Cottagecore Room Decor Ideas – 30 ideas to help you get cosy with this home trend

Cottagecore home style is for those that are looking to make their home space inviting with a flair for natural elements effortlessly brought in.

Cottagecore room ideas celebrate and romanticize rural and farmhouse home features all while keeping things simplistic with a focus on cosy living. There's always a sense of naturalness and rustic home elements established while playing with various textures and colors, but you also never lose out on the cosiness that truly makes a house a home.

If you aspire to have your home space take influence from the traditional English countryside, then check out these 30 cottagecore room decor ideas that are rooted in traditional home features with unexpected and nostalgic details.

1. A cosy sunroom for entertaining

Cottagecore room decor ideas for sunroom
Cowart Group Architects PC

If you have a sunroom or lanai space that you’re looking to use for entertaining or as a family den, there are a few ways you can achieve this. For those looking for a rustic feel, it can be accomplished by featuring various wood details, like with the floor or even on the walls and ceiling.

You can also pick a main color to focus on and use that as a building block for other home interiors, such as cushions or curtains. Also, wicker furniture adds an added sense of comfort and relaxation to this small cottagecore room.

2. Two-toned family room with darker accents

Cottagecore room decor ideas for family room
Gates Interior Design

To achieve this cottagecore look, you need to play with colors and textures that complement each other. For instance, the main wall is a sage green with the window wall painted cream, which makes for a cosy two-toned look.

You can also allow for various textural pieces in terms of furniture and home accents, which is established here with a burnt orange suede couch, a striped upholstered ottoman with two dark rattan chairs.

3. A small library den

Green cottagecore room with fireplace and bookshelves
Hendricks Churchill Design

Using a cottagecore theme to create a makeshift library in your home is possible, especially if you have a built-in wall unit and you paint it a cosy and serene color, such as light green.

A sense of ambience comes through with the fireplace that contains a traditional red brick border. There are classic touches throughout the space with the highback fabric armchairs and rustic wood coffee table.

4. Bright white space with a stone fireplace

White cottagecore room ideas with cool fireplace
Chris Belanger Residential Design

A large stone fireplace featuring multi-color stones is the focus of this cottagecore room as it creates a sense of purpose in this living space.

There are still some contemporary features with the white panelled walls and beamed ceiling which work well with the white wicker furniture pieces along with the built-in wall shelves to create a cosy and homey feeling throughout.

5. Sumptuous fabrics and textures in this cottagecore space

Modern cottagecore room decor ideas
Tara Seawright Interior Design

This open concept cottagecore living and dining area definitely feels warm and inviting with all of the plush seating areas that use various soft textures and patterns to welcome you in.

To add in more classic rural touches, there’s the stone and grout fireplace at the centre of the living space with an upholstered ottoman to add in a contemporary piece. The wicker-like blinds with long cascading curtains on the surrounding windows bring in even more softness.

6. A blending of contemporary home style with cottagecore

White panelled walls cottagecore room decor ideas
Clark Collins - Collins Design & Development

The heart of this cottagecore space is the rustic red brick fireplace that is very quickly modernized and escalated by the surrounding bright white panelled walls.

You can add in elegant and soft natural elements into the space, such as with the various wood tables and wicker chairs and window fixtures. Don’t forget about bringing in an overall homey feel with comfortable cushions, blankets, and rugs, too.

7. Cottagecore fun for contemporary living

High ceiling cottagecore room with upper bedroom nook
SV Design

For those looking to utilize every single area in space in their modern home while still bringing those cottagecore embellishments, this white high ceiling living space features an upper cosy bedroom area that can be fun for kids.

The clean white interior wall panelling adds a sense of dimension and there’s still contemporary pieces add in with the lime green accent chairs and spotted carpeting.

8. Funky cottagecore style office

Cottagecore room decor ideas for home office
Maggie Overby Studios

This home office is the ideal example of how you can take cottagecore and make it completely personal in a space that might be unexpected.

An eclectic mix of old and new, this home library and office brings you ambiance with the fireplace and there’s also a sense of purpose and function with all of the built-in shelving as well as the dark wood desk. There’s even more textures with the funky office chair and traditional rug.

9. Bright like the sun with added homey vibes

Unique cottagecore living room with yellow accents
Fine Design Interiors, Inc.

Cottagecore can exist in a world where you want to put a sense of naturalness together with a relaxed tropical theme. The cottagecore elements come through with the panelled ceiling and dark wicker furniture as well as the rattan carpets.

There is a fun blending of home design aesthetics with the tropical print pillows and yellow striped ottomans that feel completely individualized and unique to the space.

10. Relaxed and beachy living space

Cottagecore room decor ideas for beachfront home
Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

Complete with a hardwood slatted ceiling with wood beams, this cottagecore beachfront living space is a completely open concept that still feels very welcoming.

The hardwood floors are covered with a natural jute carpeting and the bright white walls and comfortable furniture really allows this space to be family oriented and ideal for casual entertaining.

11. White-washed bedroom with multi-color wood ceiling

Contemporary cottagecore bedroom
Max Kim-Bee

Displaying a high angled ceiling that showcases a multi-color wood panelled ceiling feature, this cottagecore bedroom is rustic meets romantic. There’s the long cascading creamy curtains that really add to the intimate nature of the space.

For a blending of both design aesthetics, there’s the distressed white-washed wood headboard and two-toned rustic side table. And the three rattan-like light features above the bed give a modern focal point for the wall.

12. Quaint and cosy living room

Cottagecore room decor ideas for living room
Max Kim-Bee

If you’re looking for a nice place to curl up with a book, this charming cottagecore living room is just that. It features a rustic natural wood ceiling that gives the room an overall cosy feeling, which is built upon even more with the brown hardwood flooring.

The white-washed distressed door along with the undone armchairs really allow this living space to remain casual, homey, and inviting.

13. A living space at one with the elements

Cottagecore living room with stone fireplace
Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

With an expansive stone fireplace the main focus of this cottagecore living space, there are lots of other natural elements added to bring dimension and depth.

For instance, the rustic wood beamed ceiling helps to create a homey feeling. Plus, the double seating with the two country patterned armchairs and casual wood bench seating adds function and practicality to this living space.

14. A glimpse of cottagecore eclecticness

Wood mantle of fireplace in living room
Madison Modern Home

This snapshot into a modern cottagecore living space establishes how your home design aesthetics don’t have to fall under one sole category as there’s always room to play.

For instance, the beautiful wood mantle provides a warmth to the space that’s nicely contrasted by the modern white bricks and red patterned cosy chair with the fluffy pillow.

15. A creamy guest bedroom

Cottagecore guest bedroom with daybed
Kate Jackson Design

Gone are the run-of-the-mill guest rooms that are filled with mismatching furniture because this cottagecore style cream colored bedroom with a cosy daybed is stylish and comfortable.

This space plays with texture with the use of a fuzzy white throw rug along with the earthy rattan side tables. There’s also a fun mix of patterns and complementary colors with the window features as well as the throw pillows on the bed.

16. Delightful dining area with rustic features

Cottagecore dining room with shelves and chandelier
Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interior Design

This dining room combines cottagecore with eclectic farmhouse style seamlessly. You get function with the natural wood side table with ample storage that’s accompanied by elegant shelving above.

Plus, the mix of the darker chairs with the distressed white base with natural wood tabletop with the country style chandelier adds to the whole traditional general store vibes in this space.

17. High ceilings and tall fireplace

Cottagecore living space with tall wood fireplace
Shane D. Inman, The Inman Company

The true show-stopping feature in this cottagecore style room is the elongated white wood panelled fireplace that drives your eye all the way up to the angled high ceiling.

The white wainscotting around the doorways, along with the built-in storage unit, adds a modern twist with more natural textures coming through with the decorative branches along the fireplace and the rattan carpeting.

18. Bright living space with lots of windows

Cottagecore room decor ideas for classic living space
Cooper Interiors

Working to combine classic cottagecore features in a living room that still feels contemporary, this family living area feels comfortable and welcoming with the white shiplapped ceiling and oodles of windows that bring the outdoors in.

There lots of big cushy couches to sit on along with a set of light blue and cream patterned sitting chairs that work to add more dimension to this pleasant living space.

19. Cool living room with handmade table

Cottagecore living room with rustic table
Amy Darooge Villa Decor

Utterly contemporary with cottagecore roots, this living room is incredibly inviting with the light blue walls and windows on every wall.

There’s a real sense of naturalness mixed in with rustic farmhouse with the handmade wood slatted coffee table at the centre of the room and the dark and earthy light feature. And with the plush and comfortable chairs and windowbox seating, the space remains comfy and cosy as well.

20. Floral garden brought indoors

Floral carpeting in modern living room
Alison Kandler Interior Design

If cottagecore room decor ideas exist to bring a sense of harmony with nature into a space than this living room with the vibrant floral carpet and flowery accents totally takes the cake.

You get the super cool rustic coffee table with the yellow and green accents on the carpeting with floral embellishments and colorful details everywhere from the jugs on the table to the paintings on the walls.

21. A cosy corner that’s bright and homey

Contemporary cottagecore living space with comfy chairs
Cooper Interiors

Ideal for a couple looking to modernize their living space in a way that still feels idyllic, the corner of this living room contains two blue and cream patterned armchairs with a two-toned white and natural wood high side table in between.

The white shiplapped ceiling along with all of the regal door trims and wainscotting add all the classic features and will withstand the test of time as well.

22. Blue and white cottagecore living room

Cottagecore room decor ideas with blue and white
Anthony Baratta LLC Interior Designers & Decorators

Cottagecore elegance is the main focus in this open concept modern living space. They really play with color in a cohesive manner with blue and white details absolutely everywhere from the paneled walls to the furniture to the window accents.

Rustic wood features are seen throughout as well with the beamed wood ceiling along with the natural wood fireplace.

23. Neutral living room with blue accents

Neutral living room with blue accents
Anthony Baratta LLC Interior Designers & Decorators

This cottagecore living room is traditional meets neutral with ornamental decor features. You have the creamy off-white walls along with the white trim and wainscotting to keep things modern and neutral.

The furniture and decor are comfortable and elegant as they play with various patterns and textures. Plus, the wood coffee tables work to tie the room together in a practical and seamless manner.

24. Cottagecore farmhouse living space with cosy touches

Cottagecore room decor ideas for large living room
Debra Drake Design

Charming and welcoming, this cottagecore living space contains vaulted ceilings and intricate wood panelling on every wall with cool window features that work to bring the elements inside.

There’s comfy floral couches for the family to gather as well as built-in shelving with lots of room to display all of your favorite home goods and knick-knacks.

25. Cottagecore meets open modern concept living

Open concept high ceiling cottagecore living space
Collin County Homestyle Select Decor

Airy and spacious with super high ceilings, this cottagecore style living room and kitchen area showcases a welcoming space that’s full of various textures in a contemporary manner.

There’s patterned light teal cascading curtains down the walls as well as the textured upholstered cosy armchairs. For a sense of naturalness in the space as well as a focal point, there’s a light colored brick fireplace as well.

26. Farmhouse dining and living area with earthy touches

Cottagecore and farmhouse style room ideas
Storybook Interiors

Grab your sourdough starter kit because this cottagecore dining room and living room oozes farmhouse chic.

To start, there’s the rustic and charming double chandelier feature hanging overtop the distressed wood dining table. It’s also a functional space for a busy family as well with the built-in shelving and comfortable plush seating featuring varying patterns.

27. Floral meets cottagecore chic

Cottagecore sitting room with floral couches
MDB Design Group

You don’t need an invitation to sit in this cottagecore sitting room because it’s completely welcoming and charming with two large floral couches.

To make things even more quaint in this space, there’s a wood fireplace featuring intricate carvings on the mantle as well as classic hardwood flooring. For added texture, the stacked book coffee table and window drapes add some intrigue.

28. Picturesque library living space

Cottagecore room decor ideas for home library
Susan Nelson and Todd Martz Home On Cameron

A space for reading, entertaining, and getting cosy, this cottagecore home library living space blends functionality with comfort.

In addition to a fireplace, there is built-in shelving units to showcase all of your beloved books. And the comfy upholstered couch and chairs play with texture and patterns. And there’s a beautiful trunk-style coffee table with painted floral accents to bring a hint of nature inside.

29. Contemporary and colorful cottagecore living space

Cottagecore room decor ideas for modern living room
Alison Kandler Interior Design

This modern living space is the ideal example of how you can incorporate color into your space and still keep things farmhouse chic.

The dining area features a cool pop of orange on the walls with a unique display of colorful dishes while the living room offers up more neutral tones with blue accents on the side chair, coffee table and pillows on the couch.

30. A sliver of cottagecore elegance

Cottagecore room decor ideas
TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Full of ambiance and subdued lighting, this cottagecore living space is romantic and elegant while still being earthy and inviting.

The creamy walls and fireplace allow the space to remain comfortable while the light green furniture and brown wood side tables establishes this living space to remain down-to-earth for modern living.

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