Trampoline Covers

Jump in the sun, Jump in the rain. It doesn't matter when with a trampoline enclosure cover. You bought the net to surround your trampoline for your kids protection. Let's take it a step further. These trampoline enclosure covers keep your trampoline from being damaged by the elements, and keep your kids shaded while they jump to their heart's content. For UV protection, get yourself one of these.

12’ Mesh Trampoline Cover

12’ Mesh Trampoline Cover

$51.08 $49.99

12’ Mesh Trampoline Cover

Propel Trampolines

$51.08 $49.99

What We Like: Universal, fits all trampolines

What We Don’t Like: Limited protection from rain

Not So Great For: Rainy, wet areas

Perfect For: Daily use and limited weather protection

If you are looking for a cover for a trampoline with a net, this universal mesh cover will keep dirt and debris off your trampoline while allowing plenty of airflow. The cover is designed to be used with six exclosure poles and is perfect at keeping damaging UV rays off the trampoline. The cover allows you to use the trampoline away from direct sunlight and prevents the surface from heating under the sun.

Though only 2 lbs., this trampoline enclosure is made of durable, long-lasting polyester mesh that will protect your trampoline for years without tearing, ripping, or falling apart, giving you long-lasting fun and enjoyment.

Black UV Resistant Trampoline Cover

Black UV Resistant Trampoline Cover

$27.49 $29.4

Black UV Resistant Trampoline Cover

Upper Bounce

$27.49 $29.4

What We Like: Tough, durable, easy to use

What We Don’t Like: Not as tight of a fit as others

Not So Great For: Protection from snow and ice

Perfect For: Sunny, hot climates

Protect your trampoline with this trampoline cover. Made from tough, UV-resistant plastic, this cover keeps harmful solar rays from damaging and discoloring your trampoline. Its flexible design is secured to the trampoline with easy-to-attach straps, and it naturally channels water away from metal areas of the structure, preventing rust from forming.

A trampoline with a cover is a safer trampoline for all. This cover will prevent degradation of the safety pad, keep debris from building up in the springs or on the mat, and prevent harmful sunlight and water from breaking down the stretching fabric of the trampoline, giving you many years of enjoyment.  

Large Round Trampoline Cover

Large Round Trampoline Cover

Large Round Trampoline Cover


What We Like: Excellent weather resistance

What We Don’t Like: Low height clearance

Not So Great For: Use with big kids or teens

Perfect For: Large round trampolines

Thanks to this trampoline tent cover’s creative design, you get an excellent weatherproofing tarp cover and the breathability of mesh walls. This combination keeps the sun, rain, and snow off your trampoline while also allowing airflow to prevent the build-up of water, mold, and mildew.

This trampoline cover-over enclosure will keep your trampoline safe while you use it. It has plenty of space for kids to jump around and enjoy without harsh sunlight or rain ruining the fun. Compatible with any large, round trampoline, this cover will add years of life to your equipment while providing a safe, clean environment for play.

15’ Club House Style Trampoline Cover

15’ Club House Style Trampoline Cover

15’ Club House Style Trampoline Cover

Propel Trampolines

What We Like: Fun, clubhouse design

What We Don’t Like: Concave roof, low clearance

Not So Great For: Hot, windless days

Perfect For: Colder climates

This fun trampoline tent-cover playhouse is the perfect place for kids to play, no matter the weather. The 15’ cover matches existing enclosure poles to make a fort that kids can play in and make into an exciting clubhouse. There are six mesh windows for ventilation and an oversized flap door for entrance and exit.

This equipment is one of the safe trampoline covers available. It keeps kids safe, preventing them from bouncing onto the surrounding ground with its sturdy walls. The cover blocks harmful sunlight and is an efficient determent to inclement weather due to its closable door and windows. Children will love this clubhouse-inspired environment, and give them years of safe play.

Rain and UV Proof Hard Trampoline Cover

Rain and UV Proof Hard Trampoline Cover

Rain and UV Proof Hard Trampoline Cover


What We Like: Single solid piece, no place for water to pool

What We Don’t Like: More challenging to move than soft covers

Not So Great For: Areas with all-day direct sunlight

Perfect For: Rainy climates

This well-designed polyethylene 10 ft. trampoline cover can also fit several different sizes of the round trampoline up to 14 ft. It is designed with a special rain drain that prevents water from pooling during heavy storms, reducing water damage and limiting mold or mildew buildup.

This trampoline cover for 10 ft. and above trampolines is also sturdy and secure, with elastic ropes and buckles to hold the cover in place during windy conditions. The tight seal prevents harmful dirt and dust from accumulating in your trampoline, prolonging its lifespan for years of fun for the whole family.  

Weather proof Rectangular Trampoline Cover

Weather proof Rectangular Trampoline Cover

Weather proof Rectangular Trampoline Cover

Skywalker Trampolines

What We Like: Excellent wind and rain coverage

What We Don’t Like: Heavier than others

Not So Great For: Frequently used trampolines

Perfect For: Use over winter

This simple-to-use yet secure rectangular trampoline cover easily attaches to your trampoline and keeps it safe from the elements. It attaches to the trampoline frame with straps that connect to the V-rings and has a heavy-duty cord around the edge that holds the cover taught, keeping it safe from high winds and helping rain water drain properly.

The cover is made from high-strength, long-lasting weatherproof vinyl that is water and UV-resistant. It will keep your trampoline from being damaged by the elements and help keep it clean and debris free, so it can be used as soon as you remove the cover; there is no need for washing or repair before you jump again.  

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Trampoline Covers

Buying Guide

Trampoline covers are perfect to make your bouncy toy last longer and avoid unpleasant accidents ('cough cough' bird poop) while jumping up and down.

You can find all different kinds of trampoline covers here. However, the fact that they're available in so many options could be a bit overwhelming. While there are hundreds of different models, you should simply focus on choosing the right trampoline cover for you.

Don't worry, we're here to help!

Instead of bouncing back and forth between a few options, let's figure out what you need to look for before you start browsing them.

While trampoline covers are available in tons of designs, they fall within two main categories: standard trampoline covers and covers with enclosures.

Understanding which one is best for you will help you weed out half the options.

Standard trampoline covers

  • These are tarp-style accessories that fit very tightly onto the surface of the trampoline;
  • They're the most affordable options and are perfect to protect your trampoline from rain, sunlight and debris whenever you're not using it;
  • However, they won't protect you and your kids from the weather when you're actually bouncing on it;
  • A standard trampoline cover is still a handy solution if you have plenty of shade in your backyard (for example, if your trampoline is underneath a leafy tree) and don't have to worry about your kids getting too hot.

Trampoline covers with enclosures

  • These follow a tent-like design and are meant to stay on top of your trampoline even while you're using it;
  • They're usually a bit more expensive than standard covers, but there are lots of models for different budgets;
  • Unlike standard covers, they protect you and your kids from the weather when you're using it;
  • Trampoline covers with enclosures are definitely the safest choice if you live in a particularly hot climate and don't want your kids to get sunburnt while having fun.

  • The most common mistake when choosing trampoline covers is thinking that one size fits all;
  • Don't wing it! Instead of relying on guesswork, make sure you measure the exact size of your trampoline so that you can look for a cover that matches its diameter.

In most cases, a trampoline cover will give you everything you need to bounce around happily and safely. However, you can also consider a few extra features to make your life easier:

  • If your kids like to play games when they're on the trampoline, look for a cover that comes with storage bags on the side for their toys: it'll be much easier to keep your backyard nice and tidy!
  • Basketball fans? Some trampoline covers with enclosures include a basketball hoop for some epic slo-mo action;
  • Being able to open its sides can help your kids enjoy some breeze and stay cool while jumping up and down;
  • Poles aren't always included! If your trampoline hasn't already got them, look for enclosures with poles or make sure you purchase them separately;
  • Do you live in a particularly rainy or snowy area? Then, as well as waterproof features, we recommend looking for trampoline covers with drainage to prevent the water from pooling and putting excessive pressure on your trampoline's springs.

  • If you're going for a practicality-focused model like standard trampoline covers, its design will probably be trivial. However, you could consider looking for one in your backyard's accent color if you want to maintain an element of consistency;
  • Trampoline covers with enclosures offer many more options. If it's for older kids or young adults, a classic monochrome design should do;
  • However, if it's for young kids, you could add an additional element of color and play! For example, you can buy them a cover that looks like a rocket ship, a treehouse, a clubhouse or a circus tent. Unless you're trying to surprise them, you might want to consult them first to see what they'd prefer!

  • The best materials for a trampoline cover are waterproof and UV-resistant options that can protect your trampoline from all kinds of weather conditions;
  • In general, to select the right trampoline cover and ensure its longevity, you should look for strong and tear-resistant synthetic materials like PE (Polyethylene) or PVC (Polyvinyl chloride).

Best Ideas

Trampoline enclosure cover 1

With this trampoline enclosure cover, your outdoor trampoline will be properly protected and, at the same time, beautifully adorned with gold shooting stars. The cover is shaped like a circus tent, and features round mesh windows so you could see your children.

Bazoongi jump king treehouse trampoline tent

Bazoongi jump king treehouse trampoline tent

The beautiful color scheme of this impressive trampoline enclosure covers the details. The whole thing is phenomenal and allows to cover the trampoline, and by the way, creates a unique place to play.

Covers for trampolines

The exclusive trampoline dedicated to bigger children groups - like in kindergarten. The trampoline set contains the additional cover, which protects the users against sunshine, rain and also birds' droppings.

Jumppod elite 15 trampoline and enclosure combo with protective cover

Jumppod elite 15 trampoline and enclosure combo with protective cover

This kind of product is made of solid materials resistant to weather conditions, so it is ideal for an outdoor use. It has got a protective enclosure and cover that protects from the rain, etc. This trampoline is ideal for kids.

Jumpking 6ft trampoline

7.5' Tree House Pod Enclosure Cover

Trampoline tent 15 ft

A beautiful practical cover for 10' trampolines. It's of resistant polyester fabric with a colourful forest design. It has a hipped roof, a zippered entrance, a window for ventilation. It protects a trampoline and enables jumping during bad weather.

Jumppod enclosure cover trampoline rocket 15

: JumpPod Enclosure Cover Trampoline Rocket (15 ...

Jumpking jumppod trampoline circus enclosure cover gift

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10 enclosure tree house trampoline cover wayfair

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Bazoongi tm kids trampolines

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12ft princess trampolinetent

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10ft enclosure cover tree house trampoline weather

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Trampoline tent club house cover 15 ft enclosure 1

Trampoline Tent Club house Cover 15 FT Enclosure

12 ft trampoline cover enclosure clubhouse tent accessory 1

12 Ft. Trampoline Cover Enclosure Clubhouse Tent Accessory

Vidaxl 15ft round trampoline safety net enclosure pad rain 1

vidaXL 15FT Round Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure Pad Rain ...

Jumpking jumppod 7 5 trampoline circus enclosure cover

Jumpking Jumppod 7.5' Trampoline Circus Enclosure Cover

Trampoline tent cover clubhouse castle play tarp hideout

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15 ft waterproof trampoline tent clubhouse cover enclosure

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