Giant Lake Inflatables

Having a day at the lake is fun. Having a day at the lake with giant lake inflatables is epic. Bring some of these huge water toys to your lake outing and never get bored. And for the folks more inclined to sit back and relax, they have models big enough to hold multiple adults, complete with cup holders, So go have a blast with your giant lake inflatables, and make some memories.

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Pool Lounge, Floating Pong Table with Social Floating

Pool Lounge, Floating Pong Table with Social Floating
The GoPong floating pong table is built for hours of fun. Measuring in at 36” W x 72” L, the GoPong provides ample space for an intense game of beer or soda pong. It features 10 cup holders on each side and comes equipped with three game balls. The GoPong also doubles as an inflatable pool lounge for relaxing on the water.


Able to comfortably accommodate 5+ adults, the Airhead Gang Plank is a must-have for a pool party or family trip to the lake. Constructed from tough PVC, it comes with four grommets on each corner to tether the inflatable to the dock or shoreline. It also features a zippered attachment so that you can connect several Airhead Planks together to form a giant party pontoon.

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze III Inflatable 8-Person Floating Island with UV Sun Shade and Connecting Lounge Rafts

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze III Inflatable 8-Person Floating Island with UV Sun Shade and Connecting Lounge Rafts
Take the party out on the water with this spacious 8-person inflatable. Fitted with a partial canopy for sun protection, the floating island features two 3-person sofas with a central splash pool, two connectable lounge rafts, a cooler, and six cup holders. The vinyl material is highly durable, and the unit comes with quick-release valves to maintain air pressure.

RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer
The O-Zone Plus water bouncer lets you create a portable water park at the lake to thrill kids and adults. The central platform features a 5’ trampoline, and it comes with an attachable slide and swim platform with soft edges and grab handles so that kids can easily climb up on the inflatable.

New Giant 6 Person Inflatable Lake Raft Pool Float Ocean Floating Island Huge

New Giant 6 Person Inflatable Lake Raft Pool Float Ocean Floating Island Huge
Feast your eyes upon this inflatable floating island that is going to take your whole family on a tropical cruise. The island is able to accommodate up to 6 people, and can be inflated relatively quick.

Large 2 Person Swimming Pool Lounger Beach Inflatable Raft Float Air Mattress

Large 2 Person Swimming Pool Lounger Beach Inflatable Raft Float Air Mattress
Anyone who loves relaxing on the water or in the pool will be delighted by this lovely double pool float. The inflatable chair is curiously finished and has beautiful colors and patterns. Large surface gives sensational relaxation.

Rock N' Roll Inflatable Pool Lounger

Rock N' Roll Inflatable Pool Lounger
This inflatable deck chair is the perfect way to unwind. Just inflate it and lie down on the water. Deckchairs, gentle rocking and relaxation. Can it be even better? Of course not. Just check it and you love it.

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Perhaps you’ve seen cartoons or old black and white videos of people patching up old inner tubes and using them to float down the river. If you thought that looked like fun, then you will love giant lake inflatables. Ranging from individual float chairs to inflatable islands – really, not kidding – these colorful devices can make your afternoon at the lake even more fun than ever before.

What are the types of individual giant lake inflatables?

Individual floats are fantastic if you just want a lazy afternoon, and perhaps even want to take a drink and a book with you out on the lake. They can also provide exercise opportunities. Here are a few options for giant lake inflatables for individuals:

  • A giant inflatable mattress. Good for one individual, or for the whole family. It makes the perfect platform for water play or for watching the kids splash about.
  • Inflatable walk-on-water ball. Inflate the water-permeable ball, and then use the side zipper to enter – sort of like getting into a small tent. Challenge your balance, have some fun and get wet – great for a summer afternoon.
  • Giant swan. Enjoy peace and comfort on a floating platform shaped like a swan. You can sunbathe for as long as you wish, bring your book and your drink, and float serenely above the water.
  • Giant pretzel. A floating relative of those long-ago inner tubes, the giant pretzel lets you rest your upper body on the central portion and float in the cooling water.

What are the types of giant lake inflatables for groups?

If an individual float is too lonely, try some of these fun giant lake inflatables to share with friends:

  • Inflatable party island. Four contoured lounge spaces, with seating for six more, this island can accommodate ten people. It has an approach ramp to make getting on and off easy -- and less likely to upset people who are already on board.
  • Inflatable climbing iceberg. Perfect for an afternoon of fun for a group of active youngsters. Climb up one side of the ‘berg and slide down the other to land with a splash, then swim around and do it again.
  • Giant inflatable pool lounge. Seats four adults and has holders for drinks. It’s the perfect place to have a little adult conversation while the youngsters enjoy more active inflatables.
  • Giant inflatable castle. Add a little fantasy fun to an afternoon at the lake with a floating castle. Moor it on its own, or team it up with an inflatable island to give the youngsters (or oldsters) the chance to engage in role-playing or just old-fashioned splashing.
  • Giant Lake Inflatable Inner Tubes. Speaking of old-fashioned splashing, if you really liked those old inner-tubes, you can order a set of four – stamped to look like a modern tire. Great for families, parties, or clubs for water fun and for just resting between more active entertainment.

How to ensure safety when using giant lake inflatables?

For the most fun, always have one or two people whose job it is to act as lifeguards, especially with a group of children. No rough play or sharp objects on the inflatable. Adhere to weight limits, and keep an eye on the weather. With that said, enjoy your summer fun on your giant lake inflatable!


Lay-Z-River 2 Person Lake Air Mattress Pool Float

Lay-Z-River 2 Person Lake Air Mattress Pool Float
Chill out at a poolside with this floating air mattress in rich lime green. Its construction promises outstanding sturdiness, as the piece is made of heavy gauge vinyl. When deflated, the piece is easy to store.

Giant lake inflatables

If you really want to have some fun and make the best out of your free time then this floating play station is surely the way to go, since it will provide you with more than enough possibility to have fun with your friends, while the design is truly of the highest safety.

Giant lake inflatables 2

Looking for a quality water trampoline? Check out this island hopper. Measuring 25 feet, it offers great jumping distance and modern look. Comes equipped with a slide, for ultimate family or commercial fun!

Giant lake inflatables 1

Inflatable island for swimming on the water. Includes 4 seating and 2 sun loungers. It is made of durable material. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It is resistant to mildew and harmful weather conditions.

Lake toys

Cool giant colourful waterslide for entire family. It's made of 3 layers of durable vinyl, just like U.S. Navy inflatable boats are, and is puncture and UV resilient. It has handles of durable plastic. It can be inflated/deflated within 30 minutes.

Giant water inflatables

Manufactured from water absorbent polymer, this inflatable walk-on-water ball is characterized by a clear design, ensuring the proper visibility from and of the inside. To enter the bubble, simply, use the functional zipper. Remember to close it, afterwards.

6 person river raft

This floating raft inflates relatively quickly, and is able to accommodate up to 10 people. Includes 4 loungers, 5 chairs, and 2 coolers. It's a splendid choice for larger families that love to spend free time at the beach.

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Island floats rafts

Everybody while was a child loved taking a bath with yellow rubber duck toy. To bring smiles to the citizen's faces - some city decides to create a giant lake inflatable rubber yellow ducky and put it on the surface of city's lake.

Cabana islander inflatable island raft

Cabana Islander Inflatable Island Raft

Giant Party Float Raft. Enjoy the Water At River, Havasu, Pool, Lake, Beach. Lounge in the Sun on Your New Inflatable Private Floating Island Between Swimming. Tubes are out. You Have 4 Lounger, 2 Cooler, 5 Chair. Seats 10 Person, Room for Baby. River Run

Very large float raft for swimming pools, lakes, rivers and other areas. It includes 4 countoured loungers and it provides comfortable space for 10 people. It also features a built in boarding platform.

Inflatable party island

If you have spacious swimming pool in your garden or you live near lake, you should buy this original toy set for your children. It is inflatable water park intended to older children and teenagers - it will give them a lot of fun!

Inflatable floating island

A very large floating mattress that provides plenty of comfort and relaxation on the lake or swimming pool. This product is very spacious, so it is able to provide good, comfortable space for the whole family.

Inflatable party raft

If you’re looking for a funky and cool addition to your backyard, take a look at this giant inflatable iceberg climbing wall, meant to be placed inside of a swimming pool and sure to provide entertainment for family and guests.

Inflatable island

If you love the time you spend with your loved ones, this inflatable mattress is the perfect solution for your loved ones. All profiled to provide a comfortable rest. Robust construction is durable and long-lasting.

4 person pool float

This huge ball for water walking inflates relatively quickly, and is made of transparent materials, thus you can see what is going on the inside and the outside of the ball. The ball floats on the surface, and has a convenient zipper that opens up the entry.

2013 giant inflatable water slide for sale water park slide

2013 giant inflatable water slide for sale / water park slide 5