Trampoline Without Net

Trampolines can be an excellent source of fun, entertainment, and exercise, especially the ones that come without a net. No-net trampolines offer a dynamic range of movement and tend to easily blend into their environment. They’re also a great backyard accessory that will encourage the whole family to spend time outside. Find your perfect match from this selection of no net trampolines and transform your space into a fun playground.

Bouncy trampoline without net

Bouncy trampoline without net

$228.23 $439.99

Bouncy trampoline without net

Upper Bounce

$228.23 $439.99

What We Like: Easy to assemble

What We Don't Like: There’s nothing to not like

Not so good for: Very small children

Perfect for: Play dates and birthday parties

If you need something with a lot of bounce and breathability, try this 12ft. massive backyard trampoline. It’s made from an ASTM-standardized steel frame with a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs.

It comes with a breathable PP mesh jumping mat with eight-row stitching to prevent rips and tears. There’s also a large spring platform and a safety pad to cushion any ill-timed falls. High-performance springs paired with sturdy legs add a level of safety that’ll give you peace of mind. It’s also super easy to put together, thanks to the simple instructions manual. It’s a great way for kids and pets to burn some energy while having fun.

15 inch trampoline without safety net

15 inch trampoline without safety net

$287.91 $371

15 inch trampoline without safety net

Newacme LLC

$287.91 $371

What We Like: It’s all-weather resistant

What We Don't Like: It’s taller than expected

Not so good for: Multiple adults at the same time

Perfect for: Family fun

Designed with the whole family in mind, this 15-inch trampoline is crafted from long-lasting galvanized steel with a weight capacity of up to 398 lbs. It comes with a polypropylene jumping surface with a safety pad, as well as six very sturdy legs to prevent wobbling and tipping.

Since it’s resistant to rust, UV radiation, and all weather conditions, you can enjoy it year-round. Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that it’s been tested to ensure that it meets all ASTM, TUV, and GS quality and safety requirements.

Backyard Trampoline Without Net

Backyard Trampoline Without Net

Backyard Trampoline Without Net

AirZone Play

What We Like: It’s easy to install

What We Don't Like: It’s not suitable for adults

Not so good for: Multiple people

Perfect for: Kids and pets

With a 220lbs weight carrying capacity, this eight-inch outdoor trampoline is designed to provide hours of fun for kids aged five to 13. It’s made from a tough high-gauge steel frame with a zinc spring, and a nylon surface with a comfortable foam pad underneath.

It comes with an ASTM certification which means that it’s been tested to guarantee the utmost quality and safety. It’s also easy to assemble and ideal for a small backyard. Since it’s resistant to rust and UV damage, this trampoline can be left outside all year round without sustaining any damage from the elements. Thanks to its low profile, it’s easy for even the youngest jumpers to climb in and out of.

Foldable no net trampoline

Foldable no net trampoline

Foldable no net trampoline


What We Like: It’s rust resistant

What We Don't Like: Only designed for indoor use

Not so good for: Outdoor use

Perfect for: Fitness-oriented teens and adults

Grab your gym bag and get your cardio up with this versatile no-net trampoline. It’s designed to allow for a wide range of movement while supporting your weight thanks to a large platform and multiple elastic bungee cords. Its unique hexagonal shape lends itself well to small spaces, and it’s supported by six legs for optimal balance.

It’s made from a durable yet flexible polypropylene jump surface with a strong steel frame. The foam-covered handrail not only helps with coordination but can be used to carry the trampoline when folded. The handle is also height-adjustable so each user can customize it to their needs.

Indoor Trampoline Without Enclosure

Indoor Trampoline Without Enclosure

Indoor Trampoline Without Enclosure


What We Like: It’s foldable

What We Don't Like: The handrail can be distracting

Not so good for: Smaller children

Perfect for: Fitness exercise

Bring the fun everywhere you go with this foldable 3.3-inch trampoline. It’s made from a thickened steel frame and a sturdy polyethylene jumping surface that supports a weight of up to 300 lbs.

Its large platform coupled with a handlebar and safety handrails adds another dimension of movement while enhancing safety, especially for beginners. Since it’s UV and rust-resistant, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The high-tension springs make it ideal for cardio workouts while giving you the freedom to jump as high as you want. Soon you’ll discover that jumping is as good a form of exercise as any.

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Trampoline Without Net

Buying Guide

Trampolines are an excellent way to get some sun and air and have fun in the process. And it’s akin to having a gym in your backyard. For jumping on it gives you as good a full body workout as anything.

More importantly, who doesn’t like bouncing on one? Be it kids or adults, the sheer thrill of bouncing up to six feet in the air is incomparable.

But many a folk are missing out on the fun because their backyards aren’t capacious enough to accommodate a full-sized trampoline with an enclosure. Well, how about trampolines without enclosures?

The only thing missing from these old-school trampolines is the (garish) mesh enclosures that claim to keep the kids contained. Everything else is super fun, trampoline like.

If you are hemming and hawing while deciding on whether it’s worth your attention or safe enough for your kids, then here’s some help.

There are three types of trampolines that are more common than others:

  • There’s the round one which is perfect for backyard use and features springs that are distributed evenly around the frame. This always pulls the jumpers back towards the center of the trampoline and makes them less likely to bounce into the neighbor’s yard.
  • There’s the rectangular one which is used by professional athletes and gymnasts. It provides users with the most bounce surface area. The spring distribution in a rectangular trampoline is not as reactive as in the circular one. This means that the user has greater control over where they land.
  • The oval trampoline is a hybrid between the round and the rectangular one. It offers a lot of bounce surface area and can be used by multiple bouncers at the same time. This makes it ideal for small and narrow yards.

While a mesh enclosure is certainly a desirable safety feature for a trampoline, it is not mandatory at all. Instead, look for a trampoline that complies with the latest safety standards.

  • Check the quality of the metal frame. Galvanized iron and steel frames with a zinc coating is your best bet. It is virtually indestructible and does not get damaged even when exposed to the elements. Having said that, a UV absorbent, rust-resistant coating never hurt anybody.
  • Look for a heavily padded safety pad at the edge of the trampoline. This must be in a bright contrasting color to the jumping surface. It allows kids to know when they are likely to bounce off the edge.
  • Does the trampoline use a conventional spring-based design or is it a spring less variety that uses fiberglass rods to create the bounce? If it is spring less, then the safety pad is not necessary.
  • If there are heavy duty springs, then there should be no gap in between the bouncing surface and the safety padding.
  • Look for sturdy legs that stay put once installed. Some cheaper trampoline models need to be staked to the ground. It’s always a better bet to buy one that stays wobble-free without the need for staking.

Before you buy a trampoline without an enclosure:

  • Ensure that there’s at least 6-feet of horizontal clearance from objects and obstacles. Experts recommend at least 24-feet of vertical clearance. The more the merrier.
  • Always keep the trampoline on a soft level surface, like grass. This reduces strain on the metal frames and prevents structural damage.
  • Keep an eye on your kids as they bounce.

Best Ideas

10' Rectangle Backyard Trampoline

10' Rectangle Backyard Trampoline

This 10-Inch Rectangle Trampoline offers your kids long years of outdoor fun. The frame is rust-resistant and water-resistant, designed of durable steel. The trampoline includes padded edges, and offers 330 lbs of weight capacity.

Pure Fun 14 Ft. Trampoline With Optional Enclosure Without Enclosure

Pure Fun 14 Ft. Trampoline With Optional Enclosure Without Enclosure

This 14 feet trampoline constitutes a definition of happiness and good fun for the children. It can have an optional enclosure. Solid metal chassis provides stability and safe usage.

New trampoline 12ft round ladder mat without safety net enclosure

... New Trampoline 12ft Round Ladder Mat Without Safety Net Enclosure

Upper Bounce Super Round Trampoline Safety Pad

This trampoline replacement safety pad will fit very neatly on the trampoline and offers the double rubber ties for better protection, while holding up tightly to the trampoline frame. It also sports the UV resistant design.

Rectangle trampoline without enclosure

Brilliant and high-quality 12-feet trampoline supported by extra strong metallic tubes. The trampoline is also weather-resistant, making it a perfect option for long-term outdoor use. Its large top and high-end construction should deliver impeccable and safe service for years.

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This trampoline set without enclosure constitutes an ideal addition to your garden or backyard. It distinguishes itself with quality and safety, differing from the mass supermarket products.

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