Wooden Playhouses For Sale

A wooden playhouse if a fun escape, where kids can play and explore the boundless depths of their imagination. Durable, safe, and sturdy, your kids will love their very own wood playhouse for years and years. And if they invite friends over to play, a wooden playhouse is a neat place to have an outdoor sleepover, within the confines of a solid building, yet still out of the home.

Best Products

Backyard Cottage Playhouse with Front Porch, Dormers and Loft

Backyard Cottage Playhouse with Front Porch, Dormers and Loft
Cottage playhouse. This cottage playhouse is a great place to play for your kids. The cottage is made of wood which you can finish in the color of your choice. This elegant playhouse has a maintenance-free front porch.

Victorian Playhouse Small Kit with Floor

Victorian Playhouse Small Kit with Floor
Adorable design, lovely appearance, and impeccable coloring – this Playhouse Kit with Floor in Pink Finish is a great choice for kids to play in. Beautifully heart-shaped hole above the front door adds extra charm, as well as accented in white doors and windows.

Backyard Cottage Playhouse

Backyard Cottage Playhouse
Backyard cottage playhouse. This playhouse will provide your kids' with hours of fun and entertainment. The structure can be built in any garden as it can be finished in the color of your choice. As the children grow it may be used as a garden building.

Little Squirt Playhouse with Sandbox

Little Squirt Playhouse with Sandbox
Are you looking for perfect, safe and stylish way to entertain your kids? Then, this amazing playhouse with sandbox would be the best solution! Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality in your garden.

Sunflower Playhouse with 3 Functional Window and Cedar Deck Porch

Sunflower Playhouse with 3 Functional Window and Cedar Deck Porch
This Sunflower Playhouse can be a beautiful gift for your little princesses. The cabin is eco-friendly, featuring a renewable resources design consisted of natural cedar lap siding, solid door, 3 windows, and red cedar shingles.

Cape Cod Small Playhouse Kit with Floor

Cape Cod Small Playhouse Kit with Floor
This beautiful Playhouse made in country-style cottage that is more pleasant fun for every child. Beautiful detail and high quality materials make the whole delights. Cute and functional.

Laurens Cottage with 4 Functional Windows and Dutch Door

Laurens Cottage with 4 Functional Windows and Dutch Door
Pretty cottage style outdoor playhouse for kids up to 14. It's wooden with a weatherproof stained brown finish. Steel screws and nails are black. It has a sloped shingle roof with a loft, a floor, 4 glass windows, a full door and 4 flower pots.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are wooden playhouses easy to install?

Yes, wooden playhouses for sale are fairly easy to install, although the level of difficulty obviously depends on how much experience you have with DIY jobs.

You mainly need to make sure that you have the right tools (e.g. drill, hammer, screwdriver, spirit level, saw) and that you can ensure a stable foundation for your playhouse.

How to maintain a wooden playhouse?

Regularly maintaining your child's wooden playhouse will keep it in a good state of repair and ensure that it lasts for years to come. Start by clearing out clutter and giving it a good clean with a stiff bristle brush to remove residue, dust and cobwebs.

While most wooden playhouses for sale come with guarantees, it still needs protection from wood rot. To avoid this, ensure it is standing on a proper base or slab of concrete and keep it at least 2 ft. from any other structure while regularly checking for rot around window and doors frames.

Cover the roof with felt and check for tears, build-up of moss and litter and well. Finally, to ensure the longevity of the playhouse, treat it with a wood preservative at least once a year.

What size wooden playhouse should you choose?

Wooden playhouses for sale are available in various shapes and sizes. However, we would recommend you going for bigger playhouses instead of smaller ones as bigger is generally better. This is especially if you want your children to make use of the playhouse for years to come.

Additionally, where you will place the playhouse and the available space in that area is another factor to consider. This is because even though you would prefer to have a bigger playhouse, your available space may limit your options.

We recommend keeping the site in mind when opting for size and always choose the largest size that your space and budget will allow to ensure that your children get maximum usage out of wooden playhouses for sale.



If you’re looking for a unique piece to put in your backyard garden and have your kids play in, take a look at this wooden playhouse with a round door and windows, made to resemble a Hobbit hole from Lord of the Rings.

Sunflower Playhouse with Sandbox

Sunflower Playhouse with Sandbox
A large, durable and safe playhouse that is designed for children. This panelized playhouse is an environment friendly product. It is made of materials that are resistant to decay and insects. It has got solid doors with a heart shaped window.

Little Red Playhouse

Little Red Playhouse
Little red playhouse. This playhouse will become your kids' new favorite place to be. It includes all pre-cut, premium stained lumber. The playhouse meets ASTM safety standards and promotes creativity and socialization within the kids' group. Wacky design makes it appeal to all children.

Sunnybrook Lane Playhouse

Sunnybrook Lane Playhouse
Charming and cozy outdoor playhouse for kids aged 3-7. It's made in a traditional cottage style of weatherproof cedar planks, posts and slats with a colourful finish. It has a red gable roof, 4 arched window-holes with shutters and a hinged door.

Little Lodge Playhouse

Little Lodge Playhouse
This little lodge playhouse includes 2 fixed front windows, solid board floor, solid board roof and mineral roofing felt. Your kids will have so much fun in this playhouse. You will be impressed how amazing this playhouse is.

Town Playhouse

Town Playhouse
A very solid, comfortable and attractive toy for children. It is a special playhouse that has got four walls with different themes. The size of this product is 58'' H x 58'' W x 55'' D. It is a long-lasting playhouse.

Loft Market Playhouse

Loft Market Playhouse
This well-made solid wood construction market loft playhouse is a great place for children to play. Works great in every place where toddlers come. Numerous cupboards and plenty of space to play We assure plenty of options to use.

Firehouse Kit Playhouse

Firehouse Kit Playhouse
This firehouse kit playhouse is a fantastic addition to your outdoor area. It is great for your kids. It has got a solid pinewood construction, brass fire bell and beautiful colors. You need to have it.

Wooden playhouses for sale 3

This Wooden playhouse can be a bar on wild west, can be a house for little family or a jail, where the thieves are waiting for the sentence - everything is up to your child's imagination. Fantastic outdoor place to play.

Wooden playhouse

Colorful and first of all, really durable and high quality, this wooden playhouse will be a hit among your children, letting them make the best of the warm, summer weather and allowing them to have plenty of fun.

Wooden playhouses for sale 1

wooden playhouses for sale

Outdoor playhouse for sale

Beautifully designed with the uttermost attention to details, this exciting playhouse will look fantastic in any garden, truly enhancing the space and providing inimitable entertainment for your kids.

Wooden playhouses for sale

Durable wooden playhouse for outdoor applications. This element features all elements characteristic for traditional houses. Its construction protects from wind, rain and provides good fun to children.

Kids playhouses for sale

Backyard Cabin

Playhouse for kids for sale 1

Playhouse For Kids For Sale #1

Wooden play houses

Mad Dash Bunny Tower Playhouse - by Mad Dash

Details about childrens wooden playhouse 6x6 mini chateau

Details about Childrens Wooden Playhouse 6x6 Mini Chateau

Kids wooden playhouse

Hobbit Hole playhouses, chicken coops, sheds, cottages, saunas, more! - Wooden Wonders' Hobbit Holes Bring the Magic of Middle-earth to Your...

Playhouses ideas for children luxury playhouses playhouses for kids

... playhouses-ideas-for-children-luxury-playhouses-playhouses-for-kids

Wood playhouse

Beautiful and safe children's playhouse, for sale for the garden. Made of high quality pine wood is an investment for years of fun and safety for your baby. In addition, it is a great decoration for the yard.This has a veranda, a place to park your bike.

Wood playhouses for sale 6

you are here home wooden playhouses standard playhouses shire 8 x 5 6 ...

The wooden playhouses in order to form a triangular roof

the wooden playhouses in order to form a triangular roof and secure it ...

Child s imagination playhouses starting at 299 custom playhouses 1

child s imagination playhouses starting at $ 299 custom playhouses ...

Wood playhouses for sale

Outdoor playhouse made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral design for boys and girls. Great addition to each garden as needed.

Massive summer wooden playhouse sale

Massive Summer Wooden Playhouse Sale

Childrens wooden playhouses 2

Decks and Effects (440)

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Wooden playhouses

7x5 double storey playhouse styrene windows wooden timber play house

... 7x5 Double Storey Playhouse - Styrene Windows Wooden Timber Play House

Wooden playhouses for sale 2

This wooden playhouse constitutes a great place to rest and play for your children. Placed in the backyard or a garden, it will embellish the space with its lovely finishing. It has the floor area 8ft X 6ft, with upstairs area 4ft X 6ft.

Wooden playhouse for sale

11 x 8' (1.80x2.44m) Windsor Bramble Cottage Playhouse

Childrens wooden playhouse for sale new used furniture for sale

CHILDRENS WOODEN PLAYHOUSE For Sale - New / Used Furniture For Sale ...

Wooden playhouses for kids sale girls outdoor nc sc va

Wooden | Playhouses | for Kids | sale | girls | outdoor | NC SC VA TN ...

Lowes playhouses

Wood playhouse kit very often appear in children's books, for example, those by Astrid Lindgren. Every child will be delighted with such an exact replica of a traditional house in shades of white and graphite, traditionally made of wood and MDF.

Playhouses for sale

A spacious outdoor playhouse with plenty of room inside for the kids to play in. The playhouse is made out of solid wood planks with a natural finish and has a green-painted roof as well as a couple of glass windows.

Wooden playhouse wooden playhouse

Wooden Playhouse Wooden Playhouse

Play play houses structures settings wooden playhouse

... Play › Play Houses / Structures & Settings › Wooden Playhouse

Play house for sale

A pretty contemporary two-storey playhouse made of wood with a lacquered natural finish. It has an asymmetric gable roof with wavy edges and dark grey sheathing. It has windows with shutters, across split hinged doors, a porch with side fences.

Playhouse for sale

SALE Wooden Hobbit Hole playhouse with a round front door, curved walls, purple trim and light brown siding

Wooden playhouses 5

wooden playhouses

Waltons honeypot snowdrop cottage wooden playhouse with loft

Waltons Honeypot Snowdrop Cottage Wooden Playhouse with Loft

Best rated childrens wooden outdoor playhouses for sale 1

Best-Rated Children's Wooden Outdoor Playhouses For Sale ...

Quality wooden playhouse for sale 6ftx6ft in wakefield

Quality Wooden Playhouse for Sale 6ftx6ft | in Wakefield ...