Outdoor Playhouse Kit


Get your child an outdoor playhouse kit and watch them disappear for hour in a land of make-believe. Their imaginations will explode with all the fun ideas they have in these versatile and clever playhouses. And the kits are easy for a parent to assemble I just a short time. Maybe you can build it together. Look into this collection and pick yours out as a child/parent team.

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Our Picks

Wood outdoor playhouse

Provide your child his or her own space in patio, backyard, or garden area. Charming one-room stilt house makes a place for imaginative play or for an older child to read or retreat. A neat banister surrounds the small porch.

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Wood outdoor playhouse

Outdoor playhouse for garden, patio and more. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Traditional form and contemporary design.

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Building a crooked playhouse

With this kind of playhouse kids discover a brand new world without leaving the safety of home. With its detailed structure and high-quality construction, made of solid wood - contains also a balcony.

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Outdoor fort kit

It looks like a tree house, but the faux tree is actually a part of the house too. It features a pretty entrance and the stairs inside, which lead to a charming house. There is also a simple swing attached.

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Firehouse Kit Playhouse

Firehouse Kit Playhouse

This firehouse kit playhouse is a fantastic addition to your outdoor area. It is great for your kids. It has got a solid pinewood construction, brass fire bell and beautiful colors. You need to have it.

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The whimsical cottage cape cod playhouse kit

The whimsical cottage cape cod playhouse kit

An outdoor playhouse that every kid dreams of. It's actually a small cottage in a rustic design. It features a welcoming porch, old fashioned doors, and windows with shutters. The construction is made of solid wood that will serve for years.

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Kids playhouse kit 1

This lovely wooden shed constitutes a great outdoor playhouse for children, providing entertainment and physical activity. Made from solid, cedar wood, it has the size of 8 x 6 (Floor Included).

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Let's have fun in the sand, your baby screamed! OKAY! This sandbox, is placed inside of outdoor playhouse kit, and its frame and base is made of cedar wood, also contains a sliding lid. Moreover, it also has enough seats for your kid friends!

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Gingerbread Playhouse Kit with Floor

Gingerbread Playhouse Kit with Floor

Fairy-tale large cottage style playhouse for kids. It is made of wood with a weatherproof painted white and grey finish. It has a door, plexi-glass windows, a double-sloped roof with a chimney. It features gingerbread trims around each element.

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Crooked play houses

Outdoor playhouse hit. Building a crooked playhouse is always fun. This one made from 100% wood, painted nicely in blue and white looks super realistic, but also as it was created in a fantasy fairytale. Cool little windows and door.

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Outdoor Playhouse Kit

Buying Guide

Children live wild. They're full of dreams and stories of princesses, enchanted lands, little warriors, princes, and castles among others. Buying your kid an outdoor playhouse kit allows your little one to take a step closer towards living its dreams. As you may know already, outdoor playhouse kits are great for supporting and encouraging autonomous play.

However, choosing a kit is not an easy task, especially with the incredible selection that's available online. If you're thinking of getting your toddler a playhouse kit for outdoor use, then keep on reading as our guide will make the buying process simple for you.

When buying an outdoor playhouse kit, you'll be burdened with making a choice on the unit's material. Many people disregard it, which is a mistake as it plays a huge role in the safety of a child and the durability of a playhouse.

The two categories of materials that make up playhouse kits are wood and plastic. Both of them have their own pros and cons.

  • A plastic playhouse kit is easy to assemble, portable, and lightweight. Similarly, it is easy to clean and maintain. It will withstand any weather condition and it doesn't need a base. You can simply install the playhouse on the ground or grass with a non-slip mat to protect your child from dirt. A toddler isn't at risk of splinters or wounds with this kind of playhouse.
  • Wooden playhouse kits, however, are only ideal to be added to other fixtures like slides, ladders, and swings as they are bulky. However, they are capable of blending with the outdoors, especially your garden or patio's décor.

An outdoor playhouse kit is for a little kid. This means you'd want to keep an extra eye out on the child while it is playing. With that being said, you'd want a playhouse that has a sizeable window.

The ideal playhouse for toddlers is one that has large and wide windows. The windows must be low enough so you can easily get a glimpse as to what your child is doing. An open model that has doors and windows may be suitable for your kid as well.

If you want your toddler to have more outdoor fun activities, consider getting a kit with accessories such as a kitchen, sports wall, schoolhouse, doorbell, and mailbox. Of course, you need to make sure that despite all the extra features added, your child still gets enough room for it to play.

Children love the feeling of having their own space. During family events, a playhouse kit with picnic chairs and tables will double as seating and tables for kids.

There are playhouse kits that come partially assembled. There are also units that require a complete setup. It'll vary with the material used in constructing the kit. Unless you consider yourself a DIY enthusiast, go for the playhouse that comes partially assembled. Don't worry as playhouse kits come with easy-to-follow assembly guides and instructions.

Best Ideas

Outdoor playhouse kit 1

A dreamful space at the back of your house. It can be a green house, a guest room, a reading room, or whatever you want it to be. It's a solid, wooden construction with plenty of windows and a glassed roof.

Outdoor playhouse kit 3

A cool traditional outdoor playhouse entirely built of solid wood with a natural stained finish. It has a gambrel, windows with shutters and short striped curtains, an open porch. Walls feature a horizontally slatted pattern.

Outdoor playhouse kit 10

Use this DIY playhouse kit to develop a backyard hideaway that is perfect for the youngsters. Accessed by a ladder on one side, and exited with a slide on the other, the underneath side provides weather-protected storage for toys.

Kids outdoor forts playhouses

Wooden house - outdoor playhouse kit. Equipped with doors, windows and all equipment needed such as table, chair, tv. You can actually live in here all year round, not much to be needed. Super comfortable.

Custom playhouse kits

Everyone loves a treehouse, especially kids. Accessed by a ladder, and exited with a slide, this charming, frontier-style house will appeal to youngsters. A set of swings hangs from a side brace, and a sandbox is placed beneath the house.

Backyard fort kit

Backyard for kids stylised on medieval fort. This backyard is endowed with rope ladder, slide, climbing wall and climbing pipe. Backyard is made of wood, plastic and metal and it is painted colorful. It is incredible place to fun for children.

Outdoor playhouses kits

Our 12' × 20' "Gibraltar". This tiny house was recently featured in Better Homes and Gardens ! Available as cabin kits (estimated assembly time - 2 people, 32 hours), DIY plans, or fully assembled. #tinyhouses

Suncast playhouse

playhouse....or studio

Playhouses 2


Home depot playhouse kits outdoor recreation is a large and

Home Depot Playhouse Kits | Outdoor recreation is a large and varied force in the leisure choices ...

With upper and lower decks outside and wide open space

With upper and lower decks outside, and wide open space to play inside, The Spoiler is a playhouse that focuses on fun

Pergola kit for garden shade

Pergola kit: for garden shade

Outdoor playhouse kit 2

This small, 4' L x 6' W x 6' H, wooden outdoor playhouse is a lovely example of the Victorian style in a contemporary edition. Includes wood flooring and duratemp siding, prefastened onto wall panels to insure that panels are square.

Gingerbread wooden outdoor playhouse kit 8 x 8 8x8 gbp

Gingerbread Wooden Outdoor Playhouse Kit - 8 x 8 - 8x8 GBP-WPNK