and turn it ...

Plastic patio furniture covers

RESIN CHAIR Cover Sewing Pattern - Patio Chairs & Tables Covers - Rare ...

Chair covers for plastic outdoor chairs

One couldn't probably pick a chair more dull than an ordinary stackable monobloc plastic one. But hey, all you might need is a personalized cover to perform a budget-friendly remake. Here plastic chairs discover their new stripes-oriented personality.

Chair plastic covers

Patio chair cover in the French style. It is made of fabric and finished with floral theme. It is compatible with standard patio chair. Machine washable. Includes strings for easy installation.

Slipcovers for plastic patio chairs


Outdoor furniture plastic covers slipcovers patio furniture covers

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