Metal Teeter Totter

A timeless feature from playgrounds and school yards from the days of your parents parents, we all have seen and played on one of these metal teeter totters. Also known as a see-saw, these are a throwback to a bygone era, they aren't very common on many modern playgrounds, but that doesn't mean you can't put one on your personal play area.

Best Ideas

Rocker Seesaw

Rocker Seesaw
Funny seesaw-like colourful rocker for kids. It's made of weather-protected coated steel, so it can be used outdoor, too. It has orange plastic seats, green rockers and low backs with black plastic coats as well as blue hands to secure.

See Saw Spinner

See Saw Spinner
This tasteful, made in the traditional style of see saw spinner is a great way to diversify children playing in the garden. Robust design and beautiful colors make it works perfectly and enjoys children.

Flexible flyer triple fun ii swing set

Flexible flyer triple fun ii swing set
This set includes two metal swings for young users. It is a product that provides fun and physical activity to children. It is made on the basis of steel frame with HDPE plastics. Its size is 11'11"L x 10'10"W x 6'H.

Primary Color Ace Flyer

Primary Color Ace Flyer
Cool airplane-inspired seesaw for kids aged 3-12. It has a sturdy steel frame with a weatherproof coating in blue, red and yellow. Seven seats, including 2 ones with backs, and spinning both a wheel and a prop are of durable colourful plastic.

Metal teeter totter 1

Durable teeter totter for children. It features a solid metal construction that provides safety of fun. It also includes three wooden seats, so it is able to provide good fun for three children. Its metal frame is finished in blue color.

Metal teeter totter

A DIY teeter-totter that entertains every generation of kids. A wooden desk was attached to a climbing device. There are also simple wooden seats and metal handles for safety. Old tires buried in the sand are a cool accent.

Metal teeter totter

Rustic Teeter Totter. This looks cool but the kids would get bored of ...

Teeter totter 4

Teeter Totter

Metal teeter totter 2

This teeter totter will bring a lot of pleasure and entertainment for your children while enchanting the adults with its rustic design. Wooden and metal construction stands for sturdiness and durability.

Metal teeter totter 2

11 Playground Essentials They Don't Make Like They Used To

Vintage teeter totter

Such a beautiful, very vintage and antique wooden teeter-totter, with very elegant, retro steel wagon wheels, looking as if they belonged on an old-school train! A great addition to any backyard or garden.

Costco has the impex gym dandy deluxe teeter totter on

Costco has the Impex Gym Dandy Deluxe Teeter Totter on sale for $129 ...

Teeter totters for sale 2

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Rustic teeter totter image 5

Rustic Teeter Totter image 5

Metal teeter totter 4

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Metal teeter totter

Arroyo Seco wrought iron glider swing. This one I built for myself. Nice place to end the day watching the sun set in the Central Coast mountains.

Metal see saw

Teeter Totter or See Saw in use

Metal teeter totter 1

This kind of long, narrow board supported by a single pivot point called seesaw or teeter totter - is famous in the whole world. If you liked it, you found a great decorative antique copy of this mechanical toy, in a orange shadows and kids figures.

New Metal Flybar Seesaw Holder, Black: 600, 550E

Wood teeter totter see saw with vintage metal steel wagon

Wood Teeter Totter See Saw with vintage Metal/Steel Wagon Wheels

Teeter totter photograph

Teeter Totter Photograph

Adult teeter totter

Timeless place to play on the yard. Do you remember spending hours on the teeter toter? Provide the same fun for your kids on your own yard. Tetter toter is made from metal, it's very solid and rust resistant - it will serve you for years.

Teeter totter 6


Airplane 7 Seat Teeter Totter

This superbly executed teeter totter is a solid construction with metal. It has a practical and very comfortable wooden seats, and the entire structure formed in a airplane that makes every child will be played perfectly.

Metal teeter totter 4

Oh how I miss these, this is much more chic than the splinter wood or hot metal seats of my youth

Teeter totter home play equipment play additions 4 way teeter

... teeter totter home play equipment play additions 4 way teeter totter

Wooden teeter totter in a playground on a galapagos island

Wooden Teeter Totter in a Playground on a Galapagos Island.

Teeter totter for sale

many hours of play on the witches hat. - very similar to what used to be at the All Saints Catholic School playground in Madison Lake, MN. I don't remember a second horizontal bar above the "seat" area. you either sat or stood on the plank, it tilted and

Metal teeter totter 6

Swing Town Airplane Teeter Totter and Hexagonal Sand Pit Set

Teeter totters for sale

Jungle gym, merry-go-round, teeter-totter

Gym Dandy Deluxe Teeter Totter

This well-made teeter totter is a great idea for a garden playground. Beautifully made and a color that makes every child was playing great. Comfortable saddle and handles make it easy to use and provide stability.

Metal teeter totter 3

teeter toter made from stumps

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Play accessories mae 001 outdoor teeter totter playground equipment

... Play accessories / MAE 001 Outdoor teeter totter playground equipment

Competition construction welded lightweight metal finish metal is sand

competition construction welded lightweight metal finish metal is sand ...

Metal teeter totter 10

Vintage Miniature Teeter Totter, All Wood, 7"L, Lovely Muted Colors ...

Old metal swing set

Being a cool entertainment for the kids, this glider swing set enchants with its solid, metal finish and retro appeal. Coming from the 1970's, it had a straight slide instead of the wavy ones mounted today.

Flexible Flyer Backyard Fun Swing Set with Plays

Metal teeter totter 8

Old wooden teeter totter in the park - Stock Image

Metal teeter totter 3

A cool large seesaw of metal and wood in grey for even several children. It's built of a sturdy round section pole embedded in the ground and a polygonal seat covered with wood and having fixed railing. It's secured with a dozen or so robust ropes.

Metal teeter totter 7

Cedar Teeter-Totter - 16 foot

Grow'n Up Heracles Seesaw, Multi

This well-made seesaw is a great way to ensure your child great fun. Ideally check in every garden. Made of high quality materials. It has a comfortable seat and handles, which help to maintain stability.

Gym Dandy Teeter Totter

This well-made gym teeter totter is a great way to ensure your child great fun. Ideally check in every garden. Made of high quality materials. It has a comfortable seat and handles, which help to maintain stability.

Lifetime Ace Flyer Airplane Teeter Totter (Primary Colors)

This well-made flyer airplane teeter totter is a great way to ensure your child great fun. Ideally check in every garden. Made of high quality materials. It has a comfortable seat and handles, which help to maintain stability.

Cedar designs jungle fun swing set with 7 seat airplane

... Cedar Designs Jungle Fun Swing Set with 7-Seat Airplane Teeter Totter

Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter

This teeter totter will allow for much fun and enjoyment of your kids with the colorful design that will work amazingly in your garden and the strong, reliable structure with the comfortable seats to make sure it lasts for years.

Durable Weather-Resistant Metal Spinning Seesaw

This traditional seesaw is the perfect solution for the home garden. It has a solid metal structure, which is resistant to the weather conditions by which is well suited for a long time.

Ebay image 1 santa balance toy tin metal teeter totter


Metal seesaw

from One Step Ahead: "Cross a bouncy hop ball with a spinning seesaw, and what do you get? Just the most exciting teeter-totter ever! And you won't find a better choice for siblings, because you can adjust the bar to equalize different-weight kids. Daycar

New metal kids swivel seesaw teeter totter for outdoor backyard

New Metal Kids Swivel Seesaw Teeter Totter for Outdoor Backyard ...