Trampoline Enclosure Cover


Jump in the sun, Jump in the rain. It doesn't matter when with a trampoline enclosure cover. You bought the net to surround your trampoline for your kids protection. Let's take it a step further. These trampoline enclosure covers keep your trampoline from being damaged by the elements, and keep your kids shaded while they jump to their heart's content. For UV protection, get yourself one of these.

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Bazoongi jump king treehouse trampoline tent

Bazoongi jump king treehouse trampoline tent

The beautiful color scheme of this impressive trampoline enclosure covers the details. The whole thing is phenomenal and allows to cover the trampoline, and by the way, creates a unique place to play.

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Jumppod elite 15 trampoline and enclosure combo with protective cover

Jumppod elite 15 trampoline and enclosure combo with protective cover

This kind of product is made of solid materials resistant to weather conditions, so it is ideal for an outdoor use. It has got a protective enclosure and cover that protects from the rain, etc. This trampoline is ideal for kids.

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Trampoline enclosure cover 1

With this trampoline enclosure cover, your outdoor trampoline will be properly protected and, at the same time, beautifully adorned with gold shooting stars. The cover is shaped like a circus tent, and features round mesh windows so you could see your children.

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Covers for trampolines

The exclusive trampoline dedicated to bigger children groups - like in kindergarten. The trampoline set contains the additional cover, which protects the users against sunshine, rain and also birds' droppings.

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Trampoline and tent cover

Designed to protect your trampoline from any undesired weather conditions, this JumpPod Elite model will cover 15' trampolines. Thanks to the protective cover, you can feel safe about leaving the trampoline in the garden for the whole day.

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Jumpod elite 15 trampoline and enclosure combo with protective cover

JumPod Elite 15' Trampoline and Enclosure Combo with Protective Cover

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Elite 15 foot mesh protective sun shade cover for trampoline

... Elite 15 Foot Mesh Protective Sun Shade Cover for Trampoline Enclosure

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Trampoline Net Fits 14 Frame Fits G3 G4 Enclosures Fits Orbounder Net Only

Trampoline Net Fits 14 Frame Fits G3 G4 Enclosures Fits Orbounder Net Only

This trampoline enclosure cover is particularly easy in assembly and durable, guaranteeing entertainment for whole families for many years. Both the size of the mat and the frame is 14ft.

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15' Lifestyles Enclosure for Trampoline

15' Lifestyles Enclosure for Trampoline

Thanks to this 15' enclosure for outdoor trampoline you are creating a safe environment for inexperienced jumpers. The enclosure is made of tubular steel frame that is covered with a durable mesh material, so you could see your kids all the time.

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Trampoline tent 15 ft

A beautiful practical cover for 10' trampolines. It's of resistant polyester fabric with a colourful forest design. It has a hipped roof, a zippered entrance, a window for ventilation. It protects a trampoline and enables jumping during bad weather.

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14' Trampoline Weather Cover

14' Trampoline Weather Cover

If you'd like to protext your equipment from the negative weather conditions, this amazing trampoline cover might be a perfect option for you. Check it out and enjoy its high functionality and quality!

Treehouse trampoline

Tree house themed trampoline enclosure cover. To be attached to the frame of the trampoline with clips. Trampoline is sold separately, and the piece might be kind of difficult to set up, but people write it's worth the effort

Fitness leisure sports game room trampolines accessories trampolines

... fitness leisure sports game room trampolines accessories trampolines

Circus Trampoline Tent

Circus Trampoline Tent

Trampoline accessories accessories jumpking 10ft enclosure cover tree

Trampoline Accessories Accessories JumpKing 10ft Enclosure Cover Tree ...

Trampoline enclosure cover 2

Made of solid material, the trampoline enclosure cover is the perfect solution to protect the trampoline and also adds functionality as it can then serve as a fun tent. The beautiful colors and motifs of the tree delight.

Tent trampoline cover

You can protect your trampoline in original way. In circle shape, with tree house design has got a wide window, which allows air circulation. Will protect trampoline from rain as also provides shade in sunny days.

14 foot trampoline tent

Little Tikes 7' First Trampoline by Little Tikes,

Jumpking 6ft trampoline

7.5' Tree House Pod Enclosure Cover

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Enclosure for 10ft trampoline

Jumpking Jumppod 7.5' Trampoline Circus Enclosure Cover by JumpKing. $74.99. Combine two childhood favorites for your kids: trampolines and the circus! This JUMPKING® JumpPOD 7.5' trampoline enclosure cover's bright colors and festive design are reminisc

Trampoline top cover

Replace your old, worn out trampoline with this new, safety one! Extremely big (13ft x 13 ft), appropriate for six kids. The net is made for thick mesh netting - anti-bacterial, anti-fungal with UV protection - fully secure for children.

Trampoline with tent cover

A new popular way of having a trampoline in your yard is to sink this into the ground. This would eliminate the need for a trampoline safety enclosure or a surround. Sinking a trampoline into the ground is probably the safest way of having a trampoline. I

8ft trampoline enclosure cover

Outdoor element for trampoline. This enclosure cover looks like a house with windows and doors, so it looks nice and provides good fun to the children. This material also protects trampoline from weather factors.